Archibald Gardener - Chapter 7

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"An arrow from my bow had pierced their chief" John Home

The classroom was filled with eager children–to be educated and taught both in the practical

matters of Ancient Christian matters–but in the applications of Christian Mysticism–miracles–prayers–divine healing through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Azimuth’s class was buzzing with the sounds of children learning the precious word of God and the everyday applications of such awesome power.

A child raised her hand and asked, "Why should we still believe in miracles–when there are hospitals and doctors–physicians that can heal us of almost every kind of disease?"

Azimuth smiled slightly, "Do you think that physicians are a new thing?"

Lewanda raised her hand and uttered, "They do have all sorts of technology that they can use to heal people."

Azimuth uttered, "Hmm–technology to heal?"

Sheyouany voiced, "Maybe we are not seeing the whole picture."

Azimuth voiced, "People thousands of years ago did what people today did–when they got sick–they went to physicians to heal them. The Holy Bible teaches us that one woman who was rich and spent all her wealth on physicians–before she decided to go to God Jesus Christ for help."

Archibald said, "But that was in the old times–times have changed–things are more modern. We can got to other planets–solar systems–our technology is so advanced–it seems like magic."

Azimuth raised an eyebrow, "Magic–really–and where do you suppose that magic–which is a synthetic imitation of God Almighty’s Holy Power–comes from–or better–what do you really think magic is?"

Sheyouany told, "It is trickery–usually with a base that is unseen or unknown to those that are tricked by it or fooled by the trick."

Azimuth taught, "So then–we know that God does things through his Almighty Will and his Holy Word. And that evil spirits–copy the ways of God–but are not able to use God Almighty’s powers–so they invent machines that mimic the ways of God Almighty."

Lewanda asked, "What about those people who use magic? Some of them seem like nice people willing to help?"

Azimuth laughed slightly, "Help you to do what?"

Lewanda said, "I don’t know–get out of trouble I guess."

Azimuth taught, "It was the devil who got us all into trouble in the first place! Never forget that–you can not use evil to fight evil! You must learn to trust God Almighty and his holy ways–that is the only way to get out of trouble."

Archibald said, "Then–what you are saying is that we should pray–worship God Jesus Christ–and that God will deliver us from our troubles."

Azimuth was happy, "Exactly–pray first to God Jesus Christ–then show your faith by getting out in the world–if you can–and doing something about it. Remember–faith without acts of faith–are made to no use–you must first call on the name of God Almighty–then do something to demonstrate your faith in him–and God who sees all–will use his power–miracles big and small–depending on what is needed–to save you."

Lewanda voiced, "So–those who put their faith in technology–are really putting their faith in devils and magic–which is really trickery–cleaver devices designed to mimic what God does."

Amy sat across from Andrew in a quiet café, "Maybe I should just give myself up–go to the police and tell them everything that has happened to me–to us–maybe they can protect us both?"

Andrew was eating, "You don’t really believe that do you–after what you’ve seen–what you’ve been through. Wayclose is the police–well–he works for a branch of the government–Federal Police. All you’d end up doing is setting yourself up–he wouldn’t have to go looking for you–and you’d be all locked up–just waiting for him to come or send one of his killer robots to finish you off."

Amy voiced, "But if he wanted to kill me–why didn’t he do it when he had the chance–I was right there–alone with him–why not kill me right then?"

Andrew uttered, "Time and place–he has to kill you at the right time and place–if any of those things are off–then the effect that the Dark Powers are looking for–won’t happen. Remember what I told you–it is rare that they actually kill anyone–because killing a person–involves countless variables–think of all the people you come in contact everyday–now imagine that you are dead before your time–all those souls that you now–don’t interact with–their lives change because you were not there–changing the future on a scale that is virtually unpredictable."

Amy said, "And they act like a surgical team–changing only small things in the past–so that the cumulative effects over a long period of time–makes grand changes in the future."

Andrew resumed eating his breakfast, "The rule is simple–small changes in the past equal big changes in the future–while the converse is true–big changes in the past–equal small and often no changes in the future at all–because the Cosmic Flux resets itself–if too much change occurs–because destiny must be fulfilled!."

Amy iterated, "So–the only way not to trigger the Cosmic Reset–is to Cosmic Engineer small changes."

Andrew said, "If Wayclose messes this up–it could mean the undoing of hundreds if not thousands of years of tampering with time–for them–they’d have to go back–to the beginning of the world–and start all over."

Amy questioned, "Have they ever had to do that–go back and start over?"

Andrew spoke, "It has happened before–sometimes–if one side can’t win–or a mistake happens–people get killed that were not suppose to die that year–the future changes too much–or the Cosmic Reset kicks in–bring everything back into balance with God’s original plan–because destiny is the hardest thing to change. You see–if God said it–then it can’t be changed–God’s word is our destiny!"

Amy voiced, "Then the only thing that can be changed is the implied word–the events leading up to an event that God Almighty has destined to be."

Andrew uttered, "I’m going to take you out of the cold."

Amy asked, "What?"

Andrew went on, "There are safe houses all over the place–on different planets–different worlds–even different realities. I’m going to take you to a safe house–that way I can have some experts talk to you–try and find out what’s going on–find out what it is that Wayclose really wants–what it is that he is trying to change."

Amy uttered, "I don’t understand–I thought he just wanted to kill us?"

Andrew said, "It goes way beyond that–he might be trying to force a Cosmic Reset–because he’s messed up–some place else in time and space–and the outcome isn’t what the Dark Powers want."

Amy voiced, "So–that’s how it is done–both sides in a power struggle for the future!"

Pastor Prettyfield taught, "When is a good time to pray?"

Lewanda raised her hand, "In the morning–because it gets your day off to a good start."

Prettyfield uttered, "I see–so getting ones day off to a good start is very important–can anyone tell me why?"

Archibald said, "Well–for some people–it is drinking coffee–or for others–taking a nip of booze–and for others–illegal drugs–those things get them going in the morning–and then there is gambling or some other vice."

Prettyfield could feel the energy in the classroom–to learn, "What are all these things that you just mentioned, Archibald?"

Archibald shrugged, "Bad things..."

Prettyfield nodded, "In most cases they are–but by themselves–done in moderation and under the right circumstances–God has taught us that there is nothing evil in and of itself–it is the guilt that is generated from within–the beating back of the conscience–the defiance of God’s Almighty will–that is when these things become bad for you. But there is something else..."

Sheyouany said, "They are tokens of false gods."

Prettyfield uttered, "Very good–now can you tell me why?"

Lewanda voiced, "Because they take away from God’s message–that we are suppose to be sober–of good deeds–charitable."

A child in the class questioned, "I don’t get it–if we are not suppose to do these things–then what’s the point of being a Christian Faither–all the fun in life is gone. God doesn’t want us to have any fun?"

Prettyfield surveyed her students, "God is Love. There is no greater joy–fun–than God’s love for us and our love for him. Why do you think that some heathens–secular people might think that our loving and caring God Almighty–doesn’t want us to enjoy ourselves?"

Sheyouany inserted, "Because what the infidels are saying–isn’t true. If you worship Jesus Christ and believe that he is the true Son of God–then you know a joy that goes far beyond mere worldly lusts and carnal passions."

Prettyfield smiled, "I can see that you’ve been reading your texts–very good answer. You see–the evil spirits want people to believe that there is something wrong with being obedient to Jesus Christ–they wage a campaign of lies–against our Holy Savior Jesus Christ. It is because people–people all over the civilized universe–have fallen from perfection–that is why God Almighty’s Holy Word seems strange and alien to the secular minds of the atheist and the agnostics–and all those who exist in the middle of the road–claiming that their way is the way to salvation. When in truth–they are victims of doctrines of devils. There is only one God Almighty–only one Jesus Christ–only one Holy Spirit–doing the will of God."

Archibald asked, "What about those who put down the Holy Trinity or say that the Lord’s Prayer–was never prayed by Jesus Christ–therefore it is not the Lord’s Prayer."

Prettyfield answered, "Everything that Jesus Christ did–his entire life on Earth Prime–what was it about? It was about teaching–God Jesus is the Ultimate Teacher–everything he taught us–he himself did–God Jesus never gave us something that he himself wasn’t subject to himself–even unto the death on the cross. Jesus Christ taught us how to live–and he taught us how to die. And he taught us how to be reborn and to be resurrected. God Jesus Christ taught by example! Make no doubt about it–the Lord’s Prayer is the most powerful prayer known to mankind! The Holy Trinity is God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Ghost! Believe and be free from all evil!"

Archibald understood, "Then false prophets are trying to trick us by naysaying."

The woman sat across from Amy–it was making Amy nervous and the other woman–a psychiatrist kept glancing up and then making notations on her electronic pad. The room was kind of dark–but there was a window–outside was a playground. A few children were playing in it–she could hear the happy voices–the laughter–singing in the distance. What were they singing–she’d heard the song before–but not sung exactly this way–must be the way Martian children sang it.

Dr. Phrazier finally uttered, "So–why do you think that this man–the one that you say is after you–why do you think he is chasing you?"

Amy took a quiet deep breath, "I already told you–I’m not sure. At first I thought he was the good guy and that Andrew was some monster–Wayclose told me that Andrew was a criminal against the government of Technoligion. Well–being a good citizen–I wanted to do what I could to help rid our society of Faithers."

Phrazier questioned, "It is only against the law to be a Faither in six of the planets that form the United Planets. In most of the League of Planets and the League of Worlds–Faithers hold considerable political power–howbeit–that power is constantly under challenge."

Amy went on, "Some worlds tolerate religions that are not the mainstream–however–Technoligion is the only officially sanctioned religion of all the Dynasty. In most cases–if you are suspected of being a Faither–you can be killed as a traitor."

Phraizer asked, "Is that what you see–do you feel that everyone who believes in Jesus Christ–and refuses to worship the Beast–Technoligion–is a traitor?"

Amy shook her head–she seemed confused–yet–she seemed to have an inner resolve also, "I didn’t say that–what I meant was that long ago–just at the start of serious space colonization–when the Governing Machines–were taking control–everyone did–but we were wrong–Jesus Christ is God. I am here to say that I believe in God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ–Amen!"


If I were a doorkeeper I’d let you in

I’d never change the locks to my heart

I’d never hide my face when I saw you

If I were a doorkeeper you’d be my friend

If I were a doorkeeper there’d be no pain

The shadows which cross the grass in silence

Would never cast their gloom of chalice

If I were a doorkeeper there’d be only rain

If I were a doorkeeper the world is yours

And there would be time for all and no time

For the sorrows of our thoughts of reason

If I were a doorkeeper I’d unburden chores

If I were a doorkeeper as wise as a mouse

There would be saints and angels calling

You to a new and precious elucidation

If I were a doorkeeper in God’s Holy House

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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