Archibald Gardener - Chapter 6

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"Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified, his loyalty he kept, his love, his zeal" Milton

The sword flashed back and forth–Archibald’s opponent was very competent–indeed–more skilled than himself–but he had determination–a God given skill that had seen him through a lot of situations–even at his young age. It was Spring Break–the children at the Seminary had all gone–either home or to other points unknown–but were due back in two weeks. Because Angelcross had students from K-12 and the college and university level students–it was possible for a child to start at Angelcross and get an excellent Christian–now called–Faither education–and receive advanced degrees in religion or theology–religious counseling–and the obvious pastorships. Archibald was fencing with his older sister–Esther–who was a freshman in college–at Angelcross–having attended Angelcross all her life. She was majoring to become a pastor–this was in conflict with her royal duties–as one day she and Archibald would be king and queen of Riner–their home world.

A few royal servants stood about–cheering the two of them on–some for her and some for her brother–just to make things interesting for them. Royalty on Riner was–that the king and queen were equals–politically acting as the official voice for the Parliamentary Government. The people voted in the members of Parliament–but instead of a Prime Minister–the voice of Parliament was the King and Queen of Riner–putting a face on the decisions made by the government. Because Riner was part of the League of Worlds and the League of Planets and one of the original twelve founder planets–the United Planets–decisions coming from Riner weighted heavy on the hundreds of other worlds in the League. The Technoligion governing machines–which ruled the founding twelve planets–was relegated to a fifty percent vote–while Parliament had the other fifty percent. In the event of a tie–the King or Queen could cast a vote–rendering a decision. All of the original twelve planets of the United Planets had similar governments–but some had presidents instead of kings and queens–or prime ministers.

Esther fenced on, "You are getting rusty–I taught you better than this!"

Archibald evaded her sword, "You are too confident, sister–your obvious weakness!"

The match ended on a draw–the royal servants commending them both on excellent sportsmanship. The two siblings walked onto refreshments.

Esther removed her protective mask–to reveal a stunningly beautiful dark skinned young woman–a beauty in which legends were made–she took after her mother–the queen, "What’s this I hear about you searching through the Martian Caverns? If mom and dad think that you are going to get in trouble–or worse–hurt–they are going to put a tighter link on you."

Archibald sipped a cool glass of Riner water–nothing in the galaxy tasted as good as water

from Riner, "Please, sister–you have to talk to them–you must..."

Esther looked lovingly at her younger brother–she gently touched his face, "I love you too much to simply help you try and get out of this–this isn’t like when we were younger–playing in the Royal Palace–Mars is a dangerous place–if you are disobedient."

Archibald pleaded, "Sheyouany and Lewanda will vouch for me–we are on the trail to solve the clues of Pastor Hipshot’s kidnaping."

Esther laughed slightly, "Archibald–we’ve all warned you about hanging around with those two girls–their imagination rivals your own!"

Archibald leaned back on a support, "Please, Esther–you’re my big sister–be on my side..."

Hot laser fire flashed from all sides–Amy and Andrew jumped for cover–it was the case that no sooner than they had decided to return to–what they thought was the relative safety of Namgoy–then they were caught up in an ambush–Wayclose had been busy. From all around them–from within the mall area–robots that were under Wayclose’s control–seemed to be dropping out of nowhere–from off on high–firing hot bore lasers–plasma weapons–blasters–you name it–it was being shot at them.

Amy–along with Andrew found cover–she voiced, "This was a mistake–we should have stayed out–in the Martian Wilderness–with the old couple!"

Andrew fired his plasma weapon at a few robots advancing, "We didn’t have any choice–the wilderness was too dangerous–besides–would you really wanted to have Wayclose–send this kind of trouble–on those poor settlers door step?"

Amy blasted away–hitting as many as she could, "You are right–I was being selfish–those old folks were nice to us–the last thing they needed–was for us to bring our troubles to them."

Andrew blasted several as hot bore laser fire scorched pass his face, "Gees–this is getting to be too much–they are every where–Wayclose must be getting desperate–to stage a battle like this–right out in the open–where any and everybody can witness it."

Amy ducked back for cover as hot bore laser fire scorched across, "I’m going to die–aren’t I–and the future will be changed–just that much more–I’ll be another part in the equation of the Dark Powers–trying to under mind God Almighty’s Authority."

Andrew took a break–it didn’t matter–they were hopelessly surrounded–out numbered–the authority to have them killed–came from a branch of Technoligion itself–he took a deep breath, "When I started this mission–I knew it was going to be tough–I’d have to travel through time–chasing after one mad man after another–if it wasn’t Wayclose–it would be someone else–it didn’t matter–they were all the same–evil–working for the False Prophet–that old devil. Hell–they managed to trick poor innocent Eve into committing suicide–and killing her husband–along with the entire human race..."

It was at that moment–that Amy saw Andrew for the human being that he was–he was just a guy–given an impossible burden–protect God’s children who had been marked for death by the Beast. She knew then that she loved Andrew–he would never stop trying–his faith in God was so strong–that even in defeat–he’d keep on trying–they would die together–if need be–but she loved him so much.

Amy reached over and kissed him on the lips, "Don’t say anything–I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your sacrifice–you didn’t have to do this–those Faithers–the Fixers as you are called–you are very brave men and women."

Hot laser fire raged pass them–Andrew voiced, "We are not doomed yet–it is exactly–when men and women of God seem at their weakest–when God Jesus Christ is at his strongest–remember what St. Paul taught us. Let’s pray to the Lord Jesus Christ–so that he will deliver us from our troubles."

So–in the heat of the battle–Amy and Andrew prayed to God to deliver them–from the obvious death that they were facing–then they exercised their faith and kept on fighting back–not giving up. Then Andrew noticed a small passage way–it had once been blocked–but the killer robots had repositioned themselves–at Wayclose’s orders–it was Amy and Andrew’s way out!

Amy looked–and saw–and understood, "God does answer prayer!"

The two of them ducked low–letting off a few blasts to keep the killer robots confused–as they made their way to the escape way that the Good Lord had provided for them.

The Royal Library was sparsely filled–not because people and normal folks could not come in and enjoy the awesome repository of knowledge–because the Royal Library was open to all–even though it was on the palace grounds–the information in there was free to the masses. It was not uncommon to be reading a book or looking at an article and glance up and see a member of the Royal Family–today it was Sheyouany who was garnering some attention–though in truth–she just loved to read–and spent her days on Spring Break–improving her mind.

May-ga was a Royal Servant that was close friends with Princess Sheyouany, "Tell me about all your adventures at Angelcross Seminary. We were all so happy when we heard that your team had beaten those awful Demonsword team!"

The two girls held automatic books in their hands–Sheyouany smiled with an obvious feeling of triumph, "Did you all really watch the game?"

May-ga looked surprised, "Princess, the whole planet of New Mars was pulling for you! We are all very well pleased. But tell me–that cute boy–the one who got his face smashed in by the ball–but saved the game for Angelcross–is he really that cute in person–I mean–when he is not being smashed in the face with the ball?"

Sheyouany kind of blushed, "May-ga, stop it–gossip like that can start rumors."

May-ga said, "Oh–but they have already started–we all saw you and another girl immediately run to his aid–after the ball smashing incident."

Sheyouany looked up from her book, "You saw that too–did you?"

May-ga was obviously excited, "Oh yes–the papers were instantly speculating about a possible–boy friend connection? I mean–you did look terribly concerned for him."

Sheyouany took a dreamy breath, "He’s Prince Archibald Gardener", then she came to her senses, "we are just friends."

May-ga looked at her life long friend, "Just friends?"

Sheyouany had to go further–for obvious reasons, "More than friends–best friends."

May-ga nodded, "I thought so–so tell me–what adventures have you had. You are so lucky–you get to go to school on Mars Prime–where our ancient ancestors once walked. It must be fantastic."

Sheyouany voiced, "Well–it’s not the same as it once was–all green and covered with water and trees–but the new settlers have managed to build beautiful domed cities–and in them are the hints of a past glory now gone."

May-ga became mooded, "It makes me sad to think of what Mars Prime once was–or for that matter–what our original planet of origin–Atlantis was once like–before the solar anomaly

destroyed our home world. Who would have thought–that those primitive sheep herders on Earth Prime would have ever amounted to anything."

Sheyouany said, "They might not have–if it weren’t for the fact that the Son of God was born on their world."

May-ga nodded, "Yeah–that changed everything–all the civilized universe became interested in that tiny planet–after the birth of Christ Jesus on planet Earth."

Sheyouany took a deep breath, "To this day–I don’t think they fully realize the grand significance of God’s choice to have his son born on their planet. They take it all for granted..."

May-ga uttered, "What else could they do–the whole event–Christ’s birth–the almighty miracles he did–the teachings–the blessings and understanding–what Earth doesn’t fully realize is that many cultures on many planets had prophets who wrote prophecy about the coming of God Jesus Christ–and would have given anything to have him born on their world."

Amy and Andrew managed to get themselves away from the killing robots–in a crowd they found a relative anonymity–but their sense of pending danger still persisted. The streets were moderately filled with shoppers–tourist–and locals trying to take advantage of everyone else. But for some reason–Amy seemed to notice robots–were there more of them now–do people really send their machine servants out to do their shopping–cleaning–paying of debts. My goodness–one in ten it seemed–or was it just her, "They are here..."

Andrew tried to see what she was talking about, "Whose here?"

Amy held his hand too tight, "The killer robots–they are everywhere–look at them–spying on us–watching our every move–they might strike at any moment."

Andrew voiced, "These are domestic robots–not the high powered killing machines that the Lord Jesus just got through delivering us from. These are common people’s servants."

Then Amy’s mind wandered for a moment, "Lovers..."

Andrew stopped and looked at her, "What?"

Amy announced, "I used to do the same thing back on Earth Prime–I’d send my android lover to take care of chores I didn’t want to do–I would sleep with it–but that seems wrong now. Now that I let myself be found by Jesus Christ–the whole culture seems wrong–they have us worshiping idols–in the form of Technoligion."

Andrew saw where this was going, "You can’t start hating yourself–it is a trick that the evil spirits try to use on people that are going through the repenting process. The oldest trick in the books–divide and conquer–get you fighting against the Holy Spirit which is trying to marshal you back into the flock."

Amy said, "Andrew–I’m a sinner..."

Andrew voiced, "We all are sinners–that’s the whole point–there isn’t any good sinner or bad sinner–we are all in the same boat together–there are only those who enjoy their lives as sinners–and those who hate their lives as sinners. The Lord Jesus Christ taught us–that unless you come to him–hating those things about us–that enslave us–to sin–then–that we could not be saved. You have to not like your life in order to be converted unto Christ. Face it–if you are happy with the way things are–and no Christian–no Faither is going to like the world the way that it is–why..."

Amy moved into his arms, "I don’t know..."

Andrew explained, "Because God Almighty has shown us a better way–a Kingdom Come–in which our faith has allowed us to see what we can not see–understand what we can not understand–hear what we can not hear–and become what we still must become. So long as we are

of the flesh–we are still in the process of transition–Christian Faithers are a work in progress."

Andrew pulled her off the street into a fairly nice hotel–as they moved through the lobby–Amy became concerned.

Amy questioned, "If we get a room here–won’t Wayclose be able to find us–track us through the credit transaction?"

Andrew smiled at her as he approached the main desk, "I’ve already rotated my Beast Number–it changes every time I use it. It is never the same number twice."

Amy whispered, "But how?"

Andrew replied, "I’m from the future–remember," then he turned his attention towards getting them a room and off the streets. In the elevator–there was a hotel robot in there with them–every once and awhile–Amy would look at it critically–it got so bad that the machine became uncomfortable. The robot asked, "Is there anything I can do for you–your luggage perhaps?"

The arrows flew wildly–servant robots were looking up and quickly taking cover–Princess Lewanda loved archery–it was a shame–that she wasn’t very good at it. One of the Royal Servants stood next to Lewanda–assisting her with her archery lessons.

Sazont uttered, "Er–Princess Lewanda, you are suppose to hit the target–not send the palace robots–who are doing you and no one else any harm–running for cover."

But it was too late–Lewanda was enjoying her Spring Break on her home world of the planet Seaearth–the arrow went soaring into the sky–and then hit one of the robots in the hind area–this caused the robot–who though it was a machine–did have artificial feelings–running wildly–while Royal Servants and other robots ran after it–trying to help the poor thing.

Sazont voiced, "Perhaps the princess has had enough arrow shooting for one day?"

Lewanda gave up her arrows and long bow–but the expression on her face–said that she could have shot up a few more robots–so long as real people didn’t get hurt, "Well–if you really think so–gee–I was having so much fun–too."

Sazont walked with the princess, "You have been missed–here on your home world of Seaearth. And we all have seen your victory over the evil Demonsword–in the Quad Soccer Event. You brought much pride to your family and Royal House."

Lewanda uttered, "Pride goeth before the fall–and it wasn’t just me–it was a team effort. Besides–the final out come won’t be determined–until all four matches have been played–ours was just the first–there are three more–two of them have to be played on Demonsword’s home world."

Sazont nodded, "The evil planet Digon-tryk–Demonsword’s home world–it is a dreadful place–filled with all sorts of outlawed technology–abominations of idolatry–it is only right that they be defeated."

Lewanda stopped–to let the robot whom she shot with the arrow pass by–running still in pain and yelling–while members of the Royal Court Yard tried to help it, "Hmm–perhaps I do need more lessons..."

Sazont agreed, "Er–yes, princess–more lessons."

Lewanda went on, "There are many mysteries on Mars–where Angelcross is–what do you know about the Ancient Ruins of Mars?"

Sazont shrugged, "Only what I have read in books–they are considered one of Mars’ greatest natural resources–along with the other things–mining precious stones and minerals. It is not without reason–that the settlers from Earth Prime chose Mars as their first planet to totally colonize–or why so many other people from other planets still like to go there–for business and pleasure."

Lewanda nodded, "Yes–it has secrets that are not widely known–not even to Mars’ own government–at least–it appears that way."

Sazont did not understand, "What do you mean?"

Lewanda said, "What if I told you that there was a secret world of ancient mythical creatures living under Mars’ surface–deep within the great underground Caverns of Mars–what would you think?"

Sazont voiced, "Hmm–Mars has been colonized for hundreds of years–why haven’t the authorities discovered these–creatures?"

Lewanda announced, "Because you have to know where to look–there are countless caverns–deep under the surface of Mars–some of them known–because settlers make use of them–both as places to live and places to dump all sorts of toxic waste–killing some of the mystic creatures–forcing others to find new caverns to live in. It’s just not right."

Amy came out of the shower–wrapping herself in a hotel robe–there was something going on at the door–she came around the corner to see Andrew–holding his particle weapon behind himself–so that the hotel robot–who seemed to be delivering food–could not see it.

Andrew glanced back at her, "Did you order food?"

Amy suddenly realized her mistake–she forgot to tell him, "Yes–I did–I was hungry–I figured that we both could use something to eat."

The hotel robot looked at her–there was something disturbing about the gaze, "Your meal is here–the things you asked for," the machine–made kind of in man’s image–not an android–they looked just like humans–this was a robot–cheaper to buy–because of the less cosmetics.

Andrew noticed the uncomfortable stare the two of them were sharing–the robot and Amy–so he said, "Thanks–this looks like it will do just fine."

When the machine left–the two of them looked over the food quickly–said grace–and then began to eat.

Amy looked up, "Sorry–I forgot to tell you..."

Andrew was indeed hungry, "No problem–next time tell me before you act–that way I won’t go and blow off some poor robot’s head with my particle weapon."

Amy said, "Your Parwea", she referred to his weapon, "do you think the robot saw it?"

Andrew had a mouth full of eggs and bacon–toast in hand–he looked like a little kid eating, "I’m not so concerned with that as I am that the two of you seemed to have a hate thing going. Did you sense something that I missed?"

Amy was hungry but tried to be the better half, "No–no–it was just something–something about it–but I can’t put my finger on it right now. There was just something familiar about the damn thing. I’m actually starting to hate robots..."

Andrew sat back–stuffed too much food–needed to slow down a bit, "Wow–and this coming from a woman who used to sleep with her android servant. I’d say you’ve made some serious progress. But you can’t hate all robots–don’t forget–they only do what their masters tell them to do. So–they are not evil–in and of themselves."

Amy pouted, "No evil robot conspiracy?"

Andrew smiled, "No–just evil human manipulation of machines–to make it look like the machines have total autonomy."

Amy said, "What about the governing machines–they think and are even considered to be a form of life–synthetic life-forms they are called."

Andrew replied, "These hotel robots are not that sophisticated–they don’t have to be in order to carry out their functions. Even police and domestic robots are controlled by remote control–a centralized super-thinker computer controls them. Just like your android servant had a super-thinker computer at your home–even though it could go out into the real world and do all sorts of things–it was still linked remotely to your home super-thinker computer at your house."

Amy voiced, "I never really gave it that much thought–I knew there was two parts to my domestic android–but the other part just looked like a small piece of furniture–I put it off in a corner some place and forgot about it."

Andrew uttered, "That was your android’s brain–and the most expensive part of the system–they keep it separated from the body–in case something happens to the robot body–it is easily replaced–but the super-thinker isn’t."

Amy put some more food in her mouth, "Wayclose was monitoring the assassination attempt–because those killer robots were being run remotely."


I will not lie and say that my faith is pure or strong enough to save me because

I have learned to humble myself before the Lord God and not to puff myself up

With vain words or even vainer thoughts for pride is for the proud and falling is

For the vain foolish people who put their trust in worldly material things of damnation

God Jesus Christ is the only pure and perfect being that this physical world has even

Been graced to know and the devils of this living-hell killed him on the cross in an

Attempt to try and silence the Word of God but God makes fools of the wise on Earth

Because in doing so they fulfilled the prophecies of the Ancients and the revelations

Cast not your lot among men for they are like the wind they are here and yet no one

Sees them because they are invisible in time for they live for but a moment in time

And then they are gone and there are others to follow them for the vanity of men is

Their wealth and riches which drives them into hell-fire never to see the Light

If physical perfection is the praise of fallen angels then know you that spiritual perfection

Is the grace of our God Jesus Christ for though Jesus came in the flesh it is our journey to

Go in the spirit and to be comforted in the truth of God’s Holy Spirit that we fall daily

And daily the Holy Angels pick us up and minister to our hurts and pain for God is Love

This is not a time for me to think of myself great though I see greatness in the spirit I

Am forced into humbleness to think of evil whores who give themselves over to money

And lust while their children need and their husbands stand weeping as at the grave for

Surely the wife is lost to the fornicating tail of the devil and the lies of self belief

In the Latter Days people shall worship themselves and women shall love themselves and

Men shall be lovers of their own sex and people shall do the evil of Egypt and the sin

Of the Two Fallen Cities of the future because the Light has left the faithless blind while

The Truth has caused the Children of God to be able to see we are all created by God

If the bones of the seemed past tell a story that is contrary to the Word of God it is

Because the evil spirits have managed to deceive the children of Adam and Eve by magic

Which is trickery and lies of deception to get you to believe that you evolved from

Chaos when in truth our Holy Creator made us like we make things ourselves for good

Do not believe them when they find fault with the Holy Scriptures for they are the same

Lying spirits that found fault with our God and Savior Jesus Christ for if you allow

Yourself to be deceived by these lying doctrines of devils then you will have made the

Error of Eve and given your soul over to the damnation of lies and unbelief of sin

For what is sin but the darkened mind which does not believe in Jesus Christ for if being

Nice could save you then all nice would be saved or if being kind could save then all

Would be kind but it is not our deeds that justifies the Children of God but the love

That the Heavenly Father holds so truly for us and the Faith of the Holy Spirit in truth


Archibald walked through the great hall of the palace, "Tell me about the unrest that I hear rumors about?"

Esther gracefully walked with him–her beautiful dark skin shone with the beauty of the ages–she was like every African-ancestored princess–heavenly to behold, "Dad and mom are really worried."

Archibald carried himself like his father–the King–with dignity and nobility, "Surely things are not that bad–I mean–there is the League of Planets and the League of Worlds all tied together and united by the United Planets. Nothing has been able to threaten the Dynasty in a thousand years."

Esther looked cautious, "Our parents didn’t want you to know about this–because they thought it would distract you from your studies–but–there is talk of war. Not within the Dynasty–but there is a feudal system–called the Jemm. They are the beings that live in the darkness that exist between the galaxies–they seek to bring an end to all light in the galaxy."

Archibald looked puzzled at his sister, "How can one planet or government destroy all the light in the galaxy?"

Esther said, "The Jemm are not one planet–they are Legion of Jemm. All the blackness that exist between galaxies–in the entire known universe–that is their domain. They are ancient–claiming to have existed before the beginning of time itself–horrible creatures–that exist in the shadows–like living nightmares."

Archibald felt a chill run up his back, "Surely the League can fight them? I mean–there are hundreds of member planets and countless thousands more that want to join and have some type to treaty status with the League. I can’t believe that there is a form of government bigger than the Dynasty–or more collectively powerful."

Esther took a deep breath, "God’s Kingdom is the only force known to man that can defeat them. Our wisest counselors have looked at every possible way–the Legion of Jemm is old and hungry–they are like fire–that eats and destroys yet still can never be filled."

Archibald voiced, "Then maybe I should come home to stay–both of us–our planet–Riner needs us–while we go off and learn and play–trouble creeps our way of life."

Esther was cautious, "This is why you were not to be told–because your education is of the

utmost importance–what can you do if you are not educated? If you don’t know how to reason and to think–what good are any of us–if we are not at our best? God Almighty commands us to know Him–to seek out his Almighty Wisdom–what good are we if we don’t?"

Archibald muttered, "We can fight!"

Esther shook her beautiful head, "Dear, brother–you can’t fight what you don’t understand–and you can’t defeat what you don’t know."

Archibald spoke, "So–that is what you learn as you advance at Angelcross–they teach you to become wise–but not in the world–but in the things that have to do with God Almighty. Perhaps when the pastors are teaching–I will effort to pay greater attention. But this news–still–greatly troubles me. What is the King planning to do?"

Esther uttered, "On matters like that–even I am out of the loop–we are not of age to be made known the true plans of the Palace. But I have heard–that representatives from the various planets in the Dynasty were going to gather–to start to deal with this growing problem."

Archibald said, "It was exactly because of threats like this that the United Planets was formed–and a thousand years later–the Dynasty."

Esther voiced, "You are talking a thousand years according to the Reckoning."

The android moved back as Andrew fired his Parwea at it–the hot blasts rushing pass the hall–just then an old couple emerged from the elevator–the evil killer robot grabbed the old woman and used her as a human shield.

Amy yelled, "Andrew, he has a hostage!"

Panic on the one hundredth sixteenth floor was quickly setting in–Andrew moved around the corner for cover–pulling Amy–who seemed frozen because of the danger the old woman was now in–Andrew voiced, "There is no way out of here–throw down your gun and I won’t blast your tin can ass all over the walls."

But the voice coming from the killer robot shocked Amy and Andrew both–as the robot uttered, "It is only a matter of time–Andrew and I’m disappointed in you Amy–I thought we had a deal. You were suppose to draw Andrew out into the open where we could capture him."

Andrew had been hit on the arm–it wasn’t bad but it hurt him like hell–but that wasn’t the pain that he was feeling at the moment–it was the true horror and heart-sinking feeling of betrayal–the type that our Lord and Savior must have surely felt when Judas betrayed him, "What the hell is Wayclose talking about?"

Amy uttered, "His voice is coming from that killer robot–how?"

Andrew said, "That is because Wayclose is monitoring the robot–from some remote location–so that he won’t get his hands dirty–when he kills us–or should I say–kills me?"

Amy closed her eyes for a moment, "I don’t know what to say to you–I didn’t want you to find out this way. You have to believe me when I tell you that I love you, Andrew–I’d never do anything to harm you."

Andrew placed his head back against the wall, "Love is–it never betrays–it never sets you up–tells you lies that gets you hurt–love never wants you at the bottom or abandons you in the middle of something important! Do you even know what love is?"

The killer robot voiced, "Oh–how nice–she’s in love with you–but do you know how I found you–take a guess–she’s sitting right next to you..."

Amy had tears in her eyes, "You said it yourself–the government can monitor anyone they want–all they have to do is jack into a nearby robot’s live feed. That’s how he did it–look at me–look at me, Andrew–I never betrayed you. I believe in the things you’ve been teaching me about God and his son Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian Faither–like you..."

The robot muttered, "Who can you trust, Andrew–your long time enemy–who as hunted you and you have hunted me–or some slut who can’t love anything other than androids–lifeless–not real–no soul! Think about it, Andrew–if she is telling you the truth–then would I really be here–getting ready to kill you?"

Andrew fired a few blasts at the killer robot, "Shut the hell up, Wayclose!"

The killer robot spoke, "Oh–you missed me–target practice 101–never fire a loaded weapon in anger–you might miss and kill an innocent bystander. In this case–this old lady!"

Amy yelled, "You’ll never get away with this, Wayclose–I know all about you–how you are from the past and the future–traveling throughout time–changing little events–that go almost un-noticed–until the totality of the changes alters a critical event."

The killer robot fired a few blasts back at them, "Oh–so you really have been educated. Will I’m only helping along the natural science of the world–helping it to evolve–to overcome a blinding light!"

Andrew voiced, "Science is nothing more than witchcraft–the name has changed–but the dark arts are still the same–you serve the Beast, Wayclose–nothing is going to change that!"

Archibald and his older sister Esther sat in a small boat in the middle of a beautiful lake–it was the last days of their Spring Break–they’d have to be getting back to Angelcross–Archibald uttered, "It seems like my place is here–on Riner–now that trouble is coming."

Esther shook her head, "We both need to get back to Angelcross and to continue our education."

Archibald asked, "So–these Legion of Jemm–who are they?"

Esther voiced, "They are part of a greater evil called the Nicolaitanes–an ancient evil beyond the grave–they control the Nebat Warriors."

Archibald said, "I heard about the Nebats–in Pastor Hipshot’s class–I wish I’d been paying more attention."

Esther uttered, "I want you to stop looking for him–he’s dead–I know that you think there is something else going on–but you have to let this thing go. You don’t know what you are getting yourself into–just stay away from it. Remember what the Holy Bible says–run from evil."

Archibald cupped his hand in the water and then flicked at little of it on his sister, "I still remember a time when we were running around–playing in the palace–having fun–now–here we are–going off to another world–learning things that blow our minds–the truth is ever enlightening."

Esther agreed, "We are growing up–times are changing–God Almighty has plans for us–and destiny rest not for the weary hearted."

Archibald said, "Some times I grow so tired–I mean–I feel like I’m going to fall–spiritually I’m talking about."

Esther went on, "It happens to the best of us, Archibald–the Holy Bible teaches us that it is inevitable that people will fall–that is because the evil spirits of the world place stumbling blocks before us–to make us fall. They set traps for the Children of Light–they hunt the saints like they were sheep for the slaughter–but God Jesus is a wonderful God–a mighty God–caring about his people–not just in the Kingdom Come–but right here and now. Remember–that with great suffering come great reward–just read the Book of Job–so that though while he suffered–mind boggling torment–God in the end–made his last days greater than his first."

Archibald mused, "Then our time must be the times of all times–we live in the post-last days–that is why the Great Reckoning has happened–because God foretold that a time would come–when the Beast would think to have changed time and times of times. Maybe that is why translaser and transdoor technology had to come into existence. Because when the first transdoor was opened–it changed time as we once knew it–and the Great Reckoning had to be engaged–in order to impose order on a seemingly order-less process."

Esther said, "Even though by God’s word–the Beast will only rule for a short time–a space

of two and a half years–because of transdoor technology–those two and a half years can be bent–twisted–distorted–stretched and expanded–a day can be like a century and a century like a day. The Legion of Jemm is behind the Beast–I’ve heard mom and dad talking. All of our advanced technology has been influenced by the perverse needs of the Nicolaitanes."

Archibald uttered, "Then–maybe there is no hope for us–we are all born into the Children of the Damned..."

Esther’s eyes were filled with the Holy Spirit, "Not so, little brother–for the things that men deem impossible are but child’s play for God Jesus Christ–for the Word of God makes fools of the knowledge of the universe–the thoughts of men. God Almighty can do anything–there is none that can even lift their heads from the ground–unless he so commands it. Have faith–for the Holy Scriptures are Truth and do not lie–for Jesus Christ is the Son of God!"

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