I Walk The Earth

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Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015




Copyright Victor Darnell Hadnot and Amanda Travis

"What does it mean to be human? If you had to ask that question, then, you are human." Donte Ucopin

Abby looked around the messed up area, "I don't seem to be able to find it." she said.

Connor, her closest friend, went over to the other side. "Hey, I think I might have found something."

It was an old photograph, taken with a primitive camera, looked like maybe a hundred years ago. The place was an open shack, the years of neglect and un-use had not been kind to it. Thus, was all the ruins from the former times, centuries long gone. A past long forgotten, but, only remembered by a few. Humans had managed to perpetuate a synthetic evolution, though, some philosophers argued that mankind’s self perpetuated evolution was all part of nature's way. That eventually, the species would simply reach a point where it controlled its own destiny, through the evolutionary process. Chopping off thousands if not millions of years of slowly evolving, and rendering quicker results.

To that end, there had evolved two very different types of humans, and of that, specialized subsets. There were the humans who preserved their humanity, by having a human head attached to a robot body. And then there were those who had a robot head attached to a human, although genetically altered human body. And then, there were those who were just genetically altered and mechanically enhanced.

Abby and Connor were part of the group who had human heads attached to robotic humaniod bodies. In the distance, they began to hear the sound of the siren. A deep low sound that seemed to travel forever, for no matter where a person was, outside the city walls, you could hear it and there could be no doubt, that the city would close itself up tight in one hour. No one wanted to be caught outside the walls after dark. There were things that came out after the sun went down. Monsters of failed design and unauthorized experiments. Things that had been cast away and allowed to fester.

"Time for us to leave." stated Abby.

Connor looked about the area one more time. "Okay, I guess we have gotten all that we are going to find in this area for now anyway."

"Yeah, we can always come back later on some other day, do it all over again."

"By then, someone else might have cleaned out all the good stuff."

The siren's whine crossed over into their sector, becoming very pronounced, before wandering back out somewhere else.

The two teenagers donned their rocket packs and jetted up into the sky. In moments they were headed towards Pearl City. In the closing distance, they could see the giant dome and fortified walls, which made up the perimeter of the vastness in which they lived in. Abby glanced over and spotted others closing in on the city as well. Some in the air, like themselves, and others on land, all racing to meet the deadline before the city locked down for the long night, which lasted seventy two hours.

"Race you home." came Connor's voice over Abby's com.

"I always win," uttered Abby, as she hit her after burners, and the race was on.

The place where they lived was on the upper east side of the city. From where they lived, you could look out over the defence wall, just as it formed up into the dome which covered the entire city. At her apartment she showered up and fixed something to eat, not having to eat very often, was one of the design benefits of being part human and part robot.

Justin came over and they settled in and listened to some Dark Jazz while getting a little high. "What are you going to do with that old photo? It looks like it has been around for a long time."

Abby passed Justin the weed. "It has been around for a long time and I’m hoping that someone will be interested in it. I’m going to put it up on the Cosmic Subspace Web. See if I can sell it. People on other planets are always interested in buying relics from Earth."

"Yeah, you are right. I once sold an old hubcap from some old car made a few hundred years or so ago. I actually got a great deal of money for it." Justin announced.

Just then, the doorbell rang and after seeing who it was on camera, Abby let Connor in. ‘Hey, what you two up to?"

Justin handed Connor the joint and he settled in on the sofa. Then Abby spoke, "I was just going to list that old photo I found today."

"Oh," stated Connor as he passed the joint along. "You know, I think you should keep it. I mean, something about it makes me feel good. Those people in the photo seem so happy. And look at the background. It was when there was an ocean on Earth. I’ll bet it is worth a great deal of money."

"Well that is why I’m going to sell it," stated Abby.

Justin got up and went into the kitchen to make himself a snack. "I think Connor has a point. People on other planets will pay a lot, but a picture of a real ocean on Earth is very valuable. And look at how those people were dressed back then..."

Connor went back to his musing and admitted that the chance of interesting play was infinitesimally small. The long wars that led up to the Earth being broken along with the scientific community’s attempt to keep the Earth from burning up when the sun turned into a red giant had all but succeeded. Such a realization yanked civilization back to square one. The scientist had devised a way to cause the Earth to undergo planetary orbital shift, in order to move it away from the extended solar extension of the newly red giant. Justin chewed his lower lip while considering what Abby had said. It didn’t take long after that for the Earth to lose all of it’s oceans, rendering what was once a beautiful planet, similar to what Mars had become. Connor carefully watched Abby’s face for signs of irritation or anger and saw neither. All those who did not leave for the stars, for various reasons, mostly because they were too poor or too unimportant, had to make due with the now hostile environment that remained. Justin nodded, he had heard about that particular point in both text books and lectures in school, and had no intentions of getting involved in the issue. Sadly, what was once the jewel of the solar system was now just another ugly barren planet. Good Lord Abby thought to herself, Justin’s gullibility for the come on for a cultural chasing personal conscience under minded the regarded notions people had actually begun to feel for the cultural revolution. Great domed cities were constructed by those who were left behind, and with great scientific cunning, mankind did not just survived they thrived. Abby’s response caught Connor off guard. But it wasn’t just the physical needs that had been dealt with, mankind marshalled in a new Golden Age of spiritualism and philosophy. Even from where she was sitting, more than ten feet away, Abby could hear Justin’s response. The Arts and Music and culture thrived as the spirit of mankind conquered the early challenges one step at a time. The last thing Abby wanted to do was involve the locals. Medicine had to take an early front charge, as humans were forced to undergo artificial evolution in order to survive.

The cathedral was opulent, Abby had gone into it to seek solace. Father Tim O’Fraley was busy having just finished Mass. A few people still mingled about, but, Father Tim took notice of Abby sitting towards the middle of the church. He sat next to her, "It is times like these that I enjoy being a modern day priest the most."

Abby replied, "Do you ever wonder what the ancient Christians and followers of Jesus Christ must have thought about the future?"

"What do you mean, my child?"

"Well, you know, that mankind would have changed so much and that the Earth would have undergone such blithe?"

"Hmm? Well, mankind has always struggled with his faith. Those who have faith that is. Not everybody can believe."

Abby looked upon the priest, "Why not? Even though we have all gone through such physical changes, relying more and more on science and technology, there are those of us that do have faith."

"Faith and science are diametrically opposed, yet, they both have rules and they both work for those who practice them. They are not mutually exclusive, just two sides of the same coin."

"I’d never considered it that way. Interesting concept."

"God is an interesting being. Not of this universe, he is truly alien, yet, because of his son Jesus Christ, human in every way." The priest smiled and then went on about his duties.

Connor glanced up from a cup of coffee. "There was a time when mankind thought that everything would work itself out."

Abby played with a plate of blueberry pie. "Not anymore. If people didn’t do their damnedest to subvert the planet, it looks like fate did it for them."

"But, there is always hope."

"Is there? Yes. I suppose you are right." she uttered, as she looked upon the old photo of the people, living in a day long forgotten.

"That old photo troubles you, Abby?"

"No. You and Justin have both told me the same thing. I suppose I have been wondering..."

"Wondering what?"

"Do you think anyone in this photo knew what was to come?"

"I think back then, the science was so primitive compared to what we know now, that they all thought they had all the time in the world."

"Yes. Perhaps they were more worried about local and global politics, to consider that the universe might be conspiring against them."

"Those of us who are still here, have to believe that there is a bright future. Maybe we can’t see it and maybe we can’t even imagine it, but, it exist."

"Yes. Just like long ago, these people lived on a planet filled with oceans and trees and all sorts of life. I wish the planet could be like that once more."

The transdoor glowed and then inside of it Abby, Connor and Justin could see the other side. The view was of a distant world in which those who were lucky enough, their decedents from hundreds of year ago. those who made the stars their home, lived upon.

"Are you sure she is going to show up?" asked Justin.

Abby glanced over at her two friends and then shrugged. "The woman who contacted me to buy the old photograph said that it was a picture of her relatives from way back when Earth was wonderful. Before things changed."

Then appeared a little old woman, looked like someone’s grandmother, as she waked through the transdoor into their world. "You must be Abby?"

"Yes, I am. These are my two friends, Connor and Justin." The all greeted the stately old woman. Then Abby handed her the photograph that had been so well preserved.

The old woman smiled as she examined it. "I was hoping it was a real photograph and not some image enhanced fake. I can see that you are a young woman of her word. Where did you find it?"

"My friends and I go out searching for artifacts amongst the ruins."

"Oh my goodness, it is so dangerous to do so." Then the old woman authorized a substantial money transfer into Abby’s account. "Be safe and take care." The old woman held onto the photo as if it was priceless, then she walked back through the transdoor and it closed.

"I’m not exactly sure what happened, but, I’m sure it was important. At least to her."

























© Copyright 2018 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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