Our Night Tonight

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The person of your dreams is in your arms and you two are alone, in love and ready for fun...so what would you do?

Warning Sexual Content

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



Sitting arm in arm in her grandparent’s living room, the two lovers watch a movie. Her grandparents are leaving for a bit and they do not expect to be back for a few hours. They trust the two to behave and not to do too much in their absence. The lovers continued to watch the movie until about fifteen minutes had passed.

Slowly he looks to the beautiful girl beside him as he embraces her, softly kissing her. She gets up and begins to walk back to the hall toward the bathroom where she begins running the shower.

Curious, he leans back and peers down the hall and sees her standing in the doorway pointing her finger at him, motioning for him to follow. Slowly he rose from where he was sitting and made his way toward the bathroom. Once he got to the doorway he saw the pile of clothing sitting on the floor, so he strips down to join her in the shower…but when he turns he finds that she is not in the shower. Suddenly a pair of soft, delicate hands slide over his eyes. He tries to turn and uncover his eyes but she asks him not to look…at least not yet. He allows her to keep his eyes covered.

While his eyes were closed, she let her eyes wander over his body; thinking to herself how much of him she will take and how she will pleasure him back. As she leans in closer to him, she kisses him lightly in a teasing way. She lets her hands slide down to his chest as she looks into his bright blue eyes seeing the love that he holds for her.

He slowly looks over her slender body and is in awe of how perfect she is to him; he wants to take her but not just yet. He knows he has to make her comfortable and do it in the just the right way. Lightly, he pulls her closer and starts to kiss her deeply and passionately, slipping his tongue through her lips with every opportunity. She begins to melt into his kiss and how they are in the shower together, both nude and not a care in the world. He keeps kissing her as he feels himself begin to grow against her. She gasps as she can feel him against her lower belly. She pulls away to take a quick glance of his now hard self, he then pulls her chin up to meet her soft hazel eyes and is in wonder at how this one girl changed his life around.

He turns her around and pushes her against the shower wall and starts to kiss every square inch of her lower jaw and neck, down to the top of her beasts. She is trying to grab a hold of the side rail and hang on while he takes her for a ride of her life. Slowly he starts to kiss and suckle on her breast and leaves her gasping for more. Her nails begin to dig into his back and he looks her in her beautiful eyes and tells her that he loves her. His hand starts to trace her body; every inch of her perfect naked body, but as his hand begins to move up her inner thigh she wraps her hand around his and tells him, “Wait, not just yet.”

With a look of confusion on his face, he watches her go to the other end of the bath and turns off the shower. Getting out of the shower she turns to him and asks “Are you coming or not?” in a teasing way.

As he gets out of the shower, he realizes that she has gone into one of the bedrooms and is waiting for him. He goes into the guest bedroom and sees her towel lying on the floor, but yet again, she is nowhere in sight. Yet as before her hands again wrap themselves around him except this time her arms are around his waist. He turns around and kisses her, just giving her a taste of what is still to come. She then pushes him back onto the bed and climbs above him. He wants her so badly he can taste the pleasure in the air.

As he lies in the bed with her above him, kissing his chest, he began to sit up; positioning himself along her side. He starts to caress her round, soft breast; she begins to moan softly. As he continues to massage her body he once again begins to kiss her. His kisses slowly moving down her neck with only short, soft kisses.

As she lays there in the bed, her hands rubbing his strong lean body; slowly making their way down his stomach. He could feel her soft hands on him and it was killing him that she was teasing him so. Slowly she continued to move her hand down his body getting closer and closer to his erect member. Softly wrapping her hand around him, she began to stroke him. All he could do was kiss her; kiss her deep and hard. He could feel this pleasure and he didn’t want her to feel left out. Slowly, he inched his hand up her inner thigh. He heard her breathing increase as his hand got closer to her sex. Softly he began to stroke her clit; sending waves of pleasure through her body, she began to moan again, asking him “Please, stop teasing.” as a shudder forced its way through her body.

He continued to stroke her clit as she continues to stroke him. Again she asked him to quit teasing her, at that very second he slowly pushed one of his fingers into her sex. From the shock she forgot all about her hand and just laid back, enjoying this new sensation. Slowly he continued to push his finger into her, kissing her so to keep the noise down.

As an orgasm tore through her body, she screamed out his name. Kissing her deeply, he removed his hand from between her legs. Slowly he lifted himself up until he was over her. With is hands beside her head, he kissed her once more, “Are you ready?” he softly asks her.

“Yes!” she eagerly responds between breaths.

“Okay.” He replies, as he lowers himself onto her.

There was a slight pain as he entered her, but she knew that that soon it would pass. He continued to keep a slow pace because he knew that if he did not, he could hurt her and that was the last thing he wanted to do. After she got used to the pain, she began to feel the pleasure and it overwhelmed her; sending wave upon wave of pleasure through her body. She was now not only moaning, but yelling. Breathing was rapid as she screamed as another overpowering orgasm stormed through her body.

Wanting to have her way, she rolled herself over top of him and began kissing him. As he sat on the bed with her straddling him, he continued kissing her neck; again slowly working his way down to her breasts. Slowly he moved his lips over her breasts, kissing them softly; as he took on nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue over her nipple causing her to scream; tightening around him as she came. What she did not notice was when she last came, so did he.

As they lie there in the bed holding each other, she looks over at the clock on the dresser. It was almost 9:30pm. She knew her grandparents would not be home for another hour or so. So she got up and left the room. As he sat up, confused, in the bed he heard the shower start again. Then she showed up in the doorway.

She was looking at him and said, “We better wash up before they get home, or else they will think we did something we should not have been doing.” with a smile on her face.

So he got up and walked over to her. He told her, “No, us? We would never do such a thing.” As he slowly and gently lifted her up and kissed her, then carried her to the shower; they washed each other eagerly and got dressed. At 10:15 they went back to her room and laid down.

When her grandparents got home at 11, they found the two of them sound asleep. She was being held close in his arms, protected from any harm; and even in his sleep he said, “I love you and I always will.”


The sunshine of the next day awakens her; she tried to get up but feels his arms around her waist. She looks over at him and lays a kiss on his lips, not waking him, and moves his hands from her and she got up to see if her grandparents were awake. When she got to the kitchen, she noticed a note on the table,

“We are out for breakfast and antiques shopping. Feed yourselves and behave…we will be home at noon with lunch, love yous.”

She was shocked that they left again. The clock on the microwave read 6 in the morning. Six hours alone with him; when she turned around she saw him standing sleepily at the doorway. He gives her a puzzling look, she then shows him the note, and he understands.

“Are you okay…from last night?” he asked

“Of course I’m okay, it’s just a slight ache…which won’t take much from you to take away.” she said

He looks back at her and smiles. The thoughts of last night were running through his head, she leans up against his chest and holds him in her arms. He embraces her and kisses her lightly. She smiles at him and kisses him again, this time deeper and passionately. His hands begin to roam her body and start to massage her breasts. She moans against him and lets her hands fall down his chest, over his stomach; she lets her fingers trace the line of his abs and go down to the band of his boxers. He pushes her away, just lightly to look into her eyes.

She then lets her hands fall down his boxers and wraps her hand around him and begins to stroke him. He gasps as she grabs him and starts to move her hand upon him. He pulls her against him and starts to kiss her harder than before, letting his tongue slip through into her mouth, massaging her tongue with his. He starts to move his hands up and down her body. She then lets go of his now hard self and locked her arms around his neck; he picks her up and carries her to the kitchen table.

She feels the cool table against her legs and eagerly pulls his body towards hers and kisses him deeper, her hands roaming over every inch of his chest and abs. She locks her fingers in the band of his shorts and pulls him even closer. He finally pushes her down onto the table and gets above her, looking deep into her hazel eyes. Her hands cup the side of his face and pull his head down to hers and kiss his forehead. He kisses her on the lips, passionately adding tongue with the greatest of ease. His mouth starts to trail down to her neck; he gently leaves bites down her neck and goes to kiss her breast. She arches her back and moans as she can feel his mouth near her breast.

He then removes her top and leaves the lightest kisses upon them. He hears her breathing hitch as he takes one nipple into his mouth, making her moan and squirm under him. He flicks his tongue over her nipple and lightly bites down, making her gasp and arch. He repeats the same routine on the other breast; this time she whined his name and her hand shot down to grab him. She moves her hand, stroking him and hears his breathing increase. She continues to tease him ever so while he teases her.

He removes her hand and gets up, letting his hand travel down her stomach and to her shorts. He locks his fingers around the band and pulls them down, ever so slowly taking in the sight of her now naked body. He then lets his boxers drop to the floor and gets back up above her. He lets his fingers trail up her legs, while she began to work on him again. He then starts to flick his finger over her clit which tightens her grip upon him. Then he pushes a finger into her awaiting self, giving her another taste of last night.

She lets go of him and wraps her arms around his neck and begs for more.

He then gets off the table and picks her up and carries her to the bedroom, he lays her upon the bed and repeats his teasing ways. She squirms and arches against him and bucks her hips toward him, trying to get more of him than he is giving her. He removes his hand but still won’t give her what she wants; he wants her to beg hard enough for it.

“Faire ne taquin; plaire arrêter taquin.’’ she moaned against him.

 “Nglisheay, weetsay earthay.’’ he teased her.

 “For God’s sake…please stop teasing!’’ she yelled at him.

‘’If you say so…’’ he said as he plunged deep into her.

A scream tore through her throat and her body arch and bucked against his.  He moved in and out in such a slow way that it was driving her and himself mad with the need. He started to go a bit faster and she locked her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips. She followed the rhythm that he began with her hips but decided to torment him like he did to her. She started to move her hips in a circular motion against him while he pumped into her. He moaned against her shoulder and bit her for the new tease she came up with.

“You are not fair, babe.” he told her as he still went on.

“I do the same as you, so if you tease….then so will I” she told him moving her hips again.

He smiled at her and kissed her, but slowed his pass down to torment her even more. She noticed his new game and started to get agitated with him. He kept at his new pace to see how long it was before she would ask for more.

She moaned against him and moved her hips again, but this time to get more of him. He knew that the tension was killing her and his urges were getting to him too, he finally gave her a little more of him.

“Harder.” She moaned.

“What?” he asked in his usual teasing way

“Harder.” She said a bit louder than before…feeling an orgasm coming.

“Hmm…?” he said against her shoulder, giving her a slight more.

“Harder.” She said louder and bucked her hip against him.

She felt himself go deeper in and screamed his name as an orgasm hit her and him.

“As you wish.” He said to her and began to go faster and harder into her.

His thrusts were almost too much for her to handle but she held on for all it was worth; every thrust sent a new wave of pleasure and a powerful orgasm after a set of them. He could feel her getting tighter around him and could feel himself ready to go. She leaned his head to the side and whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

He then turned his head and looked into her eyes, “I love you too.” He said as their climax was nearing. Her grip on him became tighter and his thrust harder and faster; she screamed out his name as she came, he then laid his head on her chest and began to shudder from his release, she held him there to relax and calm him down. She looked over to the dresser and looked at the clock, it read 8:15. She smiled to herself and was wondering what would happen next.

He pushed himself up onto his arms and gazed at her with is bright blue eyes.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Why do you ask when you know I’m okay?” she said to him

“I just like to make sure I didn’t hurt you.” he told her

“Learn one thing little boy, you can never hurt me like you think. I will always love you as much as you love me…and nothing will hurt either of us and nothing could ever tear us apart.” she said to him

She kissed him lightly on the lips and rolled over to make him lay on the bed. She sat on him and looked at him with her hazel eyes and smiled. She sat up with her still on him and wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

“Know this,” she began, “I love you and I always will.”

“Hey…that little phrase is mine.” he said to her.

She smiled at him and kissed him passionately, wishing that they wouldn’t have to part too soon.


After the two lovers were finished their morning “activities” he began to make breakfast. She was busy in the shower and it took everything he had not to just to leave everything sit, to go and jump in with her. Although he knew she probably wished he would do the same. But instead he continued to prepare the eggs and toast. As he was about to sit down to eat, he heard the shower shut off and the curtains open. He knew it would only take her a few minutes to get dressed. He took the opportunity to pull out a “nice” outfit that he had bought her. He laid it on the bed to surprise her.

As he sat down at the table finishing his breakfast, he saw her go across the hall from the bathroom to the bedroom. A few seconds later he hears a slight giggle as she peaked around the corner at him.

“How long have you had this?” she asked him.

“Well lets see, about two to three weeks I guess.” he replied with a smile.

“So that’s why he asked for my measurements.” she thought to herself.

He was sitting on the couch in a pair of sweat pants and a white beater when she came walking out of the room. She was wearing a low cut lacy black and red top that ended four inches from, the top of the skirt which was only six inches long. The lacy top came down between her breasts, which was held together by a small black string, and was tied in a loose bow.

She slowly made her way towards him; taking every opportunity to tease him that she could. She could tell that he put a great deal of thought into this and she knew what he wanted. As he watched her walking towards him, he could feel himself growing. Then, just to add to his torture, she stopped less than three feet away from him, and bent over to pick up the hair tie that she “accidentally” dropped. As he sat there, she felt his eyes as they roamed her body. From her long, sexy legs to her perfect ass, and her beautiful breast.

“God she is beautiful.” That was all he could think of past the thoughts that were playing through his mind. It was only 9’o’clock so they still have almost three hours to see them through.

Slowly he stands up and closes the gap that separates them. She also stands back up and turns around to meet his eyes. She could see the love in them, and she could also see the desire.

He lowered his lips to hers, kissing her deeply. He felt her arms around his neck as she lifted herself towards him. His arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her as he took her to the couch. She sat on the couch with him at her side as he slowly massaged her entire body. His kisses trailing down her neck, as his mouth reached the loose bow between her breasts; he bit down on one of the strings and undid them with his teeth. With the shirt open he began to kiss her.  As his strong body holding her close as he continued to caress her. His hand working its way down her side, as he came to the top of her skirt he paused. Looking down he realized the zipper was in the back, so he placed his hands lower and slowly lifted her skirt.

She was wearing a black and blue lacy thong underneath, but that was simple to work around. He softly caressed her swollen clit; she began to breathe a little harder. He allowed her a little more pleasure, slowly sliding one finger into her.

She gasps as he pushes his finger inside her. He moves his finger in and out in such a slow manner that the temptation was killing her. He sees that he is starting to agitate her so he starts to move his finger in a circular motion; she moaned against his shoulder and bit him for the new tease.

He then removed his hand and started to leave a trail a kisses down to her stomach. He had a plan to please her even more; he was kissing her lower belly, against the band of her skirt. Then his mouth traveled to the back of her thigh and kissed every inch of her leg up to her awaiting self.

She arched her back and realized what he was about to do. She was about to tell him to be gentle but before she could even mutter a word, his mouth was teasing her in a way that she could never have imagined.

He let his tongue roam over her sex and tasted every little bit of her. He pushed his tongue inside her and thrust it just like his finger.

She screamed out his name as an orgasm hit her, harder than any of the others. He then moved his mouth to suck gently on the throbbing nub between her legs. He took the flesh gently and massaged it between his lips and grazed his teeth on it, making her arch her back and scream.

“Cher Dieu! Non davantage, Je désire vous debout ici!” she screamed as he continued to please her.

“What was that?” he said in a teasing was while his mouth was still against her.

She yelped as she felt the vibrations and the warm breath of his mouth against her sex.

“I want you up here I said.” she said trying to catch her breath.

“Why? It’s more fun down here.” he told her, continuing his work.

“Fine then.” she told him and moved herself up toward the other end of the couch and retied the top and got up from the couch and walked down the hall.

He sat there in a daze trying to figure out what just happened.  He got up and went down to the hall and tried to find her, he checked the bathroom, her grandparent’s rooms and finally the guest room. He had no idea were she was, but when he turned around he was shoved onto the bed and she got on top of him and looked at him with a desired look in her eyes.

“Scare ya?” she asked rubbing her hands up and down his chest and began to take off his beater.

“No…you just surprised me.” he replied letting her take off his sweats.

She let her hands roam over his muscular body and took every inch of him into her sights. He moved himself to the top of the bed and let her take her way until he could get her back to the way he had her on the couch. She entangled her hands with his and pushed them up over his head, but he didn’t know what she was about to do next. She started to kiss him deeply adding her tongue to keep him from figuring out what she was doing. He kept kissing her but then felt a cold metallic cuff slide across both of his wrist and lock behind his head.

He breaks the kiss and looks up to see that she had handcuffed him to the bed. He looks at her and tried to see what she is going to do to him.

“Now it’s my turn to play dirty.” she said taking down his boxers.

“What are you planning?” he asks her.

“You’ll see. Not everybody gets a meal…and a show all in one day.” she told him as she began to take off her top in such a slow manner that it was driving him mad.

She started to zipper down her skirt and slowly inch it down her thighs and then slid her thong down and hovered herself above him and barely let her touch the head of him. He moved his hips up toward her but she avoided them.

“Uh, uh, uh…little boys need to learn to wait.” she told him as she began to leave a trail of kisses down to his erect member.

He wanted to get the cuffs off so badly that he started to squirm under her while her mouth traveled down to him.

“Sit still little boy, there is no fun in squirming around.” she told him.

He looks down at her and wants to get loose so bad, but he knew that he wasn’t going to get his way for a little bit.

“What are you going to do?” he didn’t know why he asked her, he knew exactly what she was going to do.

“Oh…you will see. Well, I mean you will feel.” she said as her mouth was hovering over him.

Her silky lips brushed against his head sending a chill of pleasure and excitement up his spine. She had him exactly where she wanted him, under her control, helpless and loving it. She kissed him, light airy kises all along his wanting member.

© Copyright 2018 Vicki Matthews. All rights reserved.

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