Madgie, what did you do? XLV: The Madwoman and the Many Bloody Threads of War

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Bunny arrives back to the future and finds the world is thrown into to turmoil once again and Toki is the soothsayer

Submitted: August 20, 2013

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Submitted: August 20, 2013




Please, Toki, Madame Soothsayer, help me undo what has been done...

I awoke to the feeling warm and the sound of a storm outside. I heard a voice say, “I had to…” I turned my head and found a white haired Toki sitting with her back turned to me, in front of what appeared to be a wok with fire in it. She was wearing a dress—a kimono—of silvery white and trimmed and butterfly and floral patterned symbolically with red and black. Her white hair was in an elaborate hairstyle and was decorated thusly to match her kimono. Upon sensing I was awake, she had turned to face me, her hands tucked in her sleeves and wearing red makeup around her eyes and on her lips. “Usagi, you have awakened.” she said, sitting down in front of me, her hands still tucked in her sleeves. “W…w…where……I?”I had asked, to which she responded and said, “My basement and there is no heating, all the gasoline needed for it has been rationed.” 

I thought about the colors she wore and knew what they meant. Black was for death and red was for blood, while silvery white was for innocence and or purity. Being that I heard the word ‘rationed’, I asked, “What’s happened?” She looked at me with her opaque heterochromatic eyes (one of her eyes was red and the other was white, making it difficult to distinguish from the white of her eye) and said, “The many threads of war had been tied, woven, and strung, leaving nothing but death and destruction.”

“Death and Destruction?”

“Yes, Usagi, a war had happened and we very seldom leave this house, aside from getting necessities, even though it is cold, and Doki and I only left to pull you from the bloodied streets. The rain washes most of the blood away, though I continue to see more in my visions.” 


“Yes, Usagi, I am a soothsayer, if you had forgotten, and I can foretell fate and fortune but, within in this gift, lies a curse that I often wonder why it is I have not attempted suicide to end them, within this gift also lies the foretelling of death and misfortune and I often see so much blood in these visions that all I can see red for hours and, occasionally, days at a time.” 

“How long as the fighting been?”

“That, Usagi, I know not but, I can tell you one thing, it been for an awful long time and more and more people, whether they be soldiers or civilians, anyone, are killed or dealt injuries that the hospital could not treat them all so they end up dying anyway. Because of all the blood, death, and destruction, Doki stopped going to work and only relegates her duties to home. Her heart is quite fragile and all of this war has quite frightened her.” 

“Madgie? Stinky? Eglantine?”

“Hmm, I know nothing of your pet cat and I do believe maybe he’s run off somewhere and Eglantine is fine and well but Madgie…oh dear….” 

“What happened to Madgie?!”

“Through the passage of time, she arrived before you and I could only predict that something disastrous was to befall her but I could not, for the like of me, predict anything clear besides that something awful was to happen to her.”


“She was killed in a barrage of gunfire and her body was practically torn to shreds, making it difficult to tell if she died instantly or died slowly. Whatever was left of her, we placed in a box and buried her, using her goggles as a grave marker.” 

Toki returned to what she was doing. She was silent and seemed to be murmuring herself about something. As I watched her, sitting in silence, I thought about the colors she wore and I promptly screamed, “What do they mean?!” She turned and looked at me and said, “Do you wonder about the meaning of colors in which I wear?” I answered her and she said, “In all of the time of darkness, death, blood, pain, and despair, there is always some sort of purity and innocence hidden within. These, my dear Usagi, are all of the secrets of fate, especially when there are times of war.” She went back to looking into the fire and murmuring to herself. 

After sitting awhile in silence, she looked up and we heard the sound of faint footsteps coming down the stairs. The one to whom to the footsteps belong to was Doki and she was wearing no shoes. She looked at us with curious eyes, which seemed to glow. Her nails were painted pink and she was wearing a loose-fitting pink tent dress with ruffled pettishorts underneath. Her hair was tied back in pigtails, using pink ribbon. She was also wearing pink lipstick. She looked at her sister then me, making faint squeaks, before burping. This alerted her sister to her presence and she said, “Hello, Doki.” Doki only squeaked and drooled a bit. “She’s doesn’t speak much, aside from making sounds, Usagi. In these dark times, it is best to remain silent.” Toki said.

I promptly asked what she meant and she said, “In these times, there are no times for speaking, only silence and prayer, Usagi. In war, we don’t hear talks, only screams of pain, sadness, and death, thus speaking to an outsider’s ears only sounds like cries or screams. It is best to remain silent and the silence eases this madwoman’s mind, especially when she hears the screams in her head.” Doki nodded quickly and nervously. She seemed to be even more timid than usual and hurried to her sister’s side almost as if for protection. If she was ‘frightened’ then that was an understatement because, she looked to be quite traumatized, then again, Doki does have a rather shy personality and it figured it was coming from that. 

She wrapped her arms around her sister’s shoulders and I asked Toki, “Do you know any way in which this could be reversed?” It was then, when I asked the question, I saw her sister hugging her close. Apparently, Doki wanted neither of them to leave the house because of what was going on outside and, as far as she knew, leaving the dome shield is suicide. Toki reached up and stroked her hair, saying, “Doki, we have to, she can’t get there on her own, not without someone experienced.”  

Of course, Toki and Doki knew how to navigate themselves throughout all of this mayhem. Even though she mostly communicated with noises, it was inherently obvious that Doki was afraid and was willing to put up an argument. Almost as if to say she was irritated, she growled then hissed, before Toki said, "Stay here if you want but I will go." It was at that Doki bowed her head it defeat, whimpering. 

A few hours later, when the blood-red moon was high in the sky, I had a black robe of some sort was thrown on me, Toki saying, "There is no fighting or guards at night but it is uncommon to see a person out at night that is neither nun or soothsayer. Apprentice or mourning soothsayers wear black." I saw no reason to protest or question. 

In the cover of darkness, we left, hurrying about. I continued running, until I noticed that Toki's footsteps had gone. I turned around and found she had disappeared. Where did she go? I wondered. I looked around but did not find her. I called her name but she did not respond. She had suddenly disappeared and I might not see her again until I reverse time. I walked slowly and, in the distance, I spotted a shimmering black, red, and silvery white butterfly, the exact colors Toki wore, fluttering. Apparently, she was free and her bloody thread to this world was cut. It continued flying until it disappeared. I continued on until I reached the destination. 

I awoke and found a butterfly in my room and the sun shining. It was a nice day. No more war, blood, death, and madness. Of course, I found Toki and Doki and they were discussing recipes.

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