What do you do?

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Everyone's heard it
At least once in a lifetime...

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008



Everyone’s heard it

At least once in a lifetime

You’re walking down the street

On a cool and silent night

Your mood so pleasant

It croons with delight.

You hear a distant wail

Your mind ignores the sound

Then it gets louder

You turn around.

It becomes

A high-pitched scream

You wince as it pierces

Right through your brain

A whoosh of a vehicle passing by

Sends you staggering two steps back

It’s a van called an ambulance.

It carries the injured

And when it’s screaming

Everyone knows

Someone’s dying.

What do you do?

Kids look at it in awe

Amazed by its lights, sound and speed

Some get irritated by the noise

Curse the driver, the patient and all

Others mutter a silent prayer

For in their minds they have already

Killed the passenger

Tell me, what do you do?

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