Raul and me

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Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



I want to share something that is a little hard to understand or to do when you never did on your life.


I was on the bus like every morning, but this morning was so different. We did the same way like always… but a little hard to do.  

We left every students on the Elementary School. We started another time for go to the Middle School but is happened something so bad.

The bus stopped, Mrs. Darlene turn on the lights of the bus, nobody understood what was happening. I stopped my music for try to understand something. Same thing did my best friend Raul. I saw a little girl with the head up to the legs of another girl, I saw Mrs. Darlene try to call her but something was wrong.

Mrs. Darlene asked a help and Raul was the only boy that went to help. But he couldn’t put the little girl on two seats alone, so Mrs. Darlene called for another hand. No boy available to help Raul, so I stand up and I went to help him. The little girl has seizure disease, but she was bleeding too.

Mrs. Darlene ask the collaboration of everyone to stay seat because we needed to go to the fire station. Me and Raul was still stand up next to her and try do not let her sleeping because she could lose consciousness.

On the fire station we changed the bus, but was hard to put some music after what happened. I though all time to her, the same my friends. And I almost cried.

After that bad experience, I want to tell to everyone, if you will see something is going on, please don’t stay seat, just go to help. Is the best thing that you can do. On the future you will understand that you did something really great.

I always said to my family that I never want to become a nurse or working on the hospital because I don’t like see the blood… but after this experience I can say that no matter what you said because if you need to do you can to do.


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