Hear The Heavens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Christian Science Fiction and fantasy

Submitted: August 24, 2013

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Submitted: August 24, 2013




Copyright © 2013

Victor Darnell Hadnot and Amanda Travis

"With peace comes the ability to pacify the demons." Bishop Reiner


"They laugh and they play, oh the sounds of children, so gay." A Mother’s Observation

There was a thud, and then coming around the corner was Claw. He was a beautiful Siamese cat. He roamed about the area, finding one thing and then another to either play with, or challenge him. Finally, he climbed a few fixtures on the outside of the building, a building in which he was very high up, then entered into a window. Inside, he spotted his friend, a rabbit named Chopsticks, who looked at him, then decided to hop on off. He then went around the corner, and found another companion in crime, Silent E, a Main-Coon cat, eating at her bowl. As he walked about, Sara spotted him, reached down and picked him up.

Sara took him with her, as she sat at the table with Monica, who was just starting to show in her pregnancy. Both women were just in their mid twenties, though Monica was the older sister. Sara, a pretty dark haired woman, with mixed race features (something that was dominant for the times), stroked and kissed Claw, who was loving the attention.

Monica voiced, "It’s just not the way that it is suppose to be. Women are suppose to have babies. Not be all dried up inside."

Sara continued to favor Claw, as she responded. "Look. We all know what the military did. They set into motion a plague which has rendered the vast majority of women on the entire planet, sterile."

Monica retorted. "It easily affected the men as well. The human race is dying, I tell you."

The leaves were an off colored brown, as they gently fell to the grown. Some folks were off to the sides; in the enormous park, playing with their families, or their pets. Most days now, it was more common to see a couple, playing with their pet, than to see them with a child. There were just so few. Sara and Mathias had been trying to have a baby for some time now. In fact,

it had been the topic, of not more than one, open family conversation, as to equate having a child, with the couple getting married. Something that Sara and Mathias seriously resisted. Basically the young couple felt that marriage wasn’t predicate. Over a century ago, the ratio to marriage and divorce, tipped in the negative. And once it did, it stayed that way. So, young people began to more and more, turn their backs on what they considered to be antiquated traditions. All that, coupled with the relaxing laws on such institutions, and what was left, was a priest’s nightmare.

It was no secret that the church was taking a serious beating in these times. Over the past century, more and more people throughout the world, had blamed religion on the problems of the world. No doubt, to the atheist’s delight. But, mankind had to believe in something. Social scientist saw that as a basic human need, deep rooted in the human psyche. So more and more, artificial religions sprang up, to fill the void. At the end of the day, being a Christian, was seriously looked down upon, as if you were a mental leper or something.

But then again, Christians had changed. After all, they were only people, too. The church changed from the past century, struggling to be inclusive. But the old nemesis of the past, would have need of a pleasant blessing in the present days, when now, androids could attend church, whack jobs were encouraged to seek out the Lord. Hell, even aliens from other star systems, were welcome. After all, did not God create them all? But, the biggest antagonist, was Technoligion. The worship of science and technology, because after all, people had to believe in something.

Sara retorted. "Let’s head on back, I’m getting hungry." And they jogged on off.

Mathias was at the office. He’d just finished a series of presentations, about the company getting into the Transdoor Technology business. A transdoor was a machine that allowed people to move in between realities and universes. It’s level of complexity dwarfed most peoples’ understanding. While some of the ideas behind it were discovered by humans, it was the Martian Elves, who actually helped in perfecting it. At that point, there seemed to be a great more Martian Elves, coming through the damn thing, most people thought. But, it was a shared technology, new to the turn of the century.

Mathias had settled in at a quiet restaurant for his lunch, when a tall and beautiful android named Greta came over. "Eating alone?" she smiled.

"Er. I almost always do." replied Mathias.

"Well, you don’t have to do so today." And with that she set her plate down on the table and in a sultry manner, joined him.

Mathias glanced around. "Do we know each other?"

Greta raised a brow. "I don’t know. Should we..."

"Wait a minute. At the meeting today. I remember seeing you there." voiced Mathias.

"Very good. Yes I was there. And you were quite impressive, if I may say so." she beamed at him, then took a sip of her drink.

"I’m sorry. Your name?" Mathias leaned from his meal.

"I’m Greta. I’m in Research and Development." Her eyes fixed on his.

He suddenly felt uncomfortable. "I just can’t get used to machines doing what humans did only a short time ago."

Greta retorted. "I’m an android. An artificial life-form." She cunningly took a piece of food off of his plate and ate it. "From what I understand, we are going to be working closely."

Sara was in the bathtub just trying to soak her troubles and worries away. She heard the front door open and close, then she called out. "In here, honey."

Mathias finally rounded the corner and came in, he sat by the tub. "Oh, that looks great."

"Believe me, I needed this. Believe me, they say that teaching has gotten easier over the past century. With all the programming chips that they implant into the kids, so that they can download knowledge into their little heads."

"With all the advances in A.I., it was only a matter of time, before the powers that be, would turn it all on humans. Besides the kids learn so quickly, and so much more than could have ever been achieved, using old antiquated teaching methods of the past." Mathias pointed out.

"Yes. I agree. But there are serious side effects to learning like that. Learning like a machine. People weren’t designed to learn like that. God made us to learn and process things gradually. Not just down load a ton of information, without any safe guards, no time to actually process the knowledge given. It’s not natural." countered Sara.

"Honey, look around us. What is natural anymore? Even the very air we breath has been altered. Mankind, several hundred years ago, if he were dumped in our time, would freak out. The concept between man and machine, right and wrong, good and evil. All that stuff has been turned upside down. Hell, they have even changed time and times of times. There are only six days in a week. Six weeks in a month. Six months in a year." Mathias pontificated.

Sara leaned back in the hot, warm suds. "I want to go back to the good old days."

Mathias began to rub her shoulders. "You mean, when there was no cure for cancer. They lied about HIV. Wars were actually fought using human beings instead of ground infantry drones. And the government had every neighbor spying on each other. Those good old day?"

Mathias and Sara had intended to go to a live performance of a popular play that everyone was raving about. But, only a few moments into the performance, they were all called out of the building. Standing off to one side, they witnessed police drones and other machines, as they began a search of the building.

"What do you suppose the police are looking for?" questioned Sara.

Mathias responded. "I was just talking to those folks over there. They said that they overheard the police talking about a group of free-radicals. I think they called them Faithers.

Throw backs to the past, but, bound up in the future."

A couple standing next to them heard that and said. "They are the Martian Resistance. What they want is Mars as a free planet. They are tired of Earth’s government’s influence over them. They want to break free, form their own government, run their own lives."

Someone else interjected. "Specially with the plague afflicting the entire planet. There is coming a day, when no one will ever be born of natural ways, ever again."

Mathias held Sara closely. "So, the police are going to catch these people and arrest them for questioning?"

Someone else next to them responded. "Yeah. Right. They are going to flush them out, and kill them. The World Government has zero tolerance for the Martian Resistance."

It was shortly after that, when Sara spotted their friends, Victor and Jaza, quickly moving away from the area. At first she was going to call out to them, but the looks on their faces, caused her to think again. She nudged Mathias, who then spotted them, too. Mathias quickly picked up on Sara’s concerns, and decided to try and draw as many around them, to something else, feeling that their friends might need protecting. Then, without notice, the building began to collapse upon itself. Later, it would be all blamed, on the Martian Resistance.

© Copyright 2020 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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