The Sweetness of Death

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Sometimes we become desperate and we thought that dying is the only way to escape problems. This is all about the hopeless person who thought that her life was a total mess..

Submitted: March 10, 2010

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Submitted: March 10, 2010



There you go, and I must follow..

It is satisfying letting those memories fade

Than living in it without you!

Its better leaving them behind the mounds of ashes.

I'll bargain my life for a piece of happiness..

It's odd, it's depressing, yet  it's true!

Besides, what my worth will be

If my 'life' was taken away from me?

The fate dictates the tragic end..

Let it be, I don't have any offense..

The end is near to come

T o finally relax the weary mind!!

As the rose petals started to fall,

I must close my eyes, let the tears flow..

As it's sweetness continue to linger,

Let my soul drown in total darkness..

Finally, it's time! Goodbye, I have to go..

Let the mystifying sparkle of the moon above,

And the cold whisper of the violent wind,

Serves as the witness of agonies and pains.

And then tomorrow, another day as fair,

The brilliant rays of the sun shall witness

The sound s of the helpless breathing

Of the blood struck, cold figure lying!

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