My Humurous Dream

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Its just a week ago dream, I saw and my sister was out of breath........hahahaha

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



I take nap in my sister's room as she is my bestfriend more than elder sister. We use talk late at night and mostly we talk about horror thing and paranormals. So, that night we did the same and I slept after that .......

It was about 3 at night, I saw a dream that me and my cousin are at the some loomy resturant. And he's doing all the stupid stuff that he never did like singing stupid, funny and meaningless song and dancing on that and I was laughing. Then I noticed three men, having meal (lunch or dinner don't remember), were seeing us I ignore them. After meal one man came to us, (couisn of mine was lying on a table a snooker table may be that time), he wanted to put his hand on my cousin's face, I, in a blink, pour a spoon of curd on his hand. This was so stupid, but I laughed loudly in dream then in real. My sister was, chatting and was talking about ghosts and paranormals, afraid and slapped me and was like "Are you kidding me?", "Trying to scared me?", "You want my heart on my mouth?", "Next time I'll sleep with room door so that I can run from home very easily." and bla bla...... And I was like nooo, thats not it. Then I laughed and laughed at her nonsense, at my nonesense laugh and stupid dream for whole day and told my friends that these things also happend wimme and my stupid sister as well ;)

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