Elegy of Sherlock Holmes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Christian Science Fiction

Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"There are some things that a man can not do, and there is nothing that Jesus Christ can not achieve." The Great Book

We see a somewhat cloudy day as we watch the goings on and passing by on Baker Street. Inside his flat, we observe Sherlock Holmes as he gazes onto the street below. In the room is his friend Dr. Watson. There is a polite knock at the door. Watson quickly gets up and opens it. Standing on the other side is a stunningly beautiful woman of dark African decent. Watson graciously shows her in and she is seated. Holmes continues to stare out the window.

Watson finally says after it becomes obvious that Holmes is in one of his moods, "Yes, then. You are the author behind this most interesting message?"

We see Angela Foxfield as she examines the note, she glanced over to Holmes. "I’m sure that the two of you have much more interesting cases to work on, perhaps this was a mistake?"

Watson voiced, "Holmes?"

We see Holmes as he slowly moved away from the window and settles in on his chair. He looks at the two of them and then smiles for a second, gaining his favorite pipe he began to dress it. Finally after taking a few puffs, "Yes. You are indeed the most interesting case. Tell us about your dilemma."

Angela spoke, "I’m afraid that if I tell you the things that have led up to this moment. You would not believe me or think me mad."

Holmes said, "Indeed? Watson here often thinks that much of me. So. I assure you, please continue. . ."

The mysterious dark woman pulls out a strange device from her purse. It is small and very complex in nature. Parts of it obviously belong to the current century but there are other parts of the device that are obviously beyond the times. Holmes and Watson are immediately taken by the object.

Watson uttered, "Hmm. Some kind of a time piece?"

Holmes gets it from Watson. "I suspect that this is the subject of the meeting, Watson." He gazes over at the woman, "It’s not a watch. And more interestingly enough, it is not entirely from this place."

Watson voiced, "Ah. Swiss perhaps. . ."

Holmes laughs curtly, "No indeed, Watson. Not Swiss. Least, not the Swiss that we know of. How did you come about such a device?"

Angela answered, "I need you to retain this device until I return. I can pay you handsomely, in gold", she takes out a sack of gold coins and gives them to Watson. "I trust that will be sufficient?"

Watson voices, "More than enough, in fact? Why do you need us to keep this object?"

Angela answered, "There are those that are interested in getting their hands on it. I assure you, the object is mine, I am the legal and legitimate. In fact, I’m the only person that can even use the object. But there are those who would try and glean its secrets for their own gain."

Holmes asked, "From what parts do you hail, my dear princess?"

Watson goes, "Princess?"

Holmes went on, "Yes. Indeed. We are graced to be in the presence of royalty, Watson."

Watson asked, "But. How did you know, Holmes?"

Holmes responded famously, "Elementary, my dear Watson. I could deduce from the knock on the door that we were dealing with someone of refinement. As the princess entered the room I counted the cadence of the steps, deducting that her steps were practiced, something that only royalty could have ingrained. The way in which our fair client took her seat, while obviously unconsciously, revealed a manner which was highly refined. And then, the way in which Miss Foxfield answered questions, that was the final clue as to her upbringing."

Angela uttered, "Amazing, Mr. Holmes. I had read about your powers of deduction. But to observe them in real life. . ."

Holmes laughed curtly, "In real life? There is much more to this case than what presents itself. But rest assure, I am willing to wait until you return, in order to gain the real answers. I trust that you have a pressing engagement. But furthermore, the ring on your small finger, though you have been trying to conceal it since you entered the room, holds a royal crest. A crest while no doubt quite real, does not come from this place. Your shoes are finely crafted, but again, not from this place. Your clothes are designed to appear modest yet telling of someone with wealth, made of material I’ve never seen before. Indeed, I strongly doubt that any tailor, from these parts will be able to accurately divine the origins of the material. Shall I go on?"

Angela said, "No, Mr. Holmes. The job is yours. I shall return in exactly one week. Seven days from now. At that time I shall reveal to you everything, and ask you a question for which it will be a life changing event if you accept."

Watson said, "Really? Life changing? Can’t imagine what that might be, Holmes?"

Holmes glanced annoyingly at Watson, then back at the mysterious client, "One week. Please, Watson, see to it that our client is safely escorted to her taxi."

Angela asked, "You knew you’d take the case at the moment I walked in, didn’t you, Mr. Holmes?"

Holmes got up and went back to the window, puffing gently his favorite pipe, "My dear princess, I knew I’d take the case the moment I read the message. Have a safe trip. Rest assure, your secrets are safe with Dr. Watson and myself."

After Watson had seen Angela Foxfield to her cab, Holmes watched the buggy as it went on off. Watson came back in and began to examine the object that was at the center of the table. Holmes still gazed out the window, as if looking into tomorrow.

Watson finally broke the silence, as he often did, "Most fascinating case, wouldn’t you say, Holmes?"

Holmes voiced, "We have not yet to clearly understand the full nature of this matter, Watson."

Watson answered, "Indeed. Perhaps you are right, seems like a great deal of money to just keep a small device. Looks harmless enough. I think it is a watch of some sort. Some fancy royal watch, perhaps a present, from some royal?"

Holmes laughed curtly, "The device has seven levels, each level is arranged in such a way to intercept with a part of the other, yet they are independent. If it were a mere watch, Watson, what meaning would there be for the four other parts. No. This is not a present or a watch. This device exercises components from beyond our known level of technology."

Watson didn’t get it, "Really, Holmes? All these little twistings and turns within the device, you see all that?"

Holmes answered, "There is a man in town, his name is Tesla. A famous and revered scientist. Find where he is staying and make an appointment. I’m curious to gain his insight."

We see a large room with all sorts of strangely complex machines and equipment. We can see that Holmes and Watson have managed a meeting with Tesla. Tesla is examining the device that Angela Foxfield left in Holmes’ charge.

Tesla said, "This is truly a remarkable device. Where did you come about it?"

Watson replied, "A client of Sherlock Holmes left it with him. Right then, Holmes?"

Holmes uttered, "Indeed, Watson. Can you glean the purpose of the device. I have noticed that it contains elements from our time, but there are other things that cause me to press for another explanation."

Tesla worked some controls, "It is not a time machine, if that is what you were thinking."

Watson asked, "Really? And I would have thought so, with all the little things moving and whatnot. Add to that the young lady that felt it with us."

Tesla went on, "This device is far more complex than anything mankind can manufacture in the present. But its purpose isn’t to travel through time. See here, if that were the case, one would only need these four planes. But this device has seven."

Holmes uttered, "Three more than what is needed? It looks like our mysterious client has traveled an even greater distance than was suspected."

Tesla spoke, "If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that she is from a different plane than our own, but judging by the more simple elements of the device, which give it its common look. The device was broken."

Watson questioned, "Broken? You mean it doesn’t work?"

Tesla answered, "No. I didn’t say that it didn’t work. I’m sure it works just fine, judging from the way that it is counting down. But look here, see those parts?"

Holmes answered, "Yes. Yes, go on. . ."

Tesla expounded, "They are out of phase."

Watson asked, "Out of phase? What does that mean?"

Tesla explained, "They exist, but not in our time and space. Whoever repaired this device, knew what they were doing, they had to. If they made a mistake, well, the device could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands."

Watson went on, "Wrong hands? Holmes, you don’t suppose that someone is after our client. . ."

Holmes finished, "Hoping to gain access to the device. And by that, any means possible. If this is true, and the evidence seems to lead us to that conclusion, then our princess is in grave danger. For if they catch her and don’t find the device on her, then who knows what they might do, in order to make her tell them where it is."

Watson spoke, "Good Lord, Holmes. You don’t think they might torture her?"

Holmes voiced, "This device doesn’t belong in our place and time. It would represent a great shift in the balance of power if it were to be reverse engineered."

Tesla spoke, "I’d say it could advance our understanding of knowledge, many centuries into the future. Just decoding the simplest of its workings could make someone very powerful and rich."

We see Watson and Holmes as they have left the building where Tesla’s laboratory was and are quickly making their way across the way. They hear a cry for help, it is a woman’s voice. Holmes and Watson quickly respond. They turn the way to see a menacing figure as it rips the poor woman, killing her. Holmes and Watson startle the figure and it runs off into the night fog.

Watson quickly tried to render medical attention, whistles blow and two bobbies come over.

Bobbie uttered, "See here, what’s the manner of this?"

Holmes returns, "I am Sherlock Holmes and this is Dr. Watson. We were about our business when we heard a young woman’s scream. When we came to investigate and lend assistance, we found a large figure looming over her, slashing the poor woman. As we approached, the figure fled in that direction."

We see other officers come over, they were chasing the looming figure but it managed to get away. A supervising constable comes over.

Inspector Gear said, "What’s this? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? How is it that you two are involved in this case?"

Watson came over, "There is nothing I can do for the poor woman. She has been ripped in pieces."

Inspector Gear said, "Right on! She’s the victim of Jack the Ripper!"

Watson repeated, "Jack the Ripper?"

Holmes voiced, "Yes, Watson. It has been in the papers. Not much has been made of it because the killer has been targeting prostitutes, really, no one seems to care. . ."

Inspector Gear spoke, "Now hold on there, Mr. Holmes. We at Scotland Yard care deeply as to every citizen. Doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor. No one deserves to be murdered. Specially not like this, she’s been butchered!"

Holmes examined the grounds, "Yes. It would seem by someone that knows how to pick his victims well."

Watson added, "I can tell you that whoever this is, they have knowledge of medicine."

Holmes spoke, "Indeed, Watson?"

Watson went on, "Whoever did this, knows the human anatomy, and well."

Inspector Gear asked, "So you are saying that a doctor did this, Dr. Watson?"

Holmes interjected, "What Watson is saying is that whoever is behind this Jack the Ripper, has specialized knowledge. . ."

Watson added, "Knowledge that can only be gained by studying medicine."

Inspector Gear said, "Well right then, this is the first I’ve heard of this. You and Mr. Holmes working on the Ripper case? Perhaps hired by a victim’s family member?"

Watson started off, "Actually we have. . ."

Holmes interrupted, "We have a vested interest in catching this thing."

Inspector Gear corrected, "Thing? Don’t you mean, man?"

Holmes voiced, "What I saw tonight, the way that it moved, the swiftness in which it killed. The manner in which it was able to escape Watson and myself, trained as we are in catching such criminality. I stand by my statement!"

Watson said, "Surely, Holmes. I admit that the figure was of a somewhat large man, but a man all the less."

Holmes explained, "Really, Watson? While examining the area I noticed one print, but it is not a print of a man nor animal, observe."

Watson spoke, "Good grief, this man has ten toes on one foot! Look at that."

Inspector Gear said, "What manner of beast are we dealing with, Holmes?"

Holmes answered, "Beast? If only it were true, then I’d have hope of catching it. No, as put forth, this is a skilled and violent killer. This Jack the Ripper, as it is now being called, the killings are not random, the victims chosen. We are dealing with something entirely different."

Inspector Gear spoke, "Surely not something supernatural?"

We see that Holmes and Watson have been kidnaped by brutes and carried away to a secret location, it is a rather fancy estate. They are taken to a large chamber where a sinister man is waiting for them. They are forced into chairs facing an open window. Out the window we can see people riding horses and sporting. The man is called Count Von Der Sloot.

Sloot said, "Finally we meet, Mr. Holmes."

Holmes uttered, "You have me at a disadvantage, for I know not your name."

Sloot uttered, "I am Count Von Der Sloot. Perhaps you’ve heard of my royal family?"

Watson interjected, "The only Von Der Sloots I’ve ever heard of are from Poland."

Sloot spoke, "I am of that same blood line."

Holmes voiced, "Indeed. And no doubt you have an urgent matter?"

Sloot responded, "I had no other way of getting you to see me. You’ll have to forgive my men, they carry out my orders, sometimes, too well."

Holmes questioned, "And what orders, might you have business with Watson and myself?"

Sloot said, "A young woman visited you some days back."

Holmes spoke, "And what of it?"

Sloot went on, "She had with her a rather strange object. A device that is worth a great deal to me."

Holmes answered, "And if she did?"

Sloot stated, "Well. I’d be willing to pay quite handsomely for the device. Say a hundred thousand pounds?"

Watson went, "Holmes! Did you hear that? Good Lord, that is a rather large amount of money."

Holmes got up from the chair and went to the open window, the brutes started to stop him but Sloot waved them off. Holmes spoke, "A rather large amount of money for something so obscure? What would you do with such an object, if indeed it turns out I have it?"

Sloot said, "That you have it, Mr. Holmes, there is no doubt. As to where you have it. . ."

Watson spoke, "Good grief, Holmes, they’ve searched our place of business."

Holmes responded, "Yes. It would seem. As you most surely know by now. The device is safely kept where such as yourself and your brutes can not find it. A slight precaution I took, when I became aware that we were being followed."

Watson spoke, "Followed?"

Holmes stated, "Yes, Watson. I noticed the count’s henchmen some time ago. I thought it best to make sure that the device was kept in a safe place. A precaution obviously well executed."

Sloot was angered at the news but regained composure, "Your powers for observation are not exaggerated, Mr. Holmes. I thought surely my men were well concealed."

Holmes pointed out, "To the normal man, perhaps. But I assure you, normal has nothing to do with me and Watson."

Watson uttered, "Here, here. . ."

Sloot spoke, "Well you think about it. I’m sure you’ll need time to regain the object and consider the amount of money I’m willing to pay. I’m sure the girl didn’t pay you anything close to what I am offering."

Holmes countered, "Indeed. She paid more. For she paid me with her trust!"

Sloot uttered, "See to it that Mr. Holmes and Watson are returned, unharmed!"

We see Sherlock Holmes at a rather ornate church. The church is obviously old and filled inside with all sorts of religious objects and symbols. Holmes and a priest are seated in the front seats of the church, they are engaged in serious religious conversation.

Father O’Tally said, "It has been a long time since I’ve seen you in these hallowed walls."

Holmes responded, "Things of late have pressed upon my sense of direction, Father O’Tally. While I still hold certain convictions as certain, others seem to have drifted and I find myself without rudder, in order to steer my course of life. Indeed, I’ve been forced to question what is life all together."

Father O’Tally spoke, "Sounds like you have been given quite a burdensome case."

Holmes said, "I assure you that this case is of the most serious nature. Not that any of the others were ever less. But there is something different about this case. There are elements that challenge the mere notion of common sense and reality."

Father O’Tally questioned, "Can you tell me something about it?"

Holmes volunteered, "No doubt you’ve heard of this dreadful Jack the Ripper situation, it has slowly been gaining ink in the papers."

Father O’Tally responded, "Yes I have. Awful mess if you ask me. So. You have some interest in that case? Small wonder that you are taxed with spiritual inclinations."

Holmes went on, "If it were simply the Ripper, then I would be long away from here."

Father O’Tally said, "Really? Then what then?"

Holmes explained, "I’ve met a woman. A very beautiful dark woman of African descent. She is a client of mine and Watson’s. We’ve been charged with keeping a valuable object out of the hands of scoundrels, who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it."

Father O’Tally said, "Nothing?"

Holmes uttered, "Indeed. I wish it were less the mess! But alas, the facts are as they are. I am becoming convinced that the Ripper and the case I’ve been charged with, have a common thread."

Father O’Tally voiced, "Really, Holmes?"

Holmes expounded, "Watson and I were recently kidnaped, taken to an estate, quite fancy mind you. Fancier than most. My eye caught something out an open window, when I got up to glean further, I spotted a figure off in the distance, in the stables, looming as it were, but the figure belonged there, as evident by the passing by of yard-men and grounds keepers. It was the first time I knew for sure that the events of the Ripper were in someway, directly related to my client and the man who had kidnaped Watson and myself."

Father O’Tally uttered, "Thank the Good Lord Jesus Christ that the two of you were able to get away. . ."

Holmes spoke, "Indeed. My sentiments exactly, for I was sure that the man was going to have Watson an I killed, or at least, attempt to do so, Watson and myself would have fashioned an escape to be sure. . ."

Father O’Tally repeated, "To be sure. . ."

Holmes went on, "But something happened. Something changed his mind. And suddenly the two of us were worth more alive than harmed."

Father O’Tally asked, "Do you know what that was?"

Holmes answered, "I have a theory but it has not gained legs yet. Anyway, Father, how do we determine reality? What is real?"

Father O’Tally answered, "It is God who proves us. Jesus Christ defines our existence."

We see that Holmes and Watson are at Scotland Yard. Inspector Gear is there along with a witness who is also a would be victim. The young woman is dressed in regular street clothes, obviously not well to do.

Anna said, "Well. Come on with it? Am I here to be arrested or what?"

Inspector Gear uttered, "No. From what we see of it, you just bearly got away with your life last night."

Holmes interjected, "Did you get a good look at your attacker?"

Anna answered, "Not really, Mr. Holmes. It was dark and the street light was back a bits. But I can tell you that the man was large. . ."

Holmes uttered, "Indeed? Larger than most average men?"

Anna was handed a cup of tea and she sipped it, "Oh yes. Much larger than any man I’ve ever seen. Mind you that I’ve not seen a lot, I am a lady after all. . ."

Watson cleared his throat, "Yes, Well. Could you see his face?"

Anna went on, "I got just a peak of it. Mind you I was running and all. Screaming at the top of my lungs I was."

Inspector Gear said, "That might have been what saved your life."

Holmes shook his head, "No, Inspector Gear, that was not what saved her life."

Inspector Gear said, "Really, Holmes?"

Holmes went on, "Yes. Just look at her. From a distance she might resemble a certain type of woman. As the chase went on, and the Ripper got closer, he would have most undoubtably, realized that she was not the woman he was looking for."

Watson voiced, "The Ripper is looking for a certain woman. He’s profiled her?"

Inspector Gear spoke, "Now that is a bit of news. The press will have a day with that one."

Holmes uttered, "It is important, Inspector Gear, that the press hears nothing of it."

Inspector Gear asked, "Why is that?"

Holmes stated, "Up until now, the press has generated a theory that the Ripper is killing prostitutes. . ."

Anna said, "Wait a minute! I’m no prostitute!"

Holmes voiced, "Exactly. Yet the Ripper went after you? Why is that?"

Watson spoke, "The profile?"

Holmes pronounced, "Yes. This Ripper is not a random killer, a serial killer to be sure. Perhaps for hire or even worse. . ."

Inspector Gear said, "I can’t imagine worse, Holmes."

Holmes answered, "Bred for such a thing. Did you happen upon his face, Anna?"

Anna answered, "Like I said, I was frightened and running. But I did manage to spy just a bit of his face, he was wearing dark clothing that covered up his body and face. But for one second, I did manage to see something."

Inspector Gear said, "Well? What was it?"

Anna said, "It makes no sense. That’s what it does. It doesn’t make any sense at all. I must have been hallucinating from fear."

Holmes spoke, "Just tell us what you saw. Let the sense of it be left up to us."

Anna stated, "He had four eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but that is what I recall."

Inspector Gear uttered, "Oh, this is getting us nowhere. Get a statement from her and she is free to go."

We see that Holmes and Watson are gathered at the Baker Street flat. Holmes is in his chair smoking his favorite pipe. Watson is at the desk doing some writing. Mrs. Cottonfiled comes in and brings them some refreshments.

Cottonfield said, "Seems to me that the two of you are up to your necks in a deep one this time, I say."

Holmes glanced over at the woman, "Hmm. . ."

Watson was more responsive, "Yes. I guess from your point of view, it might all seem that way. But I assure you, Mrs. Cottonfield, things are under control. Holmes and I have the matter at hand. Right, Holmes?"

Holmes seemed annoyed, "I find it difficult to concentrate with such sayings. You obviously have something important to say, Mrs. Cottonfield, so out with it so that Watson and I can go on."

Cottonfield responded, "Well. If you must be all the fuss about it. You and Dr. Watson should have secured the girl. Pretty young thing she is. The two of you just let her go off in the city like that. No telling what type of no good might become of her."

Watson pondered then said, "You know, Holmes, she might have a point."

Holmes stated, "Oh really, Watson? Mrs. Cottonfield knows nothing of this case or the affairs surrounding it! What makes you think that our client is at harm?"

Cottonfield answered, "Well. Just look at the two of you. All doom and gloom. It doesn’t take a genius detective to realize that things are going horribly wrong."

Watson spoke, "Seems to me, Holmes, that a little bit of your methods have rubbed off on Mrs. Cottonfield after all these years."

Holmes responded, "That is it, Watson! Why not cave in to the obvious, and let our fair keeper command the final doings of the case. Why? We can vacation. . ."

Cottonfield spoke, "You don’t have to be so mean, Mr. Holmes! I was just trying to help. . ."

Holmes said, "Help? Help? You can help by bringing up some of your famous pie! I find myself in need of a sweet!"

Cottonfield suggested, "That is what is wrong with the two of you. You don’t have a woman’s touch, when it comes to solving cases. That other point of view can help in times like this one, when there is obviously much to lose."

Watson stated, "There is always much to lose, Mrs. Cottonfield. Holmes never takes cases of lesser importance."

Cottonfield uttered, "This is the most interesting case that Mr. Holmes has had in a year, Dr. Watson. You can’t fool me, I keep an eye on the two of you, less there be trouble coming and I am unawares."

Holmes gestured to the door, "Yes. Yes. Trouble often comes. Now the pie."

Cottonfield spoke, "Really."

Holmes glanced curtly, "Pie."

After Mrs. Cottonfield had left we see Holmes as he goes to the window, "She is right, you know."

Watson said, "Really, Holmes? I would have thought from your response. . ."

Holmes uttered, "My response was defensive. I can’t have that woman meddling in affairs that don’t concern her. Yet. The well being of the princess does trouble me greatly."

Watson spoke, "Holmes?"

We see a dark and dangerous area. The street lights are poorly lit in that place and there is a sense of mysterious danger. We can hear the sounds of bobbie’s whistles blowing as we see darting about, policemen on the chase. We hear a loud scream of a young woman, it is a death scream. Now we see Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson along with a few bobbies as they put to the chase a large and looming figure, as it speeds through the dense fog night. As Holmes and Watson round the bend, the narrow street forks.

Watson said, "I think we might have lost him, Holmes."

Holmes responded, "Perhaps, Watson, but this is the first time that the police have actually cornered the Ripper. If we are diligent, he will not elude us this time!"

Watson uttered, "He has already killed that poor woman in the street. Surely he knows that he is surrounded and will seem to escape."

Holmes voiced, "Ah. You make the most obvious point, but being surrounded, where can he run?"

Watson suggested, "There are two paths in front of us, Holmes. One to the right and one to the left. You take one side and I’ll take the other. Perhaps one of us will come about the villain!"

Holmes motioned, "Ha! That is exactly what the Ripper wants us to do. He deliberately ran down that street, knowing full well that at this point, the path would fork."

Watson uttered, "Really, Holmes?"

Holmes explained, "Divide and conquer! It is an old Anglo-Saxon trick! No doubt used around the world to take what is not ours and control that which would be at peace with us! In this case, sure death waits at either end. It is a trap!"

Watson voiced, "Well, we can’t just abandon the hunt! We are so close to catching this vile being!"

Holmes said, "We are not going to abandon the chase, Watson. But we are going to pick our fight! Here. This way. . ."

We see Holmes and Watson along with some bobbies as they race down a path, into the darkness. Now we see them come upon a roundabout, dimly lit, but there are sounds coming from all sides.

Watson spoke, "Here. What is this?"

Holmes said, "It is the obvious result of the Ripper! We did not take the bait! So now he must confront not one man, for whom he could easily overcome, with his brute strength! Silence, Watson. He hides in the shadows!"

Watson spoke, "Shadows, Holmes? There are nothing but shadows!"

Holmes responded, "Ah! But only one shadow hides the Ripper."

We see the bobbies as they systematically begin their check of each and every turn and corner. The situation is tense and the danger is heightened. One by one they move about the area, noises coming from some place beyond the grave.

Watson whispered, "I’m beginning to get a feeling that we are not the ones hunting. . ."

Holmes said, "No, Watson. We are the ones being hunted."

We see suddenly that a bobbie screams an unearthly scream as his body is being ripped in pieces. The group rally to the spot only to find a badly slain policeman. The area leads into a recess in the buildings. A dark spot is up ahead.

Holmes yells, "Caution, everyone! The Ripper is in the shadows before us!"

We see a bright flash of light, as is emanates from the recess, a moment and then nothing.

We see that Holmes and Watson are safe and back in the flat on Baker Street. Holmes is in his chair and Watson is pouring himself some tea. A knock on the door and we see Angela Foxfield as she enters the room. She is dressed very well, but not of the times.

Holmes uttered, "Ah. You are a woman of your word, Miss Foxfield! Please find a seat, your presence is most welcome and I’m glad to see that no ill has become you."

Angela said, "Thank you, Mr. Holmes. I see that the device I left with you for safe keeping was in good hands."

Watson gives her the device, "Oh, Holmes and I were careful to keep it safe."

Holmes questioned, "Now that the events of the week are behind us. You must tell us the true nature of your visit."

Watson said, "True nature?"

Holmes uttered, "Yes, Watson. Our lovely client has a secret! You are not from these parts, indeed, not from any parts known, at lease, not known for now. . ."

Angela said, "It is true. I am a traveler through space and time, and realities. The device is a transtimeuet. It allows me to travel through the imagination of what can be and what will be. It is not a time machine, such a thing would be silly, no. It allows me to travel to alternate realities. You see, in the world that I come from, you and Dr. Watson are just a work of fiction. Your adventures are depicted in books. I have traveled through realities to meet you and ask you to join me on an adventure of a lifetime."

Watson protested, "Here! Here! Fiction? Books? Holmes, the child has lost her mind."

Holmes gestured, "I had suspected as much when we first met. It wasn’t just the clothes that were slightly off, but the device and a host of seemingly small things. I am intrigued, please continue."

Angela went on, "I am from Scotland Yard. But not the one from this time and place. I have been sent on a mission to hunt down some of the most vile and dangerous criminals in history. The mission is dangerous, I lost a partner in the quest, that is why I am turning to one of the most brilliant detectives the world has ever known. . ."

Watson looked, "Sherlock Holmes. . ."

We see Mrs. Cottonfield as she comes up the stairs to Holmes’ room. We can hear conversation as she approaches the door. Underneath the door we see a bright flash of light and then silence. Mrs. Cottonfield, who was carrying a tray of refreshments quickly opens the door only to find that no one is in the room. Holmes, Watson and Angela have vanished. Mrs. Cottonfield drops the tray and runs out the room most upset. Now we see the room with bobbies and Inspector Gear in it. Mrs. Cottonfield is explaining what she saw and heard.

Inspector Gear asked, "Well, there is no way for them to have gotten out. The windows are locked from within. No doors leading out of the room but this one. Is there anything out of place, Mrs. Cottonfield?"

Cottonfield looks about then uttered, "Yes. Mr. Holmes’ violin is missing and his favorite smoking pipe."

Inspector Gear said, "Really? This is a mystery that I’d normally called on Mr. Holmes to solve, but the tables are turned, he’s the one gone missing. Is there anything else?"

Cottonfield answered, "Dr. Watson’s journal is missing too. Most curious. . ."

Inspector Gear said, "I can see it now. Holmes and Watson were in here, talking to the young woman client. They were all getting on as you said, friendly conversation and all. Then somehow, with the mysterious client, they all gathered up and just vanished."

© Copyright 2020 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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