In Time to Come

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011




Copyright (c) Victor Darnell Hadnot


"Silent nymph, with curious eye" John Dyer

Aogan was one of those people who enjoyed life, he didn’t see the evil or the sin that most others did, he was a happy man, his girlfriend, Yvonne helped in the clinic, they both were doctors. And while Aogan had seen his fair share of sickness and injury and disease, he managed to keep his spirits high by relying on the spirit of Jesus Christ. These were trying times, times when men seemed to be drawn away from the truth, and seduced by the beauty of sin, what? Sin is not ugly, if it were, most people would not get involved in it, sin is seductive, it is beguiling, sin manipulates a little at a time.

So many people had been led down that path, so many lives had been lost and ended badly, because of secret sin, you know, those things that people did behind the back, in the darkness, when they think that no one is watching them, but someone is watching them. You would think that after hundreds of years of continued progress, that the poor and the needy would be a thing of the past, but politics plays a role in everything that people do. Yvonne was from the right side of town, she was born into money, power, fame, she had a famous family.

However, while most children of wealth are easily seduced by it’s deceptiveness, Yvonne had decided early on that she would walk another path. The general masses seem complacent, to bu and sell, go about their little lives, both small and great, they ignored the wisdom of God and accepted instead, the facts of devils, facts are half truths. Lies mixed with just the right amount of truth to get you to believe it. Why do you think that facts seem to mysteriously change over time? As the cultures grows more mature, the old facts no longer hold true, so the evil spirits of the world have to reinvent the commonly-known-lie. But the truth stands as it is, the truth is immutable, plainly put, the truth is what it is.

The clinic was situated in a halfway location, not in the rich neighborhood, my goodness, who would stand for that, all those poor and indigent people, coming to seek free medical care, one could not have that, but in some progressive societies, free medical care and food and clothing, even basic housing, were indeed, free. But those planets were few and far between. On Lexgos, everything came with a price, it was a rich person’s paradise, the planet was beautiful, and the rich came to play, to do those things that they dare not do back at home. And this left the problem of having two classes of people on Lexgos, those who came to play, and those who lived to serve.

It was the age old paradox, but this year, was different, even from the challenges that the clinic faced in the past, this year, an outbreak of the plague was going to occur, and this year, the rich and the poor were going to all be in the same boat. This was a very violent plague, it had been diagnosed on Presisus 8, a colony just outside of the Dark Sectors. It was believed to have been engineered, but the rumors were mostly that, vague and unsubstantiated, like the ancient plague of AIDS, a century and a half ago. There hadn’t been anything like the plague, for so long, vaccines was in short supply, and most places that did produce the vaccine, were hard to get at and charged an opportunist fortune. Things like cancer and diabetes had been cured a century ago, with the best and most effective treatments coming from nanomedicine.

What is love? Perhaps the most talked about subject in the history of mankind, except for the subject of war, and some actually equate the two subjects, as if they were two sides of the same coin. But love grows deeper than that, the Holy Bible teaches us that God is love. So love is elevated to such a high honor that God Himself describes to us who he is by telling us that He is love. But what about the baser elements in life, those seedy elements that try and corrupt everything that is good and kind.

O’Mangus was walking through the streets of Be-gum, a small city, there were two sides to the city, the rich side, which was to the north, and the south side, poor and subservient. But that was the way society was, most cultures had its wealth and its poverty, it was when too few held the wealth and too many were stricken with poverty, that the strain on society for change took place. When you have too many people eating rats and whatnot, and too few eating fatted cows, the disparity between the two classes becomes too great and something has to give.

There was a café that O’Mangus liked to go to, they didn’t serve up the best food, but is was inexpensive and kept you alive. The workers from the south part of the docks would frequent the café and some workers from the lower parts of the city came there. There was a good mix of people, and they all seemed to get along. Conversation went from who was winning the game to local politics. There was a woman there, she came in ever so often, Pamala Drizzle, she was tall and thin, wore glasses and spoke with a deep accent, O’Mangus liked her greatly.

When they were lucky enough to be in the same café at the same time, they sat together, Pamala talked about her life, her dreams and her hopes, she wanted to get away, go almost anywhere, see things. O’Mangus wasn’t that adventurous, he had a minimum wage job near the docks, and a small apartment that overlooked part of the bay, often he’d sit there at night, watching the barges as they moved slowly up and down the bay, listening the sounds of the docks, horns and whistles, curious sounds, that only came from being in close proximity of the docks.

It was one of those days, when O’Mangus was fortunate enough to have a meal with Pamala, but this time was different, he had finally worked up the nerve to ask her out, on a real date, he’d been saving up for the moment, he wanted to take her to one of those fancy restaurants, where there was dancing in the evening and a live band. Oh, it was going to cost him, but he wanted to do something nice for Pamala. He finally asked her and she simply smiled at him and told him, yes, that she’d love to go.

What was it about relationships, some seemed to take up quickly and with little friction, while others had to be cultivated and watered and mixed with the fertilizer of life. All good relationships required trust, and if the two people really loved one another, the trust would never come into question. But society was constantly drifting away from the ways of God Almighty, marriage had been relegated to a three year contract, which was renewable automatically every three years, that solved the problem of divorce, they became few and far between, most people, knowing that the marriage was not for a life time, when they did get married, could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Did this put a lot of lawyers out of business, hell yes, but then again, anyone who has ever gone through a divorce, knows the pain, spiritual, economic, emotional, psychological, etc., that a dissolution of marriage can cause, so, after long and silly debates, the powers that be, came up with the legal marriage contract, three years. Problem was that anybody could get married to anyone, or for that matter, anything, society had failed to solve the problem completely.

If ever there was a moment in time when the sear resistance to an idea was gone, it was with the invention of the Autoanatomical Sphere, called A-sphere for short. This device allowed the implantation of donor organs, without the fear of rejection. Once the A-sphere was put inside of the patient, any organ from any donor could be implanted inside or attached to the patient. Needless to say, the A-sphere went over very well and acceptance was almost universal. But there were those who rejected the notion of having spare parts inside of them, due to religious reasons, or even political reasons.

It never ceased to amaze Aogan, how when human beings, faced with a life threatening situation, chose very different paths at times, one would think, that if you are dying, and you can have this dead person’s heart of kidneys, that the person would go for it in a second. But not all people saw death and life in the same way, some embraced life at all cost, while others had more limited views of what life meant to them. And then, there were those who loathed life itself, as if there were no real choices. Of course there were your common psychopaths who hated everything that God had created, killing was there outlet, they way, their mantra if you will.

But all of these issues seem to beg the question, creation verses evolution. To Yvonne, she saw a different society than Aogan, she saw science spanning the known universe, trying to find answers to questions that in many cases, had no real hard answers. The once Unified Field Theories, some better than others, seemed to play into the hands of the unexplained, while attempting to explain everything. Oh, the basic theory had finally been discovered, if you look hard enough and long enough, one can discover just about anything. But the Theory of One, which had been discovered by Patricia Pystrum, one of the daughters of the famous African American physicist, Evert T. Pystrum, dealt with the expansion of the mathematics, by including a discovery made on Mars, ancient scrolls containing blueprints and designs for fantastic machines. But the inclusion of a basic twelve numbering system, opened the door for the future of mankind in space exploration.

In the normal numbering system that had been adopted by the scientific world, though there were many technical variations of the system, 0123456789, was the basic system, after the Mars discoveries, and the translations, Beso, Ceto, Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six Seven, Eight, Nine, became the accepted set of basic counting numbers, with appropriate symbols for the new first two numbers. Beso represented the physical--while Ceto represented the spirit, concepts that so called modern science had rejected, but in light of the Mars discoveries, physical and spiritual were counted in the Martian system of counting. This placed a position in time and space to every form of counting, the Martians didn’t ignore the spirit or physical, but found a way to automatically include them in their normal way of dealing with the universe. For to the Martians, the universe wasn’t just physical, it was also spiritual.

So now, when making even the most basic of calculations, distinction between the physical or spiritual could be accounted for, instantly, any unified theory had to include the spiritual universe as well as the physical universe. So now, there were twelve numbers in the counting system, two before zero, which indicated where in the universe, rather, which universe one was counting in. The unification of the physical and the spiritual universe, opened up fantastic concepts and ideas. People were not just organic machines existing on the plain of the physical universe, but they had a counter, alter-part existing in the spiritual universe, and while the math predicted that the two, which are the same, differed in form and function, everything in the physical universe had an alter-part in the spiritual universe. An idea not lost to spiritualist alike.

Many centuries ago, in the age when mankind seemed to accept the ways of magic and false gods, when the mystical and the unknown were readily at hand, sickness and disease reigned and the people of the world seemed to accept the will of the false gods, science wasn’t the answer. But in their future, it would seem that all answers were subjected to the will and methods, the ways of science. The priests of science, those wizards and witches who practiced the methods of science, would proclaim that God did not exist and that the universe was created by a violent Big Bang, the theory of the season. And behold, great evidence of such a thing would be found, using the instruments of devils and doctrines of devils.

Things would get so distorted that God’s Creation and the account of it, would be dismissed as mere myth, put in a category, unjustly so, with the myths of ancient times. It wasn’t enough that those who did not worship the Lord Jesus Christ, would believe in science, but that those who were suppose to be representing God, would also subvert men and women into the false trust, that the world would offer up, to the false prophecies of science. Most common folks would not even know that there were in fact two sciences, and science was not new, but the Holy Bibles makes mention of it, but science was put forth by its followers in the grand way.

The first science, in which all science is an extension of magic, what was once considered magic, was called science in the future. The first science was that of the method, though it did not come first, it was the one that critics of Jesus Christ held so close and dear to them, these were the doctrines and the methodology, the writings and the papers, the subjects, the academic process of science, if you will. Then there was the hard science, the machines and the devices, the practical applications of the science magic, because science is magic, practiced openly.

Ever notice how God’s Way is mocked by those in the scientific community, and an almost shame is cast on anyone who wished to study science and still hold fast to their beliefs in Jesus Christ, almost to the point of inspiring atheist. Oh, it was okay to believe in false gods, it seemed that belief in those, didn’t conflict with science, why, because false gods and science came from the same source, the devil. Science was the artificial way of doing things, nothing natural about it, it was the devil’s answer to Creation, the doctrine of devils, as they attempted to explain the physical universe. And in their explanations, God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit were relegated, to the status of myth.

Why? Because the collective consciousness of mankind could not see the Creator in His Glory and Almightiness, so that the collective consciousness of mankind could not hear the Voice of God! Was the advent of science a conspiracy to subvert human beings, to steal their one and only power that God gave to mankind, their collective souls? These aliens from some other existence, called devils in ancient times, but recognized as aliens from another world, in so called modern times, what was their true agenda. Stealing the souls of men, most scientist didn’t believe that there was a soul, and those who did, tried to quantify it and catalogue it. Looking for the physical explanation for something that started out spiritual. The physical universe is alike an ice berg floating in the cold and freezing waters.

The reality of mankind was relegated to what could be counted and what could be experimented on. None of which, validated science, but spoke more to the Glory of the Creation. Even those who were weak of spirit, but put in a position to minister to the Flock, eventually gave in, using terminology, like evolution by design, believing that by embracing the secular and trying to include the scientific, that they could explain God’s will, his Creation, His passion. But they fell short, because God created the Heavens and the Earth, and to believe, to have faith, was the key.

There was a curious thing that Yvonne had noticed about people, no matter how far mankind advanced as a race and as a culture, human nature remained the same, why was that, what was it about people as a whole, that was so undefined, or perhaps defined, that no matter what happened to them, mankind was who it was? One of her patients was a woman who wanted to live on, even after her death, it was a common thing on some planets, and on others it was a grave taboo. It all depended on the culture, and on the body politics, mostly in the Dark Sectors, where outlawed technology ran rampant, people who were close to death by various diseases or other life taking sickness, would seek out the Dark Medical Arts, and get rendered unto them the soul stealing cures that they so wanted.

Most of this was done to the very rich, poor people could hardly afford the next meal on the table, if they even had tables to eat upon, let alone spend the gross millions of shekels of money, in order to extract the living soul from one creature and place it inside of them, thus curing them and prolonging their lives. Was this a form of immortality? Of course, but there were those who would go too far, by using the medical machine called the Quantum Recycler, a machine that could extract the living soul from one creature and place it inside of another. On most planets that allowed this type of medical procedure, people that were dying and that could afford the procedure, could only use animal souls, it was illegal for a person, rich person to buy the soul of another, healthy person, thus rendering the heathy person, dead, while the rich person, having the transplanted soul inside of them now, lived on. It was illegal for obvious reasons, there was something immoral about buying the souls of the poor and down trodden, exploiting the poor, for the longevity, hell, physical immortality of the rich.

It sufficed that the soul of an animal would do, after all, people did eat lower forms of life, on planets all around, but in this case, the soul of the animal was not wasted, it was captured in the Quantum Recycler and then, after it was harvested, implanted into the recipient, some rich person, because they were the only ones who could afford the procedure. The problem got more evil, because the very rich could well afford to buy the souls of the unwanted, the poor and the forgotten. Was it because the animal souls didn’t work? No!. They worked just fine, once a new soul was placed inside of a person, they healed up quickly and good health was restored to them. The problem was that the rich played games, hell, they invented them, and the ultra fashionable thing, to distinguish oneself from the lesser transplant recipients, was to own a real human soul. So, the black market was thriving on illegal human souls for sale, and the price of a quality human soul was always high.

Yvonne never thought that she’d ever be faced with a decision to use the Quantum Recycler, but after having seen so much disease and death and sickness, her spirit was vexed to the point that she’d do anything to find a cure for the patients, even to the point of transplanting souls. Her patient needed help and it seemed like a small thing, to use the means of the wealthy and obscenely rich, in order to bring comfort to the poor and needy. Human beings could justify anything, if given enough moral and spiritual self-righteousness! Assisted suicides hundreds of years ago, were just that, a failing to embrace Jesus Christ as God and Savior, in a society that had long crucified and turn its back on the truth. All for the facts (lies with half truths thrown in) of the secular world. This winking and looking the other way, even corrupted the so called men and women of God, for the devil did indeed disguise himself as an angel of light, and he did deceive the entire world, even from the beginning. Starting with Adam and Eve. But Yvonne only concerned herself with the patient she had to treat, what was best for them at that time.

© Copyright 2017 Victor Darnell Hadnot. All rights reserved.

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