Killing A Little Girl

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The story of being blamed for putting a girl in a washing machine

Submitted: December 19, 2013

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Submitted: December 19, 2013



Killing a Little Girl


“Pourquoi essayez-vous de tuer cette fille!” boomed the ancient man at me and my friend. Terrified at the man screaming at us, Anna and I could only let out a small whimper of distress. We were blamed for locking a small little brat inside a washing machine. If only we left her inside, then maybe we would have not gotten in trouble, and I would not have lost trust in my parents.

To most people, going to France is like heaven. Those are people who never had to spend two months in Bures-sur-Yvette. It was a lonely town, where all professors at the local collage lived. To my disappointment, there were no children, and nobody spoke English. My sister knew French and went off and made some friends. She was rarely seen and France to her, was an adventure. I had the opposite experience, until one day, a Russian family came to stay in Bures-sur-Yvette. The family had a girl a year younger then me, Anna. We instantly bonded for we both spoke Russian and English.

One day, another family came to stay in the town. They had a girl around the age of five. This girl, was the brattiest kid I have ever met. She constantly followed Anna and I around. She was like the plague, so sicking one would die. She would throw a tantrum every time she did not get her way, which was often. Since she was only around the age of five, we could not be mean to her. Every morning, she woke us up and forced us to spent time with her. She would spend the whole day following us and making us spend time with her, for she constantly needed attention.

One day, the little brat followed Anna and I to the basement of the main building in the town where people in the area did their laundry. The washing machines were enormous and an idea sparked into my head. I gave the idea for Anna to climb into one the washing machines. The little girl then wanted to do exactly what Anna did. She grabbed Anna and shrieked that it was her turn to get washed. After Anna reluctantly climbed out, the little girl joyfully climbed inside the machine. Then, the girl wanted to go a step further, and insisted we closed the door to the washing machine. We followed her orders, for we did want to make her angry. Fully inside, the girl started to make silly faces, entertaining us. After a few seconds, the manager just seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of us. He stared at the little girl locked inside the washing machine. His face slowly started turning beet red, like in cartoons. He turned to look at Anna and I with an expression of revolt. After what seemed like hours of silence, he started screaming at us in French. “Pourquoi essayez-vous de tuer cette fille! Why are you trying to kill this girl!” I started shaking trying to explain that it was not our fault, that the girl wanted to get inside and wanted us to close the door. But, the girl started wailing. Tears were streaming down her face and she was knocking the door of the washing machine. The manager let her out of her jail cell. Between her sobs, she told the manager that we forced her into the machine. Her innocence gave a convincing argument. The manager then stormed off to visit our parents, leaving us frightened.

When my parents got the news, they were not angry. They were happy that we did not get us kicked out house because the manger owned it. My dad found it to be extremely funny and constantly joked about it. I tried explaining to them the real story, but they did not believe me. This was the first time ever that my parents thought I was lying. They did not believe me, which really hurt. I lost complete trust in my family when they started telling this horrible untruthful story to their friends. I always thought that my parents would be here for me and believe me, no matter how obscured the story was. This was clearly no longer true.

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