Monstering Triumph

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So, The first word that poped into my head was junglegym. When I was younger I loved them. but, to this day havenever fully crossed one. I think I need a healthy dose of determination.
Also, My spelling errors and grammar errors I try to fix, but I miss easily. My apologies in advance.

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



If you just stand there staring at the metal monster, while the sun blazes into your back, what's the use? Do you just want to boast, or do you truely want to master the untaimed beast of brutal pain? I was told by a fellow student that he couldn't write for a whole weak.

"That might be a very alluring idea", I said in a dimmed voice.

"Come on girl, get on it already!", I could hear her chortling behind me.

Still staring at the monster, I let the person behind me go first. Do I really seem like the usual masochistic teenager? Afriad not. The vertical torture devices must feel like acid being poured onto her hands that look like they would fall off after the first three bars. Am I a coward for wanting to keep my hands in full length health? No, I shouldn't be at least.

I will go next. I will!

Although I keep repeating that, the little voice in my conscience is saying otherwise. I can hear it screaming at me for wanting to hurt my perfect skinned hands. Screaming at top volume to run away from this contraption, before I do something foolish.

"It Is not foolish!", I yell.

Looking around at all the wide eyes, I blush like my face was mutilated over by clowns. I should really watch myself in public. My little ranting voices in my head tend to get me in trouble way too much. Five detentions later, after making rude comments about Mr. Thomson's huge beak of a nose, and I still slip up.

"Mackie, if you don't go, right now, I'm going to stop giving you my math homework to copy", Kerstyn said tersely.

I jumped higher than a kite could go. I sighed, and heaved my self up the first two steps. I looked behind me at all the shocked faces. I usually don't make it past the first step. I smirked defiantly.

I took a deep breathe, and let it whoosh out. Just go to the third step and put you pinky on the first bar. If it burns into crispy flakes, just say I told you so. I took the next step and heard gasps. I think I even heard a teacher approaching. Am I this entertaining?

The answer was yes, yes I was.

I put my whole darn hand on the flaming hot bar. I didn't burn to cinders! i didn't turn into ashes! Even though I knew that wouldn't happen, I was still excited to say it in my head. Or so I thought.

"Mackenzie, you can't burn to cinders from a junglegym. Now just go to the next bar. If you fall I'll catch you", Holy crow, it was Mr. Thomson! He sounded reproachful.

So, I went for it.

Sweaty hands really don't go with more sweat that was put there before you. Slipping off felt like a horrible hurricane crashing a window open. I could hear the glass shattering aimlessly in my mind. For a few moments, though it felt like hours, I was suspended in a black void. What did I do wrong to deserve to not be able to do this feeble little task? Why didn't I wipe my hands on my jeans before I got on here? I know I was sweating like I was in the middle of a furnace before I even was four feet from the beast.

Then time came sweeping back into motion.

I couldn't help from having the disappointment show on my face. I failed my goal. i failed myself.

No, i am not having that. Huffing I turned around and cut everyone off, trying again. Yet, to only fall again. And ever after scraping my knees, and have pebbles inbedded into my hands, I kept trying.

I am not going to give up, and I never will. Until I make it all the way across, everyone can kiss there monkey bar crossing days goodbye.

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