Forever Never Comes - Chapter 3

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"She is not dead, and she is not wed." Byron

We see a run down motel room. There are various police about, basically the crime scene investigators. We see Zadam Paul and a policewoman named Sergeant Smith. The dead body

of a young woman is sprawled on the bed.

Tina asked, "So. They called you in on this case?"

Zadam said, "I wasn’t doing anything. The Chief felt that this was a case I might be interested in."

Tina spoke, "Well, we are assigned to each other."

Zadam answered, "Whoa. No one said anything about the two of us being assigned together. I was just suppose to look in on the case in a supervisory capacity."

Tina asked, "Well, all I can tell you is that you and I are on this case, Lieutenant. Why, you have something against working with me?"

Zadam asked, "No. Time of death?"

Tina announced, "The coroner is placing the time of death at about midnight. But more will be known after an autopsy."

Zadam said, "Looks like a big struggle."

Tina voiced, "She fought for her life. Poor thing. From the looks of it she didn’t stand a chance."

Zadam told, "Looks like we know who she was. Lennette Williams."

Tina said, "You mean the daughter of Senator Loretta Williams. Wow. This case has just taken a turn for the high-profile."

Zadam said, "Makes sense. . ."

Tina asked, "What does?"

Zadam stated, "Why the wanted the two of us paired."

Tina uttered, "Look. I understand, ever since the death of your partner, you’ve been reluctant to accept a new one. However, I think you’ll find that I’m pretty good at what I do."

Zadam uttered, "Just stay out of my way."

Tina said, "Hey, I’m not in anyone’s way! I’m a professional just like you! Now maybe after this case is over, we can part ways. But for now, the brass wants us working this case."

Zadam spoke, "You can count on it."

Tina announced, "Swell. Now that we’ve got all that bullshit out of the way. Maybe we can work on who kill the senator’s daughter."

Zadam asked, "More importantly, what was a rich girl like her, doing in a dive like this?"

Tina answered, "Looks like she was on drugs."

Zadam voiced, "Looks can be deceiving. If she wanted to do drugs, why come way out here to someplace like this? I mean, she could find whatever she wanted in her own environment."

Tina said, "True. But out here, she is just another drug addict."

Zadam put forth, "This is sad. . ."

Tina asked, "Yes, well most overdoses are not pretty. Is this your first one?"

Zadam answered, "Oh hell no! Fact of the matter is that I’ve seen too many of them. I didn’t start off in the police force as a favored. I had to work my way up."

Tina said, "You graduated college though. . ."

Zadam spoke, "Yes. Studied business administration and criminal science. Wanted to go into law enforcement but wasn’t sure if I want to aim at the FBI or even the CIA."

Tina stated, "You look like the type that eventually ends up in Homeland Security."

Zadam said, "What type is that?"

Tina voiced, "You know. Smart, ambitious, well connected. (Zadam reacts.) Oh, I know about your father. The rich and famous surgeon. Makes biometric hardware for the military."

Zadam gathered, "That is not my father’s major like of work. He tries to solve problems that thwart medical science."

Tina uttered, "Oh. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve the mega-salary that he obviously gets. And all the press that comes with discovering new inventions. Just that rich boys like yourself usually go in a different direction. Not that you are a typical rich boy."

Zadam voiced, "No. I am not. What do you think of this?"

Tina said, "Strange. Doesn’t belong here."

Zadam spoke, "Yet it is."

Tina said, "So. She wasn’t alone before her death."

Zadam announced, "So what do we have here? A dead senator’s daughter. Evidence that she wasn’t alone before her death and suspicion that indicates that she could have easily gotten her drugs in her own neighborhood."

Tina spoke, "True. There are drug dealers in rich communities, they deal on a bigger scale because their clients tend to have massive amounts of cash. But none the same. What are you getting at?"

Zadam uttered, "I don’t think she died here."

Tina questioned, "You think someone killed her else where and then brought her body here?"

Zadam answered, "We’ll know more after the coroner’s initial examination."

Tina asked, "But to what end?"

Zadam stated, "Her death would draw too much heat to their operation."

Tina announced, "So you take her downtown. Leave her lifeless body, set up at scenario that you hope the police will buy into, all while drawing the heat from yourself?"

Zadam said, "Might have worked if she had been just another junkie. But she was the daughter of wealth. More police just find the first person that can accuse the crime on. They don’t care about the truth. They work with the D.A. to pin the crime on the person who is the poorest and weakest of our society. Hell, I’ve been witness where cops just go up to someone’s house, bang on the door and start to rail and accuse them without any evidence at all. As I said, I came up the hard way."

Tina spoke, "That type of policing is usually done to the poor who can’t hire big time attorneys to sue the police. They wouldn’t dare try that type of hysterical police syndrome on the rich and powerful."

Zadam extorted, "Sounds like you have had your fair share of shitty policing too."

Tina voiced, "I don’t like it! Didn’t like it, but when you are a rookie and up and coming." . .

Zadam extolled, "You keep your mouth shut and keep hoping that in the end, you can make a difference."

We see Andrea Paul and her youngest daughter Veronica, sitting at an expensive outdoor café. They are engaged in light family talk.

Andrea asked, "So. When were you going to tell us?"

Veronica said, "I told Martha and Zadam. I was getting around to telling dad."

Andrea asked, "And I was going to be the last?"

Veronica told, "I know how much you wanted me to follow in dad’s footsteps."

Andrea questioned, "You know it is dangerous, what you plan on doing?"

Veronica said, "Man, most people in the world when they want to become doctors, do it because they want to help people. But it is not true in our country. People become doctors so they can get rich and have privilege. I just don’t see it as being right. There is too much suffering in the world to choose this profession for selfish reasons."

Andrea went on, "Is that you talking or is it your profession?"

Veronica asked, "What is that suppose to mean?"

Andrea uttered, "You know what I mean?"

Veronica said, "If you are suggesting that I’m having an affair with my professor, you are mistaken, you should know me better than that."

Andrea voiced, "I thought I did."

Veronica stated, "Oh. So because I want to do something with my life that doesn’t include totally making money, there must be something wrong with me?"

Andrea asked, "Is there?"

Veronica said, "You see, this is why I didn’t say anything right away."

Andrea asked, "But you could tell Zadam?"

Veronica said, "And Martha. . ."

Andrea asked, "I see. Did you forget who is paying for your expensive medical education?"

Veronica uttered, "Ah. Here it comes. The other shoe hitting the ground."

Andrea asked, "So you think of me as such a bitch that all I’m consumed with is money?"

Veronica answered, "Mother, we all know that you care about wealth more than dad. Dad does things because he thinks they are right. His inventions are to try and help people.:

Andrea said, "Your father and I are rich from those inventions."

Veronica spoke, "But that is not his primary motivation. It just so happens that with his genius comes great prosperity. Besides, I’ve already spoken to dad in great depth and he is happy for me."

Andrea voiced, "Of course he is. What would you expect? He is going to be happy for all his children, not matter what profession they choose. He’s your father. . ."

Veronica said, "Then be my mother and just be happy for me. Did you know that the greater majority of people graduating from college still don’t fully know what they want to do in life. At least I’m moving in the right direction."

Andrea stated, "But it isn’t the direction that I had planned for you."

Veronica spoke, "You don’t say things like this to Martha or Zadam, why is that?"

Andrea said, "Because Martha is a successful animator and is doing well in the industry of her choice. She isn’t giving, no, throwing away her talents for free!"

Veronica uttered, "Oh, I see. I’m throwing away my talents. Because I want to help those who need help the most?"

Andrea said, "Exactly! They can get help from their own people. In their own country. Why do you think I’m willing to pay all that money just to educate you to the point of becoming a doctor, only to have you throw your skill away on a bunch of backwards people in sore God forsaken third world?"

Veronica spoke, "And this is from the woman that throws all those expensive charity parties. What a hypocrite!"

Andrea voiced, "My charities are different. They are well vetted! Good tax havens."

Veronica said, "So it all comes back to money and how you can cheat your way through life by being phoney. You really don’t care about any of the charities that you host do you?"

Andrea uttered, "The point is that I do them and the point is that they benefit the family. Our social class. These things are important."

Veronica put forth, "They are important to you and those like you. Mom, you are a psychologist, how can you be so selfish? Surely you know that all you are doing is a facade."

Andrea said, "Just because I’m a professional, doesn’t mean that I don’t want things and seek ambitions. I would be lying to myself if I were doing otherwise. And that would not be healthy."

Veronica uttered, "Oh, I see. You are seeking the ways of the true psychoanalyst. I suppose you can use psychology to justify anything. Any action can be subject to some theory or psycho-babble."

Andrea spoke, "I am successful at what I do. I have a patient. . ."

Veronica announced, "Mother, you are not suppose to talk about your patients like this."

Andrea returned, "Oh, everyone in the profession does! Anyway, I have this patient, he is a writer, a frustrated artist. He has been writing all his life, I think he started at age nine, he wrote his first novel. Only to have it get rejected. He spent the next forty-five years writing and getting rejected."

Veronica stated, "Writing is an unforgiving profession. It is a lonely one as well."

Andrea said, "They point is that I’m used to dealing with losers."

Veronica spoke, "Is that how you view your patients? They are losers?"

Andrea said, "Oh come on? Why would anyone come to another person for psychological help unless they were having trouble coping with the world? People who can’t get it together and go on with it are in fact the true definition of losers. Yes, I’ll admit it, I have a very low opinion of my patients. But I’m honest about it. And that is what makes for true mental balance, you have to be honest with yourself."

Veronica asked, "And you don’t think I’m being honest with myself?"

Andrea said, "Darling, you’re my youngest child. Your brother is a success as a detective and your sister is successful as a producer. It is only natural that you feel the need to act out. A little sibling rivalry. Trying to get attention, I understand. But you’ll come around after your graduate. Your father has already spoken to certain people who can help you in your residency and career. You’ll be fine. . ."

Veronica said, "But I’m already fine! I want to help people, not for money, but because I feel a need to connect and be a part of the human condition, a force for good."

Andrea extolled, "If you only knew how silly you sound. That man, that professor of yours should be fired for putting all that nonsense in your mind. I’m going to see if I know someone that can do something about this!"

Veronica said, "Mother, you wouldn’t! This is the very reason why I didn’t want to tell you. This is why I waited to let any of you know. At least dad is happy for me. Why can’t you be proud of me like he is?"

We are at the Paul’s family home. The three children of the Paul’s are gathered. Two of them are drinking a hot beverage, the other is drinking what appears to be wine.

Martha asked, "So you talked to mom the other day, what did she say about the whole starving artist thing?"

Veronica said, "I am not a starving artist, Martha, and you know it. I’m studying to be a medical doctor, like our father. Mom wants me to seek the path of least resistance."

Zadam asked, "Have you considered what she has told you?"

Veronica questioned, "Did you when you decided that you didn’t want to be a successful businessman but rather take your college education and apply it to becoming a policeman?"

Zadam stated, "You both know what I decided to get into law enforcement. I saw too much abuse of the shield. Too many police using their authority to intimidate civilians. To falsely accuse civilians of crimes in order to incarcerate people just because they didn’t like them. Basically I didn’t like the way that society has turned a blind eye towards the civil rights of the average person."

Martha spoke, "You saw your fiancee killed by a policeman who had profiled her as a threat even though it was obvious that he was using the hysterical police syndrome. Just making us stuff in order to accuse and act illegally to hurt someone, in this case your fiancee."

Veronica uttered, "You see, you had a reason for what you did. It was life that turned you from a shallow way towards trying to do something about what you saw was wrong. It is the say with me."

Martha asked, "What trauma have you been forced to endure that you want to throw away your career in some God forsaken third world?"

Veronica said, "It is exactly because the third world exist that my conscience can’t rest. I can not just sit on my hands while so many are suffering."

Martha questioned, "Why not? That is what everyone else does. Don’t you want to get ahead? Make lots of money and plan for the future?"

Zadam announced, "Maybe Veronica has found something more important than just making money. To be honest, when I first heard about your decision to join Doctors Without Borders, I was impressed with you sense of conviction."

Martha said, "Everyone knows that organization is linked to the CIA."

Veronica shook her head, "That is not true. There are some wonderful doctors doing some really good work on behalf of humanity!"

Zadam voiced, "Well. The truth of the matter is that you believe that. And when all is said and done, what really matters is that you are willing to forgo economic success for a more deeper calling."

Martha uttered, "What do you do after that?"

Veronica asked, "What do you mean?"

Martha went on, "After you have gone off and tried to save the world. What do you do then?"

Veronica stated, "Honestly. I haven’t thought it out that far. I suppose that I’ll go into some kind of practice. Maybe in the part of the city where I can do the most good."

Zadam said, "It is the awareness of the situation that seems to be the most important."

Veronica asked, "What do you mean?"

Zadam spoke, "You know. The fact that you care about people that don’t have it off as well as you do."

Martha said, "Fo so long this country didn’t have universal healthcare. And it seemed that it would never come. Yet here we are. . ."

Veronica voiced, "But it is not that way with all countries. In the one’s I’m talking about, there is wealth, but the leaders are greedy. They don’t seem to understand that the true wealth of a nation is defined by the condition of the least of its people. The stupid leaders just keep on gathering wealth for themselves while depriving their people of even the basic needs. And then they go to these fancy political gatherings in other countries, countries that do have their act together, and they try to banter their position. All the while they seem not to be able to realize that the other leaders are laughing at then secretly, because it is so obvious that they are a nation unto themselves."

Zadam asked, "You can’t be a true leader while your people starve and suffer! Where is the leadership?"

Martha spoke, "I was going to do a documentary about the subject. Using live and animated concepts in order to reach as many people as possible. Maybe when you are other there, wherever there is, I can bring a crew and we can document your efforts."

Veronica stated, "That would be wonderful. I knew I could count on you two to understand."

Martha said, "Mother is not going to be such an easy sell. . ."

Zadam voiced, "You have to give her time. She is not evil, it’s just that she came from a humble background and in her mind, the only way out was to reject everything that her upbringing was."

Martha uttered, "The problem with that is that you forget who you really are. The trick is to retain who you are."

Veronica said, "I heard that dad is going to unveil two of his most recent inventions."

Zadam spoke, "Yeah. I heard that too."

Martha asked, "Are you two going to the event?"

Veronica questioned, "What is he going to unveil?"

Zadam announced, "Mom told me. She said that it was going to be the Autoimmune Sphere. You know, the device that will allow a person to receive a transplanted organ or limb from someone else, and the new organ will not be rejected by the host."

Martha said, "And the other thing must be the artificial eye. That device will give sight to the blind."

Veronica uttered, "Oh yeah. Dad did mention something about those two inventions. Unlike previous attempts at making an artificial eye, dad’s invention mimics the real human eye. Once implanted the patient can see just like a normal person can. Even if they have never seen before, because the device compensates for that part of the brain that produces sight."

Martha said, "I heard that dad was only going to take out a limited patent on the two inventions."

Zadam voiced, "That sounds like dad."

Veronica asked, "What did mother say about it?"

Martha said, "She doesn’t like it. You know how she is. Money first, patients second."

Veronica uttered, "I rest my case. . ."

Zadam put forth, "Maybe you are being too hard on mom."

Veronica asked, "You think so? Well I don’t think so. Do you know what real Christianity is?"

Martha spoke, "You go to church every Sunday?"

Zadam said, "There have been all sorts of social malfeasants that claim to have gone to church every Sunday. I don’t think that makes a person a real Christian."

Veronica voiced, "Doing what Jesus Christ has taught us. Long before there were all sorts of strange governance, the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to share with those that are less fortunate."

Martha stated, "Some would call that socialism or communism. But I can see from your reference, that caring about the poor and sharing the wealth is actually true Christianity, because Jesus commanded it."

Zadam said, "People don’t want to know what God has commanded them. They want to do what they want to do. That is where democracy comes in. In Heaven, then devil tried to change the Kingdom into a democracy, touting that everyone should have a vote as to what should or should not be done. It was a cleaver trick in order to try and take over Heaven. But it didn’t work because democracy is for mankind, not for the beings of Heaven, where God rules absolute!"

Veronica uttered, "It is just because of religion that so many countries are poor."

Martha said, "You are right. And then you have those tyrants that rule with an iron fist, saying that their way is the only way. We are at the brink of a one world government. All the civilized nations have finally agreed to a one world currency. They have agreed to stage whatever military differences they have at one location, in order to preserve the wealth and cultural heritage of civilization."

Zadam uttered, "You have to understand why things are the way they are."

Veronica spoke, "Because it was predicted thousands of years ago and the prophecies are just now starting to play themselves out, for the final time."

Martha said, "There are those who look at the global currency as a step towards damnation."

Veronica uttered, "And others who see it as a necessary step in order to control the world’s economy."

Zadam extolled, "Both can’t be right."

Martha spoke, "And we may never know. Some of these things have to play themselves out over the course of time."

Veronica said, "Something that none of us truly have control of. And yet, I heard dad talking the other day. . ."

Zadam asked, "About what?"

Martha said, "I did too. It was about one of his inventions."

Veronica uttered, "It was about a way to cross between this world and the next."

Zadam asked, "A time machine?"

Martha answered, "No. This was something different. He was talking about extended reality."

Zadam said, "I don’t understand."

Veronica spoke, "Dad described it as a way to make dreams reality. A type of dream machine that was able to alter the reality of the person inside of the machine. An alternate universe where dreams are real.

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