Morbid Obsession

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Count Carl von Cosel could not bear the loss of his lover Elena. After she died he was driven by love, and what many would consider insanity, to steal her corpse and restore it. Seven years passed before she was taken away, and even after she was reburied many believe Carl managed to take Elena from her slumber once again and care for her. Some call it love, others call it insanity, but Carl Tanzler was indeed real and so is his story.

Submitted: December 17, 2009

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Submitted: December 17, 2009



I wont let you fade away, no, you shall live on forever as my dark secret. Death will not steal you away from me, leaving you to rot as a memory of short lived love that will fade with age.
You are mine, and mine alone.

Moonlight lit the mans path through the graveyard to his lover’s current residence. Before him was an old metal cart, the wheels squeaking as he neared her tomb. He came to a stop in front of an old stone crypt he paid for her family to place her in. Moments later he had a key out and unlocked the door. It dragged as it opened, making a loud grinding noise as he pushed it.
The moonlight seeped through the stained glass windows, creating peculiar patters on the floor and walls. A few feet in was a stone coffin, sealed shut and decorated with flowers from the funeral that had taken place four days ago.
The man grabbed a crowbar from the cart and went to work on the coffin, which after what seemed like endless hours of prying, opened. Once the lid was pushed off, the woman’s decomposed body could be seen in full with the help of the moonlight. After setting down the crowbar, the man pulled a white tarp off of the cart and, with extreme caution, lifted the woman’s frail shell and placed it on the cart. After caressing her near skinless face, the man placed the tarp over her and placed the lid back on the coffin. With the cart before him once more, Count Carl von Cosel returned to his home to restore his beloved Elena.
Piano wire held together her brittle bones, glass eyes replaced the ones she no longer had, a wig concealed her bald head, rags held her body’s form, and silk dipped in wax recreated her skin. Cosel lay every night in an embrace with his dear Elena, stroking the wig made just for her and kissing the skin he recreated. I am here, Elena, he would whisper, you are no longer trapped in your stone prison.
In the mornings he sang Elena Spanish songs, at noon he read her books from his collections, and at night he played endless songs on one of his organs. Cosel could feel her spirit still with her shell, communicating with him like she had from her grave when she begged to be freed.
Seven years. He kept her for seven years. Seven years of singing, reading, and music. Seven years of touching her fake skin, stroking her fake hair, kissing her fake lips. Seven years before anyone acted on the rumors spread about Count Carl von Cosel and Elena. He would never call her dead, to him she was as alive as ever.
Elena’s sister, Maria, confronted Cosel on the rumors. He couldn’t lie to Elena’s sister. In fact, he showed her Elena and the wonders he did for her, but Maria didn’t see them as wonders. She ran screaming, and not long after the police came tore Cosel from his Elena.
The court called him various things: sick, crazy, monstrous. But the people of Key West saw Cosel’s true intent, even going so far as calling him an ‘exotic romantic’. They visited him, offering gifts and sympathy, even a group of woman visited and offered him their ‘services’, but Cosel quickly refused. Elena was his only love. When the court set his bail, it was paid in a matter of hours and the court dropped the charges.
Count Carl von Cosel became a recluse afterwards. Separated from his obsession, he recreated his Elena in an attempt to fill the void in his heart. Some curious travelers would visit him every now and then, and he would show them the Elena replica with pride. Even though they took Elena’s body and reburied her in an unmarked grave, hiding her from Cosel and curious grave diggers, many believe that the replica was real, that Cosel could not contain his obsession and that he once again took Elena and left a fake in her place.

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