Oxblood - Chapter 2

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"Though the sword reaches him, it can not avail." Job

We see a group gathered by an exit that is at the edge of the city dome. As we look harder it is revealed that most of the group are police machines, various different types of robots, designed to perform some function of police investigation. Off to one side an aircar flies over and lands. Inside are Jax and Hyawatha along with a tall thin police robot, but this robot is more generalized than the others. Jax walked over to an investigating robot.

Jax asked, "What did you find?"

Robot One answered, "We have been searching the entire area and we managed to find more clothing and personal items from one of the missing children."

Hyawatha interjected, "Who is in charge of this investigation?"

We see a man walk from around the exit.

Officer Tank, "I am. I heard that a fancy forensic scientist was going to be helping out. That must be you. . ."

Jax introduced, "This is Hyawatha. And this is Tank. He is setting the parameters for the police robots."

Officer Tank said, "Well, not all of them. This one seems to have a mind of it’s own."

Sojo responded, "If by that you are referring to me, I am a supervising robot. It is my function to think and act independently of human control. I assure you, Officer Tank, as I have on many occasions, our goals are the same."

Officer Tank went on, "And just what are those goals, Sojo?"

Sojo paused for a moment, "I should think that you know that. But if you’d like to repeat them for the sake of Hyawatha, I’d be glad to do so."

Officer Tank shook his head, "Jax, this machine is too smart for it’s own good. I like my robots totally obedient and subservient!"

Sojo answered, "If that is the case, then I think you already have enough robot slave power to get the job done. Where are the missing children?"

Officer Tank started to yell, "When I’m here, I’m in charge!"

Jax glanced at Hyawatha then over to Officer Tank, "Hey, hang on there. You need to cool off, Tank. First of all, the law is always in charge. We are servants of the law, to protect and serve the good people of our community. I think you are going to need some more training."

Officer Tank argued, "You are never on your officer’s side. Like it was when I answered a call and this minority guy answered the door of his house, after a neighbor had call, about someone breaking into the house. I questioned the guy, he produced proof that he was the one that lived there and that there must have been some kind of mixup. Well, I had to show that minority just who was in charge, so I did the old police shuffle, I started yelling at him, to get him all worked up, and when he took the bait, I arrested him on disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace. It’s an old trick from Earth, if you don’t have any reason to arrest a suspect, then get the suspect to yell at you and you can arrest them for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct."

Jax was embarrassed, "Er. Maybe you and I need to talk in private, Tank."

Officer Tank responded, "Naw, I don’t think so. . ."

Jax stated, "Hyawatha is in charge of you and this investigation, as of this moment!"

We watch as Tank goes on away shouting out orders to the police robots, who don’t seem to like it. Jax and Hyawatha started to investigate the scene.

Jax said, "I guess Tank needs some explaining. . ."

Hyawatha shook her head, "No. He doesn’t, as I said, I’ve been in the business for some time now. I know how some people shouldn’t be police officers, but yet, there they are. I think that is why it was a breakthrough, when robots reached the level of sophistication that they are at now, they can be programmed with manners and follow the law to the letter. No more human error, and someone gets shot only later to find out that the officer shouldn’t have used lethal force, because a robot isn’t alive, and lethal force has to be authorized."

Jax nodded, "Point well taken. But the history of Tank is complicated. You see, he was suppose to be the sheriff but when I came on the scene, I won the most votes. He had a history of abusive interactions with the public. For some reason, he was from the old school, where they taught you that the public is the enemy. I came up from a different approach of education. I knew how to delegate authority of the robot police force, understood the complexities of that role. Tank basically only knew how to harass, bully a suspect. Truth be told, he was seriously disciplined for going up to a citizen’s home and accusing the single parent, who happened to be minority man, who was just taking care of his three kids the best way that he could, he got the man’s neighbor to call in a false report of child abuse, then he answered the call, along with sending a social worker, who was as corrupt as himself. Anyway they harassed the poor man, and finally shot and killed him, he claimed that the man was disturbing the peace, but when the children were questioned, it was Tank and the social worker, who were yelling and threatening, and carrying on in a less than a professional way. The neighbor later confessed during the investigation that Tank had put her up to making the false accusation."

Hyawatha said, "Wow. Why wasn’t he fired from the force all together?"

Jax answered, "You know how the police culture works, internal affairs is an oxymoron.

You can’t get justice so long as the government agency that is committing the crime is also the one who is suppose to be acting as watchdog. We all learned how that worked out with the Great Recession of 2008 back on Earth a hundred years ago. It is a case of the fox guarding the hen house."

Hyawatha agreed, "Yeah, it just doesn’t work. Funny how the police union’s and the NRA can ram stupid laws through the League of Council. It’s all about money and power, the poor don’t have it, the rich do, and everyone suffers for it."

Jax said, "So. That is why Tank and I don’t get along and now you are his boss."

Hyawatha uttered, "You know this is just a temporary thing, maybe I should tell him that."

Jax stated, "It won’t do any good. He’ll still hate you because of me."

Hyawatha warned, "You might want to watch your back with Tank. Those old school cops like to lure their enemies into dark allies and shoot them. Saying that some minority suspect did it!"

Jax smiled, "Way ahead of you."

Hyawatha asked, "Oh yeah, how so?"

Jax pointed, "Why do you think I have Sojo?"

Hyawatha glanced over at the robot who was investigating something, "Not bad. Does Tank suspect the real reason Sojo is here?"

Jax answered, "It really doesn’t matter if he did. Sojo has a positronic brain. He is of the android class, very smart and very subtle. He can think as well a any human, probably even better, from what I’ve been able to observe. On my budget I could only afford one of them, but Sojo has proven to be my Watson to his Holmes."

Hyawatha said, "Well. I don’t quite know where that leaves me, but I think I spotted something."

Jax said, "Yeah. Where? Oh yeah, I wonder how that was missed?"

Hyawatha asked, "What goes on around here? What is beyond this side of the city dome, out on the Martian surface?"

Jax thought for a moment then answered, "Well. There are the Martian Elves. . ."

Hyawatha uttered, "Elves? You have elves out this way? I thought they all lived in super-domes elsewhere?"

Jax said, "No. There is a small community that live in relatively small domes about a hundred miles from here. And we have the Martian Amish who live a little closer than that. Several small communities and whatnot, you know, throwbacks from the early days of Martian colonization."

Hyawatha voiced, "Yeah, that is all over the place. No matter how big the dome cities get, I think there will always be people and groups that insist on living in small communities."

Jax stated, "You mean like us?"

Hyawatha countered, "Present company excluded. No. Look at this. This child went on outside the dome. Have you had your police robots explore outside the dome area, looking for clues?"

Jax said, "That is suppose to be Tank’s assignment."

Hyawatha told, "I think it is safe to say that he hasn’t followed through. You an I are going to have to step up to the plate and go out there. I don’t think this is a case of just kids playing outside the dome. Something else is going own."

Sojo joined them, "I couldn’t help but overhead. . ."

Jax explained, "Sojo has super good hearing and eye sight."

Hyawatha said, "I wouldn’t have you any other way. Then you also know that we are going to mount an investigation beyond the walls of the dome."

Sojo answered, "It is a very logical approach seeing that Tank has out and out refused to go out into the native Martian sands."

Jax uttered, "Hmm. Out and out refused! I’m going to have to have a talk with that guy. He’s hampering the investigation by not following orders."

Hyawatha countered, "No! Don’t say anything to him. Let him go on believing that he’s getting away with something. He’d only hold us back if he went along."

Sojo added, "Hyawatha has a good point. The officer in question is counter-productive at his best."

Hyawatha asked, "Have you had any trouble with the outcast before?"

Jax said, "No. None at all. In fact the Martian Amish are very nice people. We see them about one a month, they bring goods and things they have made for sale and trade. We have a good relationship with them. Good God fearing people."

Sojo added, "Not prone to extremes, except in keeping to their simple live style. And most would find that to be a good thing really."

Hyawatha questioned, "What about the Martian Elves? You know they as a race of beings think that they are better than humans."

Sojo answered, "And in some ways they might very well be right."

Hyawatha asked, "How so?"

Sojo responded, "Well. For one thing, they have managed to eradicate warfare from amongst themselves. And when they must engage in war, it is only as a very last resort. They are known as skilled diplomats. Most of their conflicts with other species have always ended peacefully with both sides managing to gain a good deal of what they we seeking. Their history is full of accomplishments, they went to the stars long before mankind. They once lived on Earth, just like mankind, but left as did a lot of species, seeking a better life amongst the stars."

Hyawatha said, "So you have this great love for the Martian Elves?"

Sojo said, "Oh no. Not at all, after all, I was created by humans, to serve humans. I was just stating the obvious history and culture of the Elves."

Jax uttered, "You know, you make a good point about the Elves."

Hyawatha said, "Not you too, Jax. . ."

Jax went on, "No. Not like Sojo, who obviously does indeed have a soft spot for the Martian Elves. I mean, they do have very sophisticated ways. It would hurt to just fly on over there and ask them if they might know about anything that might relate to the children going missing."

Hyawatha said, Hmm. Kind of thinking outside the box are we?"

Jax nodded, "Yeah, even country bumpkins like myself can come up with a good idea every once an awhile."

Sojo added, "Besides, if anyone knows what is going on out here in the Martian wilderness, it would be the Elves. They monitor their area of Mars very carefully. They like to know what is going on about them."

Hyawatha voiced, "Seems like the Elves don’t just practice diplomacy, they practice secrets. They like to spy on their neighbors."

Jax stated, "Well, you can’t really blame them. In order to be in a position to negotiate, you have to be able to call one’s bluff. And you can’t do that unless you know what the other party is really up to."

Hyawatha said, "You know the Martian Amish are closer."

Jax stated, "No. We will bother them last. Like I said, They are just God fearing people. I don’t really like to bother them that much. Besides, they are due in town in a few days, they come in once a month for trading and selling of their goods. They pick up fresh supplies. When the elders come in with they young, I’ll give them a talk to see if they have heard any rumors."

Sojo said, "There is something else going on here. . ."

Hyawatha asked, "What makes you say that, Sojo?"

Sojo stated, "If I had a gut, it would be a gut feeling."

Hyawatha uttered, "Hmm. Looks like me and the robot are on the same page after all."

Jax asked, "But this is a simple area of Mars. Not much of anything ever goes on out here?"

Hyawatha pointed out, "That might be why things are starting to become less simple. You are not like they are in the big city. Trouble has a way of seeking out areas and places where the local population is innocent to their ways. Believe me, in my professional time, I know. . ."

Tank came over again, "I got the tin cans working the entire perimeter. Looks like whatever is going on here it happens in intervals then stops. But you got to know, kids play in places where they are not suppose to play. And maybe that is what is getting them into trouble."

Hyawatha said, "Point taken. Do you have any theories as to why the children are going missing?"

Tank answered, "If you ask me. It’s those high flying, think they are better than everybody else Elves!"

Jax voiced, "Okay. Let’s go with that for a moment. Why would the elves be taking human children?"

Tank replied, "Because they are Elves! Don’t you get it? They do weird stuff. They did weird stuff when they were back on Earth, and now that they have made their presence known here on Mars, they are still doing weird things."

Sojo said, "Elves have never been known to take children like this."

Tank countered, "Oh really. What about all those stories about elves wanting the daughter for gold?"

Sojo spoke, "They may not have been elves. Most stories that you are trying to suggest evolve around trolls."

Tank said, "So. We have Martian Elves and Martian Trolls." He went stomping on off.

Hyawatha expounded, "You know. He might have a point."

Jax asked, "How so? He sounds crazy to me."

Hyawatha said, "Well. Yes. But some times in a person’s craziness, they can find truth. If we have Martian Elves. Who is to say that we also don’t have Martian Trolls?"

Sojo uttered, "Trolls have been know to capture children and eat them."

Jax looked at Sojo for a moment then shook his head, "Let’s hope that you are wrong, Sojo."

Sojo said, "I realize that the idea of some thing, eating our children sounds horrible, but the point was put out there by Tank. Perhaps if one so called mythical being is really not mythical here on Mars, maybe there are other beings that we have not noticed, that do indeed exist."

Hyawatha stated, "Your logic makes sense, Sojo."

Jax gave in, "Okay. So who do we talk to about all this?"

Hyawatha answered, "The Martian Elves. We know for a fact that they exist. They have technology all over the place."

Jax said, "They also keep to themselves."

Hyawatha uttered, "So we let that fact stop us?"

Jax pointed out, "The Elves of Mars don’t like the humans who have colonized on a planet that they claim they once inhabited long before that of Earth."

Sojo extolled, "The Elves say a lot of things. Most hard to prove."

Jax uttered, "See! What he just said. . ."

Hyawatha went on, "So. You want to play games with the Elves? Just because they are hard to get along with, and look down on us. Doesn’t mean that we should not investigate the possibility that they may know something."

Tank came back over, "The robots say that they have examined the area, they want to go back to the station and download the data."

Jax ordered, "You go with them and see to it that it is done right."

We see Hyawatha and Jax and Sojo as they walk on the outside of the city dome. They are wearing special suits that protect them from the extreme Martian environment, all but Sojo, who doesn’t need to wear protective clothing. The atmosphere outside the city dome is very different from the one inside. They move about the area looking for clues.

Jax said, "Look at this. It looks like it goes on a some distance."

Hyawatha asked, "What could have made this?"

Sojo answered, "It is some kind of vehicle. This is what the evidence would see to suggest."

Jax pointed out, "It seem to go off in that direction."

Hyawatha questioned, "What’s out in that direction?"

Sojo answered, "The Elf city. See that shiny object out in the distance?"

Hyawatha answered, "Yeah. I see it. . ."

Sojo went on, "That is the top of the dome where the elves live."

Jax said, "Things are starting to look like Tank was right. Maybe the Elves do know something about all this?"

Hyawatha cautioned, "Things are often not what they appear to be."

Jax asked, "What do you mean? We don’t look into the Elves’ connection?"

Hyawatha stated, "That is the point. There may or there may not be a connection. The evidence might very well suggest some other point."

Jax asked, "Like what? Because to me, if we find strange marking in the sand leading in the direction of the Elf City, it all looks pretty clear cut."

Hyawatha said, "Now you are starting to sound like tank!"

Jax voiced, "Oh, please, Hyawatha, you don’t have to go there."

Sojo interjected, "No. She is right, Jax. Look at this, perhaps we should get a flyer and follow the trail to see just what this might mean?"

Jax said, "You too, Jax?"

Sojo said, "I’m just following the logical understanding of the evidence. That is what you want me to do, right?"

Jax uttered, "Well, yes. But I don’t want you do ignore the obvious either."

Hyawatha spoke, "Long time ago, back on Earth. They used to round up people, accuse them of crimes and them execute them. They use to just go and find the first person they would run into on the street and haul them in. Accuse them of a crime and that would be the end of it. Mass graves and all sorts of really horrible injustice was done in the name of the law. This happened all over the planet, at one point in time or another. No nation was really hands free from the injustice. I’d like to think that we have evolved beyond that type of barbarism!"

Jax said, "Wow. You really know how to put a guy down. Small wonder you never married."

Hyawatha countered, "That was uncalled for. You asked me for my help. You can’t change the game once I’m involved."

Sojo stated, "She has a point, Jax."

Jax said, "Two to one, huh?"

Sojo went on, "No. The point is that what we might want to be the truth might not be. If we act like the police of a century ago, using new tools like DNA, and other forensic devices, only to manipulate the evidence and render an outcome that we want. We haven’t evolved."

Jax pointed out, "Now I’ve heard it all. A robot telling humans that we may not have evolved if we act like our ancestors."

Hyawatha said, "But he has a point."

Sojo uttered, "Thank you, Hyawatha. It is good to work with someone who appreciates my higher functions of understanding. Not like some..." And on that he spotted something of interest and wandered on off.

Hyawatha voiced, "It would seem that you have to listen more to your robot, Jax."

Jax asked, "Why? Because he is right?"

Hyawatha shook her head, "No. Not that. But because you work with him and you expect him to have your back."

Jax uttered, "So? And?"

Hyawatha went on, "And if you expect someone to have your back, you have to show them the same respect. Where did you learn policing at anyway?"

Jax said, "Oh. I see. The big time forensic specialist is now going to tell the stupid small town sheriff who policing is done. I knew this was a mistake."

Hyawatha asked, "Is that what you think? That I somehow look down on you? I thought we knew each other better than that?"

Jax answered, "Maybe a long time ago, we did, but not now. Too much time has gone by. Too many things have happened, to both of us. We are different people now. Even the robot knows that."

Hyawatha told, "This isn’t about your robot. This is about how I left everyone behind and went out into the world. Make a name for myself and forgot about where I came from. Until I recently returned home. . ."

Jax stated, "After twenty years. I mean, wow. . ."

Hyawatha admitted, "It has been a long time, hasn’t it? I don’t blame you or anyone else for that matter. Hell. I walked through the man street of Upper Glen, and you know what. . ."

Jax shrugged, "No, what?"

Hyawatha added, "It was like I had never left. God knows that I wish, deep down inside that I hadn’t."

Jax said, "Why? What is wrong?"

Hyawatha answered, "I changed."

Jax said, "We all changed. If nothing else, we all go older."

Hyawatha spoke, "Wiser?"

Jax raised an eyebrow, "I don’t know about that one. I don’t pretend to be wise. I save wisdom for those who really are wise."

Hyawatha said, "But at some point, we are suppose to become wise."

Jax said, "Do you think it will ever happen?"

Hyawatha responded, "If wisdom means that we learn not to sin, then I don’t know. If wisdom means that we learn from our mistakes, then we all might just have a chance."

Jax uttered, "I hate people who abuse their authority!"

Hyawatha expounded, "Then maybe you’ve learned something after all."

Jax voiced, "Yeah but maybe it is too late. Maybe I’m too old to find the things that I really wanted to find."

Hyawatha asked, "What is your robot doing out there?"

We see Jax and Hyawatha as the approach Sojo who is examining what looks like wreckage. The thick Martian soil has covered up most of it.

Jax asked, "What you got there, Sojo?"

Sojo responded, "It would seem that someone or some thing crashed just outside the exit of our city dome."

Hyawatha uttered, "Hmm, did you get a report of such a thing, Jax?"

Jax said, "No. In fact, like most city domes, there are sensors that track such things, as flying craft, even vehicles on the surface. We never got anything kind of report."

Hyawatha asked, "How handles that department?"

Sojo voiced, "That is one of Tank’s duties. To gather outside information and make sure it goes into the right database. It would appear that he has been derelict of his duties."

Jax swore, "Damn it! He knows how important that assignment it!"

Hyawatha said, "I don’t think it is a matter that he doesn’t realize how important his duties are."

Sojo asked, "What do you mean?"

Hyawatha, "Well. At each point when a child is reported missing, who heads the basic search?"

Sojo responded, "Tank is the officer on point."

Hyawatha asked, "Just how much do you really know about Tank, Jax?"

Jax answered, "He’s been on the force, it seems, like forever. I mean, I don’t like him and we obviously don’t get along. But I can’t see Tank involved in this mess."

Hyawatha asked, "Why not?"

Jax answered, "Because beside personality problems, I’ve never had any real trouble with him."

Sojo added, "Except for the things that we told you earlier."

Jax said, "Well, that stuff, yes. But Tank being behind the kids going missing. I just can’t get my mind around it."

Sojo voiced, "What would be the motive?"

Hyawatha postulated, "Like in most crimes. Money."

Sojo pointed out, "Not all crimes are motivated by money, Hyawatha. Some crimes have to do with personal failings."

Hyawatha spoke, "All crimes have to do with personal failings, Sojo. They just might not be the primary reason that a crime is committed."

Jax said, "So. What are you saying. That my deputy is involved in these crimes?"

Hyawatha said, "You said it yourself. You are too close to the thing. This is your town. You wanted fresh eyes to look at the case. Well. Here I am and because I’m not emotionally attached to this case, I can see things that might not have been obvious to you. And your robot makes some good points. Besides, we know that Tank has access to most of the security features of the city."

Sojo asked, "After examining this wreckage, is it possible that he is not working alone?"

Jax asked, "What do you mean?"

Sojo responded, "This craft has markings that resemble those of the Martian Elves."

Jax questioned, "What would the Elves want with our children?"

Hyawatha said, "We don’t have the whole picture, that is why it makes no sense."

Sojo asked, "Are you saying that the evidence doesn’t ass up?"

Hyawatha answered, "I’m saying that if Tank is involved in this mess, we can’t just go and confront him with the evidence. He’d lie at best and we’d tip our hand at worse."

Jax agreed, "Hyawatha has a good point. Besides there might be another explanation for all of this."

Sojo said, "Even though I am a robot. I really don’t see how Tank isn’t corrupt. You told me when the department bought me, that you wanted me to watch your back. Well, this is part of watching your back. If Tank has some involvement in this I believe it is our duty to call him on it."

Hyawatha said, "No, Sojo, you are not taking into consideration human nature."

Sojo uttered, "Are not lives at risk?"

Jax stated, "We can’t prove anything, Sojo."

Sojo erupted, "But I am programmed to save human lives. This goes against all my programming."

Jax responded, "I know it is hard for you, Jax, but trust us. If Tank really is behind this, and I hope that he isn’t, then the last thing we want to do is let him know that we know."

Sojo said, "Correct me if I am wrong. But in the old days, did we not bring poor people into justice, based on little and no evidence at all, and linked with the rest of the justice system, try and convict countless people. In those cases, there was far less evidence than what we have."

Hyawatha explained, "That was in the days, when racial profiling and other abominable forms of injustice were done."

Sojo said, "It looks to me more like you are willing to look the other way because Tank is a cop."

Jax stated, "Is that what you really thing, Sojo? That we, that I, am willing to let the children of my town to continue to go missing, just to protect Tank, because he is a cop?"

Sojo stated, "That is exactly what it looks like. I say, we should at least question him on some of the more interesting conflicts that are starting to crop up."

Hyawatha said, "Okay. I hear where this is going. The truth of the matter, Sojo, is that he might adjust his habits once he suspects that we are on to him. And in that case, we might never find out what is going on or find the missing kids."

Sojo pointed out, "I think it is safe to say that the missing children are all dead."

Hyawatha erupted, "Don’t say that!"

Jax spoke, "Take it easy, Hyawatha. Sojo didn’t mean it like that. He’s just a machine. . ."

Sojo uttered, "I might be a machine, but I can think and reason with the best of you. If you want to dismiss my concerns, because you have some code, that keeps you from just following through on evidence, no matter where it takes you, then go ahead."

Hyawatha finally said, "The robot might have a point too."

Jax nodded, "Yeah, you are right. But what do we do?"

Hyawatha answered, "We watch him and the best person for the job really isn’t a person at all. . ."

Jax said, "Sojo, some of the things you’ve been saying make perfect sense. I want you to keep Tank on a short leash."

Sojo announced, "This is the first thing that you two have said that makes any sense to me. Our goal should be to get the kids back if we can and if not, to find the person responsible."

Hyawatha said, "The problem is that we really don’t know if it is a person who has done this."

Jax uttered, "I’ve never had any trouble with the Elves."

Sojo agreed, "Jax is right. By nature elves tend to keep to themselves. They think that they are more superior to other life forms, especially humans, whom they actually look down upon."

Hyawatha voiced, "So then, it wouldn’t make any sense what the Elves would be involved in any of this mess."

Jax put forth, "Perhaps they are not."

Hyawatha asked, "What do you mean?"

Jax added, "Maybe this isn’t the work of elves at all. I mean just look at this wreckage. . ."

Sojo asked, "What about it?"

Jax went on, "It is old. Look at it, if elves were involved, they would use newer technology. They wouldn’t use old technology that would fail them. Not only are they too smart for that, they are just not like that, they think on a higher level than that."

Sojo countered, "Elves have been known to kill."

Hyawatha said, "Point taken. Sojo is right. Just because the Elves think they are better than everyone else, doesn’t mean that they are. They have problems within their own society, just like the other species do."

Jax said, "But there is a big black market for stolen elf technology. It has been that way for centuries, ever since humans and elves and other once thought of mythical beings, now all live together here on Mars."

Sojo stated, "They actually live together on Earth, but humans thought they the other species were myths and legends. When in fact, the stories were indeed true. They were just beings and creatures from other worlds, that had happened to land and set up home on Earth."

Hyawatha asked, "Well then, how does Tank fit into all of this?"

Sojo said, "Good question. . ."

Jax told, "We all know that Tank is prejudice! He wouldn’t willfully work with other species unless he had to."

Hyawatha expressed, "Maybe this isn’t about the children?"

Jax questioned, "What do you mean?"

Hyawatha went on, "Maybe the missing kids don’t have anything to do with the other stuff. Maybe Tank is into something to do with the black market, but the missing kids are just part of a bigger picture. . ."

Jax uttered, "Okay, let’s say that this is true, what, the kids accidently stumbled onto something that Tank is doing?"

Hyawatha said, "Kids are known to play where they are not suppose to play. What if these kids saw something, and then were taken because of what they saw?"

Sojo uttered, "Witnesses. . ."

Hyawatha said, "It would explain a lot. Also, why it just started. Kid’s play patterns shift. Depending on the next new thing."

Jax, spoke, "So. Whatever the kids have in common, will lead us to the real crime that is going on. . ."

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