My daddy wears Camo

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Meet Sabrina and Kaylie, two best friends who came together for life when one finds out she's pregnant and alone.

Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011



The fence was lined with American flags, hand painted signs saying "welcome home", and balloons of red, white and blue. I waited for him by the gate. Nerves were making me jumpy. I hadn't seen him for seven months. He hadn't seen me. It felt awkward standing there alone, although I wasn't the only person there for him; none of his family members knew about me.

We see the bus pull into the terminal and you could feel the intense excitement in the air. The 3rd batallion of Alpha Company was finally home. The soldiers started filing out of the vehicle. My vision is shot without my contacts but I knew in my heart the exact minute he stepped off that bus. If I could run over there and jump into his arms I would. But then I would probably be arrested for disorderly conduct, trespassing on a government issued property and only God knows what else.

His family stood at the front of the crowd. I backed away and remained a few feet behind them. He first greeted his sister, who was bawling because of missing him so much and disbelief that he stood right in front of her. His best friend was next on the hug list. First came the "man, I love you!" Then came the typical boy shit where they butted their heads like two bulls in a fight. He caught a quick glimpse of my shimmering smile. Someone else was about to grab him and welcome him home, but as sly as a ninja he got away.

"Sabrina!" He greeted

"Hi Cory" I replied. He whisked me up into his arms. And held me there for a few minutes.

"I'm really glad you are home. I've missed u" I whispered in his ear.

"Me too. I've missed you. You and you" he said while nuzzling his head into my cleavage.

"You fucking jar head." I laughed. He set me down. And I pulled him into a kiss.

"You came for me right?" He asked.

"Yes silly!" I giggled.

"Alright come with me." He said as he grabbed my hand.

"Rach, this is Sabrina." He twirled me around as he introduced me. I couldn't help but smile. I shook her hand then gave her a hug.

"So your the one he never shuts up about." She exclaimed.

"Unless there's another Sabrina around here...then yes I'm that Sabrina he never shuts up about." I replied. I could tell he was starting to blush.


Fast forward to about two months later.

Him and I were decorating the tree in my apartment. We had just finished stringing the lights around the branches. I laughed each time he got a mouthful of flocking when a branch would hit him in the face. Him grumbling like the Grinch made it even funnier.

I started stringing ornaments to the wire-hooks. I gently placed a few on the branches. As I bent down to grab another trinket, I noticed a new one in my box. A white heart with gold writing and some rhinestone hollies.

"Edds, care to explain this one?" I cocked my eyebrow at him. He popped out from behind the tree.

"What one?" He asked. "Oh that one." He smiled.

"Well I do consider this our first Christmas together."

He walked over to me. He rubbed his hands up and down my shoulders, brushing the flocking off my sweatshirt.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Cause your here. And I'm not there anymore. I asked Santa to bring me home just in time for the holidays."

"So you can throw snow in my face?" I joked.

"Well yeah..but also I love you." He whispered in my ear. My eyes widened.

"Cory." I started to protest.

"Sabrina..." he mimicked me.

"We've only been with each other for less than two months." I proceeded with my protest.

"Well I don't know about you, but I considered you my girlfriend for those seven months I was gone." He admitted. My heart started to melt. He kissed me like romeo would kiss his Juliet. In between kisses I whispered jokingly "your such full of shit." He started laughing and replied with "your the one who makes me full of shit."

The fact he can contribute to my sick sense of humor makes me think he might be worth it.

He pulled me ontop of him as he sat on my couch. My manicured hands pressed against his chest.

"Mmm watch it" he warned

"Why?" I asked starting to get worried. He pulled his black tee shirt off. I gasped when I saw the bandage over one of his pectorals. He ripped the bandage off to reveal a key with skulls and hearts tattooed on his skin.

"You matched my ink." I said.

He agreed and pulled me closer to his lips. My hips grinded against his pelvic bone. His hands went up my skirt and started feeling around. One finger went in, closely followed by two. I bit my lip; it was a sign he was doing everything right. I undid his belt and pants and his "soldier" stood up right at attention.

"I told you, you should be a five star general. You know just how to make privates stand at attention." He joked.

I couldn't help it I started laughing. I slid my red, lace thong off my body but kept my leather skirt on. I popped my boobs over my red tank top.

"Mmmm I've missed these babies." he said before he started sucking on them. The mixtures of stimulation that he was doing to me made me go over the edge. Not before long I was on my back with him ontop of me. My chest heaved in and out with each pleasurable moan. My boobs wiggled with each thrust. I had bite marks from his sharp teeth. My lip was raw from being unchapped, licked, kissed, and bitten. Sweat beads glistened both of our foreheads.

"Aw fuck!" I heard him moan and he started going at it harder and faster. I drove my nails into his back to hang on. A unison orgasm was in play. He let me up and sighed. I sat up and was speechless. "Fuck" was the only word to escape my mouth. "Yeah!" He agreed. We both needed to rehydrate right then and there.

He turned on the t.v. and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was playing

"Your a mean one Mr. Grinch. You really are a foul one. You've got garlic in your soul." He started singing.

"That's not how it goes babe," I said.

"I know but that's how my version goes." He laughed.

"And how does my version go?" I asked.

"Your a mean one miss grinch. your really are a hot one. You've got the eyes of a devil, the body of an angel, and a mouth that makes me grow inches"

"Oh shut up!" I giggled. He butterfly kissed my nose and snuggled up next to me.


"I hope you know these stirrups are very uncomfortable. And very degrading to women." Sabrina bitched at her doctor.

Her friend Kaylee started laughing at her friend's comedic act.

"Oh pipe down Sabrina. And are you saying the positions you were in to get yourself in this predicament aren't degrading?" The doctor replied.

Kaylee's magazine hit her lap hard and caught her friends terrified gaze.

"Huh!" She started to freak out."I am only hear for a check up!"

"Well I took some of your fluid samples Sabrina, and once you put your pants back on I need you to lift your shirt." The doctor said.

"What are you saying." Sabrina continued to panic.

"Well first you need to calm down." the doctor instructed. Kaylee told Sabrina to take deep breaths in and out, as she held her friend's hand. Sabrina swung her legs out from the stirrups.

"Well Sabrina, when I was pressing down on your stomach when we started I noticed you looked bloated, but you told me you felt fine. Usually I wait for the tests to come back but we've been backed up at the lab and for your health's sake, we need to know now if your pregnant or not. Lift your shirt up." The doctor replied. "I'm going to perform an ultrasound on you. The gel I'm going to spread on your tummy will be a little cold but you'll get used to it."

The gynecologist applied the gel, dimmed the lights, and turned the machine on.

"Hehe it tickles" Sabrina giggled.

Out of nowhere the thumping sound of a heartbeat begins. The atmosphere in the room immediately changed. Tears dripped from Sabrina's eyes and down her cheeks. Kaylee smiled as she squeezed her friends hand.

"Well I don't need to tell you now." The doctor beamed.

"Turn it off." She cried. She hoisted herself up.

"You need to lay back down, until I turn the machine off." The doctor instructed

Once the doctor was done. Sabrina rushed out of the office.

"Miss Daniels, You need to make your next appointment." Her doctor shouted at her.

"I don't care!" Sabrina yelled back. Kaylee tried running after her friend, but it was useless. The most productive thing Kaylee did was make another appointment for her friend.

"Alright, February 1st, 10 A.M. She'll be there." Kaylee told the receptionist. The receptionist smiled and Kaylee excused herself to the car. Sabrina was sitting in the front seat with her sunglasses covering her bloodshot and tearful eyes. Her hands were raking the roots of her hair back. Kaylee closed the passenger door after getting in.

"Sabrina." She said softly.

"What?" Sabrina said.

"What's wrong?" Kaylee asked.

"Nothing." Sabrina cried.

"There's obviously something wrong, if you're crying. I don't understand why though, you just found out you'll be bringing a life into this world. A gift from God, and you would make such a beautiful mother." Kaylee encouraged her friend.

"That's just it. Its the fact that I'm knocked up is why I'm crying."

"Well you shouldn't be." Kaylee tried cheering up her friend.

"Kay, you don't understand.. I was a sick little girl, I had a cyst on my ovaries which was caught too late, when I was six years old. It turned into cancer and I went through the whole radiation process. I've been in remission for thirteen years, but they said I could never have kids, and if I did, either the child dies or I do. Neither of which I can bare." Sabrina explained. Kaylee rubbed her friends back and she began to cry again.

"Come on, let me take you home." Kaylee said sweetly. They switched seats and Kaylee started to drive off.

When they got home, Sabrina opened up the apartment and headed straight for her room. She plopped down on her cloud-like bed.

"You need to lay on your side, lying down on your stomach isn't good for the baby." Kaylee instructed.

"Right now, I don't care." Sabrina hissed.

"Well you may not, but I do." Kaylee replied back. "Now turn over and scoot. I'm not going to leave you anytime soon."

"HMPH!" Sabrina huffed and did what she was told. Sabrina silently cried herself to sleep. A stuffed dog that Cory had gotten her from Las vegas snuggled up in the nook of her neck. Her hand rested on her soon-to-be bulging stomach, and his dogtags rested in the Kayley between her boobs. Kaylee grabbed her friend's computer and began virtually socializing. A program Sabrina has installed on her computer called Skype, started ringing like a telephone

"Cory Edds calling you" the screen read. Kaylee accepted the call.

"Hey." She greeted.

"Hey Kay, I was expecting Sabrina." He greeted.

"She hasn't been feeling good all day, she's been asleep for most of the day. I've been taking care of her, but I got bored so I hijacked the computer."Kaylee Explained.

"You would!" He responded.

"Yes I would." She giggled. "So where are you, that you have to use Skype to call your girlfriend?"

"She didn't tell you?" He asked.

"She probably did but I forgot." Kaylee muttered.

"My platoon is training in Yuma, Arizona for operations. I'll be home in two weeks I think." He said while scratching his head.

Sabrina woke up to the sound of Cory's voice.

"Who is that?" She murmured sleepily.

"Your boyfriend is on cam right now." Kaylee informed her friend.

"Oh lovely." Sabrina muttered and plopped back down on the pillow. No more than five minutes later, her eyes shot open and she turned into Hurricane Sabrina. She rushed to the bathroom and hurled her guts into it.

"Whats wrong with her?" He asked concerned.

"The doctor just said it was a touch of the stomach flu." Kaylee lied.

"What did she last eat?" Cory asked.

"I tried giving her top ramen soup earlier, she nibbled on the noodles. but that was after the doctor's appointment." Kaylee replied. "She can't remember what she ate the night before."

"Alright well go check on her, make sure she's not puking blood." Cory told Kaylee. Kaylee scooted off the bed and walked into the bathroom. Sabrina lifted her head out of the toilet and flushed the toilet. Her eyes still red from crying. Kaylee knelt down next to her friend began pressing a warm compressant against her friend's face.

"This sucks already." Sabrina uttered.

"I know honey." Kaylee said calmly. She combed her friends hair with her fingernails.

"Did you tell him?" Sabrina sighed.

"I covered for you." Kaylee replied. "Did you want me to tell him?"

"No! and He's not going to know. It'll be taken care of before he gets back."

"Sabrina!" Kaylee proclaimed. Sabrina got up and marched back to her room.

"Babe!" Cory called out. Sabrina stopped dead in her tracks.

"Kay, how loud was the mic?" Sabrina asked.

"Cory did you hear all that?" Kaylee yelled from the bathroom.

"Yep." He answered.

"Fuck." Sabrina mouthed and stamped her foot on the carpet.


"OW!" Sabrina cried out in pain and sunk to the floor.

"She stamped her foot on the carpet then stubbed her toe or ankle didn't she?" Cory guessed.

Kaylee hopped onto the bed.

"Her ankle, shes gripping it right now." Kaylee answered. Cory shook his head and laughed.

"Stop laughing." Sabrina yelled from the floor.

"He's laughing cause he knows you so well." Kaylee responded.

Cory saw his angel get up from the floor.

"Now will someone tell me what the fuck is going on?" Cory asked.

Kaylee stared at her friend. She stared back with apprehension in her eyes.

"You need to tell him." Kaylee said.

"Need to tell me what?" Cory asked. He was starting to get worried.

Sabrina sat in front of her laptop.

"I want to tell you when you get back." Sabrina sighed.

"I won't be back for a couple of weeks you know that." He explained. "And you know I'm prepping for deployment again."

"I know." She sniffed. He hated that he had to be away from her again, he hated that it broke her heart. A heart that was so strong the first time.

"I can't do this." Sabrina said while holding back tears. She got up and ran outside. Kaylee sighed. Cory looked confused on that computer screen.

"Kay, don't leave me hanging." He pleaded. Kaylee took a deep breath and sat in front of the screen again.

"Cory..She's pregnant."

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

"She's pregnant." He said.

"Yep. Eight weeks." Kaylee answered.

"How?" He uttered.

"You know exactly how." Kaylee said sarcastically

"Dumbass." He responded. "How is she?"

"She's scared." Kaylee sighed. "She's really worried, and she doesn't know what to do."

"What's going to happen?" He asked.

"Well with her medical history, they have to monitor her very carefully. Make sure nothing else appears. Make sure her white and red blood cell count is okay, then of course monitor the baby. She has an appointment Feburary 1st." Kaylee told him.

"I come home that day." He said.

"But late at night right?" Kaylee asked.

"Probably." He said.

"Edds get off the computer!" Kaylee heard Cory's commanding officer yell.

"I gotta go." Cory said.

"Okay. Call when you can." Kaylee said and dropped the call.

Kaylee got up and walked outside. Sabrina was nowhere in sight.

"Jesus Christ Woman! Don't you ever stay put!" Kaylee muttered in frustration. She got into her Jeep and sped off. She found herself racing down the coast highway looking for a certain lifeguard tower.

"5-7-9-11...there you are!" Kaylee said in awe. A fire was ablazing in the pit. Kaylee looked around for her friend but she was nowhere to be found. Then she looked up; Sabrina's feet dangled over the floor boards of the lifeguard tower. Kaylee asked her friend a few questions, all of them went unanswered.

"Alright. Apparently we're going to do this the hard way." Kaylee huffed and marched off to the back of the tower. She spit on her hands, rubbed them together, stretched her legs, then leaped from the sand. Her hands caught onto the railing and she shimmied herself up until she was able to firmly walk on the wooden planks of the tower. She sat down next to her friend and gazed at the fire.

"What are you doing here?" She asked once again

"This is where Cory and I met. I was training to be a lifeguard, no more than just a year ago. It was a beach barbecue for all the graduates. His friend had been teaching the class and he paired me up with Cory to practice CPR. I was so nervous cause he was really cute. When I began to do mouth to mouth on him, he did the stupid sly thing where he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I gave in and went with it. The instructor yelled at him, he said 'That's not what is supposed to happen'" Sabrina reminisced.

"He also asked if you could run down the beach in slow motion." Kaylee laughed.

"That he did." Sabrina giggled.

"Come here." Kaylee motioned for her friend to give her a hug. Sabrina wrapped her arms around her friends waist and rested her head on her friend's boobs.

"Everything will be okay 'Brina." Kaylee whispered.

"I just wish that were true." Sabrina exhaled. Kaylee combed her friends hair with her fingernails.

"Sabrina, please tell me you're not thinking of abortion?" Kaylee asked.

"And if I am?" Sabrina shot back.

"Honey, You don't know if that's your fate anymore. It's been fifteen years since that diagnosis." Kaylee said soothingly.

"It doesn't matter." Sabrina sighed.

"Please, hon, give the baby a chance." Kaylee begged. They sat there for a good twenty minutes before the sea breeze started picking up.

"C'mon lets go home." Kaylee said. Sabrina lifted herself up from her comfortable position, and started walking down the wooden ladder. They put out the fire, climbed into the SUV and sped off.


Five months passed by quicker than you can count, although it didn't feel like that for Sabrina. The morning sickness never got any better, the aches and pains were unbearable. The bigger she got the less excited and more depressed she felt. The thoughts of going through this pain only to come home empty handed didn't help her depression either. Knowing that if the baby did come home but she didn't sent her into tearful mode.

She didn't want anyone to know that she was pregnant, but she couldn't very well hide it anymore. Her swollen tummy stuck out like a yellow rose in a field of red roses. She tried hiding it in her oversized lifeguard sweatshirt, but why would anyone want to wear a heavy jacket in the middle of the summer?

"This is useless." Sabrina raged.

"Brina, You just have to get used to it. Two more months. Just a little over eight more weeks." Kaylee said encouragingly.

"You try finding something that hides this ball I apparently swallowed, you try living with the crushed hopes and dreams that you'll never live to see your child's face." Sabrina bitched at her friend. Kaylee sighed out of frustration. She made the hand gesture of choking her friend when her back was turned.

While going through her closet for the millionth time, flashbacks of when Cory came home from Yuma flooded her mind.

She remembered she was laying on his lap, while he was watching some United States Military documentary. Her feet were propped up on the arm rest of the chair. Being five months pregnant, it was what felt comfortable to her.

I heard Cory take a big sigh.

"What?" I glanced up at him.

"Just thinking." He responded

"About?" I asked.

"I have to go back in a couple of weeks. " He said.

I looked down at the ring I was playing with and sighed.

"I know." I scooted myself up onto my knees and turned around to face him.

"Are you going to be okay?" He asked as he locked my gaze into his.

"I don't know." I responded.

"I need to know before I leave." He replied.

"I know.. but you know what the doctor said." I sighed.

I pressed my forehead against his and lightly kissed his lips. My hands went roamed around and took off his jacket. He held onto me by my hips. I felt his hand roam over the bulging bump. Out of the blue the baby kicked me, HARD!

"Ow!" Was my first response. "Did you feel that?"

He looked at me and nodded. He placed his hand on my stomach again. Our little girl kicked me again.

"She knows its you." I smiled.

"He knows its me." Cory corrected me. I rolled my eyes then he pulled me in for another passionate kiss.

I laid back down onto my comfy pillow otherwise known as his thigh and fell asleep.

Sabrina turned around to face Kaylee. She mouthed, "I want him here."

"I know you do honey. He'll be home soon." Kaylee replied.

Knock Knock

Sabrina and Kaylee looked at each other in confusion. Kaylee walked away to open the door. Sabrina's three friends: Shannon, Kate and Amanda stood at the front step. Each girl had a present wrapped in pink and silver paper with elaborate bows attached. Kate had lavender roses sitting in water in a round, little, vase and Shannon had pink and blue balloons attached to her belt loops.

"Brina, look who's here." Kaylee shouted. Sabrina came out from the bedroom, she greeted her friends with hugs.

"Oh my god you look so beautiful." Kate gushed. All three girls started patting their friend's bellies.

"Why do you guys think I'm pregnant, it could be I'm just fat." Sabrina joked.

"You eat like a horse, and don't gain a pound.. The only logical reasoning is that you're knocked up." Shannon laughed.

"Oh my...the baby just kicked." Amanda gasped.

"I know." Sabrina winced. All the girls were getting excited and kept rubbing Sabrina's stomach.

"Who told you I was pregnant?" Sabrina asked. Kate, Shannon, and Amanda all said "Ahem" In unison. Shannon slyly pointed Kaylee. Sabrina glared at her friend that has been there since day one.

"Don't stare at me that way. I did nothing wrong." Kaylee stuck her tongue out at Sabrina.

"She's right, and by the looks of it, you're not even ready." Kate replied.

"Which is why this is your impromptu baby shower."

"I don't even know what I'm giving birth to yet," Sabrina tried to protest.

"Oh that's alright, we already know. Woman's intuition, plus we all want a niece we can play princess dress up and Malibu barbies with." Amanda giggled.

"And if I have a boy?" Sabrina asked as they started walking towards the couches in the living room. Kaylee left to the kitchen to go fix hors d oeuvres.

''Well if you have a boy, he's going to be one little badass. With a mom like you and a dad like Cory. I could just see him rocking a leather jacket and a mohawk." Shannon exclaimed

"Lets do this the right way, first we'll play Mommy basketball. We each have a cup of twenty hersey kisses, we shoot them into your ever massive cleavage. whoever gets the most in wins." Kate announced.

"Oh dear lord. Okay, but you guys have to sit behind the coffee table." Sabrina negotiated.

All three girls grumbled at the new rule but proceeded to get up and comply. Thirty minutes and half a million laughs later, the winner is Kaylee!

"No fair, she went to basketball camp when she was younger!" Amanda protested.

"Well you should have come with me that one year! but instead you went to band camp!" Kaylee mocked. Amanda flipped her friend 'the bird'.

"Okay so after every game, Brina gets to open a present. It's to make her go crazy with curiosity cause we all know she likes presents but hates waiting for surprises!" Kate laughed and handed her one of the presents. Inside was a pink onsie with the Disney Princess printed on the cloth, as well as several other baby Disney trinkets. A pacifier, a set of baby bottles, booties, and a blanket with Tigger on it.

"Aww this is so cute." Sabrina gushed as she held the onsie up.

Three hours later there was a knock at the door again. Kaylee answered the door once again, a police officer stood at the door.

"I got a complaint that five sexy women were making too much noise here." He said

"And what are you going to do about that officer." Kaylee teased.

"I can arrest you, but something makes me believe you like being tied up and whipped."

"Oh you know me too well." Kaylee laughed. Kaylee pointed the officer to the living room. In the few seconds that it took to get from the front of the house to the living room, the policeman already had his shirt fully unbuttoned and his abs exposed and greased up. Sabrina laughed out of embarassment.

"What is this?" She asked.

"What do you think it is. He's a stripper and he's packing mad heat." Shannon laughed. The officer turned around and shook his butt. Shannon sat next to the earth shaking booty and grabbed onto it.

"Damn woman, you have some claws on you." He commented.

"Hehe. Yeah sorry." Shannon blushed. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Don't be, just for you I like those kitty cat claws."

"Wow!" Shannon said as she waved her hand in front of her face.

"Okay so we hired him to get you all hot and bothered, but we also had a game in mind with him. See we bet against each other, to see how many times he can do push ups with you on his back, then knowing us we'll come up with some other freakishly similiar game." Kate explained.

"Alright but I want in on the pot." Sabrina agreed.

"First we each write a number on a piece of paper guessing how many he can do. If he surpasses your number, You have to add a dollar til he finishes." Kate replied. Each girl tore off a slip of paper and wrote down her number.

"So exactly how much can you bench press?" Sabrina asked.

"How much do you weigh?" The officer asked.

"I don't know, 175 maybe." Sabrina guessed.

"Oy, you're too heavy he joked." The officer joked. Sabrina threw a cookie at him. It was intended to hit him in the forehead but the officer has reflexes like a ninja. He dove for the cookie and caught it in his mouth. All the girls were impressed, they gave him a round of applause. Sabrina guessed he could do 200 push ups with her on his back, and guessed he could last forty-five seconds if she bit down hard enough on his neck, for the next game. Needless to say she made bank with these betting games. She made close to five hundred dollars.

"Alright woman who wiped me out of my paycheck for the next month." Kate glared ate her friend. "This one is from me and Jared."

Sabrina started ripping through the packaging. Inside the tightly taped box was a baby's leather jacket with Social Distortion patches on the arms.

"Jared's convinced you're going to have a boy." Kate informed.

"Him and Cory would love another marine to train." Sabrina giggled.

"Either way you guys are going to have your hands full. If you have a girl she'll be a she-devil with camo in her blood. If you have a boy, a badass athlete who also has camo in his blood." Amanda responded.

"This was definitely a nice surprise. I haven't been this happy in a while. Its pretty obvious Kaylee has been here through the entire ordeal. I would like her to be the godmother, but I love all four of you. I'm going to be really heartbroken when I leave you guys." Sabrina expressed.

"Kaylee what is she talking about?" Amanda asked. Kaylee sighed and began to explain that while she's made it this far throughout the trimesters its still unclear on if Brina will live or not. They found something in her blood at the last check up, and we've been waiting for the results."

A somber feeling cast its spell over the environment. The girls all gave their utmost uplifting encouragement to their friend, then gathered for a picture. Kate and Kaylee on the ends, Sabrina in the middle, and Amanda and Shannon on the inner sides of Sabrina. The pearly white smiles, the perfect hair, and sparkling eyes were ingredients to a perfect picture.


In the middle of one night, Kaylee was woken up to the sound of pain-striking moaning.

"Sabrina." Kaylee called out sleepily, as she walked towards her friends room. Sabrina continued to moan. She clutched her stomach and dug her nails into her mattress. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Brina, grip my hand." Kaylee said. Sabrina gripped hard until the pain was gone. Not even seven minutes passed and Sabrina was back in pain and gripping onto Kaylee's hand. Kaylee looked at her watch to time the contractions.

"Sabrina we have to go. You needed to be at the hospital when your contractions were fifteen minutes apart." Kaylee instructed. "How long have you been having them?"

"I don't know." Sabrina answered. "I felt something a couple of hours ago but I thought they were just Braxton Hicks, then they started waking me up."

Kaylee threw a few yoga pants in an over night bag, along with some of the new gifts Sabrina received, tanktops, her silk robe, and her favorite blanket. Kaylee knelt down and helped her friend put on her shoes. As they were walking down the stairs, towards the car, Sabrina doubled over in pain.

"Kay. There's got to be something wrong." Sabrina said with tears in her eyes.

"There's nothing wrong, trust me. It just hurts that much." Kaylee replied.

"This one wasn't a contraction. I feel like I just had a knife drilled into my side. " Sabrina explained. "It's also too early."

"Shit!" Kaylee mouthed and rushed her friend to the car. They arrived at the hospital within minutes. She called for EMTs to bring over a wheelchair and check Sabrina in. The nurses did what they were told. Sabrina was immediately wheeled into the maternity ward, and into a private room. The head nurse started taking her patient's vital signs.

"Where's Doctor Parks?" Sabrina asked.

"She was at a birthday party for her daughter, but she made it crystal clear she wanted to be here, and call when you arrived. We've done that already." The nurse informed. Sabrina winced in pain as an IV was hooked up to her left arm.

"Is this really necessary?" Sabrina started to bitch at the nurse.

"For you yes, and especially since your due early. The baby needs whatever nutrients it can get." The nurse explained. As the nurse left, Kaylee entered. Sabrina turned her head to face her friend.

"Hey princess, how are you feeling?" Kaylee asked.

"Like shit." Sabrina winced.

"It'll be over soon." Kaylee said.

"Ya so will my life." Sabrina muttered.

"You've made it this far." Kaylee smiled.

"And I don't know if I can make it any further." Sabrina started to tear up and grip her friends hand as another contraction came her way.

"You can. Honey. You can." Kaylee encouraged.

Kaylee and Sabrina waited for what seemed like an hour before Dr. Parks arrived. The contractions were still coming but they were becoming manageable.

"Hi Sabrina, how are you feeling?" Dr. Parks immediately greeted her patient.

"It hurts really bad." Sabrina moaned.

"I know. It'll be over pretty soon. I'm sorry I'm late, traffic was a bitch to get through on the 405 freeway. I risked a speeding ticket for you missy." Dr. Parks laughed. Sabrina smiled and turned back over. Dr. Parks began looking at Sabrina's file and all the information that was written down.

" All your vitals seem good, you've dilated five centimeters, five more and you have your bundle of joy. But I am worried about you going into labor early, and you show no signs of coming out of remission but there is something abnormal about your blood cells." Dr. Parks informed her patient.

"Remy!" Dr. Parks called out into the hallway. A male nurse entered the room.

"Sabrina, this is the nurse I'm mentoring, Remy. He's the only other one that will be in here other than you, me and Kaylee." Dr. Parks introduced the two of them. Sabrina shook his hand. Kaylee pulled the doctor aside while Remy talked Sabrina through a painful contraction.

"On our way here, Sabrina complained of feeling like a knife drilled into her side."

"I didn't want to alarm Sabrina, but her blood tests came back, she's in the beginning stages of lymphoma. I can't do anything about it at this moment. We will have to see where she is when she's all healed up." Dr. Parks notified her patient's friend.

"You're all she has at the moment aren't you?" Remy asked when Kaylee came back in the room. Kaylee nodded.

"Her boyfriend is deployed in Afghanistan, atleast her mom is still in Florida or South Carolina, I don't know where her dad or brother is. I was there when she found out she was pregnant." Kaylee answered.

"A Marine's girlfriend, and a USMC baby." Remy commented.

"How did you know he's a marine?" Kaylee asked.

"She has a nautical star with the Marine Corps insignia on her collarbone." Remy answered. "I've gotta say, your friend is one tough cookie, with what she goes through just to hang onto love, I could never do that even if I was female."

"Kaylee." Sabrina called out.

"Yes?" Kaylee answered.

"I love you, for all what you've done for me these past nine months. Take good care of this baby. Take care of Cory too. I just wish I could talk to him."

Kaylee sighed. "I know." Sabrina gripped her friend's hand again.

"Oh my...FUCK! This hurts!" Sabrina cried.

"You can't push not yet." Kaylee instructed.

"My body is saying too." Sabrina winced. Kaylee got up and looked around for Dr. Parks. Lucky for them Dr. Parks was walking down the hall with Remy trailing her footsteps like a puppy.

"Can you check on her?" Kaylee pleaded.

"That's just what we were about to do." Dr. Parks said.

"She's dilated ten centimeters." Remy alerted Dr. Parks.

"Alright Sabrina, moment of truth, I need you to scoot forward." Dr. Parks advised.

Sabrina scooted forward, and Dr. Parks spread open her patients legs. "She's crowning" Dr. Parks smiled. "Remy grab her left leg and hold it. Kaylee get behind Sabrina while on your knees."

"Alright Sabrina on the count of three I need you to push."

"1." Remy started


"3" Sabrina let out a blood curdling cry as she pushed. Sabrina gripped onto her friends hand for support.

"Your doing great. I need you to push again." Dr. Parks instructed. Sabrina pushed again.

"Fuck this hurts!" She screamed.

Kaylee pressed a cold compressant against Sabrina's forehead and stroked her bangs to the side.

"Why isn't he here?" Sabrina sobbed after the next push.

"Honey I don't know. But you know he would give anything to be here." Kaylee whispered in her ear.

"Sabrina, the heads out. Two more pushes and you can hold her." Dr. Parks cheered. Sabrina breathed hard as she readied herself.



"3" Remy counted "push"

Sabrina beared down and continued to push. You could hear the exhaustion in her voice and see the anxiety in her eyes. That one push took whatever energy Sabrina had left. Her eyes closed as She laid back against Kaylee, and took in shallow breaths.

"Your doing so great!" Kaylee cheered. "And your doing quite a number on my hand!"

Sabrina didn't laugh. She laid there like she was lifeless.

"We need one more push..." Remy started but Kaylee interrupted.

"Dr. Parks. Something is wrong. Her breaths have gotten more shallow. She won't open her eyes." Kaylee stammered. Kaylee was scared for her friend. Is this really the end? Remy started checking the printings from the heart monitor. All of a sudden it started flatlining. A baby's cry filled the air.

"Oh my god no!" Kaylee started to cry. A team of doctors ran in as the monitor continued to beep. Dr parks handed the baby to Remy. He wrapped the new baby in a new white blanket. He and another nurse cleaned the newborn off.

"I need you to wait outside." Dr. Parks told Kaylee. Kaylee scooted herself out from underneath her friend and laid her down gently on the pillow. Two male nurses escorted her out. She peeked in through the window as the door slammed in her face. This was too much for Kaylee's psyche. She never believed that this would truly happen. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Her mascara streaked down along with the tears.

After watching her friend fight for her life, Kaylee walked towards the waiting room. She crossed her arms and rubbed her hands over her sweater-clad arms. She used her sleeve to wipe away the tears and clear the mascara. Ten minutes passed, kaylee felt a masculine hand on her back.

"Oh hi!" Kaylee answered startled. One of the male nurses that escorted her out was standing there.

"Here. I brought you this." he handed her makeup removal wipes, and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

"Oh thank you." Kaylee muttered.

"Welcome. I felt bad I had to slam the door in your face." The nurse replied. Kaylee shrugged it off and sipped on the coffee. Kaylee learned the nurse's name, Justin. They talked for a while.

"Shouldn't you be getting back to work?" Kaylee asked.

"Lunch break. Which reminds me I need to eat before my break." He said. "Care to accompany me."

Kaylee denied. She said food was just not going to settle well. Justin respected her wishes. As Justin began to leave, Kaylee looked to her left, and saw Dr. Parks walking out of the Intensive Care Unit room. She was ripping the smock off of her body. Even though Dr. Parks tried to hide it, Kaylee noticed blood on the scrubs. She prayed it was just placenta blood, but a pang in her heart told her something else. The look on Dr. Parks face was indescribable.

"Kaylee." She called out. Kaylee stood up and gave the doctor her full attention.

"How is she?" Was the first question out of Kaylee's mouth.

"She stable. Her left lung collapsed. We repaired it, she's breathing through an oxygen tube at the moment. The next seventy-two hours are vital though. Has she ever smoked?" Dr. Parks asked.

"No, not that I can recall." Kaylee replied.

"Hm. Okay." Dr. Parks started.

"How's the baby?" Kaylee asked.

"You have a niece. In case you didn't know. She's healthy, she's a little underweight but nothing to be alarmed about. Follow me, I'll point her out." Dr. Parks answered. They walked into the nursery. Dr. Parks looked at each index card.

"There she is." Dr. parks muttered. A tiny infant laid there soundly.

"Would you like to hold her?" Dr. Parks asked. Kaylee nodded her head. The tiny baby started wiggling around in her aunts arms. Kaylee wiggled a finger in front of her niece's face as the baby made tiny spit bubbles.

"Oh my, she's so precious." Kaylee cooed.

"The specific reason I got into this profession. I know how it is to have a difficult childbirth." Dr. Parks shared.

"Dr. Parks report back to the maternity ward." The secretary over the intercom requested.

"Excuse me." Dr. parks said. Kaylee nodded and continued lightly bouncing the baby around in her arms.

"Dr. Parks..." Kaylee called out. Dr. Parks turned around.

"Thank you. You saved my best friend." Kaylee announced.

"Your welcome." Dr. Parks replied. Kaylee spent a few more minutes in the nursery with the infant. When it was time to leave, she gently placed the beanie ontop of her head, and set her down in the crib. The little one reached up and grabbed the ends of Kaylee's hair.

"Hey!" Kaylee giggled. She freed her hair and walked away. When she walked into the new mom's room. Sabrina laid there. She looked so weak and pale. Kaylee sat down in the chair next to the bed. Sabrina cracked her eyes open. She reached up and wiped away the dry tears from her eyes.

"Well I obviously survived." Sabrina said hoarsely.

"You did. You did so well princess." Kaylee whispered. Sabrina looked to her right.

"One of us didn't though, right?" Sabrina asked. Kaylee started to smile as Justin, the nurse, wheeled in the crib.

"Hey. There's someone who I'd like you to meet." He said to Sabrina. Sabrina gasped in disbelief.

"Oh my...Gaw.." Happy tears welled up in her eyes. She had really done it. She really had survived. She was an exception to the statistics.

"Do you know what you're going to name her yet?" Justin asked.

"Jaylynn." Sabrina and Kaylee agreed on. "But what middle name?"

"Nicole?" Justin suggested.

"Nope its too common." Kaylee said.

"Destiny? Hope? Faith?" Sabrina suggested. Kaylee scrunched her nose up and shook her head at all three suggestions.

"Alexa!" Kaylee exclaimed.

"Jaylynn Alexa Edds." Sabrina said. "I like it."

Sabrina handed her daughter to Kaylee. Justin gave Sabrina the birth certificate and pen. Sabrina grabbed her laptop and used it as a hard surface to write on. The certificate had been filled out, stamped with footprints and signed. Three things left to do: Send this to the Public records office, meet daddy in four months, and get mommy better.


The sun was shining, the sky was cloudless. It was a day much like Sabrina remembered from fifteen months ago, when he came home. She stood at the gate that was still decorated. The only thing different about this time was this tiny infant she was carrying. The bus pulled into the terminal and his troop exited the vehicle.

"But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight

And I'll gently kiss your lips

Touch you with my fingertips

So turn out the light and close your eyes"

I'm already there

Don't make a sound

I'm the beat in your heart

I'm the moonlight shinin' down

The song "I'm already there" Blasted through the speakers of her earbuds that were connected to her mp3 player.

She saw Cory come straight towards her. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw their little bundle of joy. Sabrina kissed him hello.

"I've missed you." She whispered in his ears.

"I've missed you too." He responded.

"Meet Jaylynn." Sabrina announced. "Jaylynn Alexa Edds."

His heart filled with love as he held his daughter for the first time. He left his homestate as a soldier and a boyfriend. Today, February 1st, he came back a father. A vow was made that he would always come home to both of his favorite women.

I'm already there

Don't make a sound

I'm the beat in your heart

I'm the moonlight shining down

I'm the whisper in the wind

And I'll be there until the end

Can you feel the love that we share

Oh I'm already there


"My daddy is a hero, presented by Jaylynn Edds. Age, 7" Little Jaylynn spoke to her classmates and parents.

"My daddy is a hero. Not the kind you read about in comic books. Not the ones who wears tights and a cape and can fly around the world in five seconds flat." She read. "He's a different kind of hero. He's my hero. He's my daddy. He wears camouflage...." She stammered at the pronounciation of "Camouflage."

"Sound it out." Mrs. Navy said.

"He wears combat boots, and medals to church. He's not always here when I want him to be, but he's always right here." She pointed to her heart.

"My mommy and daddy are both soldiers. Daddy fights to keep the country safe, and mommy fights to keep me safe. I love them both. Daddy doesn't fight because he hates what is front of him, he fights because he loves what he left behind. Me and mommy. Mommy loves him like there's no tomorrow, she maybe sad one day but she knows he'll always be back for her. Mommy and I send him gifts when he's gone. I send him my newest school pictures, and flowers I picked that day. We wait everyday for his two minute phone call, because two minutes when he's gone can be a lifetime. I'm proud of my daddy, he gives freedom another chance, he gives me another chance. He stands tall and proud. My daddy doesn't wear tights or a cape, he wears camo and combat boots, and I love him so much for that." Jaylynn concluded. She was given a round of applause.

Nothing was more rewarding the tears in Sabrina's eyes and the smiles from the other kids parents, and the understanding gazes from the other children in the class whose families also served in the Military.

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