Greek Lore: The Liar's Truth

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These are stories dealing with the infamous Greek Gods and Goddesses. Here is a small sample of the one.

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



Zeus sighed deeply. This was getting tedious and He was getting bored. He glanced at his wife, Hera, sitting to the left of him. Her face was stoic and serious as she listened intently to Hermes account on the incident in the Upper Courts. He sighed again...and He was suppose to be the God of Law and Order. He shook his head and focused intently on Hermes tale.

Hermes was a youthful fellow with short golden locks and a cap with small golden wings. His speech was eloquent and rich, like thick honey but Zeus knew that the God of Trickery and Cunning Wiles was not to be fully trusted.

\"Milord,\" said Hermes. \"I swear on all that is Holy, Hades has attempted to cause me harm!\" \"He unleashed a deadly creature upon me of which I barely escaped!\"

\"And what manner of creature was this?\" asked Hera

I believe it to be the Colchian Dragon, M' Lady...\" answered Hermes

Zeus scoffed, \"Preposterous!\" \"Do you understand what you're saying?\" asked Zeus \"The Colchian Dragon has never slept, rested or lowered it's vigilance over the Golden Fleece in over three thousand years! \"You're saying it left one of the most valuable Sacred Treasures to pursue you?

Hermes stammered \"I-I know how it sounds, but I swear my on my Godhood, that's what happened!\"

Hera's voice was calm \"And WHY should we believe you?\" She asked.\" A God whose tongue is known to be as forked as a serpent's?\"

\"But this time I deceive you not!\" pleaded Hermes.

\"Quiet!\" Zeus's voice thundered, shaking the heavens slightly. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the Underworld.

A deep, raspy voice reverberated in His mind, grating on his consciousness. \"Yes Brother?\"

\"Hades, I require your presence. Come to me\" said Zeus

No sooner had the words left his tongue a thick smog began to appear in the Royal Hall and the smell of sulfur wafted through stale air. A tall muscular man step from the mist with the regality of a king.

Hades, The God of Death, stood before Zeus in long black robes, his mighty Helm of Darkness tucked under his arm. He had an immensely pale complexion and cold red eyes that added a certain perplexity to his impossibly handsome and regal face. As an Elder God hes stood taller than most with the exception of Zeus.

He bowed slightly before Zeus \"You called Brother?\" he rasped



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