Harish Shetty

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This is the story of a renowned hotelier who believes that a healthy lifestyle is everyone's right.
Read about Mr. Harish Shetty, who relentlessly works towards making the world a better place.

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



 Harish Shetty had a simple upbringing and life had always been simple. His parents, like every other, were strict, still they were the ones who taught him a lot of values in life. They believed that hard work was the only key to success and this value was bestowed upon him too. Parents always give to their families, without any sort of expectations. Harish Shetty was also taught about sharing, that too without any objection. This value had a deep and everlasting impact on him and led to his journey to become a better human being. He was fortunate to have a childhood where parents thought him everything. His father was an hotelier and thus his relation with food goes a long way back, he would still remember his school vacations, when kids his age would play around he used to visit hotels and peel potatoes, Yes potatoes, this may sound weird due to the fact that his father owned the hotel.

Many would think that Harish would inherit the hotel and sit at the cash counter when he grows up, but in fact the cash counter was the last place he achieved in his carrier, also he was aware that his father would not entrust the responsibility on him if he was not worth it. Kitchen was the first place he worked at. Doing the chores would delight him as he loved food and had the hunger to learn. He cultivated a habit to work hard right from his childhood days.

He was never really good at studies, contrary to the expectation of his parents, he was more interested in food, right from the beginning he knew what he wanted to be and harish always pushed himself to get the work done because he believed the only person who can help you is YOU!!!

In his journey till now, he had never said a NO to anyone asking for help. He would always seek for opportunities in adversities. He would ask to himself if there is a problem, then “is it now” and if not now then why think about it and waste time, rather you can do something productive and help yourself. Harish always believed that it’s not about whether you win or lose, According to him, a situation where everyone can reap the fruits of success, is a winning situation. The competition should not be with others, it should be with one’s self and once you master this you will only achieve great things in life. He even helped his competitors when they needed it.

Harish Shetty once had a conversation with his father as he would advise him never to fire a staff. He said “Out of 300 staff members 90% will be doing their job in all honesty and they are the ones who will help the business to prosper. But the remaining 10% who are the misfits and do not work hard are the real problem, and if you cannot handle 10% to get back on track or show them the correct way, then you do not deserve to be a boss. Just discarding someone from their duties is not the end of the problem because for you only one person is connected, however that one person has the responsibility of many others and we cannot give his punishment to them, what we can do is just set them on the right course and eventually things will get better.” Harish Shetty still follows this teaching.

There are ups and down in everyone’s life and they were also a part of mine. No one has a fairytale life, whatever happened has only molded Harish Shetty in being the person he is today. I too believe, only taking the right decisions in life will make you successful.

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