Archibald Gardener - Chapter 5

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"So I lay, and wondered why light came not, and watched the twilight" W.M. Thackeray

The room was spinning when Archibald finally decided to open his eyes–he was no longer on the soccer field–he was in the school infirmary–a doctor had just gotten through examining him and as his vision became clear–and he began to realize that he had the mother of all headaches–he recognized Sheyouany and Lewanda. The two best friends any one could have in the entire world–one sat on one side and the other on the other side. They smiled as he began looking at them–he smiled back.

Archibald wanted to sit up–but was pushed back down by the girls–he uttered, "Did I get it? Did I stop the ball?"

Sheyouany smiled as she glanced at Lewanda and then back at Archibald, "Yeah–I should say–you got it okay–the bloody ball smashed into your face with a vengeance."

Archibald frowned, "My face–he kicked the ball into my face?"

Lewanda began to giggle, "No, silly–you put your face in the way of the ball–doesn’t matter though–you were able to deflect it away from the net–we won!"

Oh Archibald felt good then–it didn’t matter that his head felt like a rock under water–or that he didn’t remember anything after the ball smashed into his face–what mattered–was that God didn’t have him go through all of that in vain. Pastor Lighthouse came in and looked in on him–the big smile wasn’t because they had won the first of four matches–the last three would be played by progressively upper classes–until the final game–which would be played by the college level students. Quad Soccer was a coed sport–so the whole school got into it–some were players–some as cheerers–others just liked the attention and the vibe.

Sheyouany and Lewanda stayed with him a little while longer–then they all left–leaving Archibald to rest. He had closed his eyes–opened them again to see a lone figure standing in the doorway–closed them–opened them again to find a beautiful girl looking down on him. It wasn’t that Sheyouany and Lewanda weren’t good looking–they were very pretty–two of the prettiest girls in the seminary school–but Gothatina was beautiful. She smelled like strawberries–her big eyes had genuine concern in them. She bent over and kissed him gently on the lips.

Gothatina uttered, "You gave my quite a scare–glad to see–nothing can crack that hard head of yours..." They both started to laugh–though it hurt him some what to do so.

Archibald voiced, "Are you suppose to be here? Won’t you get in trouble with your team mates?"

Gothatina shrugged, "I love you, Archibald Gardener..."

Well–that wasn’t what a young lad wanted to hear–too mushy–Sheyouany and Lewanda had told him the same thing before–he might have told it to them–but it was still too mushy.

Archibald said, "Your brother..."

Gothatina voiced, "I am so sorry for what he did–he wanted to win so badly..."

Archibald agreed, "As did we all."

Just then both coaches from opposite teams came into the room–for Archibald it was an embarrassing moment–compounded by the fact that Gothatina kissed him again before she left–sneaking a small triangle box into his hand–she spoke, "Well–looks like they found us–better go–I’ll be leaving tonight–after the ceremonial supper. Bye for now..." And she gracefully exited the room–she had secretly passed something to him–was it a clue about Pastor Hipshot?

George took Amy and Andrew on a tour of the old settlement–they looked at what was left of what was once a thriving village–they moved through the access tunnels–which connected one part of the settlement to another. The access tunnels were dug into the Martian surface–and then covered with a transparent ceramic-metal top–that allowed light to come in–and kept the harsh Martian environment out. The same transparent ceramic-metal would later be used in the more advanced domes–which covered the huge Martian cities–like Namgoy.

George uttered, "Mining operations and the discovery of the subterranean caves and corridors which lead to ancient Martian mysteries–is one of the things that keep some of us old timers still living in these old settlements."

Amy uttered, "It was in deep caves that the blueprints for building a transdoor was first discovered..."

Andrew voiced, "Well–the mathematic equations for translaser technology."

George said, "I’m not much up on all those discoveries–I do know that every now and then–some of us old timers–see strange figures lurking in the shadows–off worlders I suppose–still searching out and discovering new findings. Those first ancient Martians–they had just come from their home world–Atlantis..."

Andrew uttered, "The ancient records are vague and a lot of the history of the original people from Atlantis–the planet that was once between Jupiter and Mars–before it exploded..."

Amy said, "Or once between Earth and Mars before the great solar anomaly–depending on how you interpret the ancient writings..."

George said, "The truth of the matter is that evil people have been messing with the original time line–going back in time and changing stuff–the Martian history records accurately–both events of their people’s origin–which led them to Mars. The misses and I have seen strange things in these caves and subterranean tunnels. Personally–I think the ancient Martians went under ground after their atmosphere started to leave."

Andrew added, "They were a very adapt race of beings–very technologically advanced–but they had great political struggles–and while the average Martian revered the ecology of Mars–there were fools within their government that saw only another opportunity to exploit a virgin world."

George said, "Sounds a lot like humans..."

Amy uttered, "Martian history tells of asettlement of Martians–who decided to go to Earth–and settle on the planet. While the rest of them–left the solar system all together."

Andrew voiced, "One history–in many–those strangers that George was talking about–they keep changing things to suit their own political agenda–in the future."

George stated, "Can’t change the future!"

Amy was puzzled, "You mean–you can’t change the past."

George stopped and looked back at them, "No–the future is set–God Almighty has fought and won the battle of Armageddon all ready. Evil has been defeated. What we are experiencing is the effects that happen when advanced beings–aliens–fallen angels–in a desperate attempt–a last ditch effort to save themselves from the Lake of Fire and Brimstone–the ultimate torment–the second death–those Fallens as they are called by the ancient Martians–have gone back in time in an attempt to avoid their fate."

Amy questioned, "They are trying to hide in the past–so why would the Fallens do that–why not try and change the future?"

Andrew told, "Because time is an illusion–we are moving backwards not forward in time."

Archibald and Sheyouany and Lewanda moved through the caverns of the Martian Wilderness–they crossed over ancient bridges–built long before mankind inhabited the Red Planet–bridges that at some ancient time hung over flowing water. There were markings high up on some of the walls–Martian pictographs that told stories of ancient events–strange events that seemed almost dream-like in their description.

Lewanda said, "We are going to be in so much trouble when we get back."

Archibald uttered, "Do you want to save Pastor Hipshot or not?"

Sheyouany voiced, "You know that we do–that is why we are here–but you should probably still be in bed–that was a nasty shot to the head–you got defending our goal."

Archibald shrugged, "Think of it this way–our part in the Quad Soccer Events are over–we won our match–all the focus will now switch to the other teams–no one will notice us missing–because of all the excitement."

Lewanda said, "That is so not true, Archibald. The head pastors know that we are obsessed with finding Hipshot–more over–so does whoever took him. We could be in real danger by leaving the safety of the Seminary."

They got to a large opening–massive actually–there was running water beneath them–and they could hear a loud distant noise–and there was something flying towards them.

Lewanda asked, "What in creation is that?"

Archibald answered, "Oh don’t worry about it–these caverns have been abandoned for countless thousands of years."

Sheyouany countered, "Actually–it was just the ancient Martians that left Mars–most of the creatures that inhabited the planet–the ones that could adapt–went underground–that sound–that thing flying towards us–is a Martian Vampire Dragon!"

The three of them froze in fear for a brief moment–as the thing flew closer–screeching its loud cry–filling the deep and vast cavern. Light in the cavern was supplied by luminous organic creatures–attached to the high places of the vast cavern.

Sheyouany snapped out of it first, "Run!"

They all began to run across the bridge in an almost blind panic. The big alien Vampire Dragon swooped down–and bellowed out fire and smoke. The bridge caught fire–but was made out of a material that wouldn’t stay burning–so the flames were just on top. The three children managed to get to the other side and find a small cave to hide in.

Archibald asked, "Why didn’t you tell us that Mars has dragons?"

Sheyouany said, "I thought everyone knew about the strange creatures and going ons inside the Martian Caverns. I mean–get real–my ancestors came from Mars–and before that–what was the fifth planet from the sun–Atlantis–before it blew up."

Archibald uttered, "Okay–but what about that fire breathing dragon?"

Sheyouany continued, "There is more to Heaven and Earth–and in this case Mars–than what meets the eye."

Lewanda said, "I think we will be safe in here–for now."

The small cave went back a bit–but there was something moving in the cave–the three children huddled together in obvious fear–the thing came forward–it was a Martian Pink Fairy."

Archibald uttered, "What the..."

Sheyouany said, "It’s a Martian Pink Fairy–I heard about them–stories told me when I was little–but I thought they all died when the atmosphere was stripped away from Mars."

Lewanda voiced, "Looks like they managed to survive–just like all the other creatures."

Wilma was doing some chores when--Amy joined her, "Don’t you miss the big city–the people–things to do–entertainment?"

Wilma gazed up, "To be honest–I never liked any of those things. Too many people–and if the people don’t get to you–there are those awful androids–just like people–always griping and demanding civil rights."

Amy said, "I once had a landlord whom he and his wife were ex-cops–they’d try and use Hysterical Police Syndrome–in order to justify illegally entering my rented house–coming up with all sorts of irrational scenarios–about me being sick or in trouble–just because when they’d knock on the door–when I was late paying the rent–I wouldn’t answer the door. I mean–get real–if I don’t have the money–using HPS isn’t going to help the situation."

Wilma uttered, "I didn’t get the impression that you were poor."

Amy laughed slightly, "I’m not–now–but there was a time."

Wilma voiced, "Then you must understand why George and I don’t like living in the big city–there was a time when things were wonderful–out here–in the Martian wilderness. We had robots that followed orders–mining paid the bills–there were no tourist–just people from Earth and else places–coming to find a new life–make a clean start of things."

Amy questioned, "And all of that changed with time?"

Wilma told, "The funny thing–is that you never see it coming..."

Amy asked, "See what coming?"

Wilma uttered, "Your end–the time when there will be no more of you. When the Great Maker–Jesus Christ calls you to his bosom–and gives you peace from this world."

Amy voiced, "You mean Mars?"

Wilma shook her head, "I mean the world–the world isn’t a single planet–like they used to think long time ago. In the Holy Bible–the world is the universe–all creation is the world–so when God references the world–he is not limiting himself to just Earth Prime–he is talking about all the inhabited planets–in the Good Book–he himself said–I have other sheep–other flocks. Jesus Christ is the God of all creation–the Son of God is as Almighty as the Heavenly Father."

Amy leaned on a post, "You and George are Faithers–you came to Mars–way back then–to escape persecution by the false gods of Technoligion. You’ve stayed ever since."

Wilma looked up, "There was no reason to go back–the evil which infested Earth Prime–which God Almighty had managed to contain in Hell–deep within the core of Earth Prime–managed to evolve its way out–and mingle with the hearts of men. First taking on lower forms of life–animal life forms–then thanks to the serpent in Eden–entering into the hearts of people."

Amy said, "My friend is a Faither..."

Wilma voiced, "I know–George and I spotted him immediately–he’s a Fixer."

Amy asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Wilma spoke, "The evil forces which threaten to over through our world–couldn’t do it from the end–so they went back in time–by tricking mankind into doing the demon’s dirty work–convincing people that there was scientific knowledge to be gained–by learning to travel back in time. But the only way to travel back in time–is to travel forward–all the way to the end–then take the leap of faith–and cross the great divide–the abyss–separating the end of time from the beginning of time. Then evil could be there at the beginning–to alter what once was–the ultimate task being–to change the future."

Amy said, "I don’t understand."

They had made there way deep inside the cave–coming out unto another opening–a vast cavern–but this one did not have the dreaded Vampire Dragons–there were strange subterranean trees–which grew to the high tops of the cavern–like the other caverns–there were strange organic organisms–which were attached to the top–giving off glowing light–from a biological and chemical interaction with the other subterranean life-forms.

The pink fairy took them to a small village, "You may rest here–I will have food brought to you."

Sheyouany said, "Wait–what is your name?"

The pink fairy uttered, "I am called Leah. Please wait here–others will bring you something to eat and drink."

They all sat back in the small hut–but it was very comfortable–Archibald was observing out a window–at the activities of the inhabitants, "They are different colors–some of them are green–I see purple–red..."

Lewanda uttered, "The colors of the rainbow–these are the legendary Rainbow Fairies of Mars."

Archibald glanced back for a moment, "I thought that was just a myth."

Sheyouany shook her head, "No–the things you are seeing are real–they are the creatures my people left behind–when the great Martian Exodus took place. It took forty years for us to reach our current world–but as you know–no matter how long a space trip might take–once you get to where you are going–the expedition builds a transdoor–and immediately connects the past to the future."

Lewanda asked, "So what happened in this case?"

Sheyouany went on, "In this case–the vast majority of the population wasn’t taken on the original trip–they waited until the transdoor was opened to the New Mars settlement. But conditions here began to deteriorate. About time the rest of the settlement on New Mars had gotten to the new planet and built a transdoor–most of them–the population left behind-had migrated to what is now called Earth Prime–the remaining population dwindled."

Archibald voiced, "And that is why so many of these creatures inhabit the hidden caverns of Mars. Undetected and protected from what goes on the surface."

Sheyouany murmured, "It was a dark time in my people’s history."

Lewanda said, "I would have thought–trying to turn your original planet–Atlantis’ core into a stable quantum singularity–which caused your original planet to explode–thus the asteroid belt between Jupiter and what is now Mars."

Sheyouany uttered, "It is because of that experiment–that Pluto came into being–it is a small reminder–of what was once a great planet in this solar system."

Archibald expounded, "It is because we are with you–that so many of the hidden creatures of Mars are showing themselves–human explores have tried to discover what is in these caves and caverns–but the creatures have hidden themselves. They must sense that you are one of them."

Sheyouany spoke sadly, "Descendant of them..."

Leah was in the doorway, "Yes–we sensed your kindred, Princess Sheyouany..."

Lewanda questioned, "How do you know?"

Sheyouany raised a hand, "Some of the creatures that live in the vast array of Martian

Caverns–are telepathic–to some degree."

Archibald uttered, "We need to find one of our teachers–a Martian–Pastor Hipshot."

Leah said, "Evil forces have captured him and brought him underground."

The awful looking things were crawling all over the place–Amy and Andrew, George and Wilma were trapped in a section of the Caves of Triquarius–the two meters high creatures kept on advancing–the group of four fired particle beam weapons at the giant Martian Cock-Roaches. The creatures would get hit by the beams and be split in half–or burst–spreading all sorts of nasty bug juice.

Amy took a shot at one, "Why didn’t you tell us about the really big insect problem you have?"

George aimed a particle beam rifle and shot one, "To be honest–we didn’t want to scare the two of you away."

Wilma fired her weapon and hit one, "You have to understand–some times these darn things don’t even come out–specially when there is plenty of raw sewage for them to eat off of."

Andrew said, "The sewers from Namgoy run under this settlement?"

George said, "They don’t run under us–they dump out into caverns–Mars has countless underground caves and caverns. I guess it was easier–when the government was building Namgoy to just take advantage of that fact–and have their raw sewage and other toxic crap dumped into the caverns."

Wilma told, "The problem with that–was that long time ago–when Mars was just being settled–some scientist thought it might be important to do experiments on insects taken from Earth Prime–well–they didn’t take into account that–when you take an organism out of its natural environment–and put it into an alien environment–unpredictable things can happen."

Amy voiced, "Like breeding cock roaches the size of men! That was stupid! What could have possibly motivated them to do so?"

George murmured, "Terra-forming! They thought that since the average cock roach had survived for so long on Earth Prime–then maybe it–and some other nasty little critters–could make it and thrive on Mars."

Wilma spoke, "They were right–insects can adapt quicker and are more resilient than other forms of complex life. In fact they began to evolve and adapt–going underground–where conditions were very different–than what they were on the surface."

Amy said, "Why don’t we hear about these things–in the news–before people book vacations to Mars?"

Andrew interjected, "For one thing–giant cock roaches on Mars isn’t news–and the officials do tell tourist to keep to the planned and official tour groups. In fact–the Martian Wilderness is banned from any type of tourism–unless you go off on your own."

George blasted a few more of them, "Yeah–dag-gummit–me and the misses have been doing battle with the creatures of the Martian Wilderness–ever since we first came here. Learn to live with most of them–they respect us and our power blasters–and we respect them and their ugly cousins."

Wilma added, "When food runs low–because you don’t have any organic mass to synthesize–catching a cock roach or other insect–converts quite nicely–you can synthesize just about any thing that you want."

Amy and Andrew gazed at one another for a moment–then she questioned, "Please don’t tell me that we have been eating cock roach–synthesized to taste like chicken?"

George smiled, "Good for you–high in protein–food’s food–once you’ve lived out here in the Martian Wilderness long enough–you learn to do what the nasty little critters did–you adapt."

Amy leaned over, "I think I’m going to be sick!"


To love Jesus Christ is to admit that you need help that you can not go it alone

For God has given us his Son to free us from the abyss of the evil spirits that

Infect this world like a computer virus infects a system under minding the program’s

Original mission and in its place creating chaos and anarchy which is corruption

I praise Jesus Christ with my works as humble as they are but not because I want

Them to remain small no not at all for God has promised me that the people will come

For he has called me from decades ago training me for and against a tough time to

Come because in my youth I suffered spiritually but not as some have but suffered

I stand and worship God for His Glory fills the Heavens and the voice of God is what

Created the universe in which we live in for Jesus Christ is our Lord by right and

Though the tasks are tough it is faith kept in the Holy Spirit that will ultimately get

Those who believe in Christ the victory of the coming kingdom and the peace of God

I have been saved by God’s Almighty right hand when I was in the service and my

Plane was diverted causing me to miss a flight that was destined for all aboard to die

And once on active duty God saved me from an automobile accident in which I flipped

Over and the Lord’s angels kept me from harm and I was in a motorcycle accident

In which I was violently thrown onto the street but God’s Holy Angel held my head

Keeping me from smashing my skull onto the hard pavement below and I have been

Homeless with my three children and God as delivered us all and my wife

Has gone a whore after every vile perversion but my faith still remains in Jesus Christ

So it is not without spiritual pain and suffering that I praise the name of Jesus Christ

Because none of these things cast ill on my God and Savior for I now suffer great pain

In my body and seemingly without cause yet I am suffering even as I write these

Things but rest on this for I have done so that God does heal and God does forgive

And if he can forgive those who crucified him on the cross then he can forgive us

For not all men crucified our Lord and not all men took joy to seeing him on the cross

But if he had not suffered those things then would we still be in our sins and lost

Forever for we are the young in Christ the New Kingdom of God free of corruption

Our faith is not based on things as is the heathen for pagan beliefs are of the evilness

That is of this world and God said do not pray for the world for it is fallen like the

Dark angels who look like white angels to men for to hide their prehistoric ugliness

And convince pagans of their ancient evolutions which are lies and death and madness

For I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul and mind and I struggle each day

As do all of us are I have seen my mother’s death and the pain in her eyes and I know

That one day my time will come and I fear God for the salvation I seek I need so dear

And it is good to fear God and hate the evilness of the world for peace is needed


The kids and Leah walked through the village–it was like looking at a dream land–all the stories that a child had been told–seemed to come true down under the surface of Mars. Sheyouany said, "When my people left Mars–to colonize on another planet in a different solar system–we must not have realized all the wonderful things we were leaving behind."

Leah smiled, "Your people did what they thought was right."

Sheyouany shook her pretty head, "No–we did what was convenient–for us. Leaving behind creatures and beings that we felt we could do without. And all these long centuries–there has been life going on–under the surface of Mars. Adapting–evolving–surviving."

Leah stopped for a moment and looked stoically at them, "Now that Mars has new surface dwellers–they are killing the life beneath the surface–by pouring toxic waste down into the underground caves–that once was home to so many different life-forms. In fact–some of them have started to fight back–because they have no choice. And then there are the abominations that the surface dwellers have created–by introducing creatures from their home world into our Martian ecology. Some of these creatures have bred so profusely–that they are a bigger threat to our survival than the surface dwellers–themselves."

Archibald took a deep breath–from within his environmental suit–the three were wearing light and very agile environmental suits–so that they could survive outside the city dome which protected everyone from the harsh Martian conditions–he uttered, "I realize that mankind as ruined your eco-system–but if these caverns go as deep as I think–and are linked throughout the entire planet–then–there must be all sorts of weird life-forms that have not been discovered."

Leah walked on, "There are–Mars has always been a mysterious planet–and it remains that way today. Your scientist once postulated about life on other planets–and when evidence was discovered that pointed to life once being on Mars–it changed the whole perception of mankind."

Lewanda looked about–there environmental suits–had clear transparent ceramic bubbles on top–this type of helmet afforded an unobstructed view–she voiced, "You would think that people would learn–that destroying the environment leads to the death of all things on the planet. They did it when they used to do atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs centuries ago on Earth Prime–then the government covered it up by saying it was cars and spray cans that destroyed the upper atmosphere–when in fact–the government didn’t want to get sued by the people–because the government was the real culprit–I mean–just stop and think about it–setting off nuclear bombs in the atmosphere caused the ozone to start to collapse."

Archibald uttered, "Once the foolish scientist and greedy politicians had realized what high atmospheric testing had done to the delicate balance and disrupted the magnetic fields of the Earth–by underground nuclear testing–it is a small wonder that Earth Prime still has any life left on it at all."

Leah voiced, "Then you see why the beings and creatures of the Underworld of Mars–are so upset and concerned about current events–happening again–after the original Martians have left–we have a right to live–just like you."

Archibald said, "We will see what can be done–but for now–Pastor Hipshot is our concern. Is he with the Rainbow Fairies of Mars?"

Leah stopped–as though the tour was over, "We do not have him–others do–but he was given to the creatures of the Martian Underworld–by off-worlders. Those are the ones who are really responsible for your pastor’s disappearance."

Sheyouany postulated, "There is more going on here than simply the kidnaping of Pastor Hipshot–the pastor must have become aware of something that others–evil people–wanted to hide."

Back in the relative safety of their home–George and Wilma got to making provisions for their guest–Wilma voiced, "The two of you are going to have to be careful–the ones that you are running from–they represent a small branch of our government–Technoligion–that wants all Faithers–Christians dead–or worse–converted to the pagan religion that has managed to sweep the entire civilized galaxy."

George looked up, "You said that this guy–Wayclose was it–that he is trying to kill you–Amy–while hunting down Andrew–because he is a Fixer–they have robots–all over the place–they can use them to spy on everyone–that is why you are finding it so hard to lay low–every time you pass by a robot–doing a chore–or whatever–there is the possibility–that Technoligion is watching–don’t forget–long time ago–demons used to try and possess humans and animals–in their attempt to evolve from hell. Well–those times have changed–the evil spirits no longer have to possess a living thing in order to get around–we have robots and androids–ambulatory human like machines–that are far easier to possess."

Amy uttered, "What you are saying is that–all this time–when people thought they were becoming more advanced–by creating super sophisticated machines–that could do the things that people could do–what we really were doing–was providing perfect vessels for demons to inhabit–vessels without souls."

Andrew voiced, "It is the way of the world–to turn its back on God Jesus Christ’s Holy Perfection–and go a whoring after the ways of darkness–by evolution–the fallen angels have managed to exercise influence over the living. But I sense something is very wrong with the mission I’ve been sent on–I believe that Wayclose wants to kill not just Amy–but both of us–his problem is that our deaths have to come at the right time–in order to change the future–for Technoligion’s own sinister purpose."

Amy said, "Then he has been toying with us thus far–trying to get us in the right place and at the right time–in order to assassinate the two of us–but why didn’t he kill me when he had the chance–or capture me?"

George uttered, "Not the right time or place–if he acts before the right time–he changes things in a way that the governing machines–the ones that control all of the civilized colonies and planets–don’t want. Remember–ever since the beginning–the devil has been lying to mankind–and mankind has been listening and believing those lies–it is sleight of hand–tell Eve that she is not going to surely die–when in fact–there are many types of death–all of them leading to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone!"

Wilma said, "Or lie and get Christians all confused–saying that the Lord’s Prayer isn’t the prayer that Jesus Christ–himself used–when in fact–the Lord never gave us anything that he–himself wouldn’t do. If the Lord’s Prayer was given to us from Jesus Christ himself–then it is the Lord’s Prayer. But the evil spirits try to use the old trick of divide and conquer–to introduce enmity amongst the ranks of the Saved. Praying the Lord’s Prayer is the perfect prayer–and should be prayed often for outstanding answering of prayers by God–who gave it to his Son–who gave it to us."

Amy voiced, "I see–the evil spirits want to get us to question our faith by casting unholy doubt at the Word of God–but it won’t work!"

Andrew uttered, "You are right–it won’t work–because just like their evil lies and ways evolve–so can our faith in Jesus Christ grow and become strong in the Holy Spirit. Wayclose is like a vulture of demonic death–waiting to strike–but God’s Holy angels fight the invisible battle that

has been raging on since Eden–Armageddon has been going on since the beginning–God wins!"

Archibald and Sheyouany and Lewanda were flying on top of Martian Dragonflies–high up in the vast caverns–beneath them and all about them were fantastic sights and views–the Martian Caverns were like wonderful and fantastic dream worlds come true.

Lewanda was having a little trouble keeping her Martian dragonfly on course–the dragonflies were the size of horses, "It was nice of Leah to lend us these Martian Dragonflies."

Sheyouany said, "It sure beats having to cross more bridges–with those dreadful Martian Vampire Dragons roaming about."

Archibald uttered, "The thing that really bothers me is that if Pastor Hipshot saw something–I’m almost sure that he wouldn’t have made trouble for those people–whoever they are that kidnaped him."

Sheyouany announced, "You are assuming that they didn’t want to take him in the first place."

Lewanda asked, "What do you mean by that?"

Sheyouany went on, "Well–just think about it for a moment–the more we learn–the more it looks like Pastor Hipshot was running from something or some one."

Archibald voiced, "She has a point–before–we thought this all had to do with the Quad Soccer Event. And some of the clues led us down dead ends–why is that?"

Lewanda said, "Because the real crooks–the ones that have control of Pastor Hipshot–wanted to throw us off track–when it became obvious that a third party was trying to contact us and tell us something–about Pastor Hipshot’s condition–when we all thought he had been killed."

Sheyouany voiced, "But he hadn’t been killed–the crooks just wanted the authorities to believe that–while they went about doing whatever they were really up to."

Archibald questioned, "So the real question becomes–what did Pastor Hipshot find out?"

Sheyouany muttered, "He’s a material witness in a crime–if gambling is a coverup–then the real crime must be far greater–Pastor Hipshot was always a curious sort–looking into things–getting involved with all sorts of causes–it is how he is."

Archibald announced, "That said–how do the Demonsword students fit in–I mean–Gothatina did give me a clue–how is it that they know anything about this?"

Lewanda said, "I wish you’d stay away from that girl–she’s trouble and bad news–she hangs around with the wrong crowd."

Sheyouany nodded, "Lewanda has a point–maybe you should distance yourself from her–at least until we figure out what part her fellow classmates might play in this."

Archibald voiced, "Looks like the two of you are jealous..."

Lewanda shouted, "Oh–please!"

Sheyouany uttered, "Just think about it, Archibald–if people from one of the Dark Planets are involved in this conspiracy–hanging around with her might put you at risk–or even worse–those

who kidnaped Pastor Hipshot–might find it convenient to try and do the same to you."

Archibald answered, "But we all are different–we are students–our parents are kings and queens of our respected worlds–doing that to one of us would mean an act of war."

And then it hit all three of them–Lewanda said, "What if–that is what they are going for in the first place–to try and stir up some mess–to get our planets fighting?"

Archibald voiced, "The crooks couldn’t be members of the League of Worlds–because the League is not divided amongst itself–it would have to be outside forces–working subtly–in direct control by still–other sinister forces."

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