Pathological Addiction to Internet

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Internet addiction can be treated as any other addiction. There are some signs that indicate existence of Internet addiction.

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



There are many positive sides of the Internet and it has become an essential tool in the hands of the modern man.

However, the Internet has its many downsides. The downside of the Internet is easy and simple access to a pile of useless, but harmful information, interactive and fast contact with a variety of criminal and pathological groups of people from almost all over the world, who want to manipulate others in order to violate the security and endanger the health and life. Excessive activity on the Internet potentially leads to a dependence of the same, with all the attendant consequences. Internet is actually increasing the possibility of effective communication, and it provides the effect of disinhibiting in communication. Disinhibiting is always accompanied by aggression, destruction and breaking boundaries of context. The Internet actually has all the characteristics of drugs whose doses can be increased infinitely.

Generally speaking, addiction is a form of excessive attachment, which is caused by either biological or psychological need of a man. This is great problem for society, not only for the individual (health), but for the family, social and economic.

Internet addiction looks like any other addiction!!!

Important facts about the internet and its addictive use are that there are more and more Internet users, that "Internet addiction" is a new disease (unknown to many),and that the Internet has a high potential for dependence developing (a very strong psychological dependence) and there are serious consequences if it fails to be recognized on time.

The similarity between the dependence of the substance and "Internet addiction" is reflected in the fact that both are caused by craving, increased tolerance and produce withdrawal syndrome (the internet is a mild form).

Basically the mechanism of Internet addiction are disorders in the "reward system", changes in neurotransmitter dopamine system, which have an important role in development of addiction.

Internet addiction has the following signs:

• Problems at work

• Neglecting friends, family and business or personal obligations and responsibilities

• Withdrawal in themselves when not being on the Internet

• Nervousness, irritability when suddenly stopped using the Internet

• Staying online much longer than it is really necessary

• Denial of how much time is spent on the Internet

• Negligence of their own health

• Sleep is subordinated to the needs of Internet use

• The feeling that the Internet is their only friend

• The feeling that the Internet is the only place where they feel well

• They think about Internet even when they are not on the Internet

• They have more virtual friends than real friends

• They couldn’t control the time they spend on the computer or Internet

• They couldn’t be criticized about their excessive use of computers and the Internet...

Internet addiction can be a serious problem and, because of that fact, there are more and more people who are using some Internet filter in order to reduce their addiction. They see Internet filter as a help that allows them to block addictive websites and so reduce their Internet addiction.

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