A Lifetime of Darkness

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The negative energy that comes to create darkness in one's life is often found on the inside

Deep blackness that always 

Seemed to chase me

Like a shadow that wished to drag

My soul into the pit

In order to hold hostage forever.

I run with a chill inside

That makes me permanently cold 

As it festers through my viens.

I cannot have all that I crave 

For it blocks my intent full on.

The flight pattern is a lifetime 

Of instant response ingrained 

From my inside ache for greater

Understanding of where this darkness

Is coming and taking me away to.

The blame was on others

Or of circumstances that occur,

Even though I kept running 

It would find me where I hide.

The years pass by with no success

To end the chase until

I learned one day the ultimate truth

To only discover that

The darkness was in me.

Submitted: August 28, 2018

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