Exodus Prime

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Submitted: August 13, 2014

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Submitted: August 13, 2014




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Victor Darnell Hadnot

It became a matter of fact, that alien races had been observing the progress of mankind, since the beginning. It was only after the Octarians had decided to make obvious contact, did the governments of the world, have to admit, that they had special knowledge of Earth being visited by other worlds. Even though, many people had seen light in the sky, it was so easy for those sightings to be dismissed as not being what they actually were. Earth was being visited. But, finally, the Octarians came, after hearing about a tiny planet, tucked off in the far corner of the galaxy. They came and observed for hundreds of years, until, finally, they felt that mankind was ready. Ready to be given a gift that would change the world. The ability to travel from one star to another, in the blink of an eye. The technology came with a price. A price that a great deal of countries, were not willing to pay at first. It was with that, everything moved so slowly. Where the aliens that called themselves, the Octarians, would have willingly given Earth the technology, it was the pettiness of the governments, to form a one world government, that slowed them down.

Still, with time and a great deal to diplomatic struggles, a final consensus was reached. People and the leaders of the nations, began to realize, that this was bigger than just one nation or one government. There was the opportunity to discover other worlds and other ways of solving problems, both large and small, the chance to grow and develop. To learn new things, and to become a member, in a vast society of planets and alien cultures. Earth would never be the same and they had the Octarians to thank for it. For without their willingness to give mankind a chance, they would still be back in the dark ages of pre-alien influence. Still trying to reverse engineer stolen and abandoned technology, all the while, a vast network of knowledge awaited.


"In the absence of morality, science suffers the most." Alister Bowen

The air was heavy with the morning mist. Dew dripped off the green leaves as they swayed gently in the cool morning breeze. The large birch tree seemed to ascend to the heavens as a nest rested halfway to the top. Inside were three newly hatched birds, making chirps for their parents to come and feed them, their worms and scrubs. The sun light was just starting to cast its contrasting beams through the canopy, like dancing characters on some provincial stage, the branches moved, seemingly with rhythms, directed by the movement of the air.

Down below was the uncut grass, green and brown, wet from the night’s chill, and the mist that crept across the wide open field. There was a plume of various plant life, scrubs and flowers, colors contrasted, like paint on canvas. In the foliage were small animals. Across the way, a small house stood. It had to be half a century old, with obvious need of repair. The brown wooden roof in need of fixing. Signs that someone had tried to fix it, but, lacked the skills or the will to finish the job. On the high wooden porch sat an old rocking chair, swaying gently in the wind. A faint squeaking or creaking sound could be heard, as the rhythmic motion of the chair kept time, to some ambiguous orchestration of nature. The random singing of a bird perched high on top a pole. The sounds of trees rustling in the wind. Small game animals making quarrelsome noises over perceived food they had managed to scavenge. Just down a way, the broken up semi dirt roan, that eventually lead to the highway. Once on, the occasional passerby, as a lone car or truck, would come drifting along, unaware of the old cottage, down the stretch, out of the way.

Quail Lake, in contrast, was a quiet little town, just north of the interstate. In that town lived the Owens. A typical small town family with deep religious values and strong ties to the community. It was that time of the year, when the now grown children, descended upon the community, that they had struggled so hard to get away from, when they all graduated from High School. The Owens had five children. Two boys and three girls. For the most part. They were all just your typical small town young adults that had moved away, to find their lives in the big city. Once a year, they’d come back, mostly at their mother’s prompting, so that the family could all be together. It was a tradition with the Owens family, and grandma and grandpa Owens enjoyed a chance to see their grandchildren and have pleasant and polite chats with each of their now grownup children.

Henry sat on the porch, as if waiting for something that might never come. Martha came out with a cool glass of lemonade. She gave him his drink and sat next to him. "Don’t worry, he’ll show up." Martha said.

Henry glanced at her, wise eyes beaming at him. "He knows I don’t approve, Martha. It’s enough to drive away anyone. Let alone Arthur."

"I spoke with him last weekend. He said that he was coming."

"Hmm. He could have just lied to make you feel better."

"Now why would he do that?"

"I just told you. To make you feel better about the whole thing."

"Now, this is a family tradition. There’s no reason for him to lie about coming."

"I don’t know, Martha. You raise your kids a certain way. You want them to grow up and become fine citizens of the community. Then what happens..."

"I don’t know, Henry, what happens?"

"They all move away and disrespect everything that you worked so hard to teach them. That’s what."

"Children grow up and move out. It is the natural order of things."

"Nothing natural about this though."

"You can’t hold back time and progress, Henry. Now that, would be unnatural. Things move forward, while we both get older."

"I was just thinking the other day, how time seems to have just flown by. Not too long ago, all the kids were little and needed us. Now, it is us who call on them."

"It is part of life. We live. We grow old."

"That is one way of putting it."

"The important thing is to have someone to grow old with. To keep you company."

"I don’t know what I’d do without you. If I didn’t have you, to walk with me in life. Good Lord, none of this would have been worth it."

"I feel the same way, too."

"Did we do the right thing?"

"How so, what do you mean?"

"Living life. Raising our kids. Did we raise them right?"

"Yes. I believe that we did."

"Then, why did they turn out the way that they did?"

"What you are really saying is why did things turn out, in a way, that you could not have predicted?"

"Something like that."

"I don’t know. When I look around at the neighbors, and see how their kids turned out. Some better than others, I can’t help but wonder."

"So, you think that we both did just fine?"


"But our family is anything but fine, Martha."

"No, now, you have to see the good in the thing, Henry. Just because you couldn’t control the outcome of the children, doesn’t mean that they all turned out wrong. They are grown, they went their own way."

"And what kind of a way is that?"

"Why, their own way, of course, silly."

"Young people today are not like us. Not sensible and directed."

"You know, our parents said the very same thing about us. They didn’t think that we had it in us, either."

"But, we were different. Those were solid times, the ways of the family, were not being eroded, with all of this, stuff that they are pushing onto the population, Martha."

"Well. You might be right."

"Right? Yeah, I’m right. We had direction. We all knew what had to be done."

"When you sit back, and look at it, from this perspective, I guess it does look like we did."

"You damn right!"


"Now, Martha, don’t you go giving me any of your, or’s..."

"Or, maybe, we are just seeing what we want to see. Maybe, things weren’t really that together, when we first got together. Maybe, we were struggling to find our way, just like our children."

"I don’t know. I don’t feel it."

"You don’t feel what, you old coot?"

"I don’t feel that our kid’s carry with them the same values that we had back then."

"Maybe, the times have changed, and they have to conform to a different reality. Maybe, they had to adapt, in order to survive."

"So, you are saying, that we are going down the way of the dinosaur? We’ve become extinct."

"Hmm. The jury is out on that one. Maybe, it is just our time, to step aside, and let our kids do what we once did."

"So, I just sit back, and watch my ideas and notions, be cast aside, by some things, that I know are wrong and not right?"

"You have to allow for the possibility, that evolution favors the young and the agile. We both have our set ways. But, it is because, that is what is suppose to happen. New ideas come and replace old ideas. Old ways have to make way for the new and the exciting and the different. It happened to us when we were young..."

"Oh, no it didn’t."

"Oh, yes it did. I remember my mother an father, questioning me on why I wanted to marry you."

"They never questioned, why you were in love with me."

"Yeah, they did, Henry."

"But, I always thought that your parents liked me. They treated me like I was their son."

At that moment, cruising up in a late model electric car that ran on lithium-air batteries, that got a thousand miles to the charge, was Arthur and his fiancee.


"It always starts off small, then, ends with a bang Whatif, the Big Bang wasn’t the beginning of the universe, but, the ending, after all, in Quantum Physics, it is possible to experience the effect, before the cause, is it not?" Peter Baker

There was a wooden rocking chair, just off to one side of the room. The seat covered with a cushion and draped with a hand stitched cover. A lamp sat next to it, resting on a table, near the window, which looked out onto the outside. Across from that, was a comfortable sofa, with pillows tossed upon it, pushed to the side. Grey and earth colors, with moderate patterns, ran over the pillows. The sofa was also greyish, with some brown and yellow darting throughout its patterns. Just in front of the sofa, rested a small table, a matching set for the table that the lamp sat on. The sofa was turned away from the window, which let in the natural light from outside. On the table were a few magazines, and under it, were more, including a few hard bound books, classics. Whoever was reading them, was well read, and enjoyed the touch and feel of the more expensive nature of having a real book in their hands, rather than the synthetic experience of a tablet. Under the table, the magazines and books were arrayed in a haphazard manner, expressing how casual the event of just kicking back and reading was to them.

There was a rug under the wooden table, it had grey and blue and brown stripes running the short way of the rug. It was a space rug, that extended just beyond the parameter of the table, which was about a half of the length of the sofa. Across from that, was a larger table, it had photographs on it, along with a few stoneware plates. There was a bowl in the center of the table, which contained various fruits. Apples and grapes along with a few oranges. There was a smaller bowl which contained some nuts, which were still in their shells. A table cloth covered nicely.

They all tried to act like everything was just normal, but, the grand kids, being children, were more honest than the adults pretended to be. Martha voiced to her wayward son Arthur, "It has been a good while since I’ve seen you."

Arthur glanced over at his fiancee, then back at his mother. "Yeah. A good year. We haven’t gotten together since last year. That was when I told everybody I was seeing an Octonian."

"Yes. Well, she seems quite lovely. For an alien."

"Is that what dad thinks?"

"Thinks what, dear?"

"Is that what dad thinks about Linda?"


"Yes, my fiancee. Her name is Linda..."

"Yes, I know that, Arthur. I just never understood why the Octonians have taken on human names? What is wrong with their real names?"

"Their real names are too hard to pronounce. Their native language is hundreds of times more complex than any Earth language. So, they all decided, well, most of them, decided that using an Earth name, made things easier."

"Hmm, easier for whom?"

"Well, us of course. Mother, it has been a year since I announced that I was seeing Linda. Surely the whole family has had enough time to adjust."

"To be totally honest with you, Arthur, no one has had time to adjust. Only ten years ago, the Octonians arrived at our planet. I mean, twenty years ago, scientist announced that they would have definitive proof that intelligent life existed on other planets in different solar systems within our galaxy. But, no one was really prepared for the aliens just openly arriving like they did. I mean, finally, the governments of the world, couldn’t just dismiss their arrival, as Chinese balloons, or some stupid crap like that. My, God, do they all really think the average person is that stupid?"

"Yeah, well, actually, they all do, mom. The government had been in contact, secretly with the Octonians for a century, in one form or another, before that day that they just seemed to show up in our skies. The Octonians wanted to let the people of this planet know of their existence, but, when they realized that the governments of the world were trying to coverup the existence of intelligent alien life, they resorted to other means. Remember the crop-circles and all of those very complex geometric symbols that mathematically equated to a language. They thought, that because mathematics was considered a universal language, that they would use it to try and communicate with the average people here on Earth. They underestimated our politician’s ability to lie to their own people for gain."

"Yes. That is a black spot on the human race, politicians."

"Then, they realized, it wasn’t mathematics that was the true universal language of mankind. It was music..."

"All of that just went to prove just how smart the Octonians really are. Just imagine an alien race from a distant star system, figuring out that music was the way to communicate with us?"

"Well, it wasn’t just that, mother. As everyone already knows, the Octonians actually communicate with each other, through singing. They don’t just talk, like we do, they sing to each other, to express their ideas and feelings. It is actually quite beautiful to hear them communicate with one another. I’ve had the chance to hear them in person, because, Linda took me to meet her parents."

"Yes, I heard about that. What was that like?"

It was beyond anything I can truly explain. They are very intelligent."

"Yes, I know. They’d have to be in order to travel all the way over there, through the vastness of space and time. Just how do they do that anyway?"

"Their space ship is actually a time machine."

"A time machine?"

"Well, a hybrid. Rocket ship slash time machine. It is actually the only logical way to travel through such vastness. Where the distance between star systems are so great, it would take lifetimes in order to get from one place to another. But, if you could control time, the journey could be undertaken, easily."

"And that is what the scientist and military community here on Earth is hoping the Octonians will share with us?"

"That and a lot more..."

"Really? What else?"

"Well, their medicine. They have advanced ways of healing and treating the sick and the wounded."

"Yes. I did hear about that. It seems that their science seems like magic to us. I mean, it is so advanced, that none of it actually makes any sense to any of us, and yet, it all works so very well."

"Even our greatest minds can not comprehend any of it. We are like small children, trying to figure out the complexities of the world, while the Octonians, have mastered the complexities of the universe."

"All of the complexities?"

"Well, not everything, mom. You know, just the important stuff."

"Makes me wonder, actually..."

"Wonder about what?"

"What does she see in you? What do you see in her?"

"Well, we love each other. I should think that much was obvious."

"One would think."

:Mom, what are you trying to say?"

"I’m just concerned, Arthur. I mean, it would be hard enough, if you were marrying into old money. I mean, the social and class system would be seriously overwhelming. Now, what you are proposing to do in this case, is way beyond just a simple class or cast system of a relationship. I mean, these people are true aliens. I mean, they don’t belong here..."

"Yes, about that.They have some compelling evidence that seems to suggest, that mankind doesn’t actually belong here, either."

"That is silly, darling. Honey, you’ve been letting those filthy aliens put all sorts of strange and perverse ideas into your mind. Literally..."

"No. Mankind was always looking for the so called missing link. Well, the Octonians say that they know of the missing link, that bridges mankind from the rest of the life forms here on Earth. They say that we did not originate from here. That is why humankind has always looked to the stars. It is like instinct. We all somehow knew, that we came from out there. In is somehow actually coded in our DNA. Linda’s family showed me. But, I didn’t actually understand any of it to be honest. The important point is that she is going to be your daughter-in-law..."

"Yes. I should be happy for you. But, she frightens me."


"Everyone knows the Moon is hollow. Just ask the aliens living there." Ufology

The glass was tinted with the reflections of the images surrounding the tall building that reached up towards the clouds. The edges were sharp and fluted with periodic structures. The clouds seemed to drift slowly past the monument structure which housed hundreds of offices, all populated with various people going about there business affairs. At the top of the building sat a configuration of a structure, mostly for visual effect, inside, it housed all of the building’s communications equipment. Off to the side, were the extensive structures of equipment used to ventilate the massive towering monolith. The masking structure was slightly lighter and greyer than the rest of the building, all of which, had glass to reflect the sky and surrounding buildings, which were strutted towards the clouds, much like the one in the middle. The blue and green images which reflected off the sides of the building was captured, each one, in a different glass window, like ancient stained glass, the reflected images told a story. A story of modern progress and the importance of power and prestige.

Just off to the right of the building, you could see the image of the shiny building across the street, as it too, reached for some unknown goddess, some ideal position, towering towards the sky. The images were somewhat darker than the rest of the building, as shadow and light, played a symphony across the surface of the structure. To the left, were three buildings, about a block apart, stretching up, like younger siblings, trying to keep up with an older brother or sister. They caught most of the sunlight, and reflected it back onto the main building’s glass. A slight waving effect caused the images to shimmer across the glass, of each and every window. With sky and clouds, embracing in the distance. Dark reflections hung down the long of the main building, contrasting the light of day. To the right and towards the top, across the street, the sunlight.

Martha studied who or what was suppose to become her daughter-in-law. "Your people traveled quite a way just to get here."

Linda turned towards her soon to be mother-in-law and smiled. "We travel through the black portals in the sun. You call them sunspots. What they are, is actually portals that are connected at the quantum level to every star in the universe. When a portal opens up, it is possible for a craft, specially designed to withstand the tremendous forces to the star, to pass through, and enter into another solar system, in a matter of seconds."

"I had heard about something like that. It seems almost incomprehensible, that the dark spots that astronomers have been observing for centuries, are actually portals to other worlds."

"Yes. It would seem that way, but, now that we have come to your planet and have begun to share our technology. Your scientist can see how efficient traveling through sunspots to distant star systems actually is."

"I just don’t understand how you don’t burn up or get crushed by the sun’s gravity/ Let alone, breakaway from the sun’s pull?"

"Well. I’m sure you know that it is possible for a star to become a blackhole?."

"Yes, under certain conditions."

"It is because of that quantum phenomena, that portals and links to other stars are formed. Traveling through a portal, a sunspot, leads to another star. All stars exhibit there so called sunspots. They are small windows into the subspace fields and regions of the mechanics of the universe. The ability to use them to travel from one star to another allows for my people to explore the galaxy, and indeed, other galaxies."

"Really? You can travel that far? To another galaxy?"

"It is a simple matter of relative proximity. You see, the closest star to that one, your sun, has the strongest link. However, other suns nearby also have relative links to the stars nearby. So, by traveling through one star’s portal, you can hop as it were, from one star to another."

"What about the distant stars in our galaxy. How do you get to them?"

"By doing that same pattern. Hopping from one star system to the next. You see, because each time you star-hop. You move in proximity, so that other stars become accessible. Star-hop enough, and you can easily find yourself across the galaxy."

"Well, what about power. I mean, it must take an enormous amount of power, in order to accomplish something like that?"

"Yes, it does. But, our star crafts make use of the energy generated by the stars that we use to hop through. So, in a way, we use the very power and energy of the star itself, in order to propel us through the galaxy. Hopping from one solar system to the next."

"What keeps you from burning up or being crushed by the sun’s gravity and heat?"

"Remember we are using the sun’s own energy to accomplish that feat. We make use of tremendous force fields, that can only be used by harnessing the power and energy of the star itself. These force fields, allow us to enter in to the sunspot, the portal, as it were just, taking a drive or flying one of your airplanes."

"The turbulence of solar flares. What about that?"

"Everything that the sun does, is converted into energy for the solar craft to perform its function."

"Surely there must be accidents that happen?"

"Well. When we first started to make use of that technology, there were set backs. Because, you see, we did not originate this technology, it was given to us. Just like we are in the process of giving it to your people, here on Earth."

"Who gave all of this technology to you?"

"Ancient aliens from a galaxy so far away from here, it is actually on the opposite side of the universe. With your primitive technology, and knowledge of science, you don’t even know the galaxy exist."

"So, you are saying, just like us, some advanced civilization, came through your sun’s portals, the sunspots. Using the very technology that your people are willing to share with us?"

"Something like that, yes, except, the technology that my people are sharing with your world, is our technology. Just like in time, our technology, will be modified for your people to make use of."

"There is no way that we will know the original technology?"

"No. Each civilization that is given the technology to star-hop, must modify it, and make it their own. You would be surprised to learn just how many other worlds there are out in the universe, that can travel in the blink of an eye, to distance stars."

"And you are giving that technology to our world for free?"

"That is a strange concept that your world has. We have encountered other worlds that have strange concepts as well. But, yes, the technology, the science, is free, but it comes with one caveat.Your world must put an end to all war. We will not share that technology, with just one country on your planet, it must be shared with the entire world. And, the only way to do this, is to put an end to war. You are after all, a tiny planet, amongst giants in the universe."

"And here, all this time, we thought that we were alone in the universe."

"No. Your leaders and military and top scientist have known for some time, that there were so called alien beings, intelligent and much more advanced that your own, visiting your planet. They just tried to keep it secret from you. Even though, your people would look up and see lights in the sky."

"Yes. Strange lights and objects. They seem to have been visiting us, since mankind was able to record them, even on primitive cave walls."

"Different species of alien civilizations would drop by to visit and record your progress. It was how we heard about you and after observing your planet for centuries, we finally decided to make obvious contact, in such a way, that your governments, could not deny our existence."

"Were you responsible for the crop circles?"

"That was another alien race that visited you, that thought that the general population would become aware. But, like we all discovered, your planet’s governments had an effective campaign of disinformation."

"So now that the Octarians have contacted us, will there be others?"

"The others are waiting to see what happens with our contact. If it goes well, then perhaps in time. Not to mention, when you are finally able to duplicate the science and technology that we are giving to you, you will be out there, amongst the stars, meeting new races of beings for yourselves."

"And after you and my son are married, you are going to take him with you, to your home world?"

"Yes. I want him to meet my parents. I just know that they are going to love him like I do."

"And he has to fly through the sun? He has to star-hop in order to get there?"

"He’ll have to make many star-hops in order to reach my home world. It is a quad star system. On the other side of the galaxy."

© Copyright 2019 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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