There to Catch Me (with a Pre-Poem)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poem's metaphorically picturing my fight with sin.

The Old Man (Pre-Poem)

The Old Man,

Disguising himself like an old friend,

He brings pictures and memories of “fun” once had.

However, when brought into the light,

The Old Man begins to look like the plight that he brings.

His body is like a lion,

Seeking to gobble me up in his lies.

His face is like an angel,

With poison underneath the sweet look in his eyes.

His heart is bold like an eagle,

Seeking to snatch me from my King’s feet,

By tricking my heart to deny Christ like my brother Pete.

But if I stay at my King’s feet,

That lion begins to look like a kitten in a dead sleep.

Those sweet eyes begin to look bitter,

As I see my King is a heavier hitter,

And is the reigning champion as the satisfaction emitter.

And seeing my King as the greater Thief,

Who came and stole me when I was running to the enemy,

I remember that no one is bold enough or powerful enough,

To truly snatch me from MY King’s feet.

The Old Man stands in defeat

And has to retreat.









There to Catch Me

My Pilgrimage to Home is long and hard-fought,

And every once and a while the Old Man comes in my weariness with deceit in his thought.

He comes with schemes of wickedness in his head,

Hoping he can bring me, this pilgrim, with him, back to the dead.

With him he brings sweet-smelling cakes,

That scrape on my heart and mind like a rake with cries of jubilee and satisfaction,

Yet only brings a deadly poison like that of the snake.

Temptation then sweeps across my mind with a hopeful thought saying, “Maybe this time it Won’t be a mistake to take just one more bite of that cake.”

Then comes the New Man.

My old friend who stuck with me even when I was eating with the Old Man, against him.

He continued to call out to me in my sin,

 To try to save me from the poison that was already deep within.

Now, here he comes again,

To save me from the Old Man.

With grace in his voice he reminds me of what he has to offer.

The Living Bread.

How great an offer.

Then, like an insolent scoffer,

The Old man makes his final attempt to lure me into his tent.

The offer of women, money, fame, sex.

All these go through my brain to my heart,

Where lust begins to start.

“All of that mine?” I think.

“All of that, and more”, he said, “faster than you can blink.”

There you have it.

In one offer I could have what my heart always wanted.

So I dive into the cake,

But with much horror I find my mistake.

Within the cake was that same snake I had fought for years now.

The snake that hinders my walk,

Makes me not want to talk,

Fills my mind with doubt,

And dries my soul with drought.

The snake that robs my joy in Christ my Redeemer,

And causes me not to trust in Him but in her.

So, I bow in shame at the snake that sunk its fangs into my veins.

But in steps Jesus.

He heals my veins to new,

And breathes life into them,

As if they were never pierced through.

He reminds me of the New Man I am within,

And tells me that no man can snatch me away from Him but Him.

He told me there is no way He is letting me go back to the Old Man again,

And that no one can truly satisfy my heart but Him.

So like a loving Brother and Friend,

He brings me to my Daddy who picks me up and cradles me, His Child, in his hand,

And says “There is no sin in this man.

I only see my son in this Pilgrim of Mine.

Carry on my Servant and Son.

Remember always that the Battle is already won.”

So, with the sweet freedom of being His child,

I press on towards my joy in My God,

Remembering though I fall He will always be there to catch me.





Submitted: October 05, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Venti Flat White. All rights reserved.

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