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Thought given form
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Submitted: August 19, 2014

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Submitted: August 19, 2014



The light thought drifted away from the mind of the student, it was short and bubbly in nature, of no real consequence to anyone. As it drifted over an azure blue sea in a crystal clear sky, it encountered many of its fellows.

One was heavy and uncertain, the product of a hesitant decision with grievous consequences. It showed the mind of leaders and parents, of teachers and elders. The though that could control the world but chose not to out of fear, or a lust for freedom from its unbearable load.

Another was forebodingly dark, yet it was full of calm action, the kind that showed the danger of humanity. It steamed from all of the true criminals, the ones had no reason to ct cruelly but that knew that themselves, they would tear society apart and flourish in its wreckage. A glance at the lives of those who allowed it to encompass them sent an uneasy feeling coursing through that beheld it.

The next was as deep and complex as the cold ocean that they drifted above, it was as if its single expression could explain the universe and all of its mysteries. This thought was strange, for it drew its origins from those of complete opposites. The religious and the scientists, their opinions differed, but their thoughts were one.

A fourth cautiously fluttered by, in an instant it had fled, leaving only a light impression of pulsation, and unencumbered fear. The power of its emotion overwhelmed many that passed by it; it constantly echoed throughout the clear sky as it was felt in great strength by many. From the small to the powerful its cold clammy hand pulsed through and disabled with its suffocating power, corrupting all those who could not withstand it.

One thought stood above the rest, its undeniable superiority was obvious to all who beheld it. The steady control this most basic being exerted completely overwhelmed all others. This was the original thought, the baser instinct. In times of danger it was all that survived. This creature dwelt at the forefront of the warrior’s mind, allowing many to do what they had believed they could not. All creatures were driven by this, many by nothing else.

As all of these thoughts drifted throughout the world, only one drifted back to the slow mind of the tired student. This thought was what helped the greatest creators to discover their true calling, what they truly strived for; the avoidance of this has shaped the use of many of mankind’s greatest achievements and creations. What was this most final idea?


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