I'll Be

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About being there for the person you love.

Submitted: October 21, 2008

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Submitted: October 21, 2008



When your world is dark
And hard as stone,
When it's as cold as ice
And you feel all alone,

I'll be there.
To light your way
To remind you how much I care
I'll be there the entire way.

When your world is crashing down
And you haven't a place to go,
When it feels like you're about to drown
You just got to let me know.

Because I'll be there to rescue you
And we'll throw our problems to the wind.
Watch them dance on their way they go.
As they go along with the rest of the flow.

I can be the one you run to
When everything is upside down.
I can be the one to save you
When it feels like you're about to drown.

And when it feels like you can't take it anymore
And you just can't seem to get a break,
And as you look around you see more and more
That the people surrounding you are fake.

When it feels like it's raining ice and stone
And the sun will not let it's light be shown,
When it feels like you are being held captive in chains
And you're not sure if you can take anymore pain,

Baby all you got to do is call me.
I'll be the one to help you get free.
I'll make the sun shine on your beautiful face
And together we'll remove the masks of all those ugly fakes.

Or if you want, we can just hide away
As we let our problems melt away.

Either way, I'll be there
To catch you when you fall.
I'll be there
When you need someone to call.

Because I'm here for the long run.
When all of this is over and you look around
I still won't be gone.
I'll be there.

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