Sweet, Sweet Lies (Temp title)

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This is a poem I wrote about my old best friend expressing my feelings. Promises are useless if they're broken. (I'm sorry if it's not good, I usually wriie tories not poems. This is my first attempt at a poem =.=" I promise I'll edit later!!)

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



Sweet, Sweet Lies

Don't you dare say you loved me,

Don't you dare say you cared,

Whenever I needed you,

You were never there.

What was I to you?

Did I even exist?

Have you ever cared?

I thought of you as my sister,

One I never had.

Maybe you felt the same

As you treated me like your biological sister.

The girl who you ignored

In favour of those who surronded you,

Your all important friends

More important than your own sister,

In soul or in flesh.

You promised you would stay.

A promise of false hope,

Empty, and nothing more,

Just like how I feel now.

Like a hammer against a mirror,

My heart is in pieces.

Your lies were like a rose.

Beautiful from afar,

But when I came to pick it,

I was hurt by the thorns I didn't see.

Red droplets hit the ground

Like the tears that once flowed from my eyes,

Like the ink from my pen.

I bled.

A crimson fluid,

Crimson, red, the colour,

Of pain,

Of anger,

Of love.

Rarely does one feel remorse

For those who one have hurt

By sweet lies that does no harm to its creator,

But the one lied to is in pain.

One dies a little inside,

To see themselves forgotten

Like a childhood toy,

Abandoned by a child

The one they loved the most

For the excitement of something new.

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