"Oh! Yummy!"

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A long, long time ago in the time of dinosaurs, an orphaned baby ankylosaurus was born. Alone and defenseless he ran into a big, ferocious tyrannosaurus. The tyrannosaurus had initially wanted to eat the baby but ended up adopting the little one as his own.

Submitted: December 03, 2015

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Submitted: December 03, 2015



“Oh! Yummy!”

Story by Tatsuya Miyanishi

Translation and edition by Vernon Bright Wong


A long, long time ago, in a time when volcanoes erupted with great roars and earthquakes rocked the land, in the time of dinosaurs, somewhere in the middle of a wilderness a baby ankylosaurus hatched from his egg. As the little hatchling made his way into the world, he could see not a single soul around him; he was all alone. Alone and sad, the little hatchling started weeping as he began wandering around the land all by himself, hoping he could find his family. And that was when he found himself stumbling into the shadow of a gigantic, ferocious tyrannosaurus.


Upon seeing the little hatchling, the tyrannosaurus exclaimed in a wicked delight, “Oh! Yummy!” and then he chuckled, “Eh heh heh heh!” Slavering at the mouth, he was about to devour the little hatchling when the little hatchling smiled happily at him before lovingly hugged him on one of his massive feet. “Daddy!” said the little ankylosaurus.

The tyrannosaurus was stunned by confusion at the little hatchling’s affectionate display.

“Daddy, I was really lonely, and I was scared. But I’m glad I’ve found you.” said the little ankylosaurus.

At this, the tyrannosaurus spluttered, “Wha- Wh-why do you think I’m your da-daddy?”

“You just called my name, didn’t you?” said the little hatchling, “You know my name ‘cause you’re my daddy, right?”

“Your- your name?”

“Yes. You said ‘Oh! Yummy!’ My name is Yummy, isn’t it?”

The tyrannosaurus realised that the little ankylosaurus had misunderstood what was going on here. Still, he did not know what to do about it. And as he stared at the little ankylosaurus with a blank expression, the little hatchling suddenly said, “Daddy, I’m starving. I want food.”

“Oh! There- there’s plenty of food around here.” said the awkward tyrannosaurus, pointing at one of the small bushes around them.

The little ankylosaurus giddily walked over to a small bush and started eating its leaves. “Daddy, they are really tasty! You should try some.” the hatchling said.

The tyrannosaurus was certain he would not appreciate the taste of green leaves. However, not wanting to disappoint the innocent little hatchling, he decided to eat some, just to make the little one happy. “Um... okay.” He began munching on some leaves. “Ugh! They taste awful!” he thought to himself as he choked down the leaf mush in his mouth. Then, he made an excuse, just to spare himself from having to eat more green leaves: “Um... Yummy, Daddy isn’t hungry so you can have all of the food. Eat them all, and you can grow big and strong in no time.”

“Great!” said the little ankylosaurus, who now named Yummy, in great delight, “I can’t wait to grow up and be just like you, Daddy! ‘Cause you’re big and awesome!” With that, Yummy resumed eating his food with new vigour.

The tyrannosaurus’s heart fluttered by Yummy’s compliment. He was very pleased by the little one’s praising him, for no one had ever praised him before. He smiled as he looked at the hatchling, and he could not help it. Perhaps, he thought, it was not so bad to have the adorable little ankylosaurus as his own.

But then came a chilantaisaurus. His big, glaring eyes were staring hungrily at the little hatchling. “Oh! Yummy!” said the chilantaisaurus with a wicked delight as he approached the two.

“Oh! How do you know I am Yummy?” asked Yummy without looking up from his food at the approaching chilantaisaurus.

“I just know!” replied the drooling chilantaisaurus, “Because that’s how you look!”

And just when the chilantaisaurus leapt toward Yummy with gapping jaws, without thinking the tyrannosaurus shielded the little hatchling from the attack with his own body. Crunch! The chilantaisaurus was deeply confused when he soon found himself sinking his teeth into the tyrannosaurus’s back.

“Wh-why?” asked the confused chilantaisaurus.

The tyrannosaurus did not answer. Instead, he smacked the chilantaisaurus in the mouth with his thick tail really, really hard. WHAM! With a single powerful swipe of his tail he effectively knocked most of the teeth out the chilantaisaurus’s jaws while sending him flying many feet across the ground. There, the now almost toothless chilantaisaurus lay unconscious. Yummy was so busy munching on the leaves, he did not see what happened.

Soon, Yummy had eaten to his fill and he immediately fell asleep. The tyrannosaurus gently carried the little one in his arms and took him back to his own nest. Night came, and the tyrannosaurus curled himself up around the sleeping hatchling to sleep. Before he drifted off to sleep, he looked at the hatchling again as he thought, “He wants to be just like me...” Even more than the bite-wound in his back, his heart ached throughout the night, and his heart ached for the innocent little ankylosaurus. Should he tell the little one the truth that he was not his father? But then how would the poor little one react to the revelation? How would he have felt? What would he have said? Would he be disappointed or heartbroken? There were so many questions spinning in his mind.

On the next day Yummy was feeding again. The tyrannosaurus always stayed close to him to make sure he was safe. And when Yummy asked “Daddy” to eat with him, the tyrannosaurus again made an excuse about him not being hungry. He could not bring himself to tell Yummy that he did not eat vegetations, and he certainly could not bring himself to tell the little one that he was a meat-eater who preyed on others, especially the leaf-eaters such as Yummy.


The tyrannosaurus woke up from his sleep in the next morning. To his horror, Yummy was gone when he should be right beside him. “Where has he gone off to?” he thought to himself. Anxious, he began searching everywhere for the little one; underneath the rocks, near bodies of water, in the forest, and so on. And when it seemed he could not find Yummy at all, his stomach churned as he thought of the possibility that the little one might have got eaten by some other predators. Maybe that chilantaisaurus they encountered before got him. “Oh! Yummy!” he recalled what the chilantaisaurus said about the little hatchling.

“Daddy!” the tyrannosaurus heard Yummy called. Surprised, he turned his head around and saw Yummy eagerly walking up to him with some red berries on his back. “Look what I’ve found!” said Yummy excitedly, “I found them near the mountains. I know you don’t like green leaves so I tried to find something for you that you might love to eat, and they taste amazing! You’ll love them.”

The tyrannosaurus was glad and relieved to see Yummy came walking back to him safe and sound. At the same time, he was angry that the little one had gone off without first letting him know. “You shouldn’t have gone off all by yourself like that!” he scolded, “Don’t you know it’s dangerous out here, especially for one so little like you? I was worried sick about you!”

Yummy looked contrite, and tears trickled down from his eyes as he said, “I-I’m sorry, Daddy. I just thought I could do something for you that’ll make you happy.”

The tyrannosaurus softened immediately when he realised that he had been too harsh on the little one. “I see.” he said gently, “I’m not angry with you anymore, Yummy. I promise.” And when Yummy did not stop crying, the tyrannosaurus decided to eat one of the red berries that Yummy had brought him, just to make the little one happy. And even if the berries tasted awful to him, he would pretend they tasted delicious. As he popped one of the berries into his mouth, he was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. Yummy was right. “It’s really tasty!” he said in delight. Then, he tenderly and gratefully added, “Thank you, Yummy.”

Yummy stopped crying and smiled happily at the tyrannosaurus. He was glad Daddy loved the red berries just as he had hoped. He promised he would bring more red berries to Daddy every morning from now onwards.

Soon, the tyrannosaurus decided to teach the little ankylosaurus how to defend himself from his enemies. “Look, Yummy. This is ramming!” said the tyrannosaurus before he ran headfirst toward a big rock and rammed it, smashing it into countless pieces. CRASH!

Impressed, Yummy exclaimed, “Wow! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to grow up and be just like you, Daddy!” Then, Yummy tried ramming a rock himself, only to hurt his own head. Clunk!

The tyrannosaurus then taught Yummy how to fight with his tail. In demonstration he knocked down a big tree with a mighty swing of his tail. WHAM!

Once again, impressed, Yummy exclaimed, “Wow! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to grow up and be just like you, Daddy!” Then, he tried knocking down a tree himself using his tail. But all he could do was repeatedly slapping the tree trunk with his pathetic strength. Knock! Knock! Knock!

The tyrannosaurus also showed Yummy how he could intimidate his enemies with his terrific roar. “ROAR!!!” His roar was so powerful it could shake the ground besides sending all other creatures fleeing the place in fear.

Again, impressed, Yummy exclaimed, “Wow! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to grow up and be just like you, Daddy!” Then, Yummy imitated Daddy’s roaring, “Rawr!” However, his voice was small and pathetic.

In any case, the tyrannosaurus was happy to know that Yummy looked up to him in everything he did, and he enjoyed teaching Yummy everything he knew. Perhaps more importantly, he enjoyed Yummy’s company, and he cherished every moment he had with the little one. As time gone by, however, the tyrannosaurus began to realise one thing; Yummy was not a tyrannosaurus, so he should not be raised like one. It was best, he believed, that the little one should be raised by his own kind if he were to grow up into a proper ankylosaurus.

One evening, the tyrannosaurus gently said, “Dear Yummy, I’ve got nothing left to teach you, for I’ve taught you everything I know. Our time together ends this day. I guess... this is goodbye.”

“No!” cried Yummy, hugging one of the tyrannosaurus’s feet tightly; “Please! Daddy, no! I want to grow up and be just like you! And I want to be with you!”

The tyrannosaurus’s heart broke when he saw how sad the little one was and how hard he was crying. Still, he held himself together and gently said, “Yummy, you can’t be like me. No... You are not going to be like me at all.”

“Why, Daddy?” asked Yummy through his sobbing. When the tyrannosaurus did not reply, he sobbed, “Please, Daddy, let me stay with you!”

“Alright.” said the tyrannosaurus, “You see that mountain over there?” – he pointed to a great mountain many leagues before them – “Let’s have a race. If you can beat me to that mountain, you’ll get to stay with Daddy forever. It’s a deal.”

Yummy wiped away his tears and happily said, “Deal!” With that, Yummy began running straight to the mountain as fast as his legs could carry him, and he never looked back. “I’m going to win! And I’m going to be with Daddy forever and ever!” he said as he ran along.

Hearing the little one, the tyrannosaurus choked back a sob, but he could not hold back his tears from pouring out of his eyes, for he knew they would never be together ever again, and they certainly would never be together forever. He quietly slipped away just as Yummy was racing farther and farther away from him.

Very soon, and even long before Yummy could reach the mountain, he stumbled upon an ankylosaurus herd, and that was exactly what the tyrannosaurus had planned, and that was exactly what he had wanted.

Watching from afar, the tyrannosaurus could see that the other ankylosauruses warmly accepted Yummy into their herd as one of their own, and he was glad.

The tyrannosaurus thought back on all the moments he had with Yummy, and he was grateful that he had those beautiful memories with Yummy that he could treasure and cherish forever. He was also grateful that he got to know what it was like to love someone because of Yummy, and he silently wished the little one all the best.

“Goodbye, Yummy.” said the tyrannosaurus softly, “Daddy loves you. Always.” With that, the tyrannosaurus walked away for good and as he did, he picked and ate a red berry, a food he had came to love because of the little ankylosaurus.


~The end~

© Copyright 2017 Vernon Bright Wong. All rights reserved.

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