Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy


Copyright © Victor Darnell Hadnot

"To the marble limbs so perfect in their passionless repose" Anonymous

Alex said, "I just don’t know–every time I look around–there seems to be more and more sickness. Little children dying and starving of all sorts of disease. All the while those so called charity organizations–who collect millions by the way–are pocketing the charity donations–for so called administrative reasons..."

Chubimora nodded, "I agree–while these poor people die. I saw on the public broadcasting station–some guy who was suppose to be part of the World Charity Organization–showing pictures of women and children–sick–starving–and dying. He was asking the rich to donate to the charity relief. All the while he was obviously fat and overweight–there was obviously no hunger problem in his family–but those poor people he was suppose to be representing–my God...."

Alex was scrubbing his hands before taking care of another patient, "I’ve spent every dime I hand–once I got here–trying to improve the quality of life for the people in the villages that we serve."

Chubimora said, "I understand–so did I. I think it is a natural instinct to try and help–especially when one first comes over here and witnesses first hand–the vast and enormous amount of poverty these men–women and children are suffering."

Alex spoke, "It’s all political you know."

Chubimora uttered, "I know–the warlords in the hills–fighting amongst each other. They steal medical supplies and food and then sell it on the black market."

Alex went on, "No–I mean yes–that is happening–but I’m talking about things on a bigger picture. This whole continent of Africa needs to get it’s shit together! I mean–just think of it–Japan and Germany and Italy were defeated back in the Twentieth Century. But look how they were able to rebuild and rise to a position of importance in the global world."

Chubimora asked, "So–what the hell is happening here? If occupied and defeated nations can rise up and overcome their occupation and become free and contribute to the global world–why in the hell can’t Africa find its place?"

Alex said, "That’s a good question. I think those other nations had someone going for them that African can’t seem to get it together."

Chubimora asked, "What is it–what made those other nations–who were obviously defeated at one point in time–able to reinvent themselves into super-powers?"

Alex took in a deep breath, "I think the answer lies in the fact that those nations–no matter how beaten and oppressed they were–they were also unified. They all had one localized political government and were able to capitalize on that fact. Here in Africa–you have tiny–insignificant–so called presidents of overly impoverished nations. They all fight amongst themselves. The so called presidents care only about themselves–not their people–the quality of their lives. They maybe educated in some ways–but none of them have learned the basic and fundamental lesson–a king or president is only as powerful as the people. If the people are poor–then the country is poor–it doesn’t matter how rich the so called president of that country is."

Chubimora voiced, "I’ll assist you in surgery, doctor..."

The fat and disgusting warlord Somtop belched loudly–totally no manners at all, "You need to tell me something, doctor..."

Alex was uncomfortable–the room was filled with men with guns–obviously supplied by insurgents, "Look–me and my hospital try to stay out of your way, Somtop. All the doctors and nurses want to do is help the people."

Somtop glanced over at someone in back of Alex–grinned and nodded then turned his attention to him, "While I totally agree and understand the need to help the locals. There are limits to which I can protect you from the rebel factions."

Chubimora had held her peace up to that point, "Oh–let’s cut the crap, Somtop–you are the rebel forces and the insurgents are taking orders and delivering guns–because of you."

Somtop studied the nurse for a moment, "I can see why women are not allowed in such meetings–yet you insisted that you would not come alone–had I known you were going to bring this woman–I would have rejected the meeting."

Chubimora said, "Why–what’s wrong, Somtop–you not used of women speaking up to you?"

Some of the guards wrestled but Somtop motioned them to stand down, "You have a big mouth for such a small woman! And yes–if things were different–I’d take your skinny ass into the other room and teach you how to be a proper woman!"

Alex signed, "Look–all this is getting us no where. It’s obvious that none of us really like one another–and the pain and death inflicted on the villagers–is totally unacceptable! The killing has to stop! There is disease and famine and all sorts of other things that is ravaging this land–why add your assassins to that list, Somtop? My God–these are your people–all you are the president are doing is getting fat–by channeling the relief aid–while countless souls are starving and dying of sickness and disease. But look at yourself–you are fat and doing well..."

Somtop kind of laughed, "Yes–I and my followers are indeed doing very well–and it doesn’t have to be that way with the locals–all they have to do is follow me and reject President Boohotu. It’s as simple as that!"

Chubimora stated, "And all the while–it is the locals who are the victims–suffering and dying. This is insane–my God–the whole continent of African has forever lost it’s mind! Instead of fighting amongst yourselves–letting outside forces play the divide and conquer game with you and your people–hell, man–you were educated at an Ivy League school in the States–what the hell is all this about?"

Somtop suddenly became very agitated, "What!? You want to know what this is all about? It’s about power–those who have it can rule and those who don’t will die!"

Chubimora yelled back, "Well that is just stupid! African is the laughing stock of the entire world–good grief–countries back in the Twentieth Century have fallen and risen–while Africa seems to be stuck in some kind of miserable time-warp–she can’t seem to get her footing. And you know–that is really ashamed–because this is a beautiful continent–with all sorts of things to offer the world–but so long as stupid warring factions–like yourselves keep killing and stealing from your own people–you will never be anything to reckon with! A nation–a country–a continent is only as strong as its people."

Somtop was obviously pissed off, "Don’t you come over here and try and lecture to us–Africans–how to do things–just look at your own country–look at the way things were after the flood. I didn’t see white faces suffering–the whole world saw black faces–being left to die!"

It must have been the heat of the night–the longing for something that made sense–because one touch lead to another and suddenly Alex and Chubimora found themselves in bed–making love. Their passions seemed to engulf them in an almost spiritual expression of the words that they could not find–they had often shared a glance and a key word–but neither acted on it–maybe out of professional courtesy–perhaps because both of them were afraid of what they might find.

The night was well spend and Chubimora woke to find Alex not sleeping beside her–she put on some loose fitting clothes and began to look for him. She found him by the barn talking on what she first thought was a phone. Then she remembered that they couldn’t get reception out this far.

Chubimora approached him. "Hey, you–I woke and you were gone–is everything alright?"

Alex quickly put his phone away–trying his best to conceal it, "What–yeah–yes–everything is fine. I was–I was..."

Chubimora cut in, "You were just talking on a phone that isn’t suppose to work out this far–what do you have–a sat-link?"

Alex studied the situation for a long moment–he looked in her eyes–good grief–he’d just got through making love to the woman–if he lied now, "No–regular phones don’t work out here–mine is very special."

Chubimora said, "Oh–and here I thought you were ordering out for pizza," she tried to joke about it.

Alex chucked slightly, "I was ordering a fresh supply of medicine."

Chubimora asked, "I wanted to talk to you about that–the medicine that you’ve been treating the villagers with–I’ve never seen results like that before. I mean–nothing short of a miracle in most cases..."

Alex approached her gently, "Yeah–I guess you could say that they are miracle drugs."

Chubimora went on, "But Somtop and his thugs have managed to intercept mostly all the shipments of medicine that we need for the sick–and has been selling it on the black market. How did you manage to get supplies in without him interfering?"

Alex took a deep breadth, "What I’m about to tell you–well–you are not suppose to know..."

Chubimora smiled jokingly, "What–you are some type of a spy or something?"

Alex didn’t laugh with her, "Something like that–actually–I’m a doctor from the future. I’ve come back in time to finish my training–training in ancient medial practices."

Chubimora started to laugh–and she did so quite hardily–but through her tears of laughter–she managed to notice the expression on her lover’s face, "My God! You are serious!"

Alex nodded and then pulled out the device he had been talking on–it kind of looked like a cell phone–but there was another aspect about it–the technology was too advanced–she wasn’t sure how she knew this–but she could tell. She voiced, "You know–little green men and all that future stuff isn’t a good way to get me back in bed with you..."

Alex laughed–feeling some of the tension subsiding, "I’m not suppose to tell anyone. Altering the past and all that quantum nonsense. But I’ve been told that I have to leave..."

Chubimora suddenly wasn’t feeling so secure, "Why? Is your training up?"

Alex said, "No–I’ve been recalled because Somtop is going to raid the village. Everyone dies in the slaughter–I have to get the people to safety–I’m going to need your help."

The noise that the men in the trucks made was frightening–it was late at night when the soldiers–no–thugs of Somtop raided the village. Without warning or cause–for what reason could there be–they began to burn what little the village had to offer. But it became obvious after awhile–that there was no one home.

With all the villagers in tow–leading them to some place safe–was Alex and Chubimora–when some of them glanced back–they could see the smoke and fire rising from what was once their homes.

Someone said, "Surely Somtop will find us..."

Another said, "You have to have faith–the Good Lord will deliver us..."

Chubimora asked, "The people are starting to murmur–they are frightened–as am I. Where are we going?"

Alex seemed preoccupied, "Hmm–some where safe," was his reply.

Chubimora went on, "I understand that you think that you are from the future–and frankly–the device I saw you with–well–I’ve been living out here–in this remote location for years–trying to help these people. It’s possible that the device is just something new–that I’ve never seen–the latest cell phone."

Alex looked at her strangely, "You really don’t trust me or believe me. No–I guess if I were in your shoes–I’d doubt me too. But all you have to do is hold on to your faith for just a little bit longer–you’ll see."

Someone said, "Perhaps our faith isn’t enough–when Somtop realizes that there is no one in the village–he will send his men–in trucks with guns and machetes to kill us all."

Alex tried to keep everyone calm, "Believe me–I know how impossible this all seems–but believe me when I tell you–the alternative is very unfavorable! Do you want to stay–because of your fear–and face Somtop with his gang of killers? Or–do you chose to live–and try and muster up the courage to believe that God can do something about all this..."

A voice echoed, "God–perhaps–but you–what can you do–you are just a doctor?"

Chubimora voiced, "Yes–he is a doctor–but the medicines that he was using to treat and heal your sicknesses–the medicines don’t come from our time–believe me I know. There is something different about him–he’s not just another doctor..."

Then suddenly they all could hear the sound of trucks coming up the road–and then random gun shots–Somtop’s people were shooting at the hapless villagers. Someone uttered, "They have found us!"

It was about then that Alex motioned everyone to be still, "It doesn’t matter anymore–we have arrived at our destination!"

Alex took out his device and began to press key buttons–and then suddenly the area lit up with light in front of them and a huge doorway–a transtimeuet–appeared, "The gateway to Heaven..."

Everyone stood in wonder–could this stranger–this doctor who had so lovingly treated their sicknesses have come from someplace beyond their time and space? Some were glad and relieved and others were frightened ans skeptical.

Alex held up his hands and said, "Today–your salvation has come–for God Jesus Christ has heard your prayers–come with me–and live–come with me to Paradise..."

When Somtop’s men got there–they found only rags and castaway items–the people’s footprints went just so far and then simply disappeared–for they could only be found in Paradise.

What if God did not exist is a most provocative question and it begs the

Question what if God does indeed exist and all the evil that mankind has

Been doing will some day come to a reckoning of the Lord and the poor

And the weak and the hapless and the most humble shall be saved in glory

For who is a rich man in this world and who is famous and who is powerful

For our deeds are brought forth by the will of God Almighty and the rich

Man shall hardly be able to enter into the kingdom of God for did not the

Wealthy man have everything he ever wanted right here on Earth’s lust

But the Lord Jesus Christ is God over all things and the world has rejected the

Lord of Creation for the price of silver and the betrayal of envy and corruption

But the faithful shall see the rising of the sun and the moon shall bow to the

Sound of God’s voice and those who love the Lord Jesus Christ do worship

For money is a false god and wealth deceives the banker and the sins of the

Greedy are buried in time and space for the day when God will judge the

Entire world because the need for money is the evil spirit’s sleight of life and

The burning of hell fire is the reward for all those who trust in wealth and gain

See the pain and the suffering that the rich had inflicted upon the world for do

Not the rich oppress you and the children of hunger are many and the children

Of homelessness are many and the children of sickness are many but the world

Dances on their graves and the wealth goes to corrupt politicians and leaders

This is not a time of good child where the only power on Earth is the power

Of oil and gold and diamonds and other such so called valuable things for the

Rich will kill the poor in order to remain rich and the poor will find grace with

The Lord Jesus Christ for only the evil spirits bless the rich that damned in hell

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and live and serve God Almighty with all your heart

And soul for we are children of the God Most High and the Lord Jesus Christ is

His name make peace with those who abase you and find judgement in the wisdom

Of the Lord God for woe is ever near for the unfaithful and acts of sin abound

There is a Great Whore who commits adultery while thinking in her heart that

She shall be saved but salvation shall escape her because she has failed to repent

And make restitution for her sins and she causes the entire universe to sin with

Her whorish ways for she opens up her legs and allows demons inside her sanctum

Blessed are they who call on the Lord Jesus Christ and blessed are those who

Love God in truth and not just in words for damned are the hypocrites of hell who

Like to say that they love you while all the time they infect your body and soul with

The sickness of damnation and the disease of hypocrisy and the lies of deceit

Submitted: October 12, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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There is a lot of truth in this story. The whole issue of Africa is aggravating and depressing.

Thu, December 15th, 2011 12:41am

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