5 Rules

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Elizabeth wants to live a normal life, have a boyfriend and live in a beautiful house with enough money. She wants a sweet and gentle boyfriend who will treat her like a princess. But what is he really like?

Submitted: October 04, 2013

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Submitted: October 04, 2013



All my life I've had boyfriend trouble. They just don't seem to like me. I was a chubby child but don't think that's why they didn't like me. I lost a lot of weight anyway. My bra size has decreased but I'm at a good size. I try to get them out more often and show off my legs. That's what men like, don't they?

At work, I never show myself off though. That's the place to earn money, not to get dirty old men looking at me all day while I type on my computer. My job was to answer medical questions for people of all ages and give people advice. I think it's a good job and it helps people a lot.

I've gotten some odd questions in my time such as "my boyfriend whips me every time we have sexual intercourse, I don't enjoy it but he seems to have a lot of fun. Is this normal?" My reply was something like "Tell him what you think, ask him why he enjoys it." I don't know about that stuff. I've never really had a boyfriend let alone whips and sex. Another one was about a woman whose husband has threesomes with other women and he doesn't know whether to join in or leave him.

But about a month ago, one of the men who worked here came over to me.

"Hi, I'm Nathan by the way. You look very beautiful." I was flattered that someone found me beautiful. No one in my life had ever come up to me and called me beautiful. I usually get called an ugly bitch or something.

"How about we go out for dinner one day?" I nearly broke down when he asked me that.

"Yeah, okay, that will be lovely" I replied with a huge smile on my face.

Well that day eventually came. We went out to a posh restaurant and had a 3 course meal. This was everything I wanted in a man. He was incredibly gentle and so kind and caring. I never realised there could ever be the perfect man out there. His emerald green eyes stared into mine all night.

"Wanna come back to mine?" He asked. Oh my goodness. I'd never been invited to a sexy man's house before. 

"Of course" I said quickly. I knew what my answer would have been. I had put my best clothes on. A sexy red V neck dress with black net tights and killer heals. I also wore my best underwear. Just incase...

When we got to hi we sat down with a wine and watched the telly. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was staring at me. His hand suddenly touched my leg. I had a funny feeling in my body; like a sexual connection between us. His large, soft had slid up my thigh and he tugged at my netted tights. I closed my eyes, breathed in and looked at him.

"Do you wanna do this?" He politely asked.

"Yes." I replied straight away. I kissed him, gently nibbling his lip.

"there are five rules that you must obey or you will get whipped!" Nathan shouted.

"One: Do not move until I tell you

Two; Do not moan until I tell you

Three; Do not Touch me until I tell you

Four; enjoy this because you're in for a good night

Five; do every thing I tell you to do. Understand?"

"Yeah" I said shocked.

"I said do you fucking understand, you slut? Say my name or you will get whipped."

"Yes Nathan, yes" I replied. I didn't like being shouted at or told orders but I was enjoying this. The sexual feeling stayed in my body. I was ready.

"Take your clothes of. Leave your underwear on though." He ordered.

I zipped down the silk red dress and let it drop to the floor. I then pulled down the netted tights as he examined my body. I hoped he liked what he saw. He walked behind me and grabbed my backside. A shock went through my body and I moaned.

I felt a huge WHACK on my arse.

"DON'T MOAN!" He shouted.

I felt him touching my bra as he twisted it. My breasts fell out and he through the bra on the couch. Nathan's soft hand we exploring my virgin body and he stroked my hips suddenly pinching my thong. Was he gonna pull my thong down? I thought. But then his finger trailed over my sex. It felt like heaven. He put his index finger through my vagina and circled. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment in silence.

He suddenly pulled down my thong and I stepped out of it. Nathan turned to look at the front of me. My hair draped over my nipples.

"Bend down" Nathan commanded.

I bent down onto my knees as he came towards me, taking off his trousers and pants. His huge erection sprung out and he whacked me in the face with it. It felt good. It looked good. He put it by my lips. I knew what to do from here.

My tongue licked the tip of his penis in circles like he did to me and then I sucked it, nearly swallowing it. He came in my mouth and moaned loudly which made me want to touch myself. His juice was all around my mouth as I licked it all up and wiped off the excess with my hand. I touched his large penis.

I got up and he looked me in the eyes with a smile. He took me upstairs.

"Get on the bed" he demanded. I did it spreading myself so he could see my backside.

"Mmmm" he said with pleasure."You may moan and you may touch. You may do what you like." He said.

He got ont he bed and bit my him and sucking my shoulder blade then nibbling on my neck.

"mmm, that's good" I said. He flipped me over and put his penis into me.

"Ahhh" I screamed. It felt so good. It was better then anything. I touched myself and then my breast.

"Mmm, please, go faster, I beg you. Be harder on me" I pleaded. He did exactly that.

"UHHHH, AHH, Ohhh" I breathed heavily as he came inside me. I felt like a different woman. I felt sexier.

"Stand by the wall" he asked me.

He pushed himelf into my backside as I smashed hard against the wall squashing my breasts.

"Call my name, Elizabeth. Call it!"

"NATHAN!" I shouted as he smashed into me. "NATHAN YOU BIG BOY UHHH."

"FUCK ME HARDER " I called as he destroyed every part of my first-time body.

I felt like I'd moved on that day. I'd become a proper woman with a vagina which had a use.

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