Beauty Poem By Veronica K. Solis

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This was assignment I did for school, thought I would share with everyone.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012




By: Veronica K. Solis

   “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so it has been said. It is all around us in sound, in shape and in color. When we see beauty, it gives the beholder a great sense of feeling, pleasure, and satisfaction. Sometimes beauty cannot be seen with the naked eye, instead it must be learned, and this may be what we call inner beauty. Some examples of beauty are as follows: red roses, streams, and daughters.

To begin, red roses are the most delicate, vibrant, and fragrant flowers. They also represent love when given to a companion or lover, and come in different shades and different sizes.  They are delicate to the touch, feeling like spun silk that manifests into woven velvet. Also, the red of the rose is vibrant, bright, full of energy, and power; like an emitting shower of red sparks suspended in time on the fourth of July. Another appealing sense is the divine sweet ample fragrance which fills the air; it also provides harmonious satisfaction which completes its miraculous beauty.

Another image of beauty, are the streams that follow the curve of mountains. As it falls, the sound of the water trickles down the rocks, and the rays of the sunshine sparkle like diamonds floating on the water. Wildlife drinks and lives here as they are attracted to the stream because of its life consisting element. Also, it is surrounded with wildflowers that flutter in the wind and busy little insects that drink the sweet nectar of the flower. A stream and its uniqueness is a marvelous creation of beauty.

Third, she is known as an image of beauty, my daughter. She is adored from the day she is born and is often told, “You are so beautiful” or “You look just like your mother, beautiful.”No matter what the phrase is, she is sweet, gentle, loving, kind, and the most caring, little human being. She is, indeed, the most precious gift given by God; she is amazingly unique in every way and full of ambitious bliss. As she grows, she is observed from her first word to her first love; as time passes, every memory of her life will be remembered and cherished as a thing of beauty.

These are only just a few things where beauty can be found. We search for the beauty that is in this world, but we fail to recognize what true beauty really is. “What is true beauty?” Let beauty in, and allow it to give a new outlook on how we choose to view every individual thing around us. Beauty is without a doubt a gift and should be appreciated for its presence. Finally, remember to stop, take a look around, and see that beauty is not hard to find.   

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