Out line of prosperous love

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Teen romance and fantasy powers

Submitted: July 07, 2014

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Submitted: July 07, 2014



Can't die
Eyes change color to mood
Read minds
Super strength



Guy lives alone, girl moves in cause kicked out of house. They fall into love. He gets a lot of money from somewhere, and she treys to figure it out. He ends up having powers and she finds out and holds him agents his will and starts doing bad things till he will speak, she also bribes him with her body if he will say. He ends up telling her and they have a lot more love. They then have a child who develops other powers and the challenge to control her is on.

Dear diary, I am going to this party tonight with the girls. I'm going to get drunk for the first time ever, wish me luck. 
Dear diary, I did get drunk and now mom found out and is making me move out so I'm asking around for people to live with and I'm so scared, I hope one of the girls parents say yes. Just till I. An find a perm it place and a job.

Chapter 1
In a small town with population of 2000, their is a shy 15 yr old boy named Matthew oak. Or Matt to everyone. On the day he was born he was gifted with powers, magical powers no one else has ever had. No one know them but himself, so he's been making a life for himself. Secretly robbing banks and other places. But no one has ever found out. So he lives in a mansion by himself in the Tennessee mountains. He has few friends because he keeps to himself so much.

Chapter 2
As Kaitlin McHallin also 15 searches for a house to stay at, she put up signs at a local restaurant hoping for a response soon. Her mother only gave her two weeks to move out because she was trying bad things. One day she got a call for Matt, her old best friend. But he was so strange after 4 years she told him they couldn't be friends any more, he said she could move in perminitly, due to the fact he owns a mansion and is lonely. He also has a major crush on her.

Chapter 3
As Matt drove over to Kate's house, helping her get her stuff out. He could drive because he has a hardsmenship license, she can't get one. So as Matt drove her home talking about how her life has been and so one. Now Kate has small boobs only a b cup and a nice butt, Matt couldn't resist, but to look, and Kate caught him looking at her butt as she was walking so she pretended not to notice. And in the car ride to his house she asked him who he likes and he said no one, he's a depressed boy who is horny and has fallen in love with her and alone other girl, her best friend.
Chapter 4
As Kate finally got moved in she was amazed on how big the house was. It had 15 bed rooms and 2 master rooms. A game room, a pool, lazy river a hot tub a sawna, a ten car grade and it was all full with new and expensive cars. The house was 2 floors and was 5times bigger than her own house, including basement and attic. So she was super happy. Matt said all of his rules of the house to her which he just created. She was okay with all of them. She was super happy to know she was living with her old best friend.

Chapter 5
The first night stay in matts mansion was great, she said she never been anywhere like this. She went to bed at 2am cause she was in the pool all night. She then went to her room and started to clean up a little bit. Getting her homework ready for school later that morning. And she saw Matt a couple times. He was in the weight room across the hall. Kate and Matt share the master bathroom between there rooms, and they share a closet big enough to fit a truck in. So she had the bathroom and closet doors open into her room so she saw Matt go into them a few times. He wasn't aware she saw him because he's not use to others.

Chapter 6
After the first few days finally settling in, Kate and Matt finally got issues worked out and they were back to being best friends. Kate only had one problem and that was that Matt always secretly tried looking at her body, she's caught him many times now, but still acts like nothing happened. He and her share a closet so they had issues at first with changing. But they both have times in the morning in nite so one is in there at a time. Matt drives to school daily and brings Kate along. Everyday people ask to live with him because Kate tells how nice it is and shows pictures.

Chapter 7
About a month later Matt and Kate were in the backyard causally drinking, and looking at the mountains, Kate had about 2 beers and she didn't want Matt to get drunk because he was an alcoholic before and she had to pressure him into drinking. So after Matt had 3 beers Kate said it was enough and Matt agreed, so he went inside and into his room and he took a bottle of whiskey out from a safe. And he started drinking it, he had drank about a quarter of the letter when he realized Kate was watching him in his doorway. After he got her to calm down, she knew he was drunk now and she was going to take advantage of that, because he was so shy and he kept to himself she asked him a lot of questions learning so much about him, she asked him why he's so depressed he said he couldn't die. She thought he was to drunk, when he pulled out a 9mm pistol from the safe under his bed, Kate got up incase he was going to hurt her, but instead he shot himself in the heart, Kate was screaming and Matt laughed and showed her the hole and said watch, as she watched she saw the hole in his chest slowly healing it's self, she realized he was serious and couldn't die. And when she asked him how it's possible he passed out from to much alcohol, she then set his alarm clocks put the gun away and went back to her room to go to sleep.

Chapter 8
The next morning they got in the car and on the way to school which was only 15 min away, he asked her what did he do or say last night because he couldn't remember, she never mentioned anything about not dying, she lied and said that he grabbed her ass. In the car he slowed down and looked at Kate and he said that he was sorry and didn't think about what he was doing and that he wouldn't do that normally. She said it was okay then she asked why did he do it last night, going along with the lie so she could get more answers. He replied "I was drunk Kate and I'm sorry about that I regret everything I did, and I did it last night cause I wasn't thinking strait." She replied " but why my ass and not anything else." He paused Awhile then said "because it's a nice ass and that she has a great body and he likes it." She then got quiet and thanked him for telling. 

Chapter 9. 
For the next few weeks she saw Matt very little because he was avoiding her, so she tried going to him and saying it was okay she's not mad or anything, so he forgave her. After school he had written her a note saying that he has strong feelings for her and how he loves her personality and that he's liked her sense 2nd grade. He talked about how in love he is and how he's not dated a girl in 5 years because he's In love with her and no one else. To his surprise the next morning she had a note for him, it said the feelings are mutual and how she's secretly admired him for a long time. She also said she wants to know why he likes her so much and her body so much. At the end of the note she had written ps i know about your powers.

Chapter 10
After school he had been in the car waiting for her real early, the second she got the seat belt in he Floored it in reverse and hen drive, she was scared and screamed. He said sorry but I'm not going to stop till you tell me what you know about my powers. His face was pale and his eyes color had changed from a light blue to a bright red. She started crying and she thought about what to say, then she watched his eyes go back to baby blue and he got color back then he slowed down and drove to the diner as they were walking up Kate asked him why he said forget it, he said I read your mind, now you know about 2 of my powers... He asked her over dinner why she lied and who she's told. She asked many questions but he never answered one...

Chapter 11
The next couple of week she had tried getting him to talk but he never did, she tried everything there was. One day he came in her room and asked he who she's told. She said no one, then he asked her if she wants to move out, if she's scared of him for being a freak. She said no, she likes being with him because he is different. And she asked him what he meant by 2 of his powers and she wanted to know if there is more, he then said thanks and walked away.

Chapter 12
Things started to get back to normal, but then Kaitlin brought a beer bottle into his room one night and wanted to see if he would take it. But he read her mind and told her he doesn't want to get drunk and tell her anything else. The next day Kate was out side playing soccer by her self when, Matt was in the kitchen washing dishes when he heard a loud scream, he ran out side to see a large grisly bear standing on it's hind legs over Kaitlin, he instantly flew from the porch into the air and let out a below and armed the bear going super fast he landed agents a tree and picked the bear up with his bare hands and tossed it down the side of the mountain watching it tumble down a couple of meters. And he turned around looking to see if Kate was okay and she was shaking in a ball and he tried helping her up and all she could do was grasp for air from crying so much, she then passed out. 

Chapter 13
A couple of hours later Matt had woken her up, she was screaming when she woke. But she soon calmed down when she saw where she was at. She stared at Matt standing across the room, she asked him how he could lift the adult bear weighing a ton or two, and how he flew. He said now you know four of my powers, and I don't want you to know any of them. He took a breath then said I love you, please keep my secrets safe.

Chapter 14
A few months later after everything returned to normal, and Kate had about forgot his powers she asked what he was doing with the extra 7 rooms, and he said nothing, so she then asked if her friend can move in, her name was Emily uller, she was in the same high school and the same age, she said she was having troubles with her abusive parents and wanted to move out, she had a part time Job at the local junk yard. After matt had thought about it quickly over his breakfast meal. He hesitated but said yes because deep down he had thought Emily was cute

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