Future Disbelief

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aly Hunter is in love.
There's no other way about it. She lives in one of twenty Instanebulas, in her region. Her parents died when she was younger, all she has now for family is her aunt.
But then there's Damian.
Damien was her best friend when she was little, he used to help her through the bad times and the good times.
And now, she's in love with him.
Her world is falling apart though. Her community has rebelled against The Seigneur- Master of the Region. It's split into two- for and against the uprising.
Aly is taken in as a Younger, someone who will be trained until they are brought forth to fight against the opposing side.
Which, unfortunately, is Damian's side.
How will they stay together?
And what will the future bring?
*A/N: This story will be told from Damian's and Aly's point of view, it will change each chapter.*

Table of Contents

Future Disbelief- Chapter 1

Aly Hunter has been running from her future all her life. She was born into the Instanebula, a place where layabouts and unemployed low-life's visit to find their own kind and reproduce.
She knows her community of by heart, the hard labour, the endless hours. She was born into it all.
Except, that normal routine has been changed. There's word of an uprising.
A rebellion.
Fights break out across the region, her once peaceful community now split into two armies miles across. One for the uprising, one against.
River is trained as a Younger, someone who will be recruited at the age of seventeen.
River has one year left.
Her only way out, is to run. Read Chapter

Future Disbelief- Chapter 2

DAMIAN "Damian?" My mother's voice rang out across the hallways, echoing and bouncing all the way to me, standing in the Carpente... Read Chapter

Future Disbelief- Chapter 3

Aly I'm not going to say that it didn't hurt when Damian told me her forgot; it did, but I knew it didn't mean a lot, so I decided to... Read Chapter