Ambassadors by the Sea

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"This day be bread and peace my lot; all else beneath the sun" Alexander Pope

Eiopa Dynamic sat at the café counter drinking some kind of strange brew, "You really need to do better than that–I mean–think about it. I came all the way here–to this little hole in the wall of a town to get a story–I’m not leaving without one."

Borghin was a strong man–one of the locals–he needed money, "Okay–but you have to understand–the people in this town are like one big extended family–I mean–hell–they all know each other’s business! And if that isn’t enough–they are all into each other’s business. You–well–you stick out like a sore thumb..."

Eiopa laughed under her breath, "I am a sore thumb–now tell me what’s going on here?"

Borghin looked about–as if to see if anyone was noticing that he was talking to her–a reporter, "Something has happened here..."

Eiopa said, "Okay–what has happened here?"

Borghin replied, "I can’t put my finger on it–but it is big and it seems to be affecting all the people in my town. Things are different–I mean–they don’t look different on the surface–but I can tell."

Eiopa looked over her shoulder a few times–yeah–there was a seemingly odd feeling in the café, "Okay–I’ll grant you that your fellow town’s people seem a little off–but hey–you seem a little off–I mean–how do I know that this isn’t the way that you folks are? Just weird?"

Borghin countered, "In this town–some big-shot reporter for some tabloid–who writes about all sorts of sleazy things–you seem a bit off to me."

Okay–she had that one coming–Eiopa said, "Are we in any type of danger? I mean–are there locals that might not want me here to the point of killing me or you?"

Borghin studied her face for a moment, "I once went to see this big-shot attorney–you know–to see about getting a divorce from Darleen–she’s now my ex-wife..."

Eiopa interjected, "Because you are now divorced..."

Borghin answered, "Something like that."

Eiopa questioned, "Oh really–so the two of you are still married?"

Borghin became kind of moody–more so than he already was, "Are you sure that if I tell you my story–that your paper will pay me some money–I mean–real money–enough for me to get the hell out of Fofhe?"

Eiopa pulled out a wrinkled contract, "Here it is–you sign there–keep the bottom copy for yourself. Only do it if the money amount in the contract is enough for you–because once you sign–that’s it–you won’t get a point more."

Borghin seemed to be reading the contract carefully, "Okay–I’ll sign," and he did so.

Eiopa frowned, "You’re not as dumb as you appear..."

Borghin was not offended, "Dumb is how one survives in this town–you don’t get rewarded for being too smart."

Eiopa said, "So–what’s the story?"

Borghin whispered, "Darleen died six months ago in a car accident–that’s her over there!"

Vsews Badkid was the town’s local rich man–he owned most of the stores–and the newspaper–shops, "So–you are some kinda big-shot reporter–come all the way down here–to report on a story?"

Eiopa was visibly uncomfortable, "Your town is–well–interesting to say the lease."

Vsews grinned, "You think so–because I’ve been trying to get the state government to fund us more money for development–but can’t seem to get anybody’s attention."

Eiopa said, "What have you been using for bait?"

Vsews said, "Why–me of course..."

Eiopa answered, "Then there you go–that is your problem. You have to use something that the fish want..."

Vsews uttered, "Fish–I’m the fisherman!"

Eiopa answered, "Then I suggest that you are the fish and that the state government has simply thrown you back into the pond."

Tension grew heavy–a woman–looked like a secretary was in the room with them, "I’m sure you are aware–being a reporter from the big city–that small towns like ours–usually get ignored when it come time for appropriations."

Eiopa spoke, "What you are saying is true–but–it also helps to have an honest–elected local government–so that the powers that be don’t become nervous when they look your way."

Vsews took in a deep breath, "Are you saying that your story is on the local governing establishment–are you looking into corruption in the fair sea town of Fofhe?"

Eiopa studied them both, "You are the mayor of this little town–what do you think of the people?"

The secretary fielded the question, "We are a quiet little down–there was once a time when the fishing was great–the town thrived–but things changed–partly out of regulation and partly out of environmental changes."

Vsews motioned to the secretary–then turned his attention to Eiopa, "Your paper–best I can tell–it is a tabloid..."

Eiopa nodded, "Some might call it that–others might call it an independent presence in a sea of corrupt and controlled news organizations–who do more to undercut and please the powers that be–oh–ever so much in a sneaky–pretend kind of way. Trying the make the people think that they are reporting objectively–when in fact–all their editors get their pulses checked each day by the covert news monitoring secret service."

Vsews frowned, "You are working for a tabloid though..."

Eiopa smiled, "I write the story as it presents itself. If there is something sensational–or if the truth gets muddied up with so called facts–did anyone ever tell you what a fact is?"

The secretary interjected, "The facts are the truth."

Both of them looked at the secretary–Eiopa said, "The facts are nothing more than manipulated lies–seasoned with a sprinkle of truth–just enough to get you to believe the fact being put forth."

The secretary said, "That’s not true..."

Eiopa continued, "The greatest fact was one told by the devil to Eve–oh you won’t surely die. Well–no–not that instant–but my God–the entire human race was doomed to something that could have been avoided."

Vsews voiced, "Well–I hope you manage to find something good to write about..."

The heat was up and it had been a long hot night–Eiopa and Borghin had been in a small pub drinking ale for most of the night. One thing led to another and they both found themselves in a motel room–the passions rising and the emotions flowing–unchecked. They made love that night and in the morning–when Borghin woke up–she was alone.

The ships seemed to be set in a kind of surreal pose as Eiopa gazed onto the sea–white sails moved ever so slowly across the calm ocean’s plane of view. A man approached her and sat next to her.

Malchok said, "This is my favorite spot. I come here often and just watch the sails of the boats out in the distance. There is something soothing about it all."

Eiopa studied the elderly man then said, "I decided to come here because I have a hangover and I wanted to get away from some guy I slept with last night."

Malchok grinned wisely, "Some nights are best forgotten–if one can..."

Eiopa cut in, "You are so right about that–I’m going to have to remember that from now on. Just in case I find myself in bed with a stranger again–drunk and not executing better judgment."

Malchok voiced after awhile, "You are the reporter that the town is all abuzz about. Going to write a big story about our little sleepy seafront town?"

Eiopa nodded, "That’s me–guilty as charged–I guess. The problem is–the people I want to talk to–don’t really want to talk to me. And there is something weird going on in this town–but I either don’t believe it–therefore I won’t write about it–or I will write about it and your town won’t be sleepy anymore. You’ll have all sorts of crazy people wandering in..."

Malchok uttered, "Ah–therein lies your dilemma–you are torn by wanting to write the truth–but the sensationalism of the lies are more interesting–thus is your conundrum."

Eiopa kind of laughed, "Well–to be honest with you–I do work for a tabloid–we write pretty much crap anyway–hey–but it sells copies–virtual papers–beamed to countless subscriber’s data-pads."

Malchok nodded, "It must be liberating..."

Eiopa said, "What?"

Malchok continued, "To be able to mix a little fact and fiction into a story that narrowly passes as a news story. What have you learned about this little sea town?"

Eiopa took a deep breath, "Well? A few people seem to think that they are seeing the dead walking–that is the most interesting little bit of fact that I’ve picked up–but when I try to interview these–er–resurrected individuals–they just seem to vanish."

Malchok raised an eyebrow, "Oh my–well that would be a problem–any theory on what might be causing all of this?"

Eiopa answered, "You know–I could go out and dig up a few good theories–but to be honest–I’m on a deadline–and I’ve all but come up with zip. So–I’m probably going to make up a bunch of stuff–sprinkle a dash of truth here and there–and call it a story."

Malchok smiled mysteriously, "And there you have it..."

Eiopa said, "What? I have what?"

Malchok answered, "Why–your story of course–you are going to write about the truth as you see it. People vanishing and coming back to life–in some little seaside town–that happens to serve up a damn good clam chowder."

Eiopa said, "You know–you are right–the clam chowder is great here!"

The way seemed mysterious–fog and a strange charge of static electricity filled the air–Eiopa had been asked by Malchok to interview a local boy–they sat on the porch of his grandmother’s house.

Eiopa said, "So–maybe you can give me your spin on what’s been happening in Fofhe–this little sleepy port town–that seems to have something else going on?"

Kwood didn’t say anything right away–as if thinking on the question put forth–then, "You don’t believe..."

Eiopa smiled, "Believe what–what do you mean–I have to know what it is that I’m suppose to be writing about–I really don’t think it matters if I believe or not–reporting is suppose to be objective."

Kwood said, "But that hasn’t been the case in quite some time–has it?"

Eiopa studied the child for a moment, "You know–for such a young snot–you really do have a handle on the world."

Kwood smiled, "The world is irrelevant–what matters are the things that pertain to the inner man and woman–the soul..."

Eiopa said, "I can’t believe in what I can’t see..."

Kwood cut in, "Can you see the air?"

Eiopa finally shook her head, "No–but that is different..."

Kwood asked, "How so?"

Eiopa answered, "Because we breath the air–we can see the trees moving with the breeze–we can feel the coolness of the air as it passes over our skin."

Kwood answered, "And so is the soul. Have you ever seen the body of someone who has died?"

Eiopa nodded, "All too often..."

Kwood said, "And when the person is alive–we can see the person smile and speak and ambulate throughout the world. Are these signs of the soul just like the signs of the air? Of course they are–for though we can not see a thing–does not invalidate it–in fact–those things unseen are often more powerful than those things seen."

Eiopa said, "Name one–because I don’t believe you..."

Kwood quickly interjected, "A virus–it is a small creature–yet–throughout the history of mankind–starting with Adam and Eve–a virus introduced into their bodies–slowly and with malice–killing them..."

Eiopa thought on the saying for a long moment–it was her turn to think, "But we can prove that viruses exist–we can see them using sophisticated machines."

Kwood answered, "Likewise the soul can be seen using sophisticated machines. You are of here–this world–this time–the children of darkness are wiser in their own time than the children of light."

Eiopa said, "Hey–now wait a minute–I’m no child of darkness–just because I need scientific proof for something–doesn’t make me evil!"

Kwood agreed, "No–it makes you natural–of the world and the universe–there are two scenarios happening in this universe–those who are saved and are leaving to a better place–and those that are damned and are staying here–even after death. Hell is full of her children."

Eiopa said, "Then pray for us all–that we learn to believe as you obviously do..."

Kwood answered, "Each person has to accept Jesus Christ as their God and Savior..."

Give praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for his is the glory

And the light and the way and in all our darkness it is God that guides

Us through the maze of shadows and the trails that seem to go nowhere

And in the God of Heaven and Earth is our salvation found forever

It was many times ago when I was young that I fell victim to the ways

Of the world and it was then that all the blessings that God would have

Bestowed upon me were squandered for I did live in the temptations of

This world and fell victim to the tricks and the lies of the Dark Powers

But God so loved me that he healed me from my wanton ways and set

Me on a path to true righteousness but it was not without trials and

Tribulations for all things are set for a reason even if we can not understand

We must live our lives in faith that the Good Lord will take care of us all

In my life I have experienced many occasion for death but the Lord has

Delivered a sinner like me from the shadow of death and worked with

Me so that today I write these words to you in the hope that you will also

Learn to believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for we live in his name

The world has forgotten its Creator and has gone a whoring after strange flesh

And has rejected the one and true God of all the universe in order to worship

False gods and the image of the beast for whose superscription is within the

False god that cause nations to stumble and in doing so damn entire generations

But I will sing the praise of my God for he is the will and the way and in Christ

There is nothing that the Lord can not do for with men it may seem impossible

But with God Almighty nothing is impossible and all things are possible for

The Lord is the beginning of our faith and the end of our faith forever more

The world has gone mad with the stink of death and has become drunken with

War and famine all the while the rich get richer and the poor become even more

Oppressed but I believe in a God that does not give care to the rich and hates

The proud in heart for God will deliver the poor in Christ for God is King

There are many mysteries in the universe and what is often thought to be one

Way often turns out to be another for we have understood with out physical

Bodies which have limitations built within and the universe by its very nature

Deceives us into believing scientific facts which are lies of the evil ones

But turn your heart to the one and only God and place your faith in Jesus

Christ for there are secrets yet to be known and the hidden will be revealed

But the knowledge of men is to lie and deceive and the tree of knowledge

Is not what it seems for God is the only true giver of light and God is wonderful

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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