Forever Never Comes - Chapter 8

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"Make one man a slave and you make us all slave to the system which created it." DiLocke

"In biology there is a condition called Critical Mass, it is the moment when a population can no longer be sustained by the environment, and the world imposes negative population growth, mankind has reached that threshold." Dr. Levi

We see a group of distinguished and professional people all gathered. They are in a huge room that has active display screens, displaying all sorts of vital and important information. At the center of the meeting are the heads of state and their representatives. A man enters with his small staff, it seems that the others have been waiting on him. His name is Dr. Space, he is a distinguished scientist.

Official said, "Okay, doctor, we are all here. Now what is so important that we all had to be present?"

Space was motioning to his staff, who quickly set up the displays to show pertinent information. "As you know I and many others around the world have been engaged in the Isis Project. It is the project commissioned by the leading countries of the world to look into a strange and troubling phenomena seeming to take place."

Another Official said, "Please explain, I was not present for the first conference."

Space said, "As you all know, more than just a few of the world’s so called civilized countries have begun to experience what is known as negative population growth. This had been thought to be brought on by a series of events. And to a point is has been, but no one could put their finger on the real cause. First it was thought to be social, then environmental and then, political. My report seems to suggest all of the above and none of the above."

Yet another Official put forth, "Really, Dr, Space, that means nothing to me and my countrymen."

Still another Official said, "Let him finish. In my country the situation has more than doubles in the last decade."

Space uttered, "Yes, quite right, and it will continue, until it reaches exponential proportions." The others all react. "My research would suggest that it is a ecological and biological condition called Critical Mass."

Another Official asked, "Critical Mass? What is that exactly?"

Space told, "It is a biological condition in which a population, usually bacteria, reaches a point that the population can no longer be sustained by the environment. At that point the environment implements a sudden and permanent negative population trend."

Some Official asked, "So what does all this have to do with us?"

Space answered, "Well, it has to do with everything. The trends that all of you have been experiencing, is the first step in a Critical Mass sequence. The entire world is our environment. Think of us as simple bacteria. We are in a petri dish. Now think of the world population as having reached our Critical Mass. Our environment no triggers a negative population growth scenario."

An Official uttered, "But we are not simple bacteria!"

Space said, "No. We are not. We are much worse than that. If we were that simple, this

planet could adjust to us and we’d carry on. But we have done far too much to our planet. Every type of waste imaginable has been rendered into our environment. As the ancient Native Americans tried to teach us, if you kill the land, you kill yourself. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve killed ourselves."

Some cries out, "This is stupid! The planet is a complex eco-system. There is no way that what you are saying is happening is happening!"

Space said, "The evidence is incontrovertible. It is what happened to the dinosaurs, and every other species that has ever existed on this planet. When that species reached a point where it’s destructive nature was greater than its good, the planet reached a point where it could no longer sustain the damage to it, and a failsafe kicked in. We’ve seen it throughout all epoch’s of time. A special will rise and seem to dominate for a long time, then suddenly, seemingly without warning, that species with over night, vanish."

Another Official asked, "So, what you are saying is that we are going to all die?"

Space told, "Mankind is going to become extinct! Just like the dinosaur. . .(They all react. Some get up and walk out filled with anger and indignation. Those who wisely stay settle down.) I wish I had better news."

Still an Official wanted to know, "The truth is better than a life, Dr. Space. From what you and your staff have been able to gather, and if this is really what is happening, how long does mankind have?"

Space answered, "Oh, gees–I’d only be guessing."

Official said, "Give us your best guess. . ."

Space stated, "There is an exponential component to the Critical Mass scenario. It starts off looking like it does right now and then it starts to move very quickly. I think it is safe to say what when we start to see countries like China and India’s population enter into negative population growth, then we’ll know that the world is in the deep throws of Critical Mass.:

Official asked, "How long, doctor?"

Space said, "A few hundred years. . ." All of them react. "It is just an estimate! For all I know at this time and place in our history, it could take a thousand years."

Still another Official asked, "If we start to turn things around today, can we stop it?"

Space said, "No. Once a biological population reaches Critical Mass, something is triggered in the environment. This is no longer about us behaving, it is about the world reacting! We are not the only species to have gone through this. The world has its own history, it has its own biology, this planet is not simply earth and water and wind, this is a living organism that we live on. This planet is a living organism! With its own rules and laws and destiny. And if our species is no longer compatible with where the Earth is headed, then it will get rid of us and bring about a new species that is more adaptive and ecologically suited."

Official said, "But we are not the dinosaurs! We have technology and science. They did not!"

Space countered, "It is exactly why we are going to become extinct. It is because of our science and technology that we have reached a point that the world can no longer sustain us. Look. It is a fact that species before us have thrived and prospered, then just when they were at the top of their game, bam! They all seem to have just disappeared. We always thought that is was because of some extraterrestrial disaster. But let me put it to you this way, Critical Mass had already started to take place. Not every mass extinction had a comet or asteroid to blame for their

extinction. Again, we know this for a fact. Those that did, it might have been simply a coincidence."

Yet another Official asked, "Everything you say can be substantiated? "

Space answered, "The proof is in the pudding. Is your country currently undergoing a radical reduction in population?"

Yet another Official uttered, "Yes. But it could mean a number of things. We have artificially cloned sperm, we can begin a massive repopulation program."

Space said, "Good luck with that."

Official asked, "You really do believe that the human race has reached a point of Critical Mass, as you call it?"

Space answered, "I know it has. Every piece of evidence I have looked at points to that conclusion. Me and my staff have checked and double checked our facts. They are now being made available to the world. If I am right, and I prey I’m wrong, there will be only three billion people in the world by the end of the century. But there is even a worse case scenario. After the population reaches the half way mark, mass extinction could occur almost over night. Because we haven’t factored in plague and natural disasters, we could be wiped out as swiftly as the dinosaurs, maybe swifter!"

We are in a relatively small room. In the center of the room is a machine, it look a lot like a large television, only it is not. It is the invention of Dr. Space, it allows a person to view back in time, like watching a television show, only what we are watching are events that happened long in the past. It is a time machine that let you look into the past. Seated around comfortably are several key political leaders and Dr. Space.

Representative of Russia asked, "What are we seeing here with this machine?"

Space answered, "We are looking back in time. This device allows us to view events that happened in the past. There are a lot of problems with people physically going back in time, not that is can’t be done, but special protective gear has to be worn at all times. And there is the problem with time lines. This machine works well for gathering information about the past without altering the time line. So we don’t have the branch-out effect."

Representative of United States said, "Our top scientist have gone over all of your reports and have come to pretty much the same conclusion. We didn’t know at the time, that when we were taking the oil out of the ground, that we were removing the lubricant, of the world, just like our joints have lubricant, the planet has its own lubricant. And the high atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, and the below ground testing, we thought all those things were safe."

Representative of France uttered, "Come on now, let’s not keep playing games. We’ve all known for a very long time about those things. We couldn’t tell the public the truth, so we made of reasons for the failure of the planet to sustain us. If spray from cans was suppose to be destroying the ozone, smoke from the tail end of cars was bad for the atmosphere, then what do you think high atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs was doing to the ozone. Hell, we just blew it into outer-space."

Representative of Germany said, "No one could tell the general population the truth. Think of the lawsuits! When people finally figured out that it was their own country that destroyed the atmosphere, knowingly."

Space uttered, "Well, we are way beyond that now. If there are any generations to come, they will be too worried about the generation that is not coming. We’ve screwed the pooch."

Representative of United Africa asked, "How do we tell the general population that we as a species are dying? Think of the unrest that could occur."

Space answered, "They are going to find out eventually. I think a more important thing might be to be ready when they do. We can’t live on this planet any more."

Representative of Russia asked, "What are you saying?"

Space uttered, "We need to leave this planet. We are going to have to find a planet that we can colonize. You see, it’s not about simply finding food and water, the Earth will not allow us to grow anymore. We are like a cancer and the Earth has a natural defense against such as us."

Representative of England said, "Based on the amount of time that we have, we could start to build massive spaceships, space-habitats."

Representative of France asked, "But where would we go?"

Representative of United Africa questioned, "The closes star?"

Representative of India asked, "What is there are no planets that we can inhabit once we get there?"

Space told, "We can use transdoor technology. We activate a transdoor here on Earth. Once the space-habitat reaches its destination, if they find an inhabitable planet, they can transdoor back to Earth, provide the information, and from that point, Earth can proceed."

Representative of Germany said, "Perhaps we should send out more than one. Three maybe, to three different star systems."

Representative of France uttered, "That would be very expensive."

Representative of United Africa said, "Let’s get real here. Expense is an artificial term. Money is an artificial term. We are talking about no one being here to argue the point!"

Space pointed out, "You are right. Money has no meaning if you have no one left to spend it! If you do send three different space-habitats, it increases the odds of one of them finding someplace where the human race can survive. The planet does not have to be ideal. All it has to be is suitable for technology to render the world habitable. Whether we live in domes or spheres, or under the water or in the atmosphere. The one thing that we do have is technology. Once there-we can build what we need to survive."

Representative of United States said, "There is something that we haven’t discussed. What if we find a planet that is habitable but it has a population of some kind on it?"

Space said, "That is interesting. You can’t invade someone else’s world. Not even if were are desperate, as we will be by that time."

Representative of Spain uttered, "Laws will have to be written to govern how, if by chance, we do discover intelligent life, while trying to find a suitable planet to colonize. The temptation will be to do to the natives of that planet what was done to the Native Americans long ago. We have to be good citizens."

Representative of Russia said, "While I agree. We all know that when push comes to shove, people revert back to their more base instincts. History will repeat itself, but this time, it will be amongst the stars."

Representative of United Africa asked, "You all sound so sure of yourselves that we might find intelligent life outside our own solar system?"

Representative of United States questioned, "Should we tell her?"

Representative of Germany stated, "We all are in the same boat right now. Keeping things from each other will only lessen our chances of survival."

Representative of United Africa asked, "What are you saying?"

Space stated, "They are trying to tell you and others here that have not been made aware of the truth. The Earth as been contacted by intelligent life beyond our own solar system."

Representative of United Africa uttered, "My God! How long have you all known about this? When were you going to tell the rest of the world about this?"

Representative of United States said, "Calm down, we are all brothers and sister here. There will be no more secrets. My country has known for centuries."

Representative of China voiced, "We have evidence dating back thousands of years."

Representative of Russia said, "In modern times, we have had open dialogue with several species from other worlds. And to be frank, most of them don’t want to have anything to do with us. In fact some of them are outright hostile towards us."

Representative of United Africa uttered, "Oh, I see now. Now that you know the world is coming to an end, you feel it right to share this important information! But is things had remained the status quo, only the so called developed countries would have known. You would still be keeping this from the rest of the world. The entire world had a right to know, so that the world could speak to the strangers. Not have only a few warlike super0powers dictate the terms! Small wonder most of the intelligent species from beyond out star don’t like us! Look who we had to represent the world!"

Space expressed, "The President of United Africa has a very good point. Maybe it is about time that the entire World Counsel was made aware of these, er, special events. After all, our off-world counterparts have been saying for a very long time, that they would not deal with us, until the whole world was represented. Maybe it is time that we let the cat out of the bag?"

Representative of Germany stated, "You also need to know that we have had people from Earth sent to other worlds as exchange, you know, they send us one of theirs and we send one of ours." Even stronger reactions. "Well, I’m just saying, it is all going to come out eventually."

Representative of England asked, "Cat out the bag and all that?"

Representative of United Africa said, "There is just no good news!"

Space uttered, "We can do this venture and hope for any type of success, unless the truth come out. Otherwise it just looks like we are doing things that make no sense. The truth of it all is that our off-world friends have been warning us about our foolishness for a very long time. That is why most of them refused to engage us."

Representative of Vietnam questioned, "How is it that you are so knowledgeable about all of this, Dr. Space?"

Representative of United States uttered, "You know those exchange people that we were talking about? Dr. Space was one of the first ones. He’s not from our world." Extremely heavy reaction from the leaders who were in the dark.

Representative of United Africa said, "Well, this explains a great deal. The device that allows us to view back in time. . ."

Space said, "Yes, well it might look back and all that, but it is the future I wish it could see."

Representative of Vietnam asked, "Why can’t it look into the future?"

Representative of Spain uttered, "The future hasn’t been written yet. . ."

Space said, "Not quite. More like too many of them. Each future we are talking about is based on a series of events. Small events can had large or small outcomes. Large events usually

happen not matter what. And event which affects only a small amount of the population might not change the course of time, but a large event usually happens due to thousands if not millions of other smaller events. Get the idea? So the question becomes, whose future are we actually looking at?"

Representative of United States stated, "So the past is the only true stability that we can use in order to gage our future. Because the events have already happened. So, if one wants to time travel, you travel into the future, not the past."

Space said, "What has happened has happened. It is the future we all want to change, and that is a lot easier to do."

Representative of United Africa uttered, "I’m not sure I understand."

Space told, "I’m not from this time. I came to your planet some three hundred years ago. I’m sitting here today as a result of my people’s desire to try and help. You see, to us, everything that is happening to the world, has already happened. When we view your world, it is from a great distance. Events that we think as current are just glimpses of light to my people."

Representative of Vietnam said, "So. Do we make it? Does the world survive?"

Space shook his head, "No."

Representative of Vietnam asked, "What? Then why are we all here? If we already know the outcome?"

Space expressed, "That was the old outcome. I’m here along with a host of others. Because I’m not from the only planet that sees hope in the human race. Because we look so much alike, it is believed on my planet that we must have had similar origins. Now don’t get me wrong, there are other species, that are intelligent that do not like or act anything like human. In fact, as some of you very well know, those species have been responsible for the world’s lackluster performance in outer space. Have you ever asked yourself why mankind hasn’t done more in the area of space exploration? Well, it is because some of those, er, strangers for lake of a better term, don’t want us to explore the stars. They do everything in their power to hold us back. And they are very good at it, they have shot down some of your spacecrafts, interfered with launches, Mars exploration is a good example of when Earth spacecraft have gotten too close to stranger’s outpost, they have caused malfunctions and crashes. Did you really think that the face on Mars was a natural occurring formation, that just happens to be next to pyramid formations? Did you really buy into that propaganda?"

There is a long moment of silence as those not so privileged to have been part of the course of events put forth, digest them. The world is not ready for this. . .

Representative of United States uttered, "Oh, these is no going back! And you know it. The moment we leave this meeting those of us who did not know about this stuff will be on the phone to their governments. No one is in the Dark Ages of Space anymore! How can we propose to build space-habitats to save our sorry asses, without telling the entire world the truth? What? We just suddenly went from puny rocket-ships that aren’t much removed from tin cans and firecrackers, to sophisticated space-habitats that work? If you look at the evolution of the wheel, the car, the plane, you can see how we got there. If you look at the evolution of space travel, there are big gaps in knowledge! That is because we’ve been influenced for so long by all these strangers, who may or may not have our best interest at heart. It is time we made out habitation amongst the stars. We don’t have a choice! It is either stay here and die off, in which the strangers, who are all alien to the Earth, will just came and take over, or we can survive as a

species, and one day return, with a better understanding of the universe and our place in it!"

Representative of Vietnam voiced, "I think we need to put this to a vote."

Representative of France said, "I call for a short recess. Building three space-habitats is going to take a massive amount of resources and while I fully agree, we have no choice, except to stay here and die off, the democratic way it to vote."

They all mull around getting refreshments and talking politics, because they are for the most part, politicians. A few wander over to Space.

Space uttered, "You are doing the right thing. Believe me you don’t want to wait around for the alternative. My people have seen it, it doesn’t turn out well for the human race. Besides, there is a lot of stars out there, you can find a new home. And yours is not the first species to have to take to the stars. The people of Mars had to do the same thing."

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