Forever Never Comes - Chapter 2

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"The wight, whose tale these artless lines unfold" James Beattie

We are in a large warehouse. There are a few very high-tech machines are set in strategic places. Technicians are tending to them. Enters Agent Flyer along with Reverba, who is an assassin.

Flyer said, "We have a team out in the field. However, the fact remains that we have a situation on the ground and it looks like we might need some extra expertise."

Reverba answered, "And that is why you called me in? Who am I suppose to kill?"

Flyer said, "The plans for a key phase in the International War Grounds, the IWG were stolen and certain factions that are opposed to the idea of civilizing warfare, have set out to sabotage the final conference, where the signing will take place. It is believed that they plan on killing certain key representatives."

Reverba uttered, "Something that our government can’t allow to happen?"

Flyer said, "Under other circumstances, we’d be happy to let it take place. But there is general consent that this is the future."

Reverba uttered, "Sanitized war? And the whole world has come onboard on this idea?"

Flyer spoke, "Not everyone. There are organizations, like the Prophets for Peace. They are working with others to try and stop what looks like the future."

Reverba voiced, "What if I were to tell you that this all might be a big mistake."

Flyer said, "I was told that you were a good egg."

Reverba stated, "Oh, for the right price I’ll kill your mother! That doesn’t mean that I’m a zombie. It just means that I’m a professional. The fact still remains that there are certain people and groups of people that must be killed in order to further whatever agenda those who pay me. In this case, the government."

Flyer spoke, "This is off the record, obviously. You will not be working for the government. In fact the next time you talk with someone about this, they will not have any connection with any official government at all."

Reverba said, "Then why this meeting?"

Flyer announced, "Because we have worked together before in the past. Call it a professional courtesy. I wanted you to know that ultimately, your orders are coming from someplace that really matters."

Reverba said, "Ah, sentiment. You know I don’t work like that."

Flyer uttered, "Yes. I know. But before that whole thing is over, well, things might get a little weird. And you might start to doubt the righteousness of what you have been paid to do."

Reverba said, "If I take on a new client, it doesn’t matter how weird it gets. I get the job done."

Flyer said, "But in this case, it really will become questionable."

Reverba spoke, "Okay. Well, you know I won’t kill children and mothers with children."

Flyer asked, "But you have no problems killing fathers and fathers with wives who have children?"

Reverba answered, "Yes."

Flyer uttered, "I don’t see how you sleep at night. . ."

Reverba stated, "I don’t sleep! Something happened to me back when I was in the military. Some kind of experiments were done on a few of us. We were picked out because of certain genetic profiles and psych evaluations. The military took sleep away from me and the others."

Flyer said, "That has got to be rough."

Reverba announced, "Not really. I mean, at first I thought I was going to lose my mind. But then I began to adjust to it. In my line of work, it pays to be able to stay awake all night and day."

Flyer said, "But you are not a machine, your body needs rest."

Reverba voiced, "I was trained in certain meditative techniques. This allows my body to regenerate and my mind to find rest. But I’m still awake. . ."

Flyer extolled, "Well, this assignment is going to take awhile. You are first to locate the objective. Once the objective has been located, you are to report but not to kill anyone. Not unless you are given orders to do so."

Reverba questioned, "Why is that?"

Flyer answered, "Because the situation is very fluid and dynamic. One day things migt be one way and the next another. Don’t worry, you are going to be paid no matter what. The point is that we want you in position, just in case."

Reverba said, "Am I going to be working alone or in concert?"

Flyer told, "I can’t tell you that."

Reverba said, "Well this makes a big difference. I work alone!"

Flyer uttered, "I am aware of that. However, you don’t need to know anymore than what you will be told."

Reverba spoke, "That’s not enough. I need to know everything about my assignment. The more intelligence I possess, the more effectively I can carry our the mission."

Flyer talked, "That makes sense, however, you know how the military works. Need to know and all that stuff."

Reverba retorted, "You don’t know. . ."

Flyer said, "What I know and what I don’t know isn’t important. What is important is that you understand the role that you will be playing in that action. If there are others, and stress the word (if), you will be told when a decision is made at any given point and time."

Reverba announced, "This is a high risk assignment."

Flyer said, "That is why I’m calling on you. Because the stakes are so high and because the window of opportunity might be as little as an hour. You will be inserted into position and you will remain dormant."

Reverba spoke, "And what if the enemy gets word of this because I’ve learned that on long term assignments, there tends to be leaks and people find out things. What if my cover is blown?"

Flyer uttered, "It won’t be. . ."

Reverba asked, "What if?"

Flyer answered, "Don’t you trust me? I work for the FBI we always have backup."

Reverba asked, "Okay. So when did the FBI get into the business of assassinations? I mean, aren’t you suppose to be the people who hunt down people like me?"

Flyer said, "Lets say that I work for a special branch of the FBI. "

Reverba uttered, "You are rogue!"

Flyer announced, "Everything I’m telling you is on the up and up. The branch I report to is associated with the CIA."

Reverba said, "And they do sanction assassinations. But my problem is that I’ve had some bad experiences with spooks."

Flyer uttered, "That is why they sent me to make the initial contact."

Reverba extoled, "Because we have had a history. And they figured I would kill you on the sport. Like I’d be more than willing to do if the CIA sent one of their own. Which begs the question. Why not send one of their own? Someone who they can trust and control."

Flyer barked, "Because they might be compromised. The people that you will be interacting with have access to intelligence. It was first thought that we might indeed sent one of our own and to be honest, we tried it."

Reverba said, "Let me guess. The operative was made and killed."

Flyer uttered, "Yes. I knew that I made a good choice when I suggested you for the job."

Reverba said, "So. Anyone else that I might come in contact with, will have to be off the record. Freelance like myself, otherwise the enemy would find out and eliminate the threat. And in this case, that would be me."

Flyer voiced, "Exactly. You will be paid well for your work."

Reverba asked, "How so?"

Flyer answered, "Half up front. Just like you always get and the other half when the job is done. And to sweeten then deal, I’m authorized to give you a bonus."

Reverba stated, "What type of bonus? The bonus for doing a good job or the bonus for no matter what happens, I still get a big fat bonus, like the banks and insurance companies give each other. After all, a retention bonus for talent like mine is something to covet, right?"

Flyer said, "It is a bonus for getting the job done in such a way that it doesn’t make headlines."

Reverba questioned, "Headlines? You want me to kill someone important?"

Flyer answered, "I am just the messenger. Like I said, I’m part of a think tank. . ."

Reverba asked, "A think tank that hands out assassinations? What the hell kind of a think tank is that?"

Flyer said, "One that gets things done. We don’t just sit around blowing puffs of cigar smoke talking about what has to be done. Once we all reach some kind of consensus. We start the process of getting the job done. We are at that phase and you are part of our solution."

We see a nice bar which is located in a luxury hotel. The must be some kind of convention going on because the place is filled with the usual business types plus we see that there is a science fiction convention in progress. Seated at a table are three occult hunters and a businessman.

Diana asked, "So what can you tell us?"

Businessman said, "It has just been some strange things going on in this town."

Oliver asked, "The entire town?"

Businessman answered, "No. Not the entire town. Though sometimes I think that the whole place is a little bit nuts."

Rebecca asked, "Why is that?"

Businessman stated, "Well. We have that government facility located on the outskirts of

town. It supplies a lot of jobs for the local community. Being how good jobs are scarce, I suppose it is a good thing."

Diana told, "Nothing strange about that."

Businessman voiced, "No. It’s not the fact that work has finally started to happen again in this country. But the facility has strange things that seem to happen to it."

Oliver asked, "Strange things? What sort of strange things?"

Businessman responded, "Equipment mysteriously turning itself on and off. People seeing strange technicians that are not authorized in any manifest."

Rebecca said, "You did say that it was a government run facility. You know how the government is. They might have some workers that they don’t want the regular folks to know about."

Businessman uttered, "That is possible. And believe me before I contacted you three, me and my staff went over the possibilities."

Diana asked, "What did you come up with?"

Businessman said, "About a month ago. Some technicians were working in the facility, business as usual. Some of them came across a technician that no one had ever noticed before. Security was called in and then that was when it happened. . ."

Oliver asked, "What happened?"

Businessman responded, "The murdering started. The mystery technician must have killed five people."

Rebecca said, "Really! There was nothing mentioned in the local news about this event."

Businessman spoke, "This is a government facility. The government is good a covering up things that it doesn’t want the public to know about. Believe me I know. I used to be in military intelligence when I was in the service. You’d be surprised at the weird things that don’t meet the light of day."

The three react with obvious insight.

Diana said, "So these mystery technicians. Who do you think they are and why do you feel that we can help. I mean, it sounds like you have a case of disgruntled employees. It does happen in government run facilities, just think postal. . ."

Businessman voiced, "We all did at first. But it was the fact. . ."

Oliver asked, "What fact? What happened"

Businessman stated, "It was the fact that the killer was never caught!"

Rebecca said, "You mean the guy got away? I thought this was a secure facility. I mean, maybe wrong, but that was the impression that you were giving us."

Businessman voiced, "No. You got the right impression. After this, this so called mystery technician went on this killing rampage, we have security cameras, guards, lock-down procedures, the killer get away."

Diana said, "What do you mean, gets away? Escapes. . ."

Businessman stated, "No! I mean vanishes!"

Rebecca spoke, "Vanishes? As in vanishes into thin air. . ."

Businessman voiced, "Exactly! The only clue we have is the killer running down a hallway, turns a corner that leads to a dead end. When security gets there, thinking that they have the guy trapped. Nothing!"

Oliver asked, "The killer is gone?"

Businessman said, "Vanished into thin air. There was no way out. No doors. No secret doors. Just walls. Thick security walls. It was in that part of the complex. I mean the scientist speculated all sorts of things. Stupid and crazy things."

Rebecca asked, "How stupid and crazy?"

Businessman told, "You are going to laugh."

Oliver uttered, "No. Believe me when I tell you, we’ve seen so strange things in our career. My sisters and I are pretty much open to anything."

Businessman said, "Transporters. Quantum portals. I don’t know, things of science fiction. . ."

They all observe the people attending the science fiction convention wearing their quirky costumes and such.

Diana said, "Yeah. Well. I can see where everybody might be trying to explain what they can’t explain. But in our line of work, we are in the business of finding the truth. Some times, that truth leads us to more questions. But other times, the answers are more obvious after careful examination of the evidence."

Businessman spoke, "Right. You three come highly recommended. I just need to know what is going on."

Diana questioned, "What do you think is going on? What happens at this facility. What are the technicians working on?"

Businessman retorted, "Most of the work that gets any attention is fairly routine. But there is a section of the facility that is off limits. I think that might be where the trouble imitates."

Oliver asked, "What type of top secret stuff are we talking about?"

Businessman stated, "Stuff the government doesn’t want the locals to know about."

Rebecca asked, "Like what?"

Businessman responded, "You know. . ."

Diana said, "No. We don’t know, not without you telling us. Look. The more you can give us in the form of background, the let we will have to reinvent the wheel on that subject."

Businessman voiced, "Yes. Right. I suppose that makes a lot of sense."

Rebecca said, "Just tell us what you think is going on there. Your best guess."

Businessman spoke, "Something to do with physics."

Oliver put forth, "Okay. Physics is a big field, can you narrow it down?"

Businessman answered, "I wish I could."

Rebecca said, "Do they make a product of any kind?"

Businessman spoke, "Not that I know of. I think they are engaged in research."

Diana uttered, "And you got involved for what reason? You don’t work there."

Businessman said, "No. I don’t."

Oliver asked, "Then why did you contact us?"

Businessman answered, "A relative. My sister worked there. She was one of the victims of the incident. The coverup."

Diana said, "I’m so sorry to hear that. You have our sympathy."

Businessman uttered, "Not to be rude. But It is not your sympathy that I need. I need the three of you to look into the real reason that I no longer have a sister. Something weird is going on there."

Oliver asked, "Weirder than this convention?"

Businessman said, "Deadlier for sure."

Rebecca spoke, "Right."

Oliver asked, "Are there records of the incident?"

Businessman stated, "If they are. They would be kept in computer form on the facility. Maybe someplace else. You know how computer records can be replicated to large databases."

Diana questioned, "Yeah. We do know. What do the local police say happened?"

Businessman answered, "In a weird way, it is as if it never happened."

Oliver asked, "But there are local citizens that are dead?"

Businessman answered, "Right. That is where the coverup comes in."

Rebecca asked, "How do you mean?"

Businessman stated, "We never go their bodies back."

Diana said, "Are you serious. . ."

Businessman told, "I’m afraid so. Can you imagine that. It isn’t enough that our loved ones die of mysterious causes."

Rebecca voiced, "You said a crazed gunman killed them."

Businessman said, "A crazed gunman that just vanishes in a corridor where there isn’t any means of escape."

Oliver stated, "Right. Go on. . ."

Businessman spoke, "It is also the fact that this is not an isolated incident. I represent a group of us. All victims of a tragedy that has happened at that facility of the course of time."

Diana said, "You are aware that if we do decide to take the case, we might not find what you are looking for. I mean, if the government is covering ups something, we may not be able to uncover it."

Businessman said, "I understand. This is a last resort kind of thing."

Rebecca spoke, "That is usually when we are called in. People have tried everything else and have gotten no where. Then they decide to call in psychic detectives."

Businessman said, "It is a little embarrassing. But I have no other way to go. If the three of you don’t take the case, well, the police have been ordered by certain factions of the government to close the case. Nothing is going to get done. I need the truth."

Diana asked, "You understand that the truth might not be what you expect?"

Businessman answered, "Wouldn’t that be better than what is going on right now. Lies and coverups?"

Oliver said, "He make a good point."

Rebecca said as she takes out a contract. "This is our standard contract. I need you to sign it. This gives us legal permission to explore the case, because to privacy issues, it is necessary."

Businessman asked, "Will you be needing the others signature?"

Oliver voiced, "It would be nice but it really isn’t necessary. We’ll treat you as the client and the others as the sub-client."

Businessman spoke, "Please find out what happened. What really happened, not the trash that the government is trying to put across. Lives were lost and I think the really reason need to be made known."

There is a sudden loud noise that catches everyone’s attention as the science fiction gets on the way. When they look back, the businessman has vanished. The three react.

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