Testament of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A love triangle between the characters, coldness, hatred, passion, and heartaches. Love is sacrifice. One would do anything and everything for the one they love. Love is sweet, yet it’s also painful. This, all the characters are aware of. The thrill, the tingles, the tears, it’s a dead red crimson love. Despair, heartbreaks, all kinds of feelings mixed into one.
When Declan left Pamela for someone new, she never thought she would love again. Her world felt so cold and all she could see was darkness. The romance between Declan and his new woman happened before her very eyes, as if Declan did it on purpose, as if he did it only to hurt her, to confirm that it’s really over between them. And it did hurt. It hurt a lot. 3 years of love, might not be too long, but there were so many memories and stories inside Pamela’s heart, things that made it hard for her to move on. She was devastated. Crushed to pieces. All she felt was anger and resentment toward Declan. She couldn’t believe, the love that she thought was real, was just a lie that she found out in the end. All his promises, the true love that he promised, it was just a lips service from a player. She always believed, he was a faithful kind of guy, different from the others, as he always said. Their relationship was rocky, Declan was a very jealous guy, and a total control freak. 3 years full of struggle for Pamela. And if she never left, it’s because her love for him was too great to tame. She couldn’t work well without Declan’s suspicions that she might have betrayed him behind his back with her colleagues. He would call every hour just to make sure she’s really working. Declan would get mad over simple things, and even start a fight when things were okay. He would beat her and treat her bad, constantly curse her even for a small mistake. Pamela could never understand that. But through everything, she endured it all till the end. Yet, it wasn’t enough. Declan still wanted to leave.
Not long after their break up, she met this man, an arrogant one. And she, being so hurtful after her break up, also the attitude of this man displeased her, so she acted cold. But, that sort of attitude got him curious about her. They would argue everytime they met, but every meeting was so interesting to him. Pamela, that beautiful girl, was the only girl who wouldn’t think twice to snap him. He’s such a glamour guy. Very rich. And a hot good looking guy. But all that he had did not attract Pamela, even a little. That made him upset. At the same time, her high school best friend, knowing that Pamela had broken up with Declan, kept being there for her, and he made his feelings known to Pamela after keeping them secretly for so long, but Pamela wasn’t ready for a new love yet. She just contacted him again after she and Declan broke up. Because when she was with Declan, he never let her befriend any males.
Seeing those guys around Pamela, made Declan jealous to death. So he tried to get back with her again, but…. Did it move Pamela? Did Pamela agree to get back together with Declan? The pain of his betrayal was so painful still, but yet, she still loved him too. Meanwhile, that rich guy wouldn’t stop coming to her, even just to argue, if it’s needed, then he would argue with her, just to see her. The more he knew about Pamela, the more he fell for her. But he had no idea how to win her heart. She seemed so cold and detached. She didn’t seem like she’s interested in love. This made him upset. How would the love story end? Would Pamela finally find love in her heart again and finally get over Declan? Her best friends told her to try to love again. But she’s too afraid of getting hurt again.

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Blind Jealousy

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Nothing is Enough

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Abusive Love

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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