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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Now broach ye a pipe of Malvoisie, bring pasties of the doe" Sir Walter Scott

Fascal and Odura sat high on the outside of a building spying down on an enemy, they both had their high tech smart weapons shouldered, they spied through smart binoculars, the subject was a one, Vrevor Pigmoney.

Fascal uttered, "Just look at him, it’s hard to believe that he has caused such a mess, now his friends want him dead..."

Odura shifted position, "Correction, his so called friends, real friends would hardly want you dead."

Fascal nodded, "The truth of the matter is that in politics, as in business, one has no real friends, just opponents that seek to out advantage you, if they get the opportunity."

Odura glanced at the man next to her, "So then, I suppose that our friendship should be placed into question after that last statement, or shall I consider it a revelation?"

Fascal frowned but he didn’t move, "I was talking about Vrevor, not us."

Odura leaned back, "I don’t know, people seem to say what is really on their minds when they are the lease guarded."

Fascal said, "I didn’t mean it that way."

Odura countered, "So, if things were to change, you and I would face off and try and kill one another, because according to you, there are no friends in business or politics."

Fascal leaned back with her, "I’m your friend, Odura."

Odura uttered, "Hmm, I suppose all of that awaits to be seen. So you and I sleep with one another when we are not on missions, but, if I ever got in your way, you’d kill me in a second."

Fascal went back to his observation, "There are many things that I am capable of, but that is not one of them."

Odura said, "Really, if you had to chose between earning a living and killing me, you are saying that you would not kill me?"

Fascak grinned, "I would not kill you."

Odura went on, "But you kill for a living and I’ve witnessed you take out all sorts of people, never even blinking an eye. Now how can someone so cold and calculated as that, not think of the day when he’s had to kill his lover?"

Fascal voiced, "Okay, let’s turn this whole thing around, would you kill me if I got in the way of business? There, how do you like that one?"

Odura smiled as she gazed through her binoculars, "Well, let me see, money verses a good lay in bed, I suppose that good sex weighs in heavily on not killing you and you can be quite affectionate when you are not killing someone..."

Fascal spoke, "You are not being direct, cut to the chase, would you or wouldn’t you?"

Odura let things lapse for a long moment before responding, "Yes..."

Fascal leaned back, "What? You are just saying that to raddle my cage. You and I both know that you wouldn’t do that."

Odura voiced, "I think it is more of a matter that I now know what you would do..."

These times were precipitous and the notions behind them were equally as dangerous, off world was a storm of political unrest, things at times seemed to be spiraling towards war within the League of Worlds. And at other times it seemed to be the only thing keeping things from plummeting into total political chaos. Perhaps it was a time for realistic reflection and for internal qualification, on one planet there seemed to be need for compromise and yet on another, given those same political facts, a very different conclusion could be formed.

Without the League of Worlds, was chaos as alien and distant human colonized planets seem to be ever closer to war within our own galaxy. Long ago, seemingly centuries, when Earth Prime was innocent to the real dangers of space exploration, the real dangers being that there was in fact other civilizations in other star systems. Some of whom had been advanced for a millennium while others had parallel technical evolutions. None of it really mattered until the planets and civilizations on the fringes came in contact with the League of Worlds, an ever expanding Dynasty, ruled by a Parliament of men and women and governing machines. This political infrastructure meant that those who were in the inside were more privileged than those who were on the outside.

This caused serious tension between the haves and the have-nots, and in deed, wasn’t that what all the fight was about? Serious negotiations to allow more outskirt worlds to join in the League seem to be pushing to a slow crawl. What was it, the need to control more planets or the nature of mankind to find greed and selfishness in every venture that he endeavored? Perhaps it was foolish for people centuries ago to have decided to make colonization a top priority of the Earth population. Looking back in hindsight, the then growing population was unsustainable. But those who make policy usually make it not with the best interest of the people’s hearts, but with the sound and register of money. Special interest groups seemed to be ever influencing all sorts of government ways.

Did the idea of colonizing worlds make sense, yes, it made more sense than fighting wars amongst one self, it seems a miracle that mankind ever got it together enough to solve the serious problems of space transportation. The problems with gravity, or rather the lack of it, while ships with rotating habitation sections seemed the obvious solution, it was with the invention of air-draft technology that allowed crafts to have a simulated gravity environment. The inventive technique was simple when one looked back on it, taking into account the obvious need for air. Air circulated evenly throughout the spacecraft, comes from the ceiling at every point, and then being sucked down by intakes in the floor of the craft. This gravity-draft technology was what finally allowed people taking long space flights to be able to walk about their artificial eco-system, as if they were on Earth. By venting air from on top and the machines sucking the air through and on down, having it cycled over again, the ship’s life-support system included artificial gravity. Because in space everything is weightless, the laminar flow of air, with the entry point being from above everything, and the action taken from the floor, with holes in the floor that allowed the air to be evenly vacuumed down with the right amount of force and pressure, equaling the down-ward pull of Earth’s gravity, eliminated slingshot like apparatus and concepts, spacecrafts could be made according to design specifications more natural to the human eco-physiology.

With every feeling of vacuum suction equally, the laminar flow became unnoticeable, and life-support computers monitored and regulated the down laminar flow, keeping the vacuum suction equal throughout the ship. So, gravity laminar vacuum technology solved the age old

problem of being weightless, thus solving the problems of bone loss and a whole mirid of other gravity and space related medical problems. This along with the discovery of black gravity and lightning propulsion engines, using artificial lightning, which already travels at the speed of light, to propel spacecraft at the speed of light. And then there were the Mars discoveries, the blueprints for building a transdoor and a translaser.

Nascotel barked, "You two are suppose to be keeping an eye on Vrevor, we can’t catch him doing anything illegal, but we all know that he is dirty."

Odura answered, "I wish it was as simple as that, to just sit and wait for him to be caught doing something illegal, but he’s too smart for that."

Fascal countered, "Some times I wish we could just up and kill the son-of-a-bitch! I mean, he’s obviously been linked informally to at least twelve ritual killings, that we know of. He’s had people killed off world as well, but his organization is so complicated, no one can put a finger on him."

Nascotel nodded, "We have been thinking along those lines, but more aggressive..."

Odura cut in, "You finally want us to just up and assassinate the creep?"

Fascal interjected, "If that is what you want us to do, you have to realize that after Vrevor is gone, they will just put someone else in his place. The organization is like an octopus, remove one limb and another one will grow back, and it is as far reaching as the stars."

Nascotel agreed, "Basically, Vrevor is a dictator, ruling his empire by force with an iron hand. He’s killed people while broadcasting it on the audiovision, so that everyone in the League can see what type of power he has. The tiny planet that he rules, Isar, is a critical planet, even though it is small. The planet has an abundance of cosmicoim, the fuel that is used to power spaceships and warm houses and aircars, hell, the whole society. While Isar is not the only planet by far to have the natural resource it is convenient for the League, and the tiny planet has so much of it and it is relatively easy to mine."

Odura said, "Okay, tell the High Council all of this and lets just get something done."

Fascal spoke, "You can’t kill him."

Odura voiced, "Oh, why the hell not? Nobody really likes the guy, he’s a dictator!"

Fascal announced, "He’s a dictator, whom up until a few years ago, was the League’s little sweetheart. He was invited to all the grand balls, the lecture circuit, guest appearances on news shows, lets face it, we liked the guy some years back."

Odura leaned back in her chair, "So, what happened, what happens to take a guy who was doing all the things that he was doing, is doing right now, and turn him into public enemy number one?"

Nascotel answered, "He stopped talking orders."

Odura questioned, "What?"

Nascotel went on, "We all knew about his killings and his illegal trafficking of illegal items. The truth, if the truth could be told, we might have helped him, for sure we looked the other way..."

Odura went, "Why, why did we do those things?"

Fascal fielded that one, "Because it served our purpose to let him do what he was doing, so long as we got the cosmicoim, nothing else mattered in that region. Isar is in a part of space that the League really doesn’t care about. Face it, the neighboring planets are equally unappealing, except for the face that they have varying degrees of cosmicoim."

Odura asked, "So the government let Vrevor murder and oppress, so long as it suited our needs, then something happened?"

Nascotel voiced, "Be began to make trouble with his neighboring planets, Vrevor felt that he could just go over there, and take the planets over, because he wanted to increase his domain, increase his control of cosmicoim."

Odura frowned, "Okay, so he figured if he had more of what we wanted, we would offer him more of what he wanted, so what was wrong with that?"

Nascotel answered, "We were secretly negotiating with neighboring planets for cosmicoim. You see, we wanted to have a backup of cosmicoim reserves, that we controlled unilaterally."

Oh sing to the Most High God Almighty and sing to His Almighty Son

For the Lord is great to do wonders in our favor and He will never fail

To shine bright light upon our names in Heaven for we are named with Him

And let the sunshine upon our souls for darkness will never undo us

We are all the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ and we do not need the laws

Of mankind to validate our love for God Almighty for the Lord forgives

Us of our sins and He knows our unwanted temptations for God understands

Our faith in Him and through the Holy Ghost encourages our belief in Christ

While the stars may see far off to us and while the image of the beast portrays

Our ultimate exploration of the heavens it is for us to know that we will

Never be as great and mighty as the Lord Jesus Christ for He is our king

And our savior and there is nothing that the Lord will deny us in due season

Please be patient with us Oh Lord Jesus because we have not been like the

Children of darkness who are wiser in this time because our time has yet

To come for we await the calling of the living and the choosing of the children

Of light to come because we believe in the name and the word of God Almighty

Blessed are the ones who do shame and learn from it for they are called unto the

Kingdom of God and no man or woman is perfect no matter how hard they try

Because we are made of mere flesh and blood and are not of the spirit as of yet

But Saint Paul and Saint Peter have taught us a better way than the ways of the world

For God’s disciples do well the work of God Almighty and the false gods of this

World can not stand with the Holy Rock of Heaven for the Lord is great and I

Have found my true calling in the continued and expanding word of God for to

Believe in the Lord is to love the word of God and to find comfort in His presence

Who can save mankind from destruction and who is the hero except that it be the

Lord Jesus Christ for many strange and false saviors have risen through the image

Of the beast and speak but have no breath and live but have no life for the false

Prophets of the darkness can not shine in the Holy Light of the Wonderful God

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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