A True Friendship

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This was written November 7, 1998. This poem comes from deep within my heart and soul, and I think, packs a real punch!! I know that many people will read this and feel that it was written for or about them in one way or another. If you do have a real, true friend...value them, don't ever let them go because they are a rare find!

Submitted: October 21, 2013

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Submitted: October 21, 2013



Friends are hard to come by most people don't have many

And some of us go through life never having any

A friend will always be there to guide but never judge

They never try to push but always give a nudge


Their love is unconditional and they are loyal just as well

Always there to pick up when you slipped and fell

You'll tell them everything and reveal the inner you

Simply cause you know they'd do the same for you


There's times they'll let you down but never with intention

You easily forgive and not a word is mentioned

You may know a person that you think is a true friend

They can always spare advice and have an ear to lend


But all the time you trusted them much to your surprise 

Your secrets became gossip and exaggerated lies

Let this make you strong instead of being bitter

Not a thing you'll gain if you become a quitter


You have to rise above those who manipulate to gain

Cause nothing's going to change them they never will refrain

Always keep your guard up but don't shut others out

Being able to trust another is what friends are all about


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