Oxblood - Chapter 3

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"When you let go and let God guide your life, success soon follows." Father O’Mally

We see a very sophisticated city, this is a Martian Elf city. Though the human super domes have their own level of technological sophistication, the elves are more advanced. We see Hyawatha and Jax and Sojo as they are escorted into a building. Now we see them seated in a very high tech office. A Martian Elf comes in and she sits behind her desk.

Xenia asks, "How can I help you?"

Jax clears his throat, "As you probably have already been briefed, we are from you neighboring human dome about a hundred miles south of here."

Xenia nodded, "Yes. I was told. I was also told that the three of you are law enforcement?"

Hyawatha said, "Yes. We are here because we are having a serious problem and we found evidence that seemed to implicate Martian Elves."

Xenia leaned forward, "Really? I can’t imagine what type of evidence that might have been."

Sojo interjected, "Parts of a flying craft, the ones used to travel from one dome to another, above the open Martian surface."

Xenia said, "I see. And this craft was involved in a crime?"

Jax blurted out, "That is the whole thing. We don’t know. We have local children that have gone missing and well, while we do have other leads, the situation, as you can imagine is quite serious."

Xenia sat back in her chair, "I can only imagine. If something like that were happening to our community, we’d be investigating everything and everywhere, too."

Jax stated, "So. You can understand our problem."

Xenia said, "Understand it. Yes. Why you might think that there is a link to Martian Elves, not so much."

Hyawatha put in, "Well the craft for one."

Xenia voiced, "Do you know how many of our flying crafts are used by other species? We sell them. Truth be told, we sell them to humans as well."

Jax said, "Yeah. We are aware of the demand for Martian flying craft. Especially the ones that travel across open Martian land. They are rated as highly reliable. . ."

Hyawatha stated, "However, this one seems to have crashed."

Xenia shrugged, "Do you know of all the crafts that come and go in your own community?"

Jax admitted, "No. We don’t and we know this is true for every society and dome. We were thinking if we give you the serial number that you might be able to track it down for us. Find out who owned it, you know, stats like that."

Xenia nodded and took the information. She quickly ran it through her computer system and a face and a name sprang up. She said, "Looks like we got a hit on the first try. A Rolo Barge is the registered owner."

Jax uttered, "Rolo Barge. Why does that name sound familiar?"

Xenia replied, "That is because he is human!"

We see that the three are now on a landing platform waiting for Xenia to show up in a aircar. Out to the side we can see the vastness of the elf city. All sort so f marvels and wonders abound.

Jax said, "If you ask me, she knows more than she is letting on."

Hyawatha added, "My thoughts exactly. Notice how conveniently Rolo Barge’s name just came up?"

Sojo asked, "So the two of you are saying that you do not trust Xenia? Why would she be lying?"

Jax uttered, "That, Sojo, is the fifty thousand shekel question."

Sojo went on, "If the elf is lying I was unable to detect deception."

Hyawatha said, "That makes sense, Sojo. You are programmed to be able to detect humans when they are lying. Elves have a slightly different physiology. You might not be able to tell if Xenia is lying until you have caught her in a lie and then gone back to analyze the events leading up to the lie."

Sojo stated, "I wasn’t aware that elves could lie so well."

Jax voiced, "Look, Sojo, just because they are elves, doesn’t mean that they can’t and won’t lie. In fact elves have been known to lie better than humans and for very different reasons."

Sojo said, "Really? I hadn’t realized this before. I think I will be watching Xenia very closely."

Hyawatha said, "Not too closely. . ."

Sojo uttered, "I don’t understand?"

Jax retorted, "What Hyawatha is trying to say is that we don’t want to tip our hand, that we don’t trust her."

Sojo voiced, "I believe, that if you believe that Xenia is lying about something regarding the case. One might assume that she already knows that we don’t trust her."

Hyawatha looked at Jax, "Your robot has a good point."

Jax said, "Then we have to assume that we are only going to see just what Xenia wants us to see."

We see the aircar as it lands with Xenia at the wheel. Xenia said, "Get on in. I’ve managed to locate the whereabouts of Rolo."

We watch them as they all pile in the aircar and it takes off. Jax said, "How did you manage to do that so quickly?"

Xenia explained, "Everyone who takes up residence in our city has to be tagged."

Sojo stated, "That is in violation of the Privacy Act."

Xenia said, "Yes. Your human need for privacy. We have certain laws but they only apply to certain people at certain times."

Hyawatha asked, "If big brother or big sister is watching everyone’s every move. Seems like you’d have very little crime."

Xenia voiced, "One would think. However, ours is a very sophisticated society. And while we do not have the types of crime that you humans seem to have. We do have those amongst us that challenge the legal system none the less."

Sojo stated, "A fancy way of saying that your criminals are smarter than the police."

Jax voiced quickly, "Er. You’ll have to forgive my robot, he’s nothing if not lacking in tact. Sometimes he says all the wrong things. But go on as you were saying. . ."

Xenia stated, "It is no secret that elves look down upon human society. . ."

Hyawatha was offended, "And it is no secret that elves have a lot of dirty laundry that they like to keep secret from the other species of beings. It is not that your people are any better than my people, it is just that you are better at putting on a good show."

Sojo added, "I believe it is called a good PR campaign."

Jax said, "Okay, you two! Enough with all the insults. We are suppose to be professionals looking into what is turning out to be a very frustrating case."

Xenia finally said, "No. Your friends are right, Jax. We elves do think that we are better than everyone else. It is the way that we are brought up, thinking that our technology and ways are superior to everyone else’s."

Sojo asked, "Well? Are they?"

Xenia was silent for a moment, "In some ways I suppose they are. But In other ways, they are no different than those of the humans. We all like to save face."

Hyawatha told, "Save face? Our investigation has led us to your dome city. How is that saving face? There is a connection between our missing children and the Elves."

Xenia nodded, "I’ll be the first to admit that some strange things have been going on out here. Seems that the deeper you get into the wilderness, away from the cluster of domed cities, the more strange things can become."

Jax questioned, "So. Why do you Elves live so far away from the rest of society?"

Xenia answered, "I guess I could say the same about you. Why do you live so faraway from your human cluster?"

Sojo expounded, "That doesn’t answer Jax’s question."

Jax said, "Tact, Sojo, tact. . ."

Sojo went on, Oh yes, pretend like the elf isn’t trying to deceive us."

Xenia asked, "Is you robot programmed to detect truth and lies?"

Jax paused for a moment, "He is the top model, they are programmed with all sorts of things."

Xenia said, "I see. Well I guess there is not need to try and hide it then."

Hyawatha asked, "Hide what?"

Xenia stated, "We’ve known about your trouble for some time now."

Hyawatha asked, "How so?"

Xenia answered, "We spy on all the neighboring domes. It is just something that we do. My society is slightly paranoid. . ."

Jax uttered, "Just slightly?"

Xenia said, "Yeah, I know. Makes it sound must worse than it really is. But yeah, we spy on our neighbors, so we knew you were headed out here before you arrived."

Hyawatha expounded, "I knew there was something funny about the way you just entered in a few parameters and came up with Rolo Barge!"

Xenia nodded, "We had already began to look into it before you arrived."

Jax asked, "Why didn’t you just tell us? We’d have understood."

Xenia stated bluntly, "Orders."

Hyawatha said, "Yeah I hear that. Politics can change the course of an investigation really quick. Especially when you get into big city politics."

Xenia voiced, "But this case is specially disturbing because of the children."

Jax asked, "So then, what do you think is really going on? I mean, this has gone from where we live to where you live. Few crimes actually cross so many lines."

Xenia stated, "You do have a point. But because elf technology was used, or at lease believed to have been used, it affects my community."

Hyawatha questioned, "Why is there an elf community out so far? I know it was asked before but I never did get an answer that I could accept."

Xenia said, "We are not the only community out here in the wilderness. That might be the only answer I can give you. To you humans, elves are all alike. And to us elves, humans are all alike. I guess you could say that a degree of prejudice exist in both communities against the others."

Hyawatha said, "So you wanted to get away from humans and other species that were not like yourselves? Humans used to do that a long time ago back on Earth. They’d move away from one group of humans, believing that they were somehow better than the other. It was weird. . ."

Xenia added, "Because humans are humans. . ."

Hyawatha continued, "Yeah, something like that."

Xenia voiced, "Prejudice makes fools of us all."

Jax said, "Are there many missing elf children?"

Xenia answered, "To be honest, I don’t know. It is not my department."

Sojo asked, "What is you department?"

Xenia answered, "My job is to handle outsiders."

Jax said, "So that is what you are doing? You are handling us?"

Xenia nodded, "It is my job."

Hyawatha stated, "Then we are not going to get anywhere with you. You are just going to lead us around in circles."

Xenia expounded, "That is my job! It is not my intention."

Jax uttered, "I don’t understand. . ."

Xenia said, "The man, Rolo Barge. He has been in our community and we have been watching him for quite some time. If there is a connection between your missing children and the Elf City, then I dare say, he is involved somehow."

Hyawatha said, "But you don’t know how and you are not sure?"

Xenia uttered, "That is correct."

Jax spoke, "Not to be rude, but we came here looking for answers. And it is beginning to look like we are going to be handed a can of crap! The bottom line is that your people don’t like Rolo Barge, fact of the matter is that most communities don’t like him, and you are going to try and get us to do your dirty work for you. Typical Elf behavior!"

Xenia replied, "I know it sounds manipulative. . ."

Hyawatha stated, "I hate being manipulated. I think it is one of the worse things a person can do to another. There is no trust or even hope, one is being used for gain of somehow."

Sojo said, "And you wonder why I prefer the company of robots, we don’t play those kind of games."

Jax said, "You do if you are programmed to do so."

Sojo replied, "That is not fair. A robot can not help what it is programmed to do. I’m talking about when freewill is exhibited."

Xenia voiced, "We all are victims of our environment, be we flesh or non-flesh."

Hyawatha extorted, "Long time ago the people of Earth spoke of strange creatures. Things that later on seemed to be nothing more than myths. Urban legends and rural folk tales. But in every myth there is an element of truth, no matter how small. And in the case of the forest people, it would seem that those tales were well founded."

Xenia stated, "Myths of beings similar to us were also spoken of but dismissed quickly. Of course those myths were about humans and their strange ways. We elves grew up hearing all sorts of barbaric tales about humans and how backward they were. But as you can see, here we are, both species on Mars."

Jax said, "So maybe it would be a good time for us to start working together instead of trying to out do one another. Because from what you have told me, you really don’t know if any of your elf children are missing in relation to this case. You were kept in the dark and told to do what you have been told."

Xenia stated, "That is right, Jax. To be sure I intend to carry out my orders but orders are also subject to interpretation. And in this case, I can clearly see where my culture and yours might conflict unless we both have enough sense to set aside differences and make headway."

Sojo said, "First of all, how is it that this Rolo Barge has been able to keep himself out of prison?"

Xenia said, "Well, you see, we don’t have prisons."

Jax uttered, "What? You don’t? What do you do with your prisoners?"

Xenia explained, "We rehabilitate them. We have many different types of medical rehabilitation. Our criminals are subject to a memory scrub. Where we introduce various drugs into the brain which in turn erase the subject’s memory. Then we can start from scratch, and re-educate the person, teaching them what they should have learned the first time."

Sojo asked, "Interesting, what is the success rate?"

Xenia voiced, "We have a 99% success rate. Our chemicals completely erase both short-term and long term memory. It is done over a period of time under clinical conditions. Once that phase is complete, then starts the re-education, under strictly controlled conditions. The result is that we don’t just lock up our criminals, we change the way they think, make them productive citizens and return them to society."

Hyawatha asked, "What happens to that one percent?"

Xenia answered, "Sometimes a very few people have a bad reaction to the treatment. And to be honest, they just die."

Hyawatha said, "Oh well. . ."

Xenia defended, "It is far better than locking people up for decades, if not for life, or worse, executing them. Making innocent men and women, guilty by proxy, of killing prisoners, when all is needed, is a little common sense and modern medicine. There are many drugs in your human medical culture that can do the same thing, they have the same effect, removing one’s memory."

Sojo uttered, "This is true. But our criminal justice system isn’t based on rehabilitation, it is based on revenge. We want to get even, punish the guilty. And besides, there is big business in building and maintaining prisons, people make their living off of incarcerating others."

Xenia expounded, "Yes. I can see where jails are big business. But it is not very efficient. Our way treats the problem not the symptoms."

Jax voiced, "Well. I guess we just aren’t as advanced as the Elf society."

We see a dense forest that looks to be agricultural. There are tree high mushrooms growing all about the place. Below the tops down on the ground are small homes. The aircar carrying the investigation team lands and we watch them as the cautiously gather around one of the small cottages.

Xenia utters, "Even though there may be not real danger I think it best if you let me go in first. I’d hate to have to explain to you officials how something happened to you while investigating a suspect on Elf soil."

Hyawatha said, "How funny it all is, when you want to get the jump on us, then suddenly elves are concerned about humans."

Jax tried to smooth things out, "We are here at your government’s pleasure. You make the call, Xenia."

Hyawatha voiced, "Jax, you can’t let her do that. If the Elf government is trying to cover something up, and it sure looks like that, from where I’m standing, then letting her go in by herself, isn’t very wise."

Sojo put his two cents worth in, "I’m going to side with Hyawatha on this one."

Jax said, "Oh you are, are you? Well do I have to remind everyone that I’m the leader of this little investigation. And that the two of you are here because I asked?"

Hyawatha stated, "That is exactly the point! You asked me to help you and you also asked Sojo to assist you, because you felt that things were not quite right in your own department. How can we do those things, if you are going to dismiss us, the very first time we offer up our opinions?"

Sojo voiced, "What she just said. . ."

Jax let ne head droop for a moment then cam back, "Fine! The two of you are right! I can’t solve this thing without you and I’m letting my ego get in the way of common sense."

Hyawatha responded, "Hey! This is taking a toll on all of us, even the robot. Look. We don’t know what part if any Rolo Barge has to play in the investigation. He might just be someone that the elves want to get rid of and they see an opportunity to dump him off on us. But We have to play it like all the pieces fit, even though we know the puzzle appears to be much larger than this."

Jax uttered, "Well, what do we know? We know that Tank is involved somehow, and Rolo Barge might be working with Tank."

Sojo pointed out, "Those two by themselves can’t be the whole of the conspiracy. They don’t have the money and the connections."

Hyawatha said, "Sojo is right. Money is always the prime factor, even if it is not obvious, if you look hard enough and long enough. You discover, money as a common denominator."

Jax stated, "Not all crimes are about money, Hyawatha."

Sojo interrupted, "Actually they are. It is like she said, if you look long enough and hard enough, all roots lead back to money. It is the root of all evil. Forget the love of money thing, humans like to split hairs over that phrase, but they miss the obvious point. . ."

Hyawatha picked it up, "That if there were no money involved, or some other form of gain, which money is a surrogate for, there would be not reason for the crime."

Jax said, "So the caveman killed for money? See where I’m coming from?"

Hyawatha answered, "The point is gain. Hey. Where did Xenia slip off to?"

Sojo answered, "She just went around that bend, I shall follow here."

We see Jax and Hyawatha as they take position and we watch Sojo disappear around the same bend that Xenia did. A few moments later we hear shots fired and Jax and Hyawatha react by rushing on into the area. Inside the tiny home we see Rolo Barge lying on the floor with blood flowing out of hi. Xenia is standing over him and Sojo is checking the man out.

Jax yells, "What the hell just happened?"

Xenia stated, "He was armed, I had not choice. It was a righteous shoot. . ."

Hyawatha said to Jax, "Now where have I heard that saying before?"

Jax looked at the elf, "You could have just wounded him. You are a trained officer, with years of experience. You are going to try and tell me that you couldn’t use less than lethal force?"

Xenia shook her head, "You were not here, you didn’t see the moves he made. I feared for my life, he was a threat to me in my head. In my mind, I thought my life was in danger. . ."

Sojo uttered, "He is dead."

Jax asked, "What did you see, Sojo?"

Sojo answered, "I got around the bend too late, when I entered the room, the man was already on the floor, he’d been shot by Xenia."

Hyawatha asked, "Where was Xenia in relationship to the victim?"

Xenia said, "Victim? This is the person responsible for the missing children. You should be thanking me instead of trying to reconstruct the scene."

Jax uttered, "It is what she does. Hyawatha is a crime scene specialist."

Xenia looked surprised, "Oh. I hadn’t realized that."

Hyawatha stated, "What is wrong?"

Xenia answered, "Nothing, I have just signaled for assistance. This is my crime scene, you are all on Elf soil. This is my city. . ."

Hyawatha uttered, "Well, well, well. . .you can see how this poses a problem. Because we only wanted to question Rolo Barge, not assassinate him!"

Xenia stated, "I told him to halt, he would not. I felt my life was in danger, so I shot him."

Sojo stated, "This man has been shot twenty times."

Jax uttered, "You emptied you entire clip into him? You must have been really frightened, officer?"

Xenia put her weapon away as did everyone but Sojo. Xenia said, "I had to make a call and I did. It looks like your case is closed."

Hyawatha voiced, "So that was the game plan. You were suppose to take us to this poor slob’s home and murder him, so that no one could ever question him. Pin the whole crime on this poor bastard and we were suppose to all go on back to our dome city thinking that the crime was solved. Hey. Even give the elves credit for solving the crime."

Sojo said, "Hyawatha speaks in sarcasm, but there is much truth to what she is saying. We have been manipulated the whole time we have been in the Elf city. We are being played as pawns in something that obviously is far greater than just this one region. There is much more to this than meets the eye."

Jax uttered, "You heard it from the robot. Xenia. And if a machine can figure it out, know you that we can. You are not going to get away with this. We’ll file an official complaint."

Xenia did seem too worried, "I’m following orders, as I said before. You are free to file whatever you want, but the official story is that Rolo Barge was involved with some sort of child kidnaping, and was rendered dead by hand of police, in the act of committing the crime."

Hyawatha said, "Oh. You gotta be kidding me! The poor slob was sitting in his easy chair when you came up behind him and blew his brains out!"

Xenia stated, "I’d wait until my people get here. They might has a different take on the whole matter."

Jax uttered, "They are going to say whatever you tell them to say. You acted like you were some low ranking officer Elf City, but the truth be told, you are very high up."

Xenia asked, "What makes you say that?"

Jax went on, "The way that you handled us all. Like you said, we are experienced officers. This isn’t our first crime scene nor our first investigation. You mistook our in fighting for weakness. What you didn’t realize was that, this is how we hash out the facts of a crime. No one person has all the answers. We know human nature, each person sees the same event from a different point of view. It is a process we have to go through, in order to reach the truth. So, to an outsider, like yourself, it might seem like we are at odds with one another, when in fact. . ."

Hyawatha picked it up, "We are working through a process."

Sojo added, "Factor in the fact that I am a police robot, and record all official events. I’ve been recording everything that has happened."

Xenia said, "Everything?"

Jax said, "Why do you think I took Sojo along? We need an official record of the events that have happened here."

Xenia stated, "But you didn’t see anything, as your robot has already stated."

Jax uttered, "The robot didn’t see anything. But sight is only one of his may talents. What he failed to say was that he was scanning the whole area at the time you went running off. Had you waited a few more moments, he would have told you that he had detected Rolo Barge in the house, sitting in his chair. These machines have other sensors besides sight, Xenia."

Hyawatha said, "What Jax is saying is that our robot witnessed the cold blooded murder of Rolo Barge."

Sojo said, "You planted the weapon at the victim’s body. I can prove that, my senors looked right through the house. I recorded everything."

Xenia ran her hand through her hair, "Looks like you got all the bases covered as you humans say."

Jax voiced, "We try to do our best."

Xenia uttered, "The only problem is that I too have a device that records crime events and mine will say that my version of what happened here is the correct one. Perhaps your robot malfunctioned and got its data corrupted, blending images together, like in a dream, to reveal a false visual."

Hyawatha spoke, "A false visual? Lady, and I use that word loosely, you are a piece of work! Do you really think you are going to get away with this?"

Xenia stated, "I think I am the official officer in charge. I decide what evidence to enter in. Not you and your little band of gypsies! Even as we speak I think you’ll find that your police commissioner is in contact with my department, we are thanking you all for a job well done in helping us solve this crime. In fact your superiors are thanking us for our assistance in helping to solve the case."

Hyawatha stated, "You saw us coming. You knew about the crash just outside our dome. This whole thing has been one big political set up. Which begs the question. . ."

Jax picked it up, "What the heck is really going on here?"

Sojo said, "It is obvious that the elves are involved in this somehow, because they went to so much trouble to try and deceive us. Ours are not the only children going missing, that is the only logical conclusion. But you did not want to ask us for help, no, that would be betraying your elf pride, and everyone knows how much elves value their pride!"

Xenia uttered, "Your robot knows a lot about elf culture."

Jax responded, "Enough to know that this isn’t over."

Xenia said, "Oh. I hear the sound of police aircars in the distance. It would seem that all of this will be coming to a close sooner than later."

Hyawatha asked, "But I don’t get it. What do you have to gain, if your own children are being abducted as well? Seems like you’d want the help in solving the crime?"

Xenia answered, "That is were you are so wrong. We don’t need outside help in order to solve this case. You will find that Rolo Barge is indeed part of this case. Just not the end of the case, but for you it is, because all the other evidence, is in the hands of the elf community and we will take care of the part that belongs to us. We don’t care about what happens to you in your dome city, good fences make good neighbors, as they say."

Jax uttered, "For an elf you sure know a lot of human sayings."

Xenia stated, "I lived amongst the humans as a child, I learned a lot of things about you. One of them is your weakness for being over confident, like you are right now. You think because you have a moral high ground, that all things will fall into place for you, but that is just a human illusion. The fact of the matter is that you case closed with the death of Rolo Barge. He was the connecting to the missing children back in your domed city. We’ve know about it for awhile. You could say, that we handed him to you on a silver platter, but you are too stupid to accept the gift."

Hyawatha said, "The problem is that it doesn’t explain where the missing children are. . ."

Sojo interjected, "Yes. It was so obvious. . ."

Jax asked, "What is so obvious?"

Sojo went on, "Tank is the other connection. The elves don’t care about our problem, just theirs, getting Rolo Barge out of the way, allows them to pursue their own leads without us getting in the way."

Xenia stated, "You do indeed have a smart robot."

Jax said, "Your laws wouldn’t allow you to take Rolo Barge in on a crime committed in out city dome, so you had to come up with a way of taking him out, on the pretense of helping us poor humans."

Xenia voiced, "Nothing personal, Jax. But laws are laws. Elves don’t really care about lower life forms."

Jax went on, "And humans are considered lower life forms."

Xenia uttered, "You always have been. Even when we were back on Earth. It was seriously debated if humans deserved to have that planet. At one point among the other species that shared you world, there was a vote to rid Earth of human life all together."

Hyawatha asked, "Why didn’t you?"

Xenia told, "Because the High Elf Council voted against it. They said that humans and elves were distant cousins and that elf law prohibited military actions against kindred."

Sojo said, "So. You don’t really hate humans as much as you say you do."

Xenia spoke, "Well. Each elf has to make that decision up for themselves. I personally do not hate humans, as I said, I lived with your kind when I was younger. However, I do acknowledge that I am superior to humans."

Hyawatha said, "Like hell! You are just a woman like any other."

Xenia stated, "Well, let me see. I am prettier. Taller. Stronger. Faster. Smarter. Your human males find elf women far more attractive than they do their human counterpart."

Hyawatha voiced, "That is so much crap! Tell her, Jax. . ."

Jax as silent for a moment, "Actually, she is right. Most guys do find elf women very attractive. I don’t know why, maybe it is the ears, I don’t know. . ."

Hyawatha said, "This was a bad example. Most of human males are dogs!"

Jax and Sojo uttered at the same time: "Hey. . ."

Xenia said, "I rest my case."

We see the elf police as they come in and quickly take over. Jax and his team are pushed off to one side, just as Xenia had suggested, they have become nothing more than window dressing for the local police, who are taking order and cues from Xenia. It is obvious that she is indeed much higher up than she had pretended to be as she orders the elf personnel around with great authority. Finally Xenia returns to them.

Xenia said, "Sorry about all that, I just had to make sure that everything got processed the way that I want it."

Jax asked, "Do you and I share the same rank?"

Xenia shook her head with a smile on her pretty face, "No. Actually, I’m Chief of Elf Police."

Jax’s team reacted with obvious frustration. Jax asked, "Is anything you told us the truth?"

Xenia answered, "Yes. You have your culprit, right here, Rolo Barge. You can take his body back with you if you wish or we can arrange to have it sent to you. Whatever you life."

Hyawatha said, "None of this explains why."

Xenia went to Hyawatha, "You need to ask Tank that question. I’m sure you’ll find his answers to be quite shocking."

Jax voiced, "Why didn’t you just come clean with us from the beginning? Why all the deception?"

Xenia stated, "Because you have bigger problems than just this one. You case actually touches more than one species here on Mars. That is about al I can tell you."

Jax said, "That is all you want to tell us."

Xenia shook her head, "No. I’m really telling you the truth this time. That is all I can tell you."

Sojo asked, "And we are suppose to believe you because. . ."

Xenia said, "You don’t! You can go on and stick you nose into things that have nothing to do with you or you can clean up your own house."

Jax said, "And that is what we have watched take place here today. This is the elf way of cleaning house?"

Hyawatha stated, "If this is your way of cleaning house, then I don’t need advice from you. From where I stand, the elf community has as much to gain from our mutual cooperation than it does from us going separate ways. But hey, you are the chief. . ."

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