Archibald Gardener - Chapter 1

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Action and Adventure

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Copyright ©) 2005

Victor Darnell Hadnot


"The Lord and the treasures of the king’s house" 2 Kings

"I felt the Glory of Jesus Christ as we watched the enemy flee" Mango-irnyk

"That are gone away far from me" Ezekiel



To all of the souls both known and unknown who have died in Christ...may they be resurrected to eternal life in the Lord Jesus.


For my three wonderful children whom God Jesus Christ has blessed me with the honor of being their Dad: Abiathar, Miciah, and the baby Victory. Hope you enjoy this one.




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"Bending down the weeping willows, while our vesper hymn we sigh" George Darley

The grass was just starting to turn green after what had turned out to be a long and hard Winter–Spring was quickly erasing all the affects of the last season and birds were now fluttering about–with their songs. The corridor that led into the main hall–was big and grand in nature–embedded into the walls–were high relief images of heros and saints–people and events that told the story of ancient-Christians. Earth some times seemed distant–even though it wasn’t anymore than a foot step away–but the past of Earth Prime–as it was now called–was marred with bloodshed and corruption–something that seemed to have spread–as mankind reached out–to explore the galaxy–and colonized on distant worlds. Though Mars was not a distant world–there were hundreds of planets–now colonies of the League of Worlds–which was a subsidiary of the United Planets–the first twelve planets to have been colonized by humans.

On Mars–races from other planets came and went–but a race called Coloraceans were generally attributed to have colonized Mars–thousands of years before Earth was inhabited by intelligent life. They left the planet–and colonized amongst the stars–when shifts in the orbits of the near planets–caused Mars to loose its natural resources–those natural resources which made the planet an inhabitable paradise.

On Mars–the first human colonist had to live in bio-structures–most of which were underground–with portals leading to the surface. It proved to be cheaper–to dig a hole and cover the top–than to create structures on the surface–also–the harsh Martian climate–facilitated the design and perfection of underground housing and cities. Later–that same engineering science would have to be used on Earth Prime–as the Earth’s magnetic fields failed–and unforseen atmospheric changes–forced most of the survivors into subterranean homes and cities–for survival. The biggest shock–was when the Martians came back–and wanted their planet back–oh–there were signs that other civilizations once lived on Mars–centuries before true colonization began–true colonization being–massive amounts of money poured into creating homes and cities on Mars with the intention of permanent colonization. There were carvings found–structures sticking out of the Martian sand–and basically–alien-anthropomorphic writings found–as exploration turned into colonization. Around that time–translaser and transdoor technology was perfected. The age old search for monomagnetism became a reality. That led to the so called anti-gravity coils–that created all sorts of flying machines. Also–the creation of total energy regeneration machines–so small that they could fit in a flashlight–allowed for more aggressive designs in robots and replacement organs in human beings–where artificial organs became as good if not better than the original ones.

Schools of all sorts became the main thing–as children from different walks of life and parts of the galaxy were sent to attend the boarding schools of Mars. One such school was Angelcross Seminary for Faither and Christian Studies. This was a famous boarding school for people who did not ascribe to the teachings of Technoligion–they sent their children to schools like Angelcross. Martians seemed to be particularly interested in human schools for their children–after the cultural gap had been bridged–human schools were as sophisticated and popular as non-human institutions of learning. Archibald Gardner, Sheyouany Trough and Lewanda Ferret were three children who were on Mars to attend Angelcross Seminary of Faithers.

Pastor Azimuth looked across the room at the young faces staring back at her–she moved over to the table and began to teach, "Welcome to a new semester at Angelcross. Your parents have spent lots of money–to guarantee you a place this year. In the following months to come–you will learn secrets that have been kept from time to time."

Lewanda raise her hand, "Pastor Azimuth..."

Azimuth recognized Lewanda with a nod and point of her finger, "Yes."

Lewanda cleared her throat–looking about the class at the other students, "What does this class have to do with being a Faither?"

Azimuth smiled ever so slightly, "I teach the Healing Arts. This class has a great deal to do with being a Faither."

Lewanda went on, "But–I thought all we had to know about being a Faither was that everyone else didn’t like us?" The rest of the class laughed.

Azimuth approached Lewanda, "Jesus Christ healed countless souls–when he walked amongst us–in the flesh. Healing is important."

Lewanda voiced, "But if you get sick–you go to the hospital–and they fix it."

Azimuth almost laughed–then stopped, "That is an infidel’s point of view. God can heal without the need of medicine or physician."

Sheyouany decided to get into the conversation, "How did Jesus Christ do this?"

Azimuth looked over at the young Martian girl, "God–in the form of Jesus Christ–exercised his Almighty Will."

Sheyouany frowned, "I don’t understand–how did he do that?"

Azimuth nodded–then began walking back to the front of the class, "He used virtue. When he would heal someone–a little bit of his divine virtue would leave him–now days–we call that energy–and as we know–energy can never be used up–it just changes–is converted from one form to another."

Lewanda said, "But how could someone back in those days–so primitive–have used something so advanced?"

Azimuth raised an eyebrow, "Ah–there is the real mystery–we often think of ourselves as being so advanced–but in truth–people have been de-evolving–to a less perfect state of being–ever since we left Eden."

Archibald questioned, "What was Eden–then?"

Azimuth smiled, "Eden was a perfect bio-environment–for all of the creatures of Earth Prime to live in–it was the perfect environment–everything in it was perfect. Thus–nothing could grow old–and nothing could die."

Archibald said, "But–when Adam and Eve sinned–they caused all humanity to die."

Azimuth nodded, "Yes–but God kicked them out of Eden–because nothing imperfect could live in Eden–it was a perfectly balanced ecosystem. Outside Eden–imperfection reigned–as was evident–when they left–and found things hard and unfriendly."

Sheyouany uttered, "Why don’t we just go back there–to Earth Prime and find Eden–and discover all of its secrets?"

Azimuth stated, "Because God–in his Almighty wisdom–has hidden the thing from mankind. Mankind can not move into the future–without first moving into the past. The end of time is the beginning to something new."

Archibald spoke, "Is that why the infidels hate us–because we believe in the truth of Jesus Christ–and they only believe in the lies that were told–by the Dragon–in Eden?"

Angelcross Seminary for Faither and Christian Studies was a large sprawling campus though most buildings and facilities–homes and businesses–communities were underground–the challenge to the architecture was to build habitable environments that were both functional and artistic. In that vain–Angelcross was very artistic–because the structures were underground–great attention was paid to the inside–with all sorts of artistic reliefs and murals–curves and corners. High vaulted ceilings–gave way to the illusion of open space–something that was much needed–in order–not to feel cramped in–after all–Martian society dwelt almost entirely underground.

As Lewanda and the Martian girl Sheyouany rounded a corner–headed to the library–Archibald caught up with them, "I need to talk to you two."

They all stopped in front of the fake water fountain–part of a center piece on campus–Lewanda voiced, "Hi, Archibald–we are headed to the library–some of the assignments given are too difficult for us to figure out on our own. We are going to get help from the robot librarian–Manypage–she always helps us."

Archibald uttered, "I thought we were told not to get Manypage to do our homework for us–we got caught before–you know."

Sheyouany nodded, "But this time–we are going to ask the questions–and let her assist us in finding the answers–the real work will be done by us." The Martian girl looked anthropomorphic in many ways–but there were also vast differences. For starts–Martians had nine fingers–four on each hand–they had nine toes–again four on each foot. They had an articulated tail–which seemed to vary in length–depending on the Martian–as a general rule–girls’ tails were a little shorter than boys–but again–it varied. Then there was the reason why they were called Coloracean–they were a multi-colored race of beings–coming in shades and hues–it was not uncommon to see a Martian–that’s skin color was purple–or blue–bright red–yellow–brown–black–orange. It went on and on–and then there were the ones that were mixed colors–with patches of color. So–from a Martian point of view–Human’s proclivity towards racism seemed silly–stupid–even dumb. Because the color of ones skin couldn’t possibly make you superior–the dumbest Martian had an I.Q. equal to one hundred and fifty four–on average. That wasn’t to say that there weren’t stupid Martians–they were just smarter than most Humans. But humans used cyber-implants to augment their learning–built in memory chips and computational implants. And with all of that–modern learning was still hard–there was simply more to learn–and as always–less time in which to learn it–so the challenges still worked out.

Archibald looked over his shoulder, "I got this in my mail last night–you won’t believe it."

Lewanda questioned, "What is it?"

Archibald said, "Someone sent me a clue to the murder of Pastor Hipshot."

Sheyouany looked about to see if anyone was watching them, "What does it say, Archibald?"

Archibald whispered, "It says that–he’s still alive!"

Lewanda stepped back, "It can’t be true–Pastor Hipshot’s car was found all wrecked and blown up–it flew into a cliff on the surface."

Sheyouany voiced, "But there was so much wreckage–and only little pieces left–because there was a storm–that blew evidence away–that they couldn’t find his body. They assumed that it was taken away in the storm. But–if he is still alive–we have to tell someone–Pastor Lighthouse–he’ll know what to do."

Just then Pastor Lockrock came around the corner, "What are you children doing?"

They stood there a brief moment–then ran off as a group to find Pastor Lighthouse for help.

Pastor Prettyfield and Pastor Lighthouse were in the inner room–seemingly talking about academic lessons scheduled for the students–when Archibald and Sheyouany along with Lewanda found them. Pastor Lighthouse stopped what he was doing and approached the children, "How can I help you?"

Archibald stammered for a moment–trying to get the words out, "Pastor Hipshot is still alive," he finally spoke.

Pastor Prettyfield quickly came over, "Where did you hear such a thing?"

Lewanda uttered, "It came from Archibald–some one sent him a cosmic-email–telling him that the pastor was still alive."

Prettyfield looked at them all, "I can see that you three are serious–but surely you know that the good Pastor Hipshot is no longer with us. I know it is hard to accept–believe me–even as an adult–we all are finding it hard to believe–he–he was like family to us. All of you are–we are a family in Christ."

Sheyouany interrupted, "But he has proof–the person that sent Archibald the -cosmic-email–wants him to meet him–in a secret place–a place where the proof can be revealed."

It was at that time–that Pastor Lighthouse–the Seminary’s principal got into it, "See here–you all are bright children–you know the danger of meeting in strange places–with strangers that you meet on the cosmic-web. You all have been educated to the facts–often–evil men and women–seek to harm children–and lure them places–by telling them things that they want to hear–in order to kidnap them."

Lewanda voiced, "We know, sir–that is why we decided to come to you–because we know that you’d know the right thing to do."

Prettyfield snapped, "The right thing to do is alert the authorities!"

They all stopped for a moment and looked at Prettyfield–she was taken back by them staring at her–Lighthouse finally said, "Did this mysterious informer give you a name?"

Archibald shook his head, "No–just the place to meet. But what if Pastor Hipshot is still alive–out there–in the Martian wilderness?"

Lewanda uttered–her voice breaking, "Poor Pastor Hipshot–some one has got to save him."

Lighthouse ran his short fat fingers across his face, "The Martian wilderness is a hostile place–even in now days–with all the settlements and colonization–people still come up missing–presumed dead."

Sheyouany jumped in, "And some are found alive–much later on. We read about it all the time on the cosmic-web. That could be what has happened to Pastor Hipshot."

Prettyfield was most disturbed, "I can not believe that you are indulging these children in such wayfarer ideas–you know the facts of the accident, Pastor Lighthouse. It is obvious that someone is using poor Pastor Hipshot’s death to pull some kind of prank–or worse."

Lighthouse slowly nodded, "You have a point, Pastor Prettyfield, if there were real evidence of Pastor Hipshot being alive–the same person would have alerted the police and authorities."

Archibald said, "They don’t listen..."

Prettyfield asked, "What?"

Archibald went on, "The authorities don’t listen–even us kids know that–and then you factor in the fact that Pastor Hipshot is a known Faither–teaching at the Seminary–they don’t listen–because they are prejudice."

The heavy doors closed–in the big chamber sat Pastor Lighthouse, Pastor Prettyfield, Pastor

Lockrock, Pastor Azimuth and the robot librarian Manypage–the table in front of them was oval shaped–allowing them all to look at each other.

Lockrock uttered finally, "This can’t be real–it has to be some kind of trick."

Then the others seemed to relax–relatively...

Prettyfield said, "That is exactly what I thought–and I told the children so. But still–it does seem odd–I mean–we all know that Pastor Hipshot is dead. The police found what was left of his aircar."

Manypage pointed out, "It hit the cliff at nearly three hundred miles an hour."

Azimuth voiced, "Nothing could have survived an impact like that. This cosmic-email to one of the children must be some kind of a trap–to draw us out–get some one else killed."

Lighthouse finally uttered–his wise old voice filling the echoed room, "Draw us out into what? This seminary has been established for more than a century–and six out of twelve prime planets in the United Planets have ruling votes in the Council. We are protected by the law–the very law that killed our ancient relatives–for their beliefs in Jesus Christ–we have managed to get a permanent and powerful foothold in the League of Worlds–by having a majority vote in the Governing Chambers."

Lockrock nodded, "You are right–this whole thing has to be about something else."

Prettyfield muttered, "They hate us..."

Lockrock asked, "What was that?"

Prettyfield repeated, "They hate us–that was what one of the three children said–and they are right. The followers of Technoligion hate us–they always have–because we pose a threat to their advanced society of machines and technical invention–all of which they believe has been accomplished without God Almighty. Let’s face it–Pastor Hipshot was murdered because he was a Faither–teaching at this Seminary. They don’t want more young minds to learn the truth of Jesus Christ. These are dark times."

Lighthouse spoke, "Our fore parents would have loved to have lived long enough to see the progress we Faithers have made in this current society. To think–after the decree of separation of religion and state–once the whole world–Earth Prime–became one world government–and when colonization of other worlds became a permanent reality–the notion of creating a false religion in order to control the vast settlements–was the only viable process that worked. In order to make the atheist governing body work–they declared Christianity outlawed. Finally–the only religion officially sanctioned by the Governing Machines–because by then–Governing Machines had begun to rule over mankind–they called themselves Technoligion–false gods–collectively willing great power and influence across the civilized galaxy. In order for ancient Christians to survive–they had to unite–gone were the petty differences–the sects–divisions–all those who believed on and worshiped Jesus Christ as their God and Savior–had to unite to survive."

Manypage voiced, "So–you are saying that Pastor Hipshot was murdered by an agent of Technoligion–and that now they might be trying to implicate one of us–by drawing us into something–perhaps eventually–killing another one of us."

Lockrock questioned, "That is all fine and good–but why the children–and why those three? They happen to be the children of very powerful families–ruling families on the planets that they come from."

Azimuth said, "Who got the message?"

Prettyfield answered, "Archibald Gardener–he’s a young prince. They are all royalty!"

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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