The Night Sky

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Ideas as I stare into the midnight sky.

Submitted: May 28, 2015

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Submitted: May 28, 2015



I found myself just beyond the midnight skylines I have so often awed at. 


Beneath this same grid of sky have I stood many times in my life. Looking upon it now acts as a reservoir of memories. The times I've sat and stared at this sky asking for answers. The times I felt such joy that that I smiled at the moon till it retired and the sun arose. Even the times I felt lost and tried to stare into the tapestry of space and time itself. 

Many times I have felt myself on the cusp of understanding life and all its complexities only to have my brain skip and halt. How small our brains must be! It's as if heaven itself shut its doors inches before my face. 

But alas, I welcome these feelings of being small fore I know it is my place in the many gears that make up this world. My self engulfing problems are just that: of my self. I am small. Not because I matter little, but because I am alive like you and together we are alive. We are one. We are life.





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