Forever Never Comes - Chapter 5

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"The same old role, the role that is what we make it." Walt Whitman

Before us we see a large room. It is some type of temple. There are various religious symbols on the walls and other works of art about. Occasionally religiously clothed men and women pass by. Enters O’Sullivan and goes to a woman dressed in high priestess robes.

Priestess uttered, "I didn’t think you would come."

O’Sullivan said, "To be honest I didn’t think I would either."

Priestess asked, "You hate our way of belief?"

O’Sullivan said, "I never said that. When I was a young man I looked into various world religions. Trying to see what was different and what was similar. I met a minister who believed that worship should be done only on Saturday. I questioned him about that and stated that the only true thing God wants from us is love."

Priestess questioned, "What was his response?"

O’Sullivan said, "He became angry. You see, he was all caught up on doing. Believing that salvation could be obtained by doing things."

Priestess asked, "And you don’t believe that?"

O’Sullivan answered, "That concept defeats the purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Priestess said, "How so. . ."

O’Sullivan voiced, "Because if mankind could do something to be saved, he’d have done it and never fallen. Have you ever heard of the Doctrine of Eden?"

Priestess said, "I’ve heard of it but I’m not familiar with it."

O’Sullivan uttered, "Yes. Right then. It states that even if Eve had just eaten the forbidden fruit, that if Zadam had simply had enough faith to believe that God, whom he knew face to face, could fix the problem and if Zadam had just come to God, things might be very different."

Priestess stated, "Interesting. One scenario is that only half the Creation would have fallen. If men would be immortal and women would be mortal. It is kind of archaic."

O’Sullivan announced, "You miss the whole point. The sin wasn’t in eating the fruit. And it wasn’t in the disobedience. It was in their lack of faith to believe that God could fix the problem. One of them if not both of them had to have faith!"

Priestess uttered, "But they didn’t need faith back then. The knew God face to face."

O’Sullivan spoke, "So then ask yourself the obvious question."

Priestess asked, "What is the question, Father O’Sullivan?"

O’Sullivan noted, "If God is Almighty, why didn’t he see the fall coming? I mean after all, Heaven had just had a war in which that very thing was the major bone of contention."

Priestess said, "That is the argument of most atheist and infidels. They say that if God is so Almighty, then why didn’t he create Eden and mankind in such a way that they would not have fallen. I mean you can’t be almighty in one thing and not almighty in another."

O’Sullivan spoke, "Ah. The true nature of the Witch’s Covenant. Nature verses God!"

Priestess uttered, "But I am a Faither. My religion is Faithology. We are not witches."

O’Sullivan stated, "Hmm. So it would seem. So I put forth this puzzle in a saying."

Priestess said, "Go on. . ."

O’Sullivan asked, "What if God created all of this knowing full well that it would fail?"

Priestess questioned, "That doesn’t make sense. Why create all of the universe just so it would fall?"

O’Sullivan said, "No. The universe had already fallen when mankind was created. It didn’t matter if man was one way or another. The demons were already imprisoned in Hell! The Falling had already taken place, they were already tried and sentenced like a person of death row. I mean if you allow yourself to really understand the Holy Scriptures, then you see that the series of events leading up to the fall of man, was inevitable."

Priestess asked, "So why put everyone through this?"

O’Sullivan said, "There are several reasons."

Priestess stated, "Say on, priest."

O’Sullivan uttered, "Think of the universe as some kind of advanced simulation. Like the simulations that we ourselves create when trying to work out the kinks in a project of system. It is better and cheaper to use a simulation than to put out the product untested."

Priestess uttered, "You make a compelling point. But what about the pain and suffering?"

O’Sullivan said, "The whole point of a simulation is to make it as real as possible, that way you get true data. Data that you can make use of in creating the real project."

Priestess asked, "What about our souls? The are suppose to be immortal. Where did they come from? "

O’Sullivan said, "They always existed."

Priestess voiced, "They had to come from some where. There are those that believe that our souls are the souls of the fallen angels. . ."

O’Sullivan said, "Demons. Call then for what they are."

Priestess voiced, "Okay. Demon souls. And that is why Zadam and Even fell. And that points to what happened in Heaven. Perhaps God is simply judging the fallen and this is the way it works."

O’Sullivan uttered, "You have an interesting point of view. But if that is the case then where does the Son of God fit in?"

Priestess asked, "What do you mean?"

O’Sullivan said, "Jesus Christ cancels out all of that! If we are the physical manifestations of fallen angels. . ."

Priestess uttered, "Demons. . ."

O’Sullivan expounded, "Yes, right. Then all those jobs that were lost in Heaven, the jobs that the demons once held, how are those positions to be filled? If all God is doing is recycling souls, what would be the point in having us live? Or for that matter, if we are just the physical embodiment of fallen angels, what then is the point of the Devil causing Eve to disobey God? Would not it have been smarter to then left mankind succeed? Thus allowing the fallen to escape out of Hell."

Priestess went on, "So what you are saying is that those who believe that their souls are reborn, are of the darkness, but that indeed, their belief is well founded, in the fall of mankind. And that there is a second group of mankind, those in which their souls are taken out of the cycle, and set aside for a New Age."

O’Sullivan said, "The Kingdom Come."

Priestess stated, "So reincarnation does indeed exist."

O’Sullivan uttered, "But if you are part of the cycle of incarnation, then your soul is damned because it never escapes the universe. This universe is dying. And there are those that know that it is dying. Scientist may be many things but they are good observers. They have told us of the impending darkness which envelops the entire universe. That darkness is growing all the while the light is fleeing. When the light was one then it was good. But darkness spreads and there will eventually come to pass a time when light will cease to exist in the universe. It will be just blackness. We are the universe. We often pretend that we can step outside the universe and observe it objectively. Mankind can not more observe the universe than an atom can observe that it is in a glass of water. We don’t need to look up at the heavens to know the universe, all we need do is look at ourselves, because were are not outside the universe. . .we are the universe!"

Priestess stated, "The universe is us and we are the universe."

O’Sullivan voiced, "We are but one part of a vast and complicated creation. And yet, there is more. . ."

Priestess said, "There are things happening on the dark side of the moon."

O’Sullivan spoke, "There is no dark side of the moon."

Priestess announced, "The moon keeps its same side turned to the Earth. The other side is always dark."

O’Sullivan countered, "Do we not question the science or are we slaves to doctrines of demons? Think of it, in that the models that you have seen, but the tale that we are told. If the moon keeps its same side turned to the Earth and the moon orbits around the Earth, much like the Earth is to orbit around the Sun, then as the moon passes in front of the Earth and the Sun, that part of the moon that is never turned towards the Earth is now lit by the Sun as it passes. Thus, though one does not see it, the dark side of the moon, does not exist."

Priestess said, "What else is a fallacy?"

O’Sullivan stated, "More than what your mind can imagine. For if we are born and then taught by the world, in no matter what circumstances, the lies of the world, then we can not trust our senses, we can not trust our knowledge."

Priestess asked, "Why is this?"

O’Sullivan answered, "Because the Devil never stopped lying to mankind, and mankind never stopped listening to his lies!"

Priestess went on, "You mean all this time which has passed, we have still been under the influence of the original deception of mankind."

O’Sullivan put forth, "You won’t surely die. . ."

Priestess said, "If the universe id indeed dying and everything in the universe is going to succumb to this dark matter. Then where is the hope. As you said, we are the universe, the universe isn’t outside of us, we are inside of it."

O’Sullivan said, "No! We are not inside of the universe, we are the universe! We are just one part of the greater whole, but we can not be separated from the whole."

Priestess questioned, "So if we are to be taken out of the universe, would it not still exist?"

O’Sullivan said, "We are the universe. And Jesus Christ knew this. What is can never be and can never be is. Everything that is relative is also not relative. Because it is only a perception. If we are intelligent then the universe is intelligent. More so think on this. If we are alive then the universe is alive because we are the universe, we are not some foreign thing that just happens to

be inside the universe, we are the universe and the universe is us."

Priestess said, "So what you are saying is that we can not escape who and what we are."

O’Sullivan uttered, "God created the universe for a reason. There are things outside the universe, because God existed before the universe was created. The fallen angels existed before the universe was created. Our souls existed before the universe was created! Because our souls are immortal."

Priestess noted, "Energy can not die. It can only be changed into some other form of energy. So energy is like our souls, it exist forever."

O’Sullivan expounded, "Ah. But because energy can to transformed into other forms of energy, energy can also be transformed into blackness. So what travels faster than the speed of light?"

Priestess said, "Blackness!"

O’Sullivan uttered, "If existed before there was light and it will exist along after the light in the universe has diminished into darkness. When light was introduced into the universe, the light pushed the darkness away from it. Darkness like light is a form of energy."

Priestess voiced, "Darkness is the opposite of light, but they may very well be one and the same thing."

O’Sullivan said, "Darkness is not the absence of light it is the presence of what is not light."

Priestess asked, "What is not light?"

O’Sullivan answered, "That what is and is not. That which exist yet does not exist. That which can be understood yet can not be understood. Darkness is energy without form or substance. It is anti-light."

Priestess questioned, "But what does this mean?"

O’Sullivan responded, "Remove the light from the universe and the universe collapses upon itself."

We see a nice and neat kitchen. Sgt. Smith is dressed scantily. She is busy making breakfast. Zadam walks in.

Zadam said, "Hmm. Something smells good."

Tina uttered, " I thought I’d make us something to eat before we have to get on to work."

Zadam said, "Yeah. About work. . ."

Tina voiced, "I know. It wouldn’t be a good idea if people thought that we were romantically involved. Some could say that a relationship might cloud our judgement."

Tina asked, "Do you think that it has?"

Zadam wondered out loud, "What? In which way? Tina, are you having second thoughts about what happened last night? Because if you are, I understand."

Tina uttered, "No! Of course not. I’m still the same woman that you went to bed with. I’m not like that. If I think that something is a good thing, and believe me, we are a good thing. Then I stay with it. Why? Are you having second thoughts?"

Zadam voiced, "No. When we first met, I wasn’t sure, but I thought I felt something. You know, sparks. . ."

Tina put forth, "Me too. But I wasn’t sure if you felt the same way. You have a habit of carrying things pretty close to your chest. You don’t like to let on to what you are really thinking. I’ve noticed that about you."

Zadam uttered, "Old habit. I’ve been hurt before. . ."

Tina said, "Join the club."

Zadam voiced, "Hmm. . ."

Tina asked, "What is it?"

Zadam answered, "I have a message from Father O’Sullivan. (Listens to the message.) It would seem that the good father wants to have a little talk with me."

Tina uttered, "Hmm. Well I guess it is good that your family has such a close relationship with the church."

Zadam spoke, "This has nothing to do with my faith. The father wants to talk about the case we are working on."

Tina said, "I know we have discuss this before but do you really think it was murder? I mean, another explanation is that the senator’s daughter was a drug addict and that she got some bad stuff. It happens. . ."

Zadam nodded, "You are right. It does happen. Believe me I know."

Tina spoke, "Sounds personal."

Zadam said, "In some ways it was. Back in college. . ."

Tina asked, "Your parents sent you and your sisters to Ivy League schools?"

Zadam answered, "Yes. But that didn’t mean that there wasn’t trouble at the campus. In fact, because of the money that the students routinely had on them, it made them targets for the low life’s that somehow managed to get on campus a peddle their drugs."

Tina said, "Don’t tell me you. . ."

Zadam went on, "Me? No! But I lost a friend who was very nice to me. She was very pretty. But like some many pretty people, she lived in a world where those that were not as pretty, were cruel. She had a hard time finding acceptance, with the exception of me and a few others, who were brought up believing that what is inside a person is more important than what they are wearing."

Tina uttered, "Your parents raised you and your sisters well."

Zadam spoke, "I only wish I’d seen the signs. Perhaps I could have helped her."

Tina asked, "What happened?"

Zadam answered, "She committed suicide. It was a long time ago, but I still remember her. I guess in some way I’m hoping that by me keeping her memory alive, it some how helps."

Tina said, "Not her, she’s dead. . ."

Zadam uttered, "I know. How can you be so cold?"

Tina voiced, "I didn’t mean it like that."

Zadam said, "It sure sounded like it. For a moment, you sounded just like those for whom she took her life. She was a sweet woman, God I wish I could have seen the signs and understood them better. Maybe I could have saved her."

Tina asked, "And so that is what this is about? You somehow trying to save your friend over and over again."

Zadam told, "Look, Tina, I don’t expect you to understand. Maybe in some strange way you might even be right. Obviously my friend’s suicide affected me a great more than one might expect. But the truth is that suicide affects those around you. Yes it is true that a person has to be pushed pretty hard in order to feel that there is no hope and that the taking of one’s life is the only way our. But the sadness that is left behind is some times the motive for the act."

Tina asked, "So what you are saying is that some people commit suicide because they want to punish those around them?"

Zadam said, "It is not me who is saying it. If you have even read a suicide note. Most often it expresses a desire to affect the living while acting as a reason for the act itself."

Tina uttered, "Hmm. Who’d thought that the detective would have a soft spot. Getting in touch with you feminine side are we?"

Zadam voiced, "Only if you are getting in touch with your masculine side."

Tina uttered, "Okay, you got me. I was trying to be funny but there really isn’t a funny side to what you are saying."

Zadam spoke, "If there is I haven’t found it yet."

Tina uttered, "So let me understand this. You think that the senator’s daughter committed suicide. Just like the evidence seems to suggest?"

Zadam stated, "No. I didn’t say that nor did I mean to imply that. What I am saying is that often what looks like the most obvious evidence, might yet be able to interpreted in quite a different way."

Tina voiced, "Hmm. It is kind of how religious people interpret the bible."

Zadam uttered, "Actually. That logic can be applied to every piece of knowledge that mankind possesses. Everything in this world is subject to interpretation. From one culture to another. Even how one sits to eat a mean has different meaning and ritual."

Tina said, "So we have to get inside this young woman’s head before we can really understand what happened to her."

Zadam uttered, "I think that is what Father O’Sullivan want to talk to me about. He has information that might shed some light on the victim’s death. But from what I can glean, it is sensitive information. Probably comes from someone close to the family."

Tina spoke, "They’ll talk to their priest or rabbi but they won’t talk to the police. Makes you wonder if we are in the right profession. But I understand their reluctance. Some cops are dirty and indifferent. You are right. Some of them are. In fact, that is why I became a policewoman."

Zadam asked, "Why? To be corrupt?"

Tina shook her head, "No! Oh hell no! Just the opposite. I grew up in a city where 90% of the police were on the take. And the other 10% just looked the other way. When I was young I thought that was the only way. You know, you grow up a certain way and you think that the whole world is like that."

Zadam asked, "Small town mentality?"

Tina uttered, "Only I wasn’t living in a small town. I lived in a big city where most people were born there and they were content to die there too."

Zadam voiced, "Wow. I didn’t know. . ."

Tina spoke, "But there was more to it than that. I managed to stay in school and got a scholarship to a half decent college. Worked twice as hard as the next person. I don’t know, maybe back then I thought I had something to prove to everybody. There were mostly rich kids attending the college. I guess I took offense to how they got there as opposed to me."

Zadam said, "Nothing wrong with that. You worked hard and stuck with it. That is the problem with me. I have an at tendency to only work hard on the things I deem important and neglect those that I don’t care about."

Tina said, "You sound normal to me."

Zadam uttered, ‘Yeah. Normal. That’s me."

Tina stated, "What’s wrong with being normal. It means that you can do unexpected things when you are called to do so, but that you have enough common sense to kick back every chance you get. You’ll live longer that way."

Zadam expounded, "But I also have a one track mind."

Tina said, "Good for police work."

Zadam uttered, "Hell on relationships."

Tina voiced, "Ah. I see what you are telling me. Well you don’t have to worry about me. I’m not the smothering type. In fact I enjoy a man who kind of does his own thing, lets me do my thing. And we schedule a get together when we can. . ."

Zadam asked, "Are you just saying that because you don’t want to get hurt?"

Tina said, "Just for the sake of things. What if we can prove that the senator’s daughter was murdered?"

Zadam uttered, "Okay. Say that we can find a connection."

Tina voiced, "The facts are going to mess up a lot of comfortable people."

Zadam said, "There is always that possibility. But I have an at tendency to look at things a bit differently."

Tina asked, "How so?"

Zadam answered, "Well. What if the dead woman was my daughter? Wouldn’t I want whomever is on the case to do the very best that they can?"

Tina said, "Sure. That’s just doing your job. But you know as well as I do. The reason rich people don’t fear the law is that they have powerful attorneys on retainer. And the reason that the police don’t harass rich people is because they can sue the hell out of the department and them."

Zadam spoke, "Poor people don’t have those advantages."

Tina stated, "No they do not. And that is why even your local beat cop and just waltz in and do illegal searches and interrogations. Harass and falsely accuse. Basically violate a person’s basic rights."

Zadam uttered, "And seem to get away with it most of the time."

Tina said, "Most of the time. Yes."

Zadam went on, "But we all reap what we sow. . ."

Tina spoke, "Sometimes and in some cases, that is the only justice that there is."

Zadam stated, "So. We have to look at this case like we’d look at any case. Because I’m not doing this job to violate the poor or to denigrate anyone, especially those who need protecting the most. Because the rich can hire those to protect themselves."

Tina asked, "What are you getting at?"

Zadam answered, "She might have been the daughter of a rich and powerful senator, but she died in the poor part of town. And that is where this case might take us."

Tina questioned, "You think some low life drug dealer killed her?"

Zadam put forth, "

I don’t know what to think at the moment. But I do know one thing. Nothing is what it seems. There is more to Heaven and Earth than what meets the eye."

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