The Vampire Returned

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''Her hair was of a strawberry blonde. Her skin as pale as the moon, her complexion was as though of a doll and her eyes tell a mysterious secret.''
''You've been dreaming obviously!''
''No I wasn't! I saw her and she looked at me for about a second before disappearing into night's hug.''
''Dude, you've got a stop talking like you're some kind of old poetic geezer.''
No one believed me but I knew what I saw. The question is.. who is she?

Submitted: August 06, 2013

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Submitted: August 06, 2013



To grandma's place again? I asked to myself as I sighed. It's not like I don't want to go to my nana's house but the place smells like cat nip! I guess it was suppose to smell like that considering she has 3 cats there. Mom apparently asked me to help nana do a bit of cleaning. I asked her why don't she do it, she said she has work and shifts and something about late night over time. I can't really win when I'm talking with mom. She think, what if I was a lawyer and my mom was too. We'd be fighting to win a case but I'm pretty sure she'll win me over! I just can never win. So I tried to do the right thing and follow her orders. 

''Charlie! Get your sister too. I'm sure nana would be happy to see her! She keeps talking about Hollie a lot.'' 

''Oh mom come on! If Hollie comes along then I can naver do any cleaning. Can't she follow you?''

''Young man, you know I'll be late today and probably tomorrow too. So I guess why not let you guys spend time with nana and I go work. Besides, Hollie..'' 

''MOM, MOM, MOMMY I'm ready!''

''Yeah see Charlie? Besides she's ready.'' 

''But mom..'' 

''Honey, why don't you get in the car.''

''Okay, Mommy.'' 

''Charlie.. I know you're growing up and well sometimes you can't cope with this kind of stuff but I hope you can understand. I'm doing all my best to support us. Your father, he doesn't give a damn about us. He's too busy with that whore.'' 

''Mom.. I know. Okay, okay I'll go with Hollie.''

''Thanks Charlie. Well come on we're gonna be late!''

As we were driving to nana's house I got a glimpse of flashback from the past. Back when Dad and Mom was still together. Back when Hollie was just a baby and back when smiling was my hobby. We were so happy and I don't understand how all of that could just fall apart? 

It started with a scent of sweet perfume lingering around Dad's clothes. Mom wonder who's perfume was that but Dad only nodded and chuckled continuing with maybe it's he's client's scent. Mom on the other hand believed him and so it was left at that. I was merely a boy there but I understood what they were talking about. Things became worse and worser until one night Mom caught Dad talking with what sounded like a seducing voice of a young women on the phone. After that they had a fight and got a divorce. I never knew what really happend though. Mom doesn't like talking about it. She said she's strong but I know she's weak and can't bear her husband a cheater and her children growing without a father. She's trying hard to move on but I know it's not easy even after a few years. 

''We're here!''

''Yay, we're here! We're here! We're here!'' Hollie screamed as she opens the car door and ran to the front door. Mom followed her and knocked on the door. I on the other hand made a slow pace toward the door, carrying my bag.

''Oh my dear! Look at you, so pretty and such a grown up!''

''Nana..'' Hollie made a giggle. ''It's only been a month! I haven't grown that fast.'' She ended with a smile. 

''Oh how smart! You must grow up as docter one day. I just know it. Well, come in, come in.''

''Mom, I can't. Oh my god, I'm late! I have to go now! Love you guys. Umm, Charlie remember what I told you okay. Be good! That goes the same with you Hollie. Okay I got a go.''

''Bye mom!'' Holly screamed at the moving car while waving her hand high in the air. I waved too but just a small wave accompanied by a sour smile. 

(To be continued..)

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