cloned with emotions chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
after 1918, the world saw rebellion. science advanced quickly and clone warfare has been going on for over fifty years.

the first chapter.

Submitted: January 29, 2020

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Submitted: January 27, 2020



Chapter 1:The Attack From Fort Mikale
To understand this world that you may have just entered, think of war. The only reason people are born here, is to fight, defend and invade others. This started when two bullets were fired in the year 1914, where we call now call Serbia. Humanity then threw themselves at each other, using propelled metal at speeds 1,800 miles per hour to kill one another. Millions died in four years. That is what happens every week. Once this war was over, countries rebelled, taking over the cruel government that sent their men to death. Borders changed dramatically, for multiple groups took over the same country. Science progressed surprisingly quickly, developing better weapons to slaughter more. Eventually, the country of Adare, formally in Limerick, Ireland, produced the first cloning machine. This secret spread, and many more created CMs. The weak were invaded, filtering out the strong to proceed to the next round.
Borders are now ever changing, many of my friends are dead, killed in a variety of ways. I am posted in the second line in the South-East of Frethmour against Sresmiki curret year is 1984, and my code is 12AAAA. 12th clone from AAAA batch, and there are 50 million in a batch.
From my group, about 1 million, only about a thousand remain, most killed in the first battle we faced. I have been alive for 14 years. Apparently, I have a genetic mutation, nothing big, just I have emotions.

Alarm. I wake and look around me, seeing seven empty beds, and seeing two filled with the remaining members of my Micro Squad. I check the time, see that is 3:25, 35 minutes early. Then I remembered that the battle was coming up. Even though we have 150 million troops on the front lines, Sresmiki clones still get through, causing trouble with supplies and disturbing troop movement. A week ago news arrived that a band of 2 thousand Sresmikis had taken a key fort. I will be part of the sapper group, ordered to dig under the fort to create a safe passage for Zulu Squad, the best of the Elite Force. This is how important Fort Mikale is. Zulu Squad being called in is the same level of importants as our capital under siege. Nobody tells us why but we are manufactured to not ask questions. That is another trouble with Emotional Regurgitation, but I keep it quiet. I get up and dress in my sapper’s uniform. I get my plate and walk out to get breakfast started for my remaining sappers. I walk out of the rows of thousands of tents, nd made my way to the cooking ground. Here we keep supplies, closely monitored by camp guards. I walk up to AAAA Section and look for Group One. I show my papers and take 6 sausages, 3 slices of bread and 3 eggs. I look up to the guard to say thank you and I see his badge.
”Hey, 13. It’s me, 12 AAAA. You remember, Battle of Fort Tigera? I dug with you and when you fell I picked you up,” I expressed.
"12 AAAA, yes, the clone with Emotional Regergitation?" Asked 13 AAAA.
"Yes. You are with AAAA aren't you?"
"Yes, but I decided to join the guard, for most clones got a fantasy for killing themselves at battle, much like yourself," I clenched my fist, but pushed my emptions down, for I don't like them.
"Well, sapping dosen't see much fighting, but it keeps you fit, unlike sitting on your all day looking at goods," I don't know why I said it, but 13 didn't mind. He looked around, just in case some stray local had ecided to materialse since his last look.
"Well, good luck with Zulu Squad," He said.
"Thanks, and sorry for what I siad," This didn't turn his gaze. I walked back to my tent, thinking about my ER, how I hate it and how I will never be promoted. When I get back to my tent, my two co-workers are up, getting dressed.
"Morning fellas," This was ignored. "I brought breakfast. 2 sausages each, a slice of bread and some egg."
"12, just get it cooking, we don't need conversation, and none of us feel any thanks," Clone 17 AAAA, Captain of our Micro Squad. How micro it is. He has a big scare down his arm, from shrapnel. Behind his bed sits clone 14 AAAA, looking at maps of the base, drawing a plan.They have always been like this, non-caring. But, then again, so are all the clones in this dambed army. I get to work, toasting bread, cooking the eggs and sausages. After we have eaten, it is 3:40. We start to prepare our equiptment. Each Private Sapper has the same, a shovel, explosives, radio, Glock 17 with two excess clips and a grappling hook. Shovle in hand, gun and clips at waist and the rest packed into a rucksack. By the time we have finished, our Corporal has called us to breif us on the plan. We are to dig into defensive positions, whilst under fire all the time. When they are secure, we then must start to dig under the fort and prepare for Zulu Squad. My Squad has this task. Ordered by Commander AAAA. We set off at 4 am in the morning of what looks like to be a wet Tuesday.

We march near the front of the column, not so we get killed straight away, but not so we are at the back, were it will take us to walk past almost 1 million men for us to start digging. My Squad is stationed right at the back, to preserve most of us, for this is a secret mission. I am at the very back of the Squad, next to the edge, when I noticed clones in strange uniforms run past, kepping a pce, so that every 1 hundred teps they walk, then again after 1 hundred teps walking, going back to running. I realise their weapons are not standard issue. This must be Zulu Squad. I am so dazzled by them that I trip on a branch. I go flying. I feel myself get lifted up. I expect to see 17 AAAA ready to punish me, but I am faced with one of the Zulu Squad.
"What is your number?" He asked.
"Uh, 12 AAAA, Sir," I answered with nervousness, my ER going out of the roof.
"ER, by any chance?"
"Ye-yes, Sir," Again, it is easy to hear how scared I am. He lets go of me and motions for me to follow him. He rejoins his column. Confused, I try to simultaneously keep up with this Zulu Squad clone and recognise him at the same time. Some glances from the other clones spread a sence of embarrassment. When we reach the front, I see the Corporal of Zulu Squad himslef.
"Private Henry, Sir, I am here to request that I look after this young Sapper, Sir?" I couldn't understand what I was hearing. It is one thing to meet another clone who cares, but one from Zulu Squad? And, Private Henry? These clones have proper names! Then I see their faces. They are different from mine and each others. These are not clones. All I have know is clones.
"Yes, we did loose our Sapper. Well, give him a name, and inform his Commander," I was taken aback. Henry ran out back to the column out of view. "This will be the first clone in Zulu Squad. Column, HULT!" Zulu Squad ceased to march. "Have a break. Now, in Zulu Squad we have names. This might confuse you. But it confuses the enemy to. They think that Zulu Squad is a bunch of citizens. Do you have a name in mind?" I was speachless. I then blurted out without thinking:
"Natan, Sir," I think I had read it somewhere.
"Good. My name is Corporal Sanders. You will meet with the rest of your Squad soon. Our mission is thi-"
"With all respect, Sir, but i do know what the plan is. I was part of the Sapper group that would dig you through,"
"Very good. Ah, Henry, meet our new Squad member, Natan," Henry had returned. He stuck out his hand. I felt awkward. What was this movement for. I just stuck mine out to. I was surprised when he seized my hand. I imediatly went into training, letting instinct take over my body. I twisted around him and put his arm behind his back and throwing him with myslef on hs back onto the ground. He struggled for a second, and my mind returned.
"I am so sorry. I didn't know what to do and you took me by surprise. Please don't exacute me," I said this as he lifted himself up from the wet mud. He looked at Corporal Sanders and smiled.
"It's called a hand-shake, it can be used for different things. This one is for meeting new people. Don't worry. Corporal, Sir,"
"Permision to join back into our column, Sir,"
"Yes, Private, and take Natan with," We saluted my new Corporal and strode towards the other men of Zulu Squad.
Hell. That is what the battle feild looks like. This is nothing different. When Zulu Squad arrived, we saw bodies, thousands of them. Even more progressing up to the defensive positions of my former comrades. We snuck into the HQ without being shot and proceeded to Commander AAAA. Sanders then entered. We were escorted to our quarters. I followed Henry and put my gear onto the bed next to his. A Guard walked up to me and handed me a new handgun.
"That's a MP5. Better than your Glock trust me. It-" Henry started.
"I know it fires 15 rounds, semi-automatic and fires 9x19mm rounds. I did study," I was almost rude. But Henry didn't pick out my edge. "So, who else is there? Are there any more Sappers?"

"Nope, allways one. We have 100 men, including me, you and Corporal Sanders. We have 50 Special Infantry, that's what I am, 25 Snipermen, 20 Commandoes, 3 Comsmen, 1 Medic and you, as the Sapper. The leader of the Specials is of course Corporal Sanders, Snipers are lead by Captain Aston, and the Commandoes Captain is called Harris. The Comsmen are Lennox, Christopher and Aston. They divide themselves up between the three groups. Lawrence is the Medic, he just runs around helping whoever needs him. You, Natan, will follow who needs you. That is you'r job," Henry finished his explination. I noticed several people looking at me. On my right, Lawrence had placed his equiptment and was checking his gun.

"Should I intoduce myself? I mean, I have tried conversation before, but you know, clones don't have emotions. Well, not right ones, anyway," I asked.
"Yeah. I'm sure they will like to know you," Henry gave me a reasuring look. I went over to Lawrence.
"Hey, I'm 12 A...sorry, I'm Natan. I am the new Sapper," My ER went through the roof.
"You'r a clone? Oh, Emotional Regurgitation. Hi, I'm Lawrence, the Squad Medic," Lawrence stuck out his hand. I grasped his and shook it. He could see my pleased face. "I guess you've never had a friend before?"
"No. I guess Henry is my friend. Right?" Henry nodded. This time I am glad for my ER. I love happiness.
"Well, now you have two. See you in the battle," I laughed. I went back to my bed and lay down. This was softer than my bed in my tent. I was just relaxed when Corporal Sanders ran through the door.
"SCRAMBLE! The Sresmiki have launched a counter-attack. They have stormed throught our first line. Come on. SCRAMBLE!"
I grabbed my gun and followed Lawrence.
"Looks like we'll see each other sooner then," His remark made me chuckle. But then I got nervous. I din't want to loose my two new and only friends just like that. We all trickled throught the door. Into, again, hell.
Once we are out of HQ, we rush to the Left flank. Bullets are flying, it's raining with them. Explosions from the Fort's small artilery. I run into the third-line trentch and aim my gun. I see Sresmiki beating and shooting our clones. I open fire on a group of them. They fall, all of them. I have fired all of my shots and I reach for my spare clips. One of them has noticed me. I have hold of my clip, but then I realise that it is for my Glock. Panick stikes me. The clone runs towards me, obviously he has ran out of ammo to.
"Henry! Help!" It was the only thing I could think. He falls. The side of the clone's head has been blown off. I turn to see Lawrence. "Thanks,"
"Well, let's push these test tube bastards back to that damb fort. Oh, sorry," He remembers that I am a clone. "I, forgot. Just shoot them," He gives me some more clips. I re-load and pop-up above the thrench. The clones are now only 1 hundred strong. I open fire, again, ripping them apart. About 10 fall. They all begin to turn when an explosion hits them diretcly in the middle of their group. Something goes flying into my shoulder. I cry out with pain. Then some limbs hit me square in the face and I pass out.

© Copyright 2020 Veryan Scott. All rights reserved.

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