The Man and His Darkness

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The Man was a force of Peace until the Darkness threatened his world. He seeks aid from his brother the King andthe Darkness comes to destroy everything they built in their lives. They fight and only one walks away.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Once upon a time. Many stories start like this but most of those have a happy ending. The prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after. This story is different. There is no prince, no princess, no riding off into the sunset. There is only a man and his darkness. He stands in his world against his darkness. It threatens to swallow him whole but he refuses to back down. Because he is the Man and he never backs down to anyone. Not even himself.
I walk through the castle. I have come for help from my brother the King. I have watched as King and the Darkness grew strong. They didn't know that I had grown strong as well. Kings men ran around the halls doing errands and preparing for a feast. King was getting married and everyone was busy. I briefly wonder who but quickly ignores the curiosity. I left this place for a reason and I will not be coming back. If the Darkness had not risen I would still be where I belonged, with her. I thought about her as he walked towards King's throne room. Her beautiful smile, her jet black hair and her soft face. When she smiled my heart fell in love with her again and again. She was my world. King and the Darkness had land and men but I had love and that made me more dangerous than they could hope to ever be. I came to the Throne room and entered without knocking. Guards ran at me from every direction and I walked right through them. When I reached the other side several lay on the floor beaten with his bare hands. I didn't come here to kill anyone so I never drew his weapon. I stood before the throne and studied the man sitting upon it. King was 6 foot tall and had muscles on his muscles. He was a warrior king and it showed. He finally looked down at me and said, "Why have you returned? You didn't come to beat up my guards, maybe to disrupt my wedding?" I looked at him and spoke, "I have come to request your help." King looked at him openly shocked. He said, "What can't you defeat in your own world?" I looked him in the eye and said, "The Darkness." King's eyes widened with fear. He spoke, "I thought you defeated him and got the girl." His voice was trembling and his body was tense. The Darkness had come once before and nearly swallowed their world. Only I wielding powers beyond any man saved them. I spoke, "That shows how much attention you pay to me. I said I defeated him not killed him. I warned you that he would be back but did you listen? No, you built an army that he will slaughter in a single night while you can only watch. But luckily for you I have a plan to save us all."

I frowned as something changed on the room. The light was being sucked into the shadows. I drew my weapon and shifted into a defense position. King jumped down from his throne and blue flames surrounded him. He was a warrior king as well as a Mage. A figure stepped out of the shadows and we tensed. It was the Darkness. He walked up to us and asked, "Why the hostility? You make me think I'm not welcome." I looked at him and snarled, "Go to Hell you bastard. You tried to kill us and destroy our world. We don't forget and we especially don't forgive." The Darkness laughed. It was a terrible sound full of malice and imminent violence. He ran at us and we tore his heart out. King lashed out with blue flames and I ran him through. He leaped back and I followed. He drew his sword of shadow and struck. The blade sheared right through my ordinary sword. I looked at him and smiled. I raised my power and crimson flames surrounded me. He backed away and I launched myself at him. His sword was everywhere at once but in this castle filled with memories and power I could not be harmed. I took his sword from him and with a single hand tore his heart out. He screamed and ran. I crushed the heart as he fled back into the shadows. I looked at King and said, "He'll be back. Neither of us need our hearts. Next time he'll have an army at his back." King looked at me and asked, "What have you become? This is my place of power and I could barely touch him. But you tore his heart out. How?" I told King the truth, "He took her away from me. I will take her back and destroy him. I swore an oath and the world matched my power. And I always was strong. You and him have your armies but I could destroy the world with a single wave of my hand. Someday you will understand."
The world shook and the sky turned red. I frowned. The Darkness must have been hoping to kill us before he ripped the heart out of my world. I smiled wolfishly. I would show him real power. I walked out of Kings Castle and watched as the Darkness walked across the land with his army. I looked behind me to see that King and his army stood ready. They wanted a grand battle. It was too bad that I could not give them one. I spoke a single word and the army of shadow that followed the Darkness was obliterated. I knew what must be done and unfortunately I would not see King rebuild this world. The Darkness took and destroyed my love and now was the time for vengeance. With another word I took me and him into the battlefield inside my world. He looked around and said, "You have gained much power. But you are still no match for my full might." He let go of his man shape and swarmed around me like a cloud. I stood there and took it. He could not touch me for my power had grown strong through love and loss. In the end I raised a single hand and struck the cloud in its heart. The Darkness cried out and using my power I collapsed the battlefield into the heart of my world. White light surrounded us and destroyed us both. I went smiling as we both faded away. This world was not my place anymore. I smiled as her voice called me into the light and then there was nothing. Nothing at all.
King watched as the Man destroyed the Darkness and his army. He watched the sacrifice and said, "Go home my brother. She is waiting for you." Then he turned and walked back into his Castle

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