Joseph - Part One

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A Young boy goes missing and his older sister has an opportunity to find out the truth behind her brother disappearance, but in finding the truth, there are consequences to be paid.

Author Notes:

I hope you enjoy my first story, if you enjoy it and i get good feedback i will happily write a second part.

Thank you for taking your time to read my work, im trying to be a writer and would love any constructive criticism.

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



I remember the day me and my family arrived here from our home in Africa. It was only eight thousand miles away but to us, it felt more like a million.

Sitting on the plane, me and my younger brother Joseph were jumping for excitement as we looked down out of our windows at Tower Bridge, which looked more like two
sand castles joined together. It was like nothing we had ever seen before, this promised land, this sanctuary.

Walking through the streets, I felt the cool fresh air on my face, the smell of machinery in the air, which I can assure you is much better than the smell of blood, and
the amazing feeling of being in a place where no one will harm us.

As we crossed a bridge me and Joseph ran to the edge and looked over to see the gentle swaying of a glistening Sapphire River that looked more like a soft blue bed sheet.
Father had not long been dead, and looking down at that river. We knew that this was our chance to start again.


It had only been a few days since we'd moved in, that mother suggested I take Joseph to the park. I remember running around with him, pushing him on the swing as he
pleaded for me to go "Higher, Please Higher!". He grabbed his teddy bear and ran over to the roundabout and started spinning around screaming with joy.

As I ran over to him, I noticed a beaten down, rusty old truck parked across the road, with a man with a red baseball cap sitting in the front, as I looked over at him
a sudden shiver ran up my spine, but before I could even give this man a second thought, a Frisbee hit me in the side of the leg followed by a man across the park
shouting "Little help?" I picked up the Frisbee from the floor and threw it. It crashed into a nearby tree. I looked back at Joseph, who was still in a world of his own
on the roundabout and ran over to the tree, picked out the Frisbee from between the branches and handed it to the owner with an embarrassing chuckle.

As I headed over to the play area, I noticed that it was deserted, Joseph was nowhere to be seen, and the truck which was parked across the road had vanished.
I walked over to a slowly spinning roundabout, to find Joseph teddy bear left in the middle.

At first, I thought it was Joseph playing around as I pretended to play along, "I wonder where Josephs gone" i said jokingly as i searched behind a tall arching tree, after a while it dawned on me, that this was not a joke.

My heart sunk as I collapsed next to a bin, I felt sick, the worst kind of sick. Gasping for air, with my heart pounding I got up, I wasn't shaking like a leaf, I was shaking like a freight train.

Each passing day felt longer than the last, neither me nor mother had slept, maybe a few hours, but not one single word had been said between us, I knew she didn't hate me,
but a part of her blamed me. She couldn't even look me in the eye, let alone hug me or tell me everything was going to be ok.

The Police officer in command of the investigation suggested we put up posters of Joseph around the area, so that's what I did, all day, every day.
About A week had passed, and I was plastering the streets with posters. I went into a convenience store and put up a poster in the window, as I was I noticed a car parked
outside. I must have been in such a rush to get the poster up that I had completely ignored it when I was walking in, but it was that beaten down old truck that I
remember seeing the day Joseph had disappeared, as I turned around I saw at the other end of the store a man, wearing a red baseball cap and a gritty, moldy green
anorak, then suddenly, that familiar shiver ran up my spine.

With his back turned to me, I still couldn't make out his face. I went outside before he could notice me, and I knew what I had to do, I knew that I had to be
brave because this man was the answer to getting Joseph back. I ran across the street to his truck and jumped in the back. I hid underneath a tatty old sheet
that stunk like sewage that he used to cover fire logs with and after several minutes, I heard his car door open and the engine start, that was when I knew
there was no turning back.


After about an hour, we finally stopped. As I lied there trying to be more still and quieter than the fire logs that lay beside me, he gets out of his truck and
after that I'm not sure, because he walked away from the truck, and I was too terrified to look out to see what he was doing, so I use my ears to guide me, The further  
away he gets, the quieter he becomes, until I'm left with nothing except the echo of my pounding heart that I can hear coming from my ear. The only thought that was racing around my mind was the thought of my mother worrying about me, it hit me hard like a stone. I had ran off and jumped into the back of this truck without letting her know where i am... She must be so worried, this is the last thing she needs right now. In all the guilt and personal torcher ive been experiencing i didn't stop to even think what this could of done to my mother.

The drumming of my heart gets louder as the time goes by as I know, that it's getting closer and closer to me having to leave this truck.

Eventually, i do. I peak out and its pitch black. I was must have been under that sheet for hours, i felt more like days.

I'm in the middle of a wood, with only a cabin in sight with a single light on by the porch.

It takes merely a few seconds to run behind a tree, but that few seconds was more terrifying than anything else I've ever experienced.

Soon after he leaves his house, he gets in his truck, this is my opportunity. He drives off, and I head over to a window he left open,

i climb in the window and sneak around, and that's when my heart shatters, I see Joseph's clothes in a carrier bag behind some cleaning products underneath the sink in the kitchen. I pick them out. They have blood on them.

Being too focused on what I've just found i don't notice the truck pulling back up outside, he must have forgotten something.

I try to quietly head towards the window, but there isn't enough time, the floor boards on the front porch Creek as the door handle slowly turns...

The End.

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