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reflections on a ending relationship

Submitted: January 13, 2011

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Submitted: January 13, 2011



Now that I'm leaving in a week my boyfriend and I are getting along better than ever. The sex is hotter, the playfulness is more lighthearted, and I'm feeling an extreme fondness for the good times. I'm tired of blogging about our troubles and since I am moving to the other coast (without him) in a few days I'd like to take this opportunity to honor my boyfriend with a nostalgic review of all his GOOD attributes. After all, there was a point when I was crazy head-over heels in love with him and seriously considering tattooing his name on my ass. No joke. So here is why I stayed with him all this time:

He is an Aries and everyone knows that Aries men are the sexiest - although they are impossible to argue with.

He has a decent, appropriate fashion sense unlike many of the men I've dated. Such as \"P\" who wore slippers to dinner on our second date. Or \"M\" who actually sported a teal striped velor sweatshirt. Eeew.

He has the most beautiful hair, lovelier than any man or woman on earth. It is long and glossy with a little bit of sensual curl to it. It is a rich chestnut brown with naturally occurring highlights - it makes me so jealous!

He has a generous heart, always offering me food off his plate. And even though he has no money he often surprises me with little gifts like a funny T shirt, or a fragrant candle, or even a giant sized Red Bull. In fact he is the exact opposite of the multi-millionaire \"D\" I once dated who never even gave a single penny to charity. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a stingy bastard.

He is a gourmand with a very sophisticated pallet. We only went out to eat at yummy places - unlike the prime rib buffet where my ex \"C\" preferred to take me. I never understood why \"C\" liked it there, you needed a chainsaw to hack through the meat and the restroom rivaled the grossest interstate gas station bathroom you could imagine.

And finally, most of all, he loves me beyond reason. He manages to overlook all my character flaws and extra flab to the point where he is clearly delusional. Furthermore, he is quick to introduce me to anyone and everyone he knows. \"This is my girlfriend 'K'!\" he always says with pride. It never fails to warm my heart and make me feel special. And yes, even though I am excited for my new adventure and despite everything I've previously complained about, I'm sure I will miss him very much.

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