Fetish Again

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considering different fetishes

Submitted: January 13, 2011

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Submitted: January 13, 2011



If I could magically be granted any super power that I wanted I would choose the ability to walk in heels. High high heels. Because I don't just have a shoe fetish, I have a heels fetish. I'd say I have over fifteen pairs of heels, which may not seem like much but given the fact that I never ever wear them because I can't walk in them, it might actually be a bit excessive. And every once in a while I consider selling them all on Craig's List but in the end I can never bear to part with them. Is this a sickness? Is this what a fetish is all about or is it just an obsession? Webster's dictionary describes fetish as \"an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.\" . Do I get sexual gratification from high heels? Um....maybe? Well, if it is a fetish, it certainly is a cool fetish to have don't you think? And just like with the super powers, if you could magically be given any fetish you wanted, which one would you choose? Would you go for something gentle like lingerie, or whipped cream, or Scottish Accents (yes!)? Or would you pick something a little more riske like bondage, or rubber, or spanking? As part of my fetish research I was browsing through a catalog of porno flicks and discovered some very unusual fetishes. There was of course midgets, and peeing, and uniforms (see my posting newness on UPS men), but there were also fetishes with knives, hairy men, and smothering. Hmmmm. That's not quite up my alley.

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